Newtown Ephemera


The City of Sydney Archives, in conjuction with the City of Sydney Libraries, has recently launched a new collecting initiative – The Past in Print : Community Ephemera Project.

We hope to build and preserve the archival history of the city’s villages for future generations through collectionof ephemera.

Ephemera is printed material which is generally considered to be of short-term value or disposable in nature, and can include items such as menus, fliers, tickets and posters. Today’s junk mail is tomorrow’s historical detail.

We would like to ask for your help to collect these items which reflect and represent aspects of Newtown’s identity, the communities, places, activities and events which make up our iconic suburb.

If you would like to add texture to your community stories, and contribute to documenting changes to the social history of Newtown over time, please dropyour donations of Newtown ephemera in the boxes provided at Newtown Library. We will present some of the items received in a gallery on this page.

You can read more about the project at:

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