Tuesday 12th of April 1910 (No. 10/8)

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Council held in the Town Hall on the above date at 7.30pm.


The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Edwards, Lewis, Bamfield, Smith, Cox, Campbell, Turtle and Elstub.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


From the Secretary Sydney City Mission asking the Council to delay coming to a decision with regard to the matter brought before it regarding the restriction of Street collecting to two in the year before hearing the other side of the question.

Received and the City Permission to be informed that the Council will not prevent collections by the Home.

From the Secretary Loyal Orange Lodge No 233 inviting the Mayor and Aldermen to the Annual Religious Service to be held in the St Georges Hall on 17th April.

Received and as many as can to attend.

From the Town Clerk Marrickville with reference to the cleaning of the Edgware Road Stormwater drain stating that Mr McCoy M.L.A has been asked to interview the Minister for Works with regard to the deputation which waited upon him some time ago to ascertain what steps have been taken to a seat to the Councils wishes on that occasion and asking this Council to request its local member to make similar enquiries.

Received and request to be complied with.

From the Secretary Commissioners for Railways stating that the work proposed to be carried out by the Chief Commissioner is the widening of the approach outside the booking office now 4ft 4½ inches wide to be a width of 8 feet. The work that is desired that the Council should carry out is the widening of the approach on the other side of the lane and away from the Railway property.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From the Strathfield Municipal Council calling attention for the urgent need for combined action in connection with the serious disorder arrangement of the Railway Time Table at asking this Councils cooperation.

Received and cooperation granted.

From the Department for Public Works calling attention to the Reformations in the Government Gazette of 30th of March relating to amendments which have been made (1) in Ordinance No 34 “Regulation of Traffic” (2) Ordinance No 48 respecting Park’s Recreation Grounds and Public Reserves and (3) in Ordinance No 59 inflammable Structures.


From Please Sub Inspector McCrimmon covering report by Constable McKeachie that he saw 2 boys named Douglas Mansell and Douglas Craddock destroying trees in Leamington Avenue also a letter from Thomas a Mansell asking the councils clemency and the withdrawal of the summons against his son.

Received. The Inspector to attend the Court and inform the Magistrate that the Council do not desire a conviction but that he warns the boys.

From the Newtown Bio drome asking when that the Council will have the proposed Electric Installation completed for Newtown service as they require a more powerful plant for the Bio drome and Trocadero Hall and if the installation is likely to be prolonged for a longer period than the end of May next asking permission to take Supply from the City Electric Power that passes along Bligh Street by the use of the poles was and Aerial Wires from that service to the Trocadero and thence to the Bio drome.

Received and the writer to be informed that no current from the City Council will be allowed and referring him to the Balmain Electric Light and Power Supply Corporation Ltd as to when current will be supplied.

From the Municipality of Stockton stating that Legal opinion has been given to the effect that Councils have not the discretionary power to accept fines for minor offences against Local Government Commands in such matters for instance as the straining of animals without first going through the process of summoning offenders before a Magistrate and asking this Councils cooperation in urging the introduction of a section in the next amending bill to allow Councils to accept penalties without (the) recourse to the Court.



The Works Committee

submitted their report dated 12 April dealing with paragraphs 4 5 and 7 which was on the motion of the Mayor. Adopted.

The Overseer of Works

reported a variety of works carried out under his supervision during the past 4 weeks and works in hand.


The Sanitary Inspector

reported the receipt of 16 Applications for licenses to sell rabbits 6 Applications to be registered as milk vendors 1 Application for a butcher’s licence 2 Applications for a bill posters licenses and 1 application for a hoarding license.

Received and licenses in is granted as recommended.

Motions Pursuant to Notice

The Mayor moved:

1 “That the wood blocks in King Street and Enmore Road from Bligh Street to Stanmore Road be top dressed with the preparation of tar and pitch together with Norah Head Pea Gravel and Nepean River Sand at an estimated cost of £450.00.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.

Orders of the Day

to open and consider applications for the position of Junior Clerk.

There being no applications the order lapsed.

This being the business the Council rose.

Confirmed this 26th day of April 1910.

Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.

Tuesday 26th of April 1910 (No. 10/9)

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Municipal Council of Newtown held in the Town Hall on the above date at 7.30pm.


The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Clegg, Rigg, Campbell and Bamfield also Edwards, Ibbotson, Smith, Elstub, Turtle and Clegg.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


From the Commonwealth Statistician stating that all that is required is a rough lithograph plan showing in coloured ink or pencil the boundary of this Municipality and of the several Wards that it is not intended to pay for these plans as it is considered that the Bureau will furnish a sufficient ‘quid pro quo’ in the time and labor involved in getting out accurate information of population and buildings in each Municipality.

Received and the maps to be purchased and furnished as requested at a cost of three pounds (£3) Sterling.

From Mrs J Burling and Thomas Henderson Missionary asking permission to allow Mrs Burling’s 13 year old dumb invalid daughter to sit in a go-cart within the Municipality that the purpose of collecting a little money to help keep her.

Received and permission granted for 6 months from 1st May 1910.

From the Honourable Secretary the Joint Committee of the Northern Suburbs Strathfield to Hornsby with reference to the main road approaches to the City of Sydney and asking the cooperation of this Council in a movement to get the Government to assist the authorities and the maintenance of the main arteries to the City.

Received and to cooperate.

From G E Ardill Sydney Reserve Work Society asking permission for the erection and exhibition of a sign in the framework adjoining the Town Hall as in past years in connection with the Annual Meeting of the Society.

Received and request complied with.

From Thomas Henderson Missionary asking the consent of the Council to the erection of a galvanised iron shed at the rear of the Mission House Harold and George Streets to be used as a shower by young men after playing football.

Received and referred to the Sanitary Inspector.

From John Ahern asking for a refund of this deposit in connection with the contracts for the supply of Blue Metal and Metal Screenings.

Received and the request not to be acceded to.

From P Quinn offering his services to make a street collection for the poor with the assistance of a Committee of four to be appointed by the Council.



From J J Bromwich submitting plan and specifications of an up and warning proposed to be erected at the Prince of Wales Hotel George Street.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From W A Dixon submitting plan and specification of proposed alterations and additions to Dibble’s factory 508 King Street. Received and additional information to be obtained and referred to the Works Committee.


The Finance Committee reported having paid accounts since last meeting amounting to £1315.9.11 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £134.13.0.

The Mayor moved: “That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Clegg and carried.

The Finance Committee

submitted a Special report recommending in accordance with clause 11 of Regulation 6 that the sum of £32 be now voted from the General Fund to carry out specified works.

Moved by the Mayor: “That the Finance Committees Special report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Campbell and carried.

The Monthly Financial Statement

prepared by the Clerk and examined by the Finance Committee in accordance with the Regulations showing a credit balance in the Bank of Australasia of £4973.0.3 was received and laid upon the table.

The Works Committee

submitted their report containing 7 clauses stated 18th of April dealing with various matters referred to them from the Council.

Moved by the Mayor: “That the Works Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards.

Alderman Lewis moved as an amendment: “That clause 7 relating to JFW Pheils application from the permission to build a roof over portion of picture gallery in King Street be amended by striking out the word not.

Seconded by Alderman Turtle and negatived.

The motion adopting the report was then carried.

The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress. Also reported having on 11th April ordered four trucks for general repairs of which only one truck has been delivered and as no more will arrive for a fortnight recommending that a supply be procured from another source.

Received and suggestion to purchase metal adopted.

The Sanitary Committee Inspector

reported amongst other matters receipt of one application to be registered as Milk vendors nine applications for licenses to sell fish and rabbits and one application for a hoarding license in Enmore Road.

Received and applications for Milk vendors and fish licenses granted as recommended and the application for a hoarding licence referred to the Works Committee.

Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Turtle moved:

1 “That the State Government be requested to include phthisis in the list of notifiable diseases under the provisions of the Public Health Act 1902.”

2 “That the whole of the Municipal and Shire Council in the State be requested to cooperate with this Council in making a similar request.”

Seconded by Alderman Lewis and carried.

Thurnby Estate

The Council resolved into Committee of the Whole with closed doors to consider the plan of the proposed subdivision of the Thurnby Estate in on resuming the report brought up recommended that the matter be left in the hands of the Mayor.

This completed the business.

Confirmed this 10th day of May 1910.

Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.

26th of April 1910 (No. 10/9    Addendum)

Final Report

The Value one James Trahair submitted is final report of the unimproved improved and Assessed And annual Values of all rateable lands in the Municipality for the year ending 31st December 1910 after Appeals have been determined which disclose the unimproved capital value to be £1278724 at 2¾ pence will yield £14649.7.3 which with Arrears £894.7.1 and interest £56.2.11 gives a total of £15599.17.3.


Letter from the Valuer James Trahair applying for some consideration and additional remuneration the work done owing to amendments to the Local Government Act.

Received and referred to the Finance Committee.

Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.

10 May 1910

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