Zena Sachs

Zena Sachs was interviewed by Sue Rosen on December 14, 1994.

Zena was born in Darlinghurst, near Taylor Square, in 1913.

She moved to Newtown around 1917, and lived there until 1930. In this excerpt Zena is talking about the end of the First World War

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Zena Sachs: I remember the coming of the end of the war because all the kids were given peace medals. Ah, not I, I must have been too little, not the kids in kindergarten, but my brother who was, he must have been in primary school then,  and he gave me his peace medal. And, er I must have pinned it on and I can remember standing in fromt of the shop and some awful boy coming along and grabbing it, taking it off and I never saw it again. I always remember, I was so upset about that peace medal. It was very sad. And er, but, I can remember also the streets being decorated with ‘Welcome Home’ signs…the rather narrow streets there in Newtown, ah, with flags right across them and ‘Welcome Home’ when there was someone coming home form the war. But I don’t remember, well you wouldn’t have heard any announcement, there was no radio.

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