Jubilee Souvenir – 1912

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Note on Contents

This note describing the contents of the Jubilee Souvenir booklet is intended to help readers find their way through the electronic facsimile version presented in this website. Use the links embedded in this note, and/or the page numbers above, to find your way directly to the pages described. This note covers only the main text of the Souvenir booklet. It does not cover the photographs (with a few exceptions), or the advertisements found throughout the booklet. The booklet begins with a preface by the publishers on page 1 followed by photographs of the Mayor and Mayoress, page 5, the Governor, page 2, and a composite photo of the Aldermen serving on the Council in 1912, page 8. The first substantial section of the booklet is ‘The Jubilee History of Newtown Council – from its records’, a survey of what were considered the highlights and achievements of the Council over the years since 1862 as revealed by the Minutes of its meetings. This section is arranged more or less chronologically, with notes covering the 1860s, starting on page 9, 1870s, starting page 17, 1880s, starting page 21, 1890s, starting page 28, and 1900s, starting page 33. Of particular note in this section is a photograph showing the Town Hall and some of the early Aldermen, page 11, said to date from 1865.

The next section covers the Jubilee year (1912) in more detail, with notes about the highlights of Council activity, page 12, and biographical information about the Mayor, page 13, and the Town Clerk, page 39, 41-42. Cameos of the Mayors to 1912 are also listed in this section: Henry Munro, page 14, William Curtis, page 15, James Conley, page 16, William Bailey, page 18, James F. Smith, page 20, A. W. Fallick & Daniel Wildman, page 21, Charles Whately, page 22, Ninian Melville, page 23, Charles Boots, page 25, Richard T. Bellemey, page 27, Joseph Jolly & Charles J. Lane, page 28, William Dolman, page 30, William Cox, page 32, Charles H. Ibbotson & John Salmon, page 33, Henry N. Howe, page 35) Then follows a list of all the Aldermen who had served on Newtown Council since 1862, and biographical notes about each of the 1912 Aldermen: William Rigg, page 40, Mr. W. G. Salmon, Town Clerk, page 41, List of Aldermen, page 43, Tom Cousins, J.P., William Edwards & Harold T. Morgan, J.P., page 44, Frank Bamfield & Nat. Lewis, page 45, Charles Henry Turtle & Hugh Theodore Macready, page 46, William Lawler & William Leslie Smith, page 47, William Carnegie Clegg, LL.B. & W. H. Cadogan, F.I.I.A., page 48. Notes about the present Council are to be found on page 49.
Newtown institutions are publicised with individual sections in the Souvenir: the Fire Brigade,Brass BandPoliceAmbulance BrigadeDeaf Dumb & Blind InstitutionRoyal Prince Alfred HospitalFriendly Societies and Lodges, M.U. Oddfellows, page 61-64, Court Newtown Unity,page 65-66, William Gane Lodge, page 66-67 with ‘photo of lodge buildings on page 71, Protestant Alliance Friendly Society, page 67-68, Loyal Progress Lodge, page 68-69, Court Southern Cross & Loyal Victoria Lodge, page 70, United Ancient Order of Druids and Friendly Societies Dispensary, page 71-72, Masonic Lodge Progress, page 72, the Churches, St. Stephens,page 73-74, Congregational, page 74-75, Baptist, page 75-76, Sydney City Mission, page 76, Methodist, page 77-78, St. Peter’s Methodist, page 78-79, Disciples of Christ, page 79-80, Christ Church, page 80-81, St. Enoch’s Presbyterian, page 81-82, Camden College, page 82-83, St. Joseph’s R.C., page 83-84, the Schools and Kindergartens, Newtown Superior, page 85-88, Australia Street Public Kindergarten, page 89-90, Newtown North, page 90-91, Enmore Superior, page 92, Camdenville Superior, page 93.
There are also notes about the electric light street lamps, and the public parks of Newtown.
Sporting life features prominently in the Souvenir, with information compiled by Arthur Crocker. There are sections on athletics, starting page 96, including the Newtown Harriers and notes about individual champions, billiards starting page 99, boxing, starting page 100, church sports activities, starting page 103, cricket, starting page 104, the various football codes, starting page 106, pigeon racing, starting page 110, school sports, starting page 112, and swimming, starting page 113.
There is a substantial historical section, pages 117-121, with notes and anecdotes about early Newtown, especially the origins of street names and the activities of early settlers and prominent citizens and businessmen of former days. This section also includes historical recollections by the Mayor, and notes of interviews with long-standing local residents, pages 122-124.
The next section of the Souvenir contains a miscellany of notes about ‘Old Residents, Institutions and Places’, pages 125-142, and a short section on the Railway and Tramway Recreation Club, page 140.
The final section of the booklet contains biographical notes about ‘Prominent Businessmen in Newtown’, pages 143-150 and an essay on ‘Newtown, the Leading Business Suburb of Sydney’,page 159. Nestled in between these pages, 151-200, are the details of the Jubilee celebrations, starting page 151, and the various Committees responsible for aspects of the Jubilee.
Mark Stevens, City Archivist City of Sydney