Election of Mayor for the Year 1908 – 1909


In accordance with Part VI Section 35 Sub Section 5 and Ordinances number 80.


Minutes of meeting of the Council of the Municipality of Newtown held in the town Hall Newtown on Friday the 7th day of February 1908 at 7.30pm for the purpose of Electing a Mayor for the year 1908-1909.



The Mayor ( Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Ibbotson, Salmon Campbell, Clegg, Edwards, Lewis, Smith, Cox, Elstub and Turtle.


Mode of Election of Mayor

Resolved that the election of Mayor be conducted with open doors and by open voting and the system of nomination and amendment.


Before proceeding with the nominations the Mayor read the Returning Offices report declaring the following Aldermen Julie elected for the triennial period ending 31st January 1911 viz:


Camden Ward

William Edwards

William Cox

Harold Thomas Morgan




Enmore Ward


James Campbell

Charles Henry Ibbotson




Kingston Ward

James Francis Smith

Charles Turtle

Robert Elstub




O’Connell Ward

Nathan Lewis

William Carnegie Clegg

John Salmon





Nominations were then called for and Alderman Ibbotson nominated the retiring Mayor Alderman Morgan seconded by Alderman Edwards.

There were no further nominations and at this stage the Mayor read a letter from Alderman Rigg stating that it will be impossible for him to attend the meeting in consequence of this having to leave town on the previous Thursday to Monday the 10th but as he was given to understand that Alderman Morgan would be the only candidate for the mayoral chair the proposition has his hearty approval.

The Mayor thanked his brother Aldermen for again electing him to the Mayoral chair.

He cordially welcomed the newly elected Aldermen and congratulated the defeated Aldermen on the excellent services rendered by them during their term of office.

Aldermen Clegg and Campbell as the new the elected suitably responded.

The hearty congratulations of all the Alderman freely offered to Alderman Morgan on his election and the opinion and unreservedly expressed that on this occasion he was the only one best qualified for the position.

The Mayor having in appreciative terms responded invited the Aldermen and officers to join him in refreshments.


The proceedings terminated.

Confirmed this 11th day of February 1908.

Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.



No 08:1


Tuesday 11th February 1908


Minutes of Special Meeting of the Municipal Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Salmon, Elstub, Edwards, Clegg, Turtle, Ibbotson, Rigg, Smith, Campbell and Lewis.



The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From the Honourable General Secretary Hospital Saturday Fund making application for permission to carry out the 15th Annual outdoor collection in this on Saturday the 2nd May 1908 and asking if the Ordinances under the Local Government Act 1906 relating to the control of Street collections have been adopted by this Council.

Received and request granted.

From the Department of Public Works (Circular number 167) Ordinances re Municipal Valuations and rates which have been approved and published in the Government Gazette of 15th instant and stating that the Government Printer has been instructed to forward six copies to the Council.  Received.

From the Department of Public Works Circular number 168 advising that an Ordinance (number 914) on the subject of depasturing annuals in Public places was claimed in the Government Gazette of 8th January and that the Government Printer has been asked to supply the Council with copies of the proclamation.  Received.

From the Department of Public works submitting Draft Ordinances re the sale of Fish asking if the Council will consider the same and advise the provisions will suit the requirements of this district.

Received and referred to the By laws Committee.

From the Department of Public works (Circular number 171) calling attention to the provisions of Section 153 sub section 6 and the provisions of sub section 4 of section 154 of the Local Government Act 1906 with respect to Special and Local rates.

Received and referred to the next meeting of the Council.

From the Department of Public works on the subject of Draft Ordinances re Hoardings stating that the Minister cannot see his way  to adopt the suggestions made by this Council in respect of Clause 4.


From the Secretary Trollymen and Carters Union of Sydney and Suburbs calling attention to the increased cost of living and other expenses carters find the utmost difficulty in meeting necessary expenses and asking if the Council can see its way to stipulate that all one horse drivers (engaged in the Council service) now receiving less than 40/-per week be brought up to that amount and further.

That in all future contracts the minimum wage to drivers of one horse vehicles be not less than 40/-per week.  Received.

From the Department of Public Health advising that the 23 samples of Milk submitted by this Authority on 22nd of January have been chemically examined by the Government Analyst from whose report it will be seen that the chemical evidence of samples number 399 404 412 414 415 417 and 420 is such as would support a prosecution if undertaken.

In the case of number 418 a warning might be given.

Alderman Turtle moved: “That the letter be received and the Mayor authorised to prosecute as suggested and Vendor number 418 warned.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.

From the C P S and Chamber Magistrate Newtown intimating that the sum of £23.11.6 had been received by the Court for fines and costs and paid to the Council during the half year ended 31st December 1907.  Received.

From the Department of Public Works drawing attention to the Ordinance number 311 which provides that upon a resolution to make and levy a general rate on the unimproved capital value of all ratable land in the area being passed and confirmed application shall be made for the suspension in the area in accordance with Section 151 (2) of the Act of the Land Tax Enactments and that such application should be signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the Clerk and should bear the Common Seal of the Council.

Specimen form of application attached.

Received and referred to the next meeting of the Council.

From the Medical Officer of Health forwarding copy of a report by the Assistant Medical Officer of Health (Doctor Sinclair) on the insanitary premises numbers 38 40 and 42 Egan Street.

Received and referred to the Health Committee.

From the Medical Officer of Health (in the form of a general circular) with reference to a case of plague which has recently occurred in one of the suburbs of Sydney and premises near a produce store and has been traced to infection received from the rats in the store and urging local authorities to stringently enforce the Ordinances dealing with the construction of such buildings in a manner calculated to prevent their infestation by rats.

Received and referred to the Inspector for report.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

The Mayor moved:

1 That the standing Committees consisting of the Finance Committee the Works Committee and the Health Committee be now appointed and such other Committees as the Council consider necessary.

The following Committees were balloted for in accordance with Ordinance number 238 and resulted as hereunder:

Finance Committee

Alderman Smith, Alderman Rigg Alderman Salmon Alderman Campbell.

Works Committee

Alderman Edwards Alderman Salmon Alderman Elstub Alderman Ibbotson.

Health Committee

Alderman Edwards Alderman Salmon Alderman Elstub Alderman Ibbotson.

Lighting Committee

Alderman Cox Alderman Lewis Alderman Clegg Alderman Turtle.

Specification Committee

Alderman Campbell Alderman Rigg Alderman Salmon and Alderman Smith.

By laws Committee

Alderman Smith Alderman Rigg Alderman Salmon Alderman Campbell.


The Mayor moved:

2 “That in accordance with the provisions of the 176th Section of the Local Government Act 1906 the Council apply to the Minister for permission to temporarily borrow a sum approximately equal to one third of the estimated revenue to be received from rates for the financial year ending 31st December 1908 (say four thousand pounds) and that the Corporate Seal of the Council be affixed to such application.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.


This concluded the business.


Confirmed this 18 day of February 1908.

Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.



No 08:1

Tuesday 18th February 1908


Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Smith, Salmon, Campbell, Rigg, Edwards, Ibbotson, Elstub, Cox, Lewis, Turtle and Clegg.



The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From J G Griffin Municipal Representative on the Water and Sewerage Board advising that it has been decided to have the trunk water main cleaned from Cleveland Street through Redfern Alexandria Erskineville and Newtown.  Received.

From J G Griffin forwarding nomination paper for signature by the Mayor and Aldermen for his re election to the Water and Sewerage Board.  Received and laid upon the table.

From the Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage forwarding for the information of the Council copies of reports by the Secretary and Engineer in Chief relative to the question of the payment of rentals for Water Meters.  Received.

From N Taylor announcing that he is a candidate for re election at the forthcoming election of a representative on the Five Brigades Board to be held in March.  Received.

From the Sesla Photographic Studio submitting a proposal of photographing the Mayor Aldermen and Offices of the Municipality of Newtown and afterwards grouping them together.

From Kerry and Co Studio submitting a similar proposal.

Both communications received.

From Alderman G Norton Russell Woollahra asking an expression of this Councils opinion as to the desirability of  re appointing Mr T N Keele as President of the Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage.  Received.

From T. Hodkinson and Company inviting the Mayor and Aldermen to witness trial of the Eckersley and Hodkinson Patent Smoke consuming Bridge to take place at the St Peters Brickworks Barwon Park Road at 10 o’clock a.m. on Wednesday the 19th instant.  Received.

From the Honourable Secretary Foreshores Vigilance Committee intimating that a General Committee meeting will be held on Thursday 12th March at 8pm at the rooms of the Sports Club Limited 10 Hunter Street city and inviting two delegates from this Council to attend.  Received.

From W. Smith (Hattes Arcade Studio) forwarding for inspection a photographic Group of the Aldermen and offering the same for the sum of £4.4.0.  Received.

From James Lawson intimating that he has completed two buildings in Queen Street and asking that the position of the gate entrance be altered about 4 feet northerly.

Received and referred to the Overseer of Works.


List of Outstanding Rates

The Council Clerk in accordance with regulation number 49 (8) submitted a statement showing the names of the persons who at the close of the Municipal Year ended 4th instant owed rates to the Council and the amounts totalling £584.4.6.

Received and Resolve the legal proceedings be taken for recovery.



The Finance Committee

reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation amounting to £856.1.8 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £246.7.3.

The Mayor moved: That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.

Seconded by Alderman Salmon and carried.


Special Report

The Finance Committee also reported having considered George Chandlers (2nd Sanitary Inspector) application for an increase of salary recommending an increase of ten shillings per week from 1st January 1908.

Rates Abandoned

The Committee in accordance with the provisions of section 50 of the Regulations submitted particulars of rights amounting to £17.5.0 which they recommended to be “written off” for the reasons set forth.

The Mayor moved that the Finance Committees Special report as now submitted be and the same is hereby adopted.

Seconded by Alderman Rigg and carried.


The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received.


The Inspector of Nuisances

report dealt primarily with the six Produce Stores in the Municipality all of which are in good condition and recommended that eight applications from persons desirous of being registered as Milk Vendors be granted.

Received and the authority given to register the eight Milk Vendors.


Minute by the Mayor

The Mayor submitted the following minute.



As the accounts for the Municipal Year ended the 4th instant are now closed and balanced I have much pleasure in submitting a statement of the finances of the Municipality to that date.



Bank of Australasia Current A/C Cr February 1907

£  638.8.2

General Rates


Lighting Rate


Miscellaneous Receipts


Interest on Fixed Deposits






General Improvements




Salaries and Office Expenses


Interest on Loan


Scavenging and Street Cleansing


Fire Brigades Board


Miscellaneous Expenses


Fixed Deposit


Bank of Australasia


Bank of Australasia Trust A/C





The total receipts from all sources amount to £12888.14.3 the General and Lighting Rates contributing £12252.8.1 being £589.12.7 in excess of the amount collected for the year ending February 1907 and exceeding the years estimates by £230.9.7.  The Outstanding Rates General and lighting now amount £584.4.6 as against £798.2.1 12 months ago and the Councils Solicitor expects shortly to receive payment of close of £200 which will reduce the outstanding rates to a little over £350 chiefly owing on vacant land.

Under the heading of expenditure the sum of £6084.1.4 for General Improvements includes Wages cost of blue metal Ballast and kerb and guttering Tar Ashes Sand Tools etc. Generally the condition of the carriageways throughout the Municipality are in good order.  The Asphalted footpaths have lately received special attention particularly on the Main roads.

The item of £1764.17.11 under the head of scavenging covers the cost of cleansing the gutters removing the garbage and sweeping the wood blocked pavements with the machine brooms at night and by the block boys during the day also the rent of the rubbish tip.  The other charges Street Lighting £2003.1.7 contribution to the Fire Brigades Board £522.19.2 and £126010.0 interest at 3½ percent on loan of

£36000.0.0 brings the years expenditure up to £13091.10.5 leaving a credit balance of £ 435.12.0 to be carried forward.

Will be observed that a further sum of £535 has been placed on fixed deposit with the Bank of Australasia at 3 percent interest which brings the fixed amount up to £2535.

Besides the roads and footpaths much attention has been bestowed on sanitary matters and the result has been prominently recognized by the Medical Officer of Health in his official report.

Altogether I have much pleasure in congratulating the Council on the prosperous and financial condition of the Municipality.

Alderman Smith complimented the Mayor on the above statement and moved that the Minute be received and recorded on the Minutes of the Council.

Seconded by Alderman Salmon and supported by Alderman Rigg and carried.

Resolved that consideration of the Estimates be deferred to a later period.


Motions pursuant to Notice.

Alderman Salmon moved: “That the sum of £100 (one hundred pounds sterling) be voted by way of allowance to the Mayor for the Municipal Year 1908 to 1909.”

Seconded by Alderman Elstub and after considerable discussions lost.

2 The Mayor moved:

“The following works authorised by the late Council on the recommendation of the Works Committee to be carried out but which in pursuance of regulation number 13 under the Local Government Act 1906 lapsed on 31st January last be now subject to the acceptance of the Overseer of Works fresh estimates and the Finance Committees report in accordance with Part III Section 11 of the Regulations revoted.”


1 Brown Street remetal and topdress estimated cost £150.

2 Watkin Street reformed and tarmetalled estimated cost £260.

3 Regent Street carriageway from Fitzroy Lane to Bishopgate Street tarpaved estimated cost £246.

4 Campbell Lane from Australia Street to Regent Street repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £10.

5 Fitzroy Lane Australia Street to Wellington Street repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £21.

6 Young Lane from Baltic Street to Oxford Street repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £20.

7 Turtle Lane repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £12.

8 Belmore Lane repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £55.

9 Gibbs Lane repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £11.

10 Brooks Lane repair and top dress with tar and screenings where required estimated cost £11.

11 Lands Lane from Wellington Street to Australia Street repair and top dressed with tar and screenings where required at estimated cost £30.

12 Holdsworth Lane from back of Wilson Street to Railway Lane tarmetal estimated cost £154.10.0.

13 Railway Lane from Holdsworth Street to Pine Street tar metal estimated cost £127.10.0.

14 London Street North East side tarpave footpath estimated cost £49.10.0.

15 Edgeware Lane tarpave to top manhole and top dress remainder estimated cost £260.

16 Metropolitan Lane to be repaired estimated cost £120.

17 Lane between Brown and Watkin Streets tarpaved estimated cost £77.

18 Lane from Brown Street to Brown Street repair and top dress estimated cost £35.

19 Lane at rear of Wilson Street from Bucknell Lane to Brown Street reformed and tarpaved estimated cost £35.

20 Wells Street Carriageway tarpaved estimated cost £165.

21 Angel Street West side from St John Street to Brickpaving tarpave estimated cost £25.

22 Alice Street at the intersection of Hawken Street remove pipe drain and substitute open tarpaved crossing estimated cost £15.

23 Albermarle Street from Denison to Wellington Street re metal estimated cost £70.

24 Copeland Avenue (N side) from Watkin Street to Burren Street tarpave footpath estimated cost £17.

25 Susan Street repair with blue metal estimated cost £40.

26 Goodsell Street re metal estimated cost £225.

27 Denison Street from Alton Lane to Lane south side of Lennox Street tarmetal estimated cost £190.

28 Stanley Street from St Marys Street (e Side) to lane re metal estimated cost £18.

29 Georgina Street Carriageway tarmetal 20 feet wide estimated cost £95.


Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.


Estimates as required by Section 142

Local Government Act 1906



OM No 08/1


Estimated expenditure

Works (Street Maintenance) Services and Improvements.

(a) the amount of the proposed expenditure out of the fund to which the proceeds of the rates are to be carried.


Blue Metal

£ 1500.0.0



Tar Bricks and cartage




Wood blocks






Plumbing work


Plant & Repairs


Sand for tarpaving


Sand for blocks


Blacksmiths sharpening tools


Bricks for repairs to gutters


Kerb & Gutter stone


Stores Road tools and etc








Street Lighting






£  850.0.0


Stationery & Printing






Fire Brigades Board



Town Hall



Petty Cash



Interest on Loan



Misc Expenses



Annual provision by resolution for renewing wood blocks.


Deduction 1/10 of last year rates








Estimated Revenue


(b) Amount in hand available for Expenditure


£   357.10.0

(c) Other revenue likely to be available



(d) Amount required to be raised






(e) Total value of Unimproved land

£ 1372634.0.0


Improved Capital Value



Annual Assessed Value



1d on the UUV £1372634 yield















½d on Improved C V £2975415







The Mayor having submitted the foregoing probable estimates for the financial year ending 31st December 1908.

Alderman Smith moved: “That the estimates as submitted in detail be received and considered.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.

The Council having fully assessed and considered the above estimates of the probable expenditure.

Alderman Salmon moved: “That the estimates of Expenditure now before the Council be adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.

The rating question was then considered and having been fully discussed Alderman Edwards moved: “That this Council proposes to levy a general rate of 2¾d (2 pence three farthings) on three Unimproved Capital Value (£1,372,634) estimated to yield £15,728.1.11.”

Seconded by Alderman Clegg.

Alderman Rigg opposed the motion and at some length quoted figures showing how the proposed rate in its operations would more than double the amount now paid by Owners of property in King Street and Enmore Road while Owners of properties off these thoroughfares would unduly benefit and moved as an Amendment: “That the proposed rate the 1d (one penny) in the £ on the Unimproved Capital Value which would yield £5719.6.2 and ¾ (3 farthings in) the £ on the Improve Capital Value to yield £9298.3.6 making a total of £15017.”

Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and negatived.

Alderman Rigg moved a further amendment: “That the General rate be 2½d on the Unimproved Capital Value.”

Seconded by Alderman Elstub and lost.


The motion as moved by Alderman Edwards and seconded by Alderman Clegg was then put and carried.


Resolved that the estimates as now passed be and are hereby adopted and that the same be advertised as required by the Act.


This concluded the business and the Council rose.

Confirmed this 3rd day of March 1908.


Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.



No 08/2


Month: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12