Arthur James Colyer Ruffels – memoir of his early days in the Police Force

written ca.1929-1932

The original manuscript of Arthur James Colyer Ruffels is held at the State Library of NSW, call number: MLMSS7021.

This version was provided to the City of Sydney Archives by Colin Ruffels, the Great Nephew of Arthur James Colyer Ruffels.  According to Colin Ruffels, there are several versions held by the family. Colin’s mother typed their family’s version from the original.  Due to some negative references, Colin’s mother altered some of the stories to censor them.  Colin has combined the several versions he holds to attempt a complete copy.  The version held at the State Library of NSW is the original unaltered manuscript.

Arthur James Colyer Ruffels was born in 1876 at Colyer’s Leigh, a property at Moss Vale which was managed by his father.  After the property was subdivided the family ran their own dairy farm.  Arthur worked on the farm and at the Manchester Square butter factory.  By 1901 he had moved to Sydney and joined the Police Force.  He was attached to No.5 Division at Newtown, Sydney.  Ruffels’ stories about Newtown mention encounters with members of “The Push’, how gangs were subdued and court cases he was involved in.  They also mention local identities and places.

The stories referred to in this transcript relate to Newtown and Ruffels’ time as a Police Officer in Sydney.  For the complete manuscript and stories from the Southern Highlands, please consult the original manuscript held at the State Library of NSW.