There has been a pub on this corner since the 1860s. Originally called the Daniel Webster Hotel, from 1863-1866, according to the Sands Directories, it is listed variously at Newtown Road, Eliza Street and Eliza St/Newtown Road. It was renamed the Oxford Hotel in 1875, and refurbished in the art deco style in 1913. In the 1980s, the Oxford Tavern was a popular live music venue, and was open late most nights. The hotel was refurbished in 2002 with an African theme and renamed Zanzibar. More recently it was renamed Webster’s Bar.

 323 King Street, circa 1880-90s, 085856    034711    323 King 2000, 048539

1880-90s                                                                          1912                                                                    2000

Gritty Newtown

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