Tuesday 7th August 1906

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Howe) and Aldermen Salmon, Ibbotson, Rigg, Cox, Abigail, King, Edwards and Elstub also Alderman Morgan.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



National Stock and Metal Industries Protection League calling attention to the Governments intention of shortly introducing a Bill enabling the City Council to obtain control of our meat trade which carries not only the supervision of the trade in the City but of all suburbs within a distance of [–] with the sole right to slaughter at City Abattoirs to be erected at Homebush Bay and expressing the opinion that the trade should remain in the hands of those directly responsible to the people that as the Government of the state.

Received and made an order of the day for next meeting.

From the Board of Health advising that 40 samples of Sauces submitted on second instant have been chemically examined by the Government Analyst from who’s report it will be seen that the chemical evidence in respect of 16 samples is such as would support a prosecution if undertaken.

Received and the Mayor authorised to prosecute.

From the Municipal Association of New South Wales intimating that the 24th Annual Session of the Association will be commenced on the 18th September next and that the Annual subscription of £2.2.0 is now due.  Received.

From the Borough Council of Woollahra submitting copy of a resolution passed by that Council having for its object the desirability of appointing suburban Municipal Representatives upon the Board of Health.  Received.

From Thomas Henley Municipal Representative on the Water and Sewerage Board intimating that at its last meeting decided to reduce the water by one pence and the sewerage rate by one pence which will make the total rate now 1/5 instead of 1/7 as heretofore.

Received and a letter to be sent to Mr Henley thanking him for the part he has taken to bring this reduction about.

From the Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage advising that the Board has been pleased to approve of the extension of the reticulation sewer Bennett Street Newtown and a similar intimation from Alderman Griffin Municipal Representative on the Board.  Received.

From E C Barker calling attention to the very bad state of repair Edgeware Road from Alice Street to the Illawarra line and May Street.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From Walter S Thompson inviting the Mayor and Aldermen to attend a Public Meeting to be held at the Town Hall on Monday August instant at 8:00pm for the purpose of urging upon the Government the necessity of immediately preceding with the erection of the proposed Home for incurable Consumptives and in the meantime providing temporary homes for the reception and Medical treatment of persons suffering in the advanced stages of Consumption.

Received and invitation accepted and the Hall to be granted free of charge.



The Overseer of Works

reported having carried out a number of works during the past two weeks and works in progress.  Received.


The Inspector of Nuisances

reported that 145 notices had been fixed in prominent positions throughout the Borough drawing attention to the By law prohibiting persons from expectorating on the footway also that a weatherboard cottage known as number 138 Simmons Street is at present unfit for human habitation and asking the necessary authority to serve the required notices under the Act.

Received and adopted.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Salmon moved:

1 “That the carriageway in Lane from Holdsworth Street and back of Wilson Street to Holdsworth Street and Railway be metalled at an estimated cost of £55 and referred to the Works committee for report.”

Seconded by Alderman King and carried.

2 “That the carriageway in Railway Lane from Holdsworth Street to Pine Street be metalled at an estimated cost of £46 and referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman King and carried.

3 “That it be referred to the Lighting Committee to report on the advisability or otherwise of erecting two gas lamps in Linthorpe Estate at a cost of £4 each per annum.”

Seconded by Alderman Abigail and carried.


Alderman Rigg moved:

4 That a return be prepared for the information of the Council showing:

(A) “The total income from General Rates and contributions for Municipal purposes of the years ended February 1904 5% for Enmore and O’Connell and Camden and Kingston Wards respectively.

(B) “The total expenditure for Municipal purposes for the same period and wards respectively.”

(C) “The total Income and expenditure for Lighting purposes for the same time and Wards.

(D) “The number of lamps at present erected in each Ward.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.



Newtown North Public School

In connection with the recent action of the Council relating to the condition of the Newtown North Public The Mayor Reported That the Company by Aldermen Rigg Abigail Edwards and Ibbotson Waited upon the Minister for Public Construction on Thursday the Second Instant and Having Been Introduced by Mr Hollis ML A the members of the Deputation state their case whereupon Mr O’Connor informed them that plans were already prepared for the erection of new buildings for the school.  It was intended to proceed with them as soon as the estimates for the year were passed.  The sanitary arrangements for the proposed structures would however be put in hand at once so as to remedy the most serious of the matters about which complaint was made.  Received.


Order of the Day

Consideration of Petition presented by Alderman Smith on 24th of July asking that are more suitable crossing than that in the subway at the foot of Phillip Street be provided by the Railway Commissioners.

Resolved that this stand over until Alderman Smith is well enough to attend.


This concluded the business.


Confirmed this 21st day of August 1906.

Signed Henry N Howe, Mayor.


Tuesday 21st August 1906

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Howe) and Aldermen Hitchcock, Morgan, King, Abigail, Cox, Elstub, Rigg, Ibbotson and Edwards.

Alderman Elstub apologised for the absence through continued illness of Alderman Smith and the Mayor for Alderman Salmon.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From the Borough Council of Alexandria asking the cooperation of this Council in a Deputation to the Railway Commissioners to urge the necessity of providing means to cross Railway probably by pedestrians from Brandling Street Alexandria to Forbes Street Newtown.

Received and cooperation granted.

From the Department of Public Health forwarding for the assistance this authority extracts from the report made by the Chief Sanitary Inspector in connection with the outbreak of Plague at Simmons Street and acknowledging prompt and intelligent action taken by this Council and a complete success attending their efforts.

Received and the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Officer to be carried out.

From E W Holder (for Weeks White) asking permission to board in the veranda in front of Messrs Cropper and Adams shop and across the footpath to keep the sun of the meat.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From the Honourable Secretary Abattoirs Removal League on the subject of “Glebe Island and fevered meat” embodying copy of evidence given by Doctor Ashburton Thompson (President of the Board of Health) on both before a Select Committee on the Abattoirs when he stated that he was strongly of opinion that the Abattoirs as at present situated will become more unsuitable as time goes on there not being enough room to extend them and that the resting paddocks the Abattoirs and the sale yards should be close together.

For these reasons the League urge a drastic change in all the present methods and ask sympathetic aid by resolution of the Council to help them to remove this great nuisance and danger.

Received and to be considered with the Orders of the Day.

From the Under Secretary Department of Public Construction advising that the Minister has approved of the erection of new closets in connection with the Public School at Newtown North without delay.  Received.

From the Intelligence Department Government Tourist Bureau stating that Alderman T Henley MLA has suggested that it would probably interest Suburban Aldermen to pay a visit to Cataract Dam to view the work in course of construction and with this object forwarding suggested programme and estimates of cost for partners of four ranging from 15/10 to 48/- according to the trip taken.  Received and laid upon the table.

From Robert Hollis MLA transmitting notification from the Acting Under Secretary Department of Public Works to the effect that £700 has been allotted to this Council out of the amount of £50000 recently voted by Parliament as a special grant to Municipalities.  Received.

From the Secretary NSW Retail Grocers Association pointing out that the Premier promised a large Deputation which recently waited upon him to bring in a Bill to more effectively prevent the manufacturer of the adulterated goods by punishing those responsible for the manufacturer and in view of this and asking the Council to stay further proceedings as far as sealed goods are concerned.  Received and the writer to be informed that the Premier is to be asked to receive a Deputation from this Council in connection with the matter when he will be urged to expedite the passing of the Amending Bill.



The Finance Committee

reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since 23rd of July amounting to £1346.10.1 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £212.0.4.

The Mayor moved: “That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Hitchcock and carried.


Works Committee

submitted their report dating 13th instant with recommendations relating to a number of proposed works remitted to them for consideration.

Moved by the Mayor that the Works Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.

Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried.


The Borough Treasurer

submitted the usual statement of accounts since 23rd June last showing a credit balance with the Bank of Australasia of £2620.19.11.  Received.


The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received.


The Inspector of Nuisances

reported that the Contractors and others have performed their duties in a satisfactory manner during the past fortnight.

Further that proceedings had been taken under the Public Health Act against a number of persons for selling adulterated foods resulting in fines and costs being imposed amounting to £93.15.0.  Received.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Elstub moved:

1 That the kerb and gutter in Bedford Street from Peirce Street to boundary be completed at an estimated cost of £22 and referred to the Works Committee.

Seconded by Alderman Abigail and carried.


Alderman Morgan moved:

2 (a) “That the Council do now consider the Local Government Bill now before the Legislative Assembly.”

(b) “That two petitions be prepared embodying the views of this Council on the Bill.”

(c) That the Mayor and Council Clerk be authorised to sign such petitions on the behalf of the Council and to affix the seal and that such petitions be forwarded to the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly respectively.

Seconded by Alderman Abigail and made an Order of the Day for next meeting.


Order of the Day

Consideration of letter from the National Stock and Meat Industries Protection League re the intention of the Government to shortly introduce a Bill enabling the City Council to obtain control of the meat market and suggesting that steps be taken to urge the Government to retain control.

In connection with this the communication from the Abattoirs League was also considered and after a lengthy discussion

Alderman Morgan moved: “That this Council is opposed to the retention of the Abattoirs at Glebe Island and also to control being handed over to the City Council.”

Seconded by Alderman Cox and carried.



The Mayor laid upon the table the return asked for by Alderman Rigg at last meeting of the Council showing the total income from General Rates and contributions for Municipal purposes for the year ending February 1904 1905 and 1906 that the various Wards and also the total expenditure for the same purposes and periods and similar information with regard to the Lighting Rate and the Total number of lamps at present erected in each Ward as follows:



General Rate       Enmore      O’Connell  Camden     Kingston

Contributions     9001.9.7    8116.16.7  5669.18.1  3994.5.4

609.8.4      631.0.0      473.17.6    150.0.0

9610.17.11         8747.16.7  6143.15.7  4144.5.4



5774.16.3  3980.12.3  5486.7.0    3154.10.11

Salaries                  528.4.5    481.4.7      331.8.0      238.10.6

Int: FB Board

Staty & Advtg    1869.16.7  1704.9.3    1173.18.10         845.3.4

8172.17.3  6166.6.1    6991.13.10         4238.4.9


Lighting Rate

Income                2243.2.4    2021.19.7  1442.5.5    994.6.9


Expenditure        1740.0.0    1751.2.0    1200.12.0  982.1.9

Propn Salaries    132.1.1    120.6.2         82.17.0   59.12.7

1872.12.11         1871.8.2    1282.9.0    1041.14.4


Number of Lamps        (140)                   (146)                   (102)                   (84)


Alderman Rigg thanked the Mayor for having so readily furnished the return which Aldermen would see fully bore out his remarks at a previous meeting regarding the expenditure in the Kingston Ward in excess of the income.  Alderman Hitchcock called attention to the delay and inconvenience caused to persons travelling by train from the Western suburbs to the Railway Station with the intention of getting an eastern suburbs tram at Castlereagh Street owing to the removal of the old tram section to the intersection of George Street and Pitt Street and moved:

1 “That the attention of the Railway Commissioners be directed to the serious inconvenience and loss of time which people engaged in business in the eastern and residing on the Western suburbs and visa versa are subject owing to the removal of the Tramway section from the old railway gates to the intersection of Pitt and George streets and that the Commissioners be asked to have the section fixed midway between the subway leading to Castlereagh Street and Messrs Clark and Company’s Warehouse.”

2 “That all councils on the eastern and Western suburbs be asked to co-operate.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


This concluded the business and the Council rose.


Confirmed this 4th day of September 1906.

Signed Henry N Howe, Mayor.



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