Newtown 1892-1922: A Social Sketch

Janette Beard A thesis submitted to the Department of History, University of Sydney, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts, 1983.




Many people are involved in the research for a paper of this nature. First I thank the staff of libraries and other repositories so necessary including Mr. John Forsyth of the State Rail Authority Archives, Miss Robyn Cook of Waterloo Library, Miss Chrystine Meader of Marrickville Library, Catherine Snowden of the Macleay Museum, the Land Titles Office, the Mitchell Library, the National Trust and the City of Sydney Public Library.

Thanks also go to members of the Society of Australian Genealogists who answered a plea for information on Newtown in Descent Vol. 12 pt. 2 p112 and to listeners of 2BL City Extra Q and A session on Monday 14th March, 1983.

For their reminiscences I thank Mrs. Flo Smith, Mrs. Jessie Bateson, Mrs. Pearl Cole, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Joyce Thorman, Mrs. Mary Bannerman, Mrs. Marjorie Hall, Mr. William McGilchrist, Miss Jean McGilchrist, Mrs. Edna Henderson, Mrs. Win Beard and for private photographs Miss Alice Tarran and Mrs. Dorothy Lawrence.

For providing me with private copies of the Council histories I thank Mrs. Bateson, Mrs. Henderson and Assoc. -Prof. R. I. Jack.

Thanks are also due to Marie Ryan and Frank Sartor of the Newtown History Project for their valued assistance.

Thanks to Wendie Woods and her staff for doing the typing.

Special thanks go to my parents for their encouragement, especially my mother who spent many hours tabulating data and listening to the draft.

Lastly I wish to thank Associate-Professor K. J. Cable for his advice during the preparation of this thesis.

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