Loretto Thurgood

Loretto Thurgood was interviewed by Sue Rosen on July 20, 1995. She was born at her grandparent’s home in Bedford Street Newtown in 1919. Loretto lived there until she was around 7, then moved to Union Street Erskineville. She attended Australia Street school, Norfolk Street School when she moved to Erskineville, then Newtown Primary School, and the first couple of years at what is now Newtown Performing Arts High School.

Listen to the audio of Loretto talking abou the shops in King Street or read the transcript below


Newtown was a large shopping centre – still is – but there was Sweet Brothers there and Hatte’s Arcade and Brennan’s and a few shoe shops, Gardiner’s shoe shop.  The jewellery shop is still there to this day, Woods’. Brennan’s was a store that carried merchandise.  It carried haberdashery, Manchester, ladies’ clothes, shoes, and downstairs it had hardware


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