Keith Mulhearn

Keith Mulhearn was interviewed by Sue Rose, in Newtown on  June 20, 1995. He was born August 6, 1904 in Brewarrina, NSW, and came to live in Fitzroy Street, Newtown in about July 1912.

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But the girls all did maypole dancing, that was the really spectacular thing, they, they, the eight hour day, it was a Saturday, it’s the first Monday in October, it was that eight hour day that become Labor Day and all, and we still have the holiday but I’ve forgotten what the last name was, but that was, that was a big sports day at the show ground, and the maypole dance, there might be a hundred, oh yes, well I’d say ten this way, ten maypole dances, of all different colours and that sort of thing, the girls used to …and there was a lot of highland dancing and Irish dancing…over here in the park, they used to come and have a day in the park, be the band’d play in there, there was a band rotunda there later on and the band would would play and they and the pipe bands, and when the pipe bands come on there was a, there would be dancing, they’d put a blanket, a tarpaulin down there and then a blanket on the tarpaulin, and there would be all the, all these highland dancers, oh, they were really good, you never see anything like that now.