672 King Street

Information compiled by Graeme Barber

672 King St was one of Sydney’s early cinemas from around 1913. It was originally named the Coronation Picture Palace.  The cinema reopened as the St Peters (Kinema) Theatre when a  new building with 2 levels of seating, capacity 1707 seats, was constructed in 1927, the façade of which remains on King St. The building was designed by Emile Sodersten, as ‘a prominent social and recreational venue for the local community in the 1920s and 1930s’. The theatre closed for the last time in 1960 and the building was subsequently used as a warehouse. There was an unsuccessful bid to have it revived as a theatre in the mid 90s. Development applications 2002-3 allowed new development behind the façade, completed in 2007 with the heritage listed façade restored. By 2009 the ground level part of the building had become a picture framing store and the remainder of the building a gym

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Robert Parkinson Picture Shows in the Marrickville and Newtown Districts 1898-2012

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