A. Fisher’s journal


Journal donated by Luciano Vranich


This journal belonged originally to coach-body maker A Fisher of 11 Holdworth Street Pines Estate, Newtown. It appears to have been used later to record details of property rents in the 1930s and 40s. It was later owned by Luciano Vranich, who donated it to Archives in March 2013. Luciano discovered the journal in a King Street bric-a-brac store.

It appears that the original owner of the journal was Holdsworth Street occupant Arthur Fisher who was mentioned in the Minutes of Newtown Council, a letter from an Arthur Fisher was received by Council, & referred to the Works Department on Tuesday 20th November 1888, asking to be allowed to connect his house drain in Holdsworth Street with the main drain in the centre of that street.

Again on Tuesday 30th July 1889 Council received a letter from a Mr Arthur Fisher asking the Council to kerb and gutter in front of his house on west side of Holdsworth Street, on the usual terms.

Holdsworth Street was first subdivided in 1887, see the Pines Estate Subdivision Map

The Assessment books show people buying up land in 1888 & 1889, https://www.newtownproject.com.au/https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/cdn.newtownproject.com.au/images/stories/1888_OConnell.pdf

Sands (https://www.newtownproject.com.au/sands-directories) show three residents in Holdsworth Street in 1889.

The  Fishers are shown as living in Holdsworth Street (West side) from 1890 to 1911.

Our microfilm Assessment Book holdings (held onsite at Archives) list Arthur Fisher on Holdsworth Street in 1889.

He is listed the in the Sands from 1890 to 1895, however,  his occupation is noted as stone mason.

The 1891 & 1892 Newtown Assessment Books also show Arthur Fisher as an owner and occupant in Holdsworth Street, the 1892 book notes the lot as number 53, see Higinbotham & Robinson’s Map of Glebe Camperdown & Newtown, circa1886, which corresponds with 11 Holdsworth Street, see

City Building Surveyors’s Detail Sheet 19, ca 1956 on the Historical Atlas of Sydney.

Sands lists Mrs A Fisher at11 Holdsworth Street (West side) from 1896 to 1904, Mrs Isabella Fisher 11 Holdsworth Street (West side) 1905 – 1911.

In 1911 Albert Fisher is listed number at 13 Holdsworth Street (West side) next door to Mrs Isabella Fisher.

In 1921 and 1922 a Sydney Fisher is listed at 11 Holdsworth Street (West side)

An Albert Fisher is listed at number 8 Yaralla Street from 1918 until 1932 (with the exception of 1920, the years 1926 and 1927 are missing)

From our microfilm Assessment Book holdings list Albert Fisher listed as owner of 11 Holdsworth Street from 1927-1932.

The journal shows rents for a property in Holdsworth Street, & mentions a  Yaralla Street property, so it’s possible these properties continued to be held by the family possibly until the 1940s


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