Samuel and Lucy Marks returned¬† to Australia from San Fransisco in 1881, settling in Sydney this time, and Samuel had breweries variously called “Marks & Murphy”, “The Sydney Brewery,” and finally “New York Brewery” in Newtown, Sydney. Mark S, New York Brewery & Bottler is listed in the Sands Directories at 22 King Street from 1889, although the numbers changed around somewhat. He advertised his prize-winning beer as “all malt, no substitutes, and free from colonial twang” and is credited as being one of the first to introduce lager to Australia (in 1882). He sold the New York Brewery at auction in 1898 for 155 pounds. Samuel died in unusual circumstances in 1905 at about 84 at his home at 30 Yelverton St, Sydney. He drowned in a bathtub, which is a sad irony for someone who once manufactured soap. An inquest into his death found that he took his own life as he had been depressed over the poor state of his health and only had a short time to live. Samuel went in and out of partnerships many times but one partnership that lasted was his 50+ year marriage to Lucy who also worked as bookkeeper at the breweries. Lucy died in Perth, Western Australia, in 1913. Samuel and Lucy didn’t have children but Samuel’s older sister Frances had 11 of them, many of whom migrated to Australia


Excerpt from Ancestor of the month newsletter