Crook Family Story

by Arend Wallenquist

Carl(Charles) and Charlotte Crook

In my Family history there is a connection to Newtown. I want to send you some facts:
Elfrida Wallenquist, who is the mother of my grandfather, had a brother. His name is Carl Olof Hjalmar Krook and he went to Australia in the beginning of the 1850s. He settled down in Newtown, outside Sydney in New South Wales. He changed the spelling of his first name Carl to Charles and his last name from Krook to Crook.
Carl Olof Hjalmar Krook was born in V�tervik, a small town with a harbor on the East Coast of Sweden. He was born on the 20th of May 1833 as the youngest child of six, three more brothers and two sisters. His father was the clockmaker Olof Krook and his wife Maria Johanzon. Like his older brothers, among whom at least one became a captain of trading vessels. Later on he went to the sea and in so he came to Australia.
In Newtown he married Charlotte Humphrey 1865 and he became a building contractor. Charlotte was born 1848. They begat four children: Mary Ann (1866-1868), Charles (1867-1886), Elisabeth (1871-?) and John (1875-?) .

One letter from Charles is kept in my family archive. There he wrote to his sister Elfrida 1868 when his family lived at Church Street in Newtown. His daughter was very ill (and she died shortly afterwards). His first son was born a couple of months earlier. He was also worried about the work situation in his hometown. The times had changed and it was difficult to get a job. If you had one, the payment wasnt sufficient for the needs of his family.

Only once Charles had an opportunity to go back to Sweden. It was in 1885. He met his sister Elfrida after 33 years of separation, and he also met his sister Zelma who was a teacher. All his brothers were dead.

The Crook Family grave is in the Rookwood Necropolis, Old Wesleyan Section, Graves Nos 104 and 105, Section 20 Perimiter. Charles Coor (d. 14/5/1895), his wife Charlotte (d. 18/6/1915) and their granddaughter Myra Zelma (d. 11/6/1899) are buried there. (Source: SAG transcriptions of 1988)

The three surviving children of Charles and Charlotte Crook all produced children of their own.

  1. Charles, married Emily J. Green in 1897 at Newtown, their children were:
    1. Myra Zelma, b. 1898, d. 1889
    2. Vera, b. 1901, Newtown.
    3. Charles H., b. 1905, married Frances Christerak at Marrickville
  2. Elizabeth, married Louis Schachtel at Newtown in 1898, their children were:
    1. Nathan C., b. Glebe 1897. He married Jean Francis Newton at Rockdale 1926.
    2. Louis, b. 1904 at Rockdale
    3. Linda M., b. 1907 at Rockdale. She married Victor W. G. Collins at Richmond in 1931
  3. John H., married Emily Spring 1899 at Sydney. Their children were:
    1. Hilda M., b. 1897 at Newtown
    2. Arthur J., b. 1907 at Newtown

Arend Wallenquist
Klocksippev�en 10
S-589 35 Linkping

Charles and Charlotte Crook

Elizabeth and John Crook

Crook Family House in Church Street

Charles Crook’s Grave.


Additional information about the children of Charles and Charlotte Crook requested by Arend was researched and supplied by Shirley Doolan.

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