Tuesday the 3rd April 1906

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Howe) and Aldermen Morgan, King, Abigail, Elstub, Salmon, Ibbotson, Edwards and Cox.

The Mayor apologised for the absence of Alderman Hitchcock.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From the Council Clerk Bankstown advising that the Premier refuses to receive the proposed deputation re the appointment of Council Clerk’s to have free access to the records of the Lands Title or Deeds Branch for the purpose of searching as it is considered that the granting of such access would be most undesirable and asking this Council will instruct the Member for the district to support a motion to be moved by

T F H MacKenzie MLA to that effect upon the consideration of the Local Government Bill in the house.

Received and the local member to be asked to support.

From the Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage in reply to councils letter urging the extension of the reticulation sewers in the Linthorpe Estate stating that the work will be recommended to be carried out when funds are available on conditions that the person is interested agreed to guarantee under a bond the deficiency in revenue which amounts to £2.5.5 per annum.

Received and the Board to be asked to reconsider their decision.

From the Town Clerk Paddington asking the cooperation of this Council in a deputation to the Premier to ask for an endowment of 5/- in the £.  Received and cooperation granted.

From Messrs T Henley and J G Griffin Suburbia and representatives on the Water and Sewerage Board advising that the Board has agreed to extend 211 yards of water main in Linthorpe and Herbert’s streets at a cost of £86.  Received.

From the Under Secretary Chief Secretaries Office advising that the practice of granting public holidays throughout the state has been under the notice of the Chief Secretary and in view of the requirements of banking and other business he has decided that in future the proclamation of a Bank Holliday should be published in the Government Cassette at least one week before the date of the holiday.  Received.

From the Registrar General Lands Title Office advising that application has been made to amend Certificate of Title Volume: 1654 Folio 171 in favour of J T Brown to agree with the plan of survey by Mr J M Conroy Licensed Surveyor as shown on heliograph enclosed.  Objection is to be lodged on or before the 9th instant.

Received and the necessary steps to be taken to protest against the application and the Mayor with Aldermen Morgan and Salmon to personally interview the Registrar.

From Doctor Baber stating that he has purchased the land adjoining his property at the corner of Cambridge and Cavendish Street and will be glad if the Council will make good the Asphalt up to the brickwork on which he has built a good fence.

Received and left in the hands of the Mayor.

From Council Clerk Camperdown advising that his Council proposed holding the Conference in connection with the proposed amalgamation of the two Boroughs is on Friday the 27th instant and if this date is convenient asking this Council to fix the place and time.

Received and the meeting to be held here at 8pm and in the meantime the Camperdown Council to be asked to furnish a complete statement of the Borough’s finances and the information of this Council.

From CG Hatte for Edwards and Hatte with reference to the proposal submitted by them last June to light the Borough with Electricity and burn the garbage and supply Electric power to the inhabitants of Newtown and asking if the Council has come to any decisions on the question.

Received and consideration made an order of the day for next meeting.


The Valuers submitted their final report of the valuation of all rateable property in the Borough stating that there were only four appellants against the same number of appeals.  In three cases the valuation was upheld and reduction of 11/- made in the fourth.

The assessed value of all rateable property after appeals are settled amount to £188267.10.0 at 1/- in the £ yields £

9413.7.6 being an increase over last year’s general revenue of £254.4.6.

In supplementing the foregoing the Council Clerk submitted the following statement of the revenue to be collected during the current year viz:

Outstanding General rate on 5th of February 1906

Brought forward                             £591.5.3

Outstanding Lighting rate                                           147.9.10

Rates for current year                     9413.7.6             2329.8.9    _

10004.12.9         10004.12.9_

Total                             £12481.11.4


Received and the Valuers complimented in the manner in which they carried out their duties.



The Finance Committee

having paid accounts under votes of appropriation amounting to £1991.6.8 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £181.16.11.

Moved by the Mayor: “that the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


The Committee also reported the result of a Special Meeting as follows:

1 Consideration of Robert Baird’s application for an increase of salary – Deferred pending a full meeting of the Committee.

2 with regard to the letter from the Trustees of the North Kingston Mission excepting the Council’s offer of £4 per foot for the necessary land for widening Trade Street the Committee is of opinion that this will be an acquisition for drainage purposes and recommend that the transaction be completed.

3 In connection with Chapman and Hazlewood’s letter placing a Terrace of houses numbers 2 to 10 Australia Street under offer to the Council with the view of enlarging the area in the event of the Council desiring to extend the Town Hall.  Price £1600.

Recommend that the offer be not accepted.


The Works Committee

submitted their report respecting a very large number (15) of subjects referred to them from the Council together with their recommendations.

The Mayor moved: “That the Works Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.


The Sanitary Committee

submitted their report dated 28th of March 1906 touching the various sites offered for a garbage tip and recommending that of the North Botany  Council at £39 per annum.

The Mayor moved: “That the Sanitary Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried.


The Borough Treasurer

Submitted his usual statement of accounts since last report of 6th of March as follows:

By Balance per last statement                                     £183.3.5

By Deposits                                                                  1889.17.9

To Cheques issued                £1991.16.8

To Balance Cr                        81.4.6

£2073.1.2                     2073.1.2



The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received.


The Inspector of Nuisances

having amongst other things prosecuted six butchers for (according to the finding of the Government Analyst) having sold sausages and sausage meat containing preservatives to a greater amount than that allowed by the regulations under the Public Health Act all of which were fined £5 each with 7/6 cost added in each case.  Received.


Minute by the Mayor

The Mayor reported having in company with the Council Clerk and Overseer met the Mayor of Camperdown at the intersection of Bishopgate Street and Australia streets that the purpose of considering the best means of placing Bishopgate Street in a state of repair fit for vehicular traffic.  The Overseer had previously estimated the cost of ballasting and repairing the thoroughfare where required at a cost of from £95 to £100.

If this Council will carry out the work the Mayor of Camperdown undertakes on behalf of his Council to contribute one third.

Mr Mallett also consented to the cutting of a grip in Hopetoun Street and Roberts Lane from the Boundary to University Street within the Camperdown Borough to carry of stormwater is the cost to be defrayed by this Council.

Moved by Alderman Morgan that the Minute be received and the question of proposed repairs to Bishopgate Street to stand over till after the conference and the portion referring to Hopetoun Street and Roberts Lane adopted the Camperdown Council to do the work.


Motion Pursuant to Notice

By Alderman Smith

That it be an instruction to the Specification Committee to prepare specification for painting and generally renovating the Town Hall and an estimate of the probable cost.

Lapsed in the absence of the mover.

This concluded the business.


Confirmed this 17th day of April 1906.

Signed Henry N Howe, Mayor.


Tuesday 17th of April 1906

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor and Aldermen Edwards, Morgan, Cox, Elstub, King, Ibbotson and Abigail.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From P C Hill calling attention to his having lost the tenants of numbers 156 and 158 Camden Street owing to the premises having been flooded for the third time with rain water.

Received and the writer to be informed that the Council is in hopes of pressing upon the Water and Sewerage Board the necessity of extending the stormwater drain from Vale to Camden Street.

From the The Emu Gravel and Road Metal Company Limited calling attention to the superior quality of their road metal from their Prospect Quarry and to convince the Council suggesting that a strip be laid across one of the streets which has plenty of traffic say 50 tons of each (Basalt and dolerite) against the metal used hitherto and at the same price as now paid and under equal conditions.  Received and offer accepted.

From the Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage advising that the Board has approved of the extension of the sewer to afford drainage facilities to Linthorpe Estate being carried out when funds available and subject to guarantee Bond being executed.

A similar intimation from Alderman JG Griffin Suburban representative.  Received.

From Robert Hollis MLA enclosing letter from the Under Secretary for Finance and Trade in reply to a letter addressed by him to the State Treasurer with reference to the delay in carrying out the Water and Sewerage Connections to the Linthorpe Estate; stating that the Premier and Colonial Treasurer has approved of £12500 being placed at the disposal of the Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage to enable that body to carry out Sewerage extensions urgently required.


From the Council Clerk Rockdale submitting copies of resolutions passed by that Council relative to the disposal of Sewerage matter from the Western and Of Warren Suburbs and asking the cooperation of this Council in a deputation to the Premier to urge the adoption of the engineer of the Water and Sewerage Board’s reporters scheme for conveyancing the sewerage to see at a cost of £260000 as against the proposed installation of Septic Tanks at a cost of £100000 which would only partially remedied the existing nuisance.

Received and cooperation granted.

From the St Peters Council agreeing to contribute the sum of £15 towards the cost of laying a trachyte cube crossing 6 feet wide at the intersection of May Street with King Street.

Received and the work to be carried out.

From the Camperdown Council advising that it will be convenient for their Aldermen to meet this Council in the Town Hall here at 8pm on Friday 27th instant touching the proposed amalgamation between the two boroughs.

Received and that time fixed.

From the Board of Health (8) together with certificates of Government Analysts chemical examinations of variety of foods samples stating that the evidence of numbers 130 132 134 135 137 138 119 and 109 would support a prosecution.

Received and the inspector to prosecute where recommended by the Board.



Alderman Cox presented a petition signed by 32 Ratepayers and Shopkeepers of King Street respectfully asking the Council will be good enough to take steps to supply the Borough with electric light.

Received and to be considered with the Order of the day dealing with the same subject.


Auditors Report

The Auditors (Messrs Marshall and Bull) having examined the books and vouchers and etc of the Newtown Municipality in the past six months ending fifth of February and found same in perfect order.  The report recommended the writing off of £640.15.11 at debit of the defalcation account as there was no apparent necessity of keeping it open and also the taking stock in connection with Furniture and Tools Blue Metal and Materials Accounts.

Received and adopted.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Rigg moved:

1 “That the carriageway in Lane off Bucknell Street be tarpaved at an estimated cost of £56 and referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.

2 “That the carriageway in Lane off Yaralla Street to the Lane  off Bucknell Street be tarpaved at an estimated cost of £18 and referred to the Works Committee.

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.


Alderman Cox moved:

3 “That the carriageway in Iredale Street be tarpaved and repaired in accordance with the recommendation of the Works Committee at an estimated cost of £150.”

Seconded by Alderman Edwards and carried.


Alderman Elstub moved:

4 “That it be referred to the Works Committee to report on the advisability of taking up pipes at the intersection of Lennox and Oxford Streets and substituting an open crossing.”

Seconded by Alderman Abigail and carried.


Order of the Day

To consider letter from Messrs Hatte and Edwards re offer to install lighting the Borough with electricity and a Petition from ratepayers of King Street asking the Council to take steps to supply the Borough with electric light and etc.

Resolved on the motion of Alderman Edward’s seconded by Alderman Ibbotson: “That the Council do now resolve into Committee of the Whole with closed doors.”

In committee the matter which had already been carefully enquired into was again discussed at length and duly considered.

On resuming the Mayor reported as follows:

Your Committee of the Whole Council recommend: That this Council at the present time entertain no scheme of Electric Lighting.”  And moved the adoption of the report.

Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried.


This concluded the business.


Confirmed this 1st day of May 1906.

Signed Henry N Howe, Mayor.



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