Tuesday 11th July 1905

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Edwards) and Aldermen Salmon, Ibbotson, Elstub, Howe, Hitchcock, Abigail, King, Cox and Morgan.

The Council Clerk apologised for the absence of Alderman Rigg owing to indisposition.



From W M C Steadman Colonial Mutual Fire Insurance Company Limited advising that the Company are issuing policies indemnifying Municipal Councils from £250 to £1000.


From H Norton Russell Insurance Broker calling attention to Accident Insurance Policies of special benefit to Municipal Councils.  Received.

From Stanton and Son offering on behalf of their client £100 towards the cost of carrying out the works suggested in their letter of 26th May last.

Received and the writers to be informed that the Council adheres to its original demand of £250.

From the Council Clerk Erskineville asking that this Council makes provision for taking away the storm water from the head of Munni Street by constructing the necessary gully shafts.

Received and to be informed that this Council is not responsible for the disposal of the stormwaters.

From the Secretary British and Foreign Bible Society asking for a refund of rent of Town All paid in connection with the lecture delivered last Friday evening by Mr C E G Tisdell.


From Alexander Dean and Sons Limited advising that the Senator of the University also Messrs Sweet Brothers are desirous of having a special paving of Ironite or Arkilite laid in front of their properties numbers 261 – 271 King Street and asking what proportion of the cost this Council would be willing to provide or if carried out by the Council what share of the expense would be chargeable to the owners the estimated cost of this class of work being £50.

Received and the Council to contribute £15.

From Thomas Henderson Local City Missionary asking permission to place a sign on the balcony of the Town Hall in connection with the forthcoming team meeting which takes place on Tuesday the 25th of July.

Received and the writer to be informed that the request cannot be complied with.

From Sergeants stating that they have received two notices from the Inspector of Nuisances in reference to signs in front of their premises in Newtown pointing out that the so-called sign is part of the veranda and has been there since the building was erected and asking the Council’s favourable consideration in the matter.

Received and left in the hands of the Mayor the view of having the By-law carried out.

From Robert Baird calling attention to the fact that he has now been nearly six months in the service as Assistant Inspector of Nuisances and stating that he understood that the probationary salary of £2 per week which he is now receiving the subject to an increase in the event of satisfaction being given and have such be the case asking for an increase of salary.

Received and referred to the Finance Committee.



The Finance Committee

reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since last meeting amounting to £1362.6.3 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £235.6.10.

Moved by the Mayor: “That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Salmon and carried.

The Borough Treasurer

submitted the usual statement of accounts since last report of 13th June as follows:

To cheques issued                                    £1162.6.3

By Bank Balance per last statement                           £842.4.10

By Deposits                                                                    732.18.11

To Bank Balance Credit                          411.17.6

£1574.3.9    1574.3.9



The Borough Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.



The Inspector of Nuisances

amongst other matters reported with respect to premises 13 and 15 Albemarle Street and number 58 Margaret Street for which closing orders were obtained in the Public Health Act on 24th May last stating that the Owners had not taken any steps to do anything towards placing the premises in a sanitary condition and asking authority to have the dwelling demolished.

Resolved (1) That the Inspectors report be received and concerning that portion of it dealing with numbers 13 and 15 Albemarle Street and 58 Margaret Street that as the necessary steps have not been taken to render the premises fit for human habitation this Council as the Local Authority at ministering the Public Health Act deem it expedient to order the demolition of the said premises in accordance with the provisions of Section 61 Subsection (1) of the Public Health Act of 1902.

(II) That a copy of the foregoing resolution be served upon the respect of owners of properties in question in accordance with sub section II of section 61specifying Tuesday 22 August next in the Town Hall Newtown at 8:00 pm as the time and place for further consideration of the resolution when such owners may attend and state their objections to the demolition.


Minute by the Mayor

The Mayor submitted a Minute with reference to a communication from the Commissioners for Railways date the 12th ultimo concerning the disposal of the stormwater drainage at the Railway crossing in Edgeware Road stating that he met the Engineer for existing lines together with the Mayor of Marrickville and St Peters on Monday the 3rd instant when the Railway representatives scheme to remedy the trouble heretofore experienced at an estimated cost of £100 was discussed with the result that the Mayor of St Peters agreed to contribute £20 it being understood that the Marrickville and Newtown Councils would contribute £15 each which he recommends on the behalf of the Council.

Received and adopted.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Morgan moved:

1  “That the Railway Commissioners the written to asking them to change the name of St Peters railway station to South (Sydney) Newtown.

Seconded by Alderman Cox and carried.


Alderman Howe moved:

2  “That the carriageway in Watkins Street from Wilson Street to the Railway be reformed and tarmetalled at an estimated cost of £205 and referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman King and carried.

3  “That the carriageway in Pine Lane and the strip between the kerb and the building line be tarmetalled at an estimated cost of £97 and referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman King and carried.


This was the business and the Council rose.


Confirmed this 25th day of July 1905.

Signed William Edwards, Mayor.


Tuesday 25th July 1905



The Mayor (Alderman Edwards) and Aldermen Ibbotson, King, Cox, Elstub, Abigail, Rigg, Morgan, Hitchcock and Salmon.

Alderman Elstub apologised for the absence of Alderman Smith who he was pleased to say is improving and Alderman Howe also sent an apology for absence owing to indisposition.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From W Taylor Municipal Representative on Fire Brigades board with reference to the resolution passed at a (meeting) conference of Municipal representatives held in November of last year.  “That provision should be made for maintaining Fire brigades under a comprehensive Local Government Bill with compulsory insurance.”  Which has been referred to the various councils under the Act for their endorsement or otherwise with the following result.

In favour of the resolution as a whole                       17 Councils

with the exception of compulsory insurance              5 Councils

Against the resolution                                                   3 Councils

In favour of State control                                             4 Councils

No recommendation to make                                       5 Councils

No reply at all from                                                       7 Councils

and advising that in view of proposed legislation copy of the above has been forwarded to the Chief Secretary for his information.  Received.

From the Council Clerk Leichhardt covering copies of resolutions passed in reference to the rag picking industry and asking the cooperation of this and other councils in a deputation to the State Secretary to urge that the said industry should be regulated to the Noxious Trades Area.  Received.

From F Harris Executor of the Estate of the late Henry Copeland asking if the Council will accept dedications of Rowland Street from Burren Street to Watkins Street Newtown from the Railway Commissioners of New South Wales.

Received and to be considered at next meeting of the Council.  Meantime the writer to be asked to furnish a plan showing the land to be dedicated and the foot area reserved extending along the southern boundary of F H Bucknell’s land.

From J Preston asking the Council as a special favour to reconsider his sign on his premises corner of Camden and King Street which he designates a screen for the protection of this doorway and windows.

Moved by Alderman Cox that the letter be received and referred to the Works Committee.  Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson.

An amendment by Alderman Rigg seconded by Alderman Elstub: “That the letter be received” was put and declared carried.

From H A Barraclough Owner of Bennett’s Estate offerings sum of £175 towards the cost of forming and etc Bennett Street and making provision for stormwater estimated to cost £581.12.0.

Received and the writer informed that the Council still adheres to the contribution of £250.

From the Mayor of Erskineville requesting the pleasure of the Mayor and Aldermen of this Borough’s company at Council Chambers at a tree planting ceremony at 3 pm on Saturday 29th instant.  Received and request complied with.



The Overseer of Works

reported a variety of works carried out in the various wards under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received.


The Inspector of Nuisances

reported that the contractors and others under his control are carrying out their work satisfactorily and that he has issued a summons against a person carrying on the trade of a Rag picker without a license.  Received and adopted.


Minute by the Mayor

The Mayor reported that accompanied by Mr Hollis M L A and the Council Clerk he at the request of Secretary of the Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage waited on the Engineer in Chief on the 12th instant and again met that Gentleman and Mr Griffith in Angel Street with regard to the Board’s action in connecting the foul water sewer by means of 12 inch pipes to a manhole at the intersection of Union and Harold Streets and other matters relating to stormwater flooding in this locality.  After a general survey of the drainage area and consideration of Mr Cardews reports and plans Mr Small promised that he would recommend the Board to have the storm water sewer continued from Union Street along Harold Street to Angel Street to the intersection of Norfolk Street as originally designed with properly constructed gullies for intercepting the stormwaters to be placed along the line of the sewer and maintained in good order by the Council.

The Minute concluded with thanks to Mr Hollis for the trouble he had taken and the valuable assistance rendered.

On the motion of Alderman Morgan the Minute was received and the Mayor thanked for the successful issue of the matter referred to.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Elstub moved:

1  “That the tarpaved footpath on the southern side of Lennox Street from Australia Street to Church Street be renewed at an estimated cost of £50 and referred to the Works Committee.”

Seconded by Alderman Abigail and carried.


This concluded the business and the Council rose.


Confirmed this 8th day August 1905.

Signed William Edwards, Mayor.



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