A Fawkner Family Story

by Trish Jensen.


The Fawkner Family of Newtown.


Thomas Jennings Fawkner and wife Margaret Corrigan came to Sydney in 1879 on the “Cuzco” 27 October.

Thomas was born in Clovelly Devon 1841, son of Matthew, a Coast Guard at Falmouth and Margaret Corrigan was born in Duleek Co. Meath Ireland in 1852.

Thomas was a deep sea diver and worked on Sydney Harbour and Northern Rivers . He was sent in 1900 by the Public Services Board to blast a Harbour on Norfolk Island.
Thomas and Margaret married on 20 January 1879 in Boston, MA. and re-married at Newtown Catholic Church in October 1886

Their first child Thomas Jennings Fawkner Jn. was born 26th January 1882. At that time they were living in Toogood Street ,McDonald Town.

Next came Matthew George Fawkner born 1883 and when their last son, John Clifton Fawkner, was born , they were living in Whitehorse Street, Newtown.
John Clifton was my father and we also lived at Manly.

The three boys grew up in Newtown and at the time of Thomas Jennings death in 1907 they were then in Enmore Road Newtown.

Thomas Jennings Junior married Mary Farrell who was also from Newtown. Tom worked at the Valuer Generals Department and went on to have a large family , later living in Burwood.

Children: Margaret, 1909, Catherine, 1910, George, 1912, Mary, 1915, Michael, 1916, Norah, 1919, Frank, 1921, Joseph, 1923 and James, 1927.
George was Chief Engineer with the Main Roads Department, designed the Expressway to Gosford and the Gladesville Bridge.
Joseph was a Real Estate Agent trading as J. B. Fawkner Real Estate, Manly.

Matthew George Fawkner married Lily Kershler in 1908. On his return from WW1 he was manager of a Theatre in Adelaide and later had a travelling movie show. He returned to Sydney and with his brother John made movies. He then worked at Harbottle Brown, Wine and Sprit Merchants, and by then was living in Manly. He was an alderman on Manly Council and was a guest at the opening of the Harbour Bridge.
Children: Thomas, 1909, Matthew, 1911, Peter Jennings 1918.
George’s son Thomas Fawkner became Managing Director of Tooth’s Brewery.

John Clifton served an apprentiship as a dental mechanic with a Dentist in Newtown , but his true love was the Violin. He was first violinist with the Sydney Orchestra and for many years played at the Theatre Royal for J. C. Williamson, mostly Gladys Moncriff shows. He was also very involved with the orchestra at the Tivoli Theatre. Newtown Theatre was one of his venues also.

In 1922 John and George took a 5 year lease of the “Euston Hotel” in George Street up near Broadway.
Children: Patricia, 1929 and John Clifton, 1937.
John Clifton was my father nad we also lived at Manly.

Trish Jensen.

The following are Fawkner family photographs and certificates.

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate 2

Group of Divers

George Fawkner

Fawkner children