About Newtown Project

This website is a program of the City of Sydney Archives. All content is © Council of the City of Sydney or has been licenced to the Council by the authors for web distribution.

We aim to present accurate and interesting historical information about Newtown, drawing on sources such as official records of the Newtown Municipal Council (1863-1948) and information supplied by the community. Contributions from the public (such as family stories, photographs, research projects) are welcomed, although we reserve the right to decide whether to put them on the website. We would also like to receive feedback and suggestions about how the web site could develop and be improved.

The Newtown project started in 2000 and is based on a concept by Graeme Nichols. Work on the site during 2000-2005 was undertaken by Graeme (who was the webmaster during this time) and other volunteers at the City of Sydney Archives. The site was redeveloped in 2009 by In My Room, now Embrace Digital, a Newtown based web design firm.

We would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of –

  • Graeme Nichols and Reg Johnson, for transcription of Sands Directory .
  • Shirley Doolan, Jan Bowditch, Jenny Kropp and Lorraine Sketch, for transcription of the Minutes of Newtown Council.
  • Mark Matheson, for biographical notes on Mayors and Aldermen, and historical notes on street names and other topics.

Thanks also, to the photographers who kindly allowed us to use their images in the new-look website design [click here for credit details]

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