Les Cross

Les Cross was interviewed by Sue Rosen on 14 Feb 1995. He was born in Foreman Street Tempe in 1916 and moved to Newtown in 1925. In this excerpt he is referring to St Columbs Church, Newtown, in the 1920s.


Listen to the AUDIO  or read the TRANSCRIPT below :

Les Cross: The Church was the centre of our living here, it was active, there was something there every night. Every night of the week there was something doing in the church…..The Girl’s Brigade on Monday, the Monther’s Union on the Tuesday, choir practice on the Wednesday, the Social Club on Thursday, the Church of England Boy’s Society of Friday , and every night of the week there was something doing. And every so often the girls would invite everybody and they’d have a social on the Monday night, and sometime later in the month the boys would put on a social for everybody on the Friday. So the church was the centre of the…community.