No. 11/9



Tuesday 9th May 1911


Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Rigg) and Aldermen Lewis, Macready, Elstub, Edwards, Cousins, Bamfield, Lawler, Clegg and Smith.

Alderman Smith apologise for the absence of Alderman Turtle.



The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



133 From H H Burgess Australian Native Hotel complaining of the decision arrived at by the Lighting Committee regarding a Electric Light Pole in front of his hotel and asking the Council to remove the light attached to his premises and place it at least of foot outside the electric pole.

Received and to be informed that his request cannot be acceded to.

134 From Inspector McCrimmon with reference to the destruction of Plate Glass shop windows in King Street Newtown stating that the matter is having special attention of the police.


135 From The Lord Mayor of Sydney and Executive Committee Australian Commonwealth Coronation Contingent forwarding subscription list to assist the Citizens Fund with the object of raising £1000 to relieve the contingent and parents of the boys who have already raised £5000.

Received and list to be placed on the Office Counter.

136 From the Department of Public Works asking to be furnished with information necessary for the purposes of investigating question of Superannuation Fund for Public Service and Local Government Service.

Received and request to be complied with.

137 From the Department of Public Works (circular 350 directing attention to Proclamation published in the Government Gazette of 26th of April 1911 amending Ordinance no 59 respecting the regulation of the erection of inflammable structures which now clearly states that the scale of fees is applicable to structures covering or enclosing the areas specified.


138 From Malcolm Richmond calling attention to Assessment No 264

Enmore Ward against which he gave notice of appeal and also saw Mr King the Councils Valuer regarding the matter at having received no notice of the date of the holding of the Court he lost his opportunity of appearing in support of his appeal and asking the councils due consideration to the matter.

Received and rates levied to be insisted on.

139 From Department of Lands asking to be informed if the Council desires the carriage and footways to be established of Rumpf Bennett Forbes Pine Streets as shown on the official plan of alignment survey copy of which has been exhibited at the Town Hall since 28th March 1911.

Received and alignments to be established.

140 From Band Master May submitting programme of musical performances to be given within the Municipality during the next 12 months.

Received and approved.

141 From J J Herlihy Newtown Public School asking the patronage presents and support on 24th May at 10 o’clock of the Aldermen when it is proposed by the Staff and pupils to carry out the customary celebrations in connection with Empire Day in a fitting manner.

Received and as many as can make it convenient to attend.

142 From W E Keates J Keates R F Curtis R Hoare and 35 others applying for a light to be placed in L’ Avenue.

Received and referred to the Lighting Committee.

143 From James McCauley William Little Luke Stead A E Osborne and 53 after others owners of property in Watkin Street and surrounding neighbourhood strongly appealing to the Council to have removed the mortuary No 2 Watkin Street of Mr W N Bull.

Received and referred to the Health Committee.



The Town Clerk and Valuer (A Macintosh)

reported in connection with assessment No 1350 Enmore Ward (Miss Rea Owner) that a portion of this land having a frontage of 81 feet 3¼ inches to Simmons Street by a depth of 121 feet 3 inches along Pemell Lane as being sold to the Trustee of Christchurch Enmore and the land retained at rear by Miss Rea has a frontage towards Pemell Lane of 76 feet 6 inches by a depth towards Pemell Street of

135.5/144.8 and further that in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1906-7-8 and clause 20 of Ordinance No 5 the property has been revalued and the valuations and freights apportioned as follows:

House and land Simmons Street described above:

U.C.V I.C.V A.A.V General Rate at 2½ in the £ on U.C.V
£541 £1540 £77 £6.12.9

Land Pemell Lane

160 160 5 1.13.4


Received and the necessary alteration required by the Local Government Act to be made in the Valuation and Rate Books and such alterations initial by the Mayor and Clerk.


The Specification Committee

reported having met in accordance with the resolution passed by the Council 28th March 1911 to consider and prepare specification the fittings and supply and lighting the Town Hall and Offices with electricity recommending that consideration be postponed.

Received and adopted.


The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out during the previous month and works in progress.



The Sanitary Inspector

reported the receipt of 7 Applications for registration as Milk Vendors under the Dairies Supervision Act and 9 Applications for licenses to sell fish and rabbits under Ordinance No 57 of the Local Government Act 1906.

Authority sought to serve the statutory notice required by the Public Health Act 1902 on the Owner of property No 7 Bennett Street and the owner of property No 48 Marian Street to render said premises sanitary and fit for human habitation.

Received and registration and licenses granted and the necessary authority regarding on sanitary premises or so granted.


Motions Pursuant To Notice

Alderman Lewis moved:

“That a committee be appointed including the Mayor Aldermen Morgan, Turtle, Clegg and the mover to consider the question of the erection of a new Town Hall whether on the presence site or on any other suitable position and to report to the Council same.”

Seconded by Alderman Clegg.


Alderman Smith moved as an amendment:

“That a Special Meeting of the Council in Committee of the Whole be convened to consider the question of the erection of a new Town Hall.”

Seconded by Alderman Elstub.

After some discussion the Amendment and motion were put when the amendment was carried.

The amendment being then the question before the meeting was put and declared in the affirmative.


The Mayor moved:

2 That the asphalted footpath in Cambridge Street from Enmore Road to Enmore Lane be broken up and the same renewed at an estimated cost of £7.15.0.

Seconded by Alderman Lawlor and carried.


Confirmed this 16th day of May 1911.


Signed W. Rigg, Mayor.




No. 11/5


Tuesday 16th May 1911


Minutes of Special Meeting of the Council held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Rigg) and Aldermen Lawler, Turtle, Cousins, Elstub, Lewis, Smith, Edwards, Bamfield, Macready and Clegg.

The Mayor apologise for the unavoidable absence of (the) Alderman Morgan owing to illness.



The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



“Consideration in Committee of the Whole Council on the question of the erection of a Town Hall in accordance with the resolution carried at the last Ordinary Meeting of the Council.”


Alderman Lewis the mover of the resolution in response to the Mayor’s invitation having amplified has previously expressed views as to the necessity for a new Town Hall and the suitableness of the present site.

The Mayor said it might help Aldermen if he were permitted to place before the meeting 3 separate schemes which he had prepared.

1 Resumption of land from the presence site to Denison Street giving a frontage of 185 feet.

2 Presence site with resumption of 66 feet to Australia Street.

3 The resuming of the St Georges Hall.

After a lengthy discussion resolved on the motion of Alderman Lewis seconded by Alderman Clegg.

That it be a recommendation to the Council.

1 “That competitive designs be invited for a new Town Hall on the site as set out on Schemes 1 and 2 of the Mayors statement and that a prize of £100 be offered.”

2 “That a Committee be appointed to prepare the conditions.”


Recommendation reported and adopted.


Confirmed this 25 day of May 1911.


Signed W. Rigg, Mayor.



No. 11/10


Tuesday 23rd May 1911


Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Rigg) and Aldermen Bamfield, Turtle, Edwards, Lewis, Macready, Elstub, Cousins, Clegg, Lawler and Smith.



The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and after an amendment by the addition of the word and figure “and 2” after the word scheme 1 confirmed and signed.



144 From the Department of Public Works regarding the provision of Sinking Fund in respect of the councils loans stating that the Minister recognises the good financial position of Newtown that must lay down principles for his own guidance and for the guidance of the councils who have occasion to make application (for approval to borrow) upon which it will be the duty of the Minister to advise the Governor etc.

Received and the Minister to be informed that the Act will be complied with in the future as in the past.

145 From the Board of Health forwarding copy of report by the Government Analyst on chemical examination of 14 samples of Milk collected on 4th instant by Inspector J Watson.


146 From the Municipality of St Peters asking that some action be taken to securely fence Mrs Speares Buck Pit at the intersection of May Street and Edgeware Road.

Received and referred to Inspector to make same secure.

147 From Ernest A Scott and Green (Architects) asking permission to construct a waterway behind the shop window of No173 Enmore Road and take the water from same under the footpath into the channel.


148 From the Department of Lands with reference to the alignment of lanes in the Thurnby Estate and in Gladstone Street abutting same asking that application be made on the Departments printed form and a sum to the approximate half cost forwarded to the State Treasurer in accordance with the conditions under which alignments are made.

Received. The application with the corporate seal thereon to be made and the required amount remitted to the Treasury.

149 From John Pettit asking permission to build a shop and dwelling on a piece of land having a frontage of 14 feet 7 inches situated at the corner of Wells and Commodore Streets.

Received and plans to be produced.

150 From Malcolm Richmond asking the Council to reconsider the valuation of his property No 226’s Enmore Road.


151 From the Department of Lands asking if it is the practice of this Council to dispose of house refuse by depositing the same upon any Park or Recreation (Ground) Reserve.

Received and to be informed that the house refuse is tipped outside the Municipality.

152 From John Wilson (Junior Clerk) applying for an increase of salary.

Received and referred to the Finance Committee.

153 From Robert S Young applying for Certificate under Seal of the Council showing that he has been employed for the past 17 years as Overseer of Works.

Received. To be complied with and Seal attached.

154 From Medical Officer of Held Metropolitan Combined Districts forwarding a report on the on sanitary premises within this district as disclosed by a recent inspection (No 48 Marian Street).

Received and Inspector authorised to take the necessary steps.

155 From the Marrickville Council asking if this Council will fix any afternoon but Monday 29th for a meeting of the joint Works Committees on the question of the stormwater drainage in the vicinity of Alice and Wells Streets.

Received and Tuesday 30th May at 2.45pm. appointed.

156 From the Honourable Secretary Play Grounds Committee submitting the names of the gentlemen appointed a Committee to carry out the resolutions carried at a Public Meeting in the Town Hall on the 22nd instant and stating that they will heartedly cooperate with the Committee of the Council in any movement.

Received and Council to cooperate.

157 From Reginald North Jessie North and 4 others calling attention to the necessity for more light and police protection in the subway at the foot of Phillip Street.

Received and referred to the Railway Commissioners.




The Finance Committee

reported having paid under votes of appropriation since last meeting the sum of £2328.4.8 and recommending for payment accounts amounting to £118.5.9.

The Mayor moved: “That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Bamfield and carried.


The Monthly Financial Statement

prepared by the Clerk and examined by the Finance Committee showed the balance at credit of the General Fund with the Bank of Australasia to be £3531.6.11.



The Finance Committee

reported recommending in accordance with clause 11 of Regulation 6 that the sum of £715 be now voted from the General Fund to carry out specified works and that it is not advisable to appoint a’s solicitor at the present time.


The Works Committee

submitted their report consisting of 6 paragraph stated 15 May 1911 relating to various matters referred to them from the Council.

Moved by the Mayor and seconded by Alderman Elstub “That the Works Committees as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”



The Health Committees

report with reference to the Petition presented at last meeting of the Council relating to Mr W N Balls mortuary situate in Watkin Street was ordered to stand over pending reference to the Department of Health.


The Overseer of Works

reported a number of various works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.



The Sanitary Inspector

reported having received 3 applications to be registered as Milk vendors under the Dairies Supervision Act and 2 Applications to sell Fish and Rabbits under Ordinance no 57 of the Local Government Act 1906.

Authority sought to serve the Statutory Notice on the Occupier of premises 154 Enmore Road to abate a nuisance and on the Owner of hundred and 92 King Street to render the premises sanitary.

Received the registration and licenses granted as requested and authority given to issue of the statutory notices in respect of the premises mentioned in the report.


Motions Pursuant To Notice

The Mayor moved:

1 “That the sum of one thousand (£1000) be now placed on Fixed Deposit to meet the cost of renewing the woodblocks in King Street and Enmore Road as provided in the estimates for the current year.”

Seconded by Alderman Turtle and carried.


Alderman Lewis moved:

2 “That the Footpaths in Bucknell Street be broken up and renewed as recommended by the Works Committees report (24/4/11) at an estimated cost of £40.”

Seconded by Alderman Bamfield and carried.


Questions of Which To Notice given

By Alderman Edwards:

by whose authority the Electric Light Poles were placed in Dickson Street and Holmwood Street.”

Answer: by direction of the late Mayor.


This concluded the business.


Confirmed this 6th day of June 1911.


Signed W. Rigg, Mayor.


Month: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12