Tuesday 13th of October 1908


Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Newtown Municipal Council held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Salmon, Campbell, Rigg, Edwards, Ibbotson, Elstub, Turtle, Lewis, Cox and Clegg.

The Mayor apologise for the absence of Alderman Smith who he regretted to say was confined to his room seriously ill.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From the Superintendent of Tramways in reply to a communication from this Council with regard to the excessive speed at which trams are driven at certain hours between Campbell Street St Peters and St Peters Railway Station stating that the matter would be enquired into.

From John McLaughlin and Sons Solicitors with reference to rates due and owing in the Estate of the late Patrick McHugh in respect of property number 195 King Street and offering to pay on certain conditions.

Received and referred to the Councils Solicitor for opinion.

From J H Clayton Solicitor covering contract the Newtown Council from Molesworth and Ors strip of land for widening Trade Street for the Councils execution.

Received and the Mayor to sign on behalf of the Council and authorised to affix the common seal to the contract.

From the Department of Public Works (3) directing attention to Section number 106 of the Local Government Act and asking to be informed (with) and agreement has been made under that section in respect of that portion of the Stanmore Road from Enmore Road to Liberty Street from St Peters Railway Station to May Street and from Enmore road to Juliett Street.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From Forest Finlay applying for permission to rent the Town Hall every Thursday evening for the purpose of holding religious services from 8 to 10 pm and if any reduction on 10/-can be made if taken for 3 months.

Received and the Hall to be let at the usual price but not for any fixed period and the writer to be informed that the Council always reserves the right to let the Hall for any other purpose.

From the Department of Public Health forwarding a report of 9 samples of sausages which have been chemically examined (from) by the Government Analyst from which it will be seen that in the cases of samples numbers 494 496 499 and 501 warnings to vendors might be given.

Received and the vendors to be notified accordingly.

From G L Grant forwarding cheque for £6.9.10 in payment of rates and asking if the Council can see its way clear to have something done to divert the water from lanes surrounding his property and Edgeware Road to street gutter or stormwater drain.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From Thomas Martin calling attention to the condition of that part of Darcy Street from King Street to John Street also the footpath and gutter on the north side.

Received and referred to the Works Committee

From W H Cadogan reporting having audited the books of the Municipality that the half year ended 30th of June 1908 and found the same correct.  Received.



The Finance Committee

reported having paid accounts since 15 September amounting to £1350.17.8 and recommend in accounts prepayment amounting to £508.3.1.

The Mayor moved: “That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Salmon and carried.


The Finance Committee

also reported having considered communications from D Collett F Crago and Sons and Mrs Givins calling attention to the increase of the assessment of the annual rental value of their respective properties: that as no appeals against the assessments were lodged within the prescribed time the Committee cannot recommend any alteration of the assessment.

With reference to F Hoffmanns application for an increase of salary the Committee recommended an increase of 10 (10/-) shillings per week.


The Finance Committee

submitted a Special report recommending that the sum of £499.10.0 (four hundred and ninety-nine pounds ten shillings) be now voted to carry out specified works.

The Mayor moved: “That the recommendations of the Committee as set forth in the two preceding Special reports be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Campbell and carried.


The Committee also submitted in accordance with Schedule V of regulation number 305 statement of the General Fund for that period ending 30th of September showing a credit balance with the Bank of Australasia of £4754.18.8.  Received.


The Works Committee

submitted their report dated 6th October instant relative to several matters referred to them from the Council.

Received and adopted.


The Health Committee

under date 6th October reported with regard to Mr A J Macauleys letter re butcher’s stalls in the Newtown Markets having inspected the stalls used as butchers shops recommending that no licence be granted in respect thereof unless and until the Ordinances relating thereto have been complied with.

The Mayor moved: “That the Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.


The Special Committee

appointed for the purpose reported having carefully considered the question of rearranging the Offices so as to afford better accommodation to the public and easy access to the various officers of the Council as shown on plans submitted.

Received and adopted.


The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.



The Inspector of Nuisances

amongst other matters reported recommending the granting of a Milk vendor’s licence two F Taylor butchers licences to Messrs Cropper and Adams W Francis R Jackson Brian Greaves Hume and Miller all of whom have complied with the Ordinances also licences to sell ham and beef to Messrs Burt Brian Fern and Sim.

Received and adopted.


The Inspector

also reported with reference to Mr Coles application for permission to carry out certain alterations to an awning in front of the “hippodrome” Bedford Street recommending that the permit be not granted.

Received and adopted.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Rigg moved:

1 “That Liberty Street carriageway from Stanmore Road to Bedford Street be top dressed with two coats at an estimated cost of £57.10.0 provided that the Petersham Municipal Council pay one half of the cost and that the same be referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman Campbell and carried.


Alderman Cox moved:

2 “That the footpath in Goodsell Street North side in front of new cottages be brick paved at an estimated cost of £58 and referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.



Mr James Campbell Architects submitted plans of Bakery and dwelling to be erected by Mr W Dibble at the corner of Australia and Lennox Streets for approval.

Mr W Edwards plans of 4 cottages to be erected by himself in Pearl Street and Mr F C Davis plans of three cottages to be erected in Cavendish Street all of which referred to the Officers.


Questions Without Notice

Alderman Cox urged that a letter be written to the Railway Commissioners asking for arrangements can be made by which the Balmoral trains going city wards stop more frequently at St Peters Railway Station.

Alderman Turtle asked that a letter be sent to the Railway Commissioners asking that steps be taken to abate the nuisance caused by the tipping of offensive matter in the Grange Estate.


Confirmed this 27 day of October 1908.


Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.


Tuesday 27th of October 1908


Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Newtown Municipal Council held on the above date at 7.30pm.



the Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Ibbotson, Elstub, Rigg, Clegg, Turtle, Cox, Campbell, Edwards, Salmon and Lewis.



The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


Alderman Smith

At this stage the Mayor with deep regret announced (the passing) the passing away of Alderman Smith at 2.30 in the afternoon and spoke in warm and appreciative terms of the abilities and services which Alderman Smith had rendered to the district and the loss sustained by the Council through his death; and that after others had spoken he would move the adjournment of the meeting.

Alderman Rigg and Salmon seconded at some length all that had been said by the Mayor and were followed by all present speaking on the highest terms of the deceased Alderman.


Minute by the Mayor

Before proceeding with the motion indicated the Mayor with the permission of the Council directed a minute to be read bringing under the notice of the Council the fact that an alteration has been made and a restriction placed on the power of the Council in the matter of “hoardings” that the effect of the provision published in the Government Gazette of 14th instant is that during the existence of any contract entered into before the 31st December 1907 the Council cannot charge more than the rate of 1 penny per square yard of advertising space on such existing hoarding; and that in his opinion the action of the Minister is an unwarrantable interference with the function of the Local Governing Bodies that a strong protest should be made against the action of the Minister.

In the discussion which followed the action of the Minister was generally condemned.

Alderman Turtle moved: “That the Minute presented by the Mayor be received and that this Council strongly protest against the action of the Minister.”

The mover accepted a suggestion that the Council make a public protest.

The motion as amended was seconded by Alderman Clegg and carried.


Order of the Day

Mr G A Moulder being present in answer to a summons under the provisions of Section number 61 subsection 2 of the Public Health Act 1902 the Order of the Day on the business paper was called and Mr Moulder having come forward asked that he might be allowed one month from that date to enable him to demolish premises numbers 102 and 104 Campbell Street in pursuance of an order directed by the Court.

The Council granted the request and the Mayor then moved:

“That out of respect to the memory of the late Alderman Smith this Council do now adjourn and that a letter of condolence and the seal of the Council be forwarded to the widow and family and that the Council’s appreciation of the valuable services rendered by the late Alderman during a continuous period of 37 years be recorded on the Minutes of the Council.”

Seconded by Alderman Rigg and carried.


The Council then adjourned till the 10th of November 1908.


Confirmed this 10 day of November 1908.


Signed Harold T Morgan, Mayor.



No. 08/19/20


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