Biographies of the Early Aldermen

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Alfred Wadmore Fallick.

Mayor in 1878, Alderman for 1873-78, Co-Auditor in 1866-69.

A Charles Fallick/Charles M. Fallack is listed as working as a newsagent in Newtown in the late 1850s.

But Alfred was one of four sons born to Phillip and Edith Fallick of Porchfield near Cowes on the Isle of Wright. The four sons, Alfred, Samuel (1841- 1927), William and James were in the local building trade and imported ironmongery. Samuel lived in Bishop Street, Marrickville; William lived in Cambridge Street and had premises on Newtown Road (1868-71); and James is discussed later.

Alfred Wadmore Fallick married Susannah Walker at Newtown in 1860 and had Albert, Samuel and Herbert Oswald by 1876. Their place of residence is listed variously as being at Oxford Street in 1858, at Eliza, Alma and Albert Streets in the 1860s, at ‘Harcourt Villa’ in Baltic St in the 1870s, and at Albert Street up until at least 1883.

He signed the 1861 and 1862 petitions to form the Municipality of Newtown, worked as a clerk, and was a committee member for the Wesleyan Sabbath School.

He successfully ran as co-auditor for the Council in 1866-69 and was voted on to Council as an Alderman in 1873. He served on Finance Commitee with Robert Henderson, and later on the Works Commitee. He frequently voted along with Henderson, who suggested to him in 1875 to knock William Bailey off his 4-year run as Mayor.

In July 1877 Alderman Melville enquired about some paving done behind ‘Harcourt Villa’ and said that Alfred Fallick had not paid (as was the custom) some moiety. Mayor Smith answered Ald. Melville saying the work had been recommended by the Works Committee regardless of whether any resident paid. Also in July 1877, Alfred Fallick replaced the late Thomas Galvin as Treasurer.

In February 1878, Alderman Bedford moved and Alderman Whateley seconded, that Alderman Fallick be elected Mayor for the ensuing year. Ald. Goodsell and Ald. Cozens proposed Ald. Bailey; but the resolution was carried and Alderman Fallick was declared Mayor.

His signature in the Council’s minutes seems to be ‘W. Fallick’, suggesting he was not addressed as Alfred Fallick (his colleagues were known as ‘Ninny’ and ‘Jim’).

In May 1878, he suggested the renaming of Brick Street to Victoria Street, and Camperdown Road to Church Street. On 14th. January 1879, the second last day of the municipal term and his term as Mayor, he announced that the Revision Court would be held on Wednesday 22nd. at 7:30 PM, and further, that ill health compelled him to leave Sydney for while. Consequently he would be prevented from presiding at the coming elections. Alderman Smith had therefore consented to act as Returning Officer upon which Alderman Goodsell moved, that the thanks of the Council be presented to the retiring Mayor for the able and impartial manner in which he had discharged the duties of the chair during the past year.

His death was recorded that year in Petersham.

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