Nomination Day

7th February 1905


Punctually at 12 o’clock noon the Returning Officer (Alderman J F Smith) attended at the Town Hall and in the presence of a number of persons assembled publicly read the advertisement calling the meeting and also the nominations of Aldermen and Auditors as follows:


As Aldermen

Enmore Ward

William Rigg of “Warrane” Petersham nominated by James Fe and John Marrs and others.

Camden Ward

William Cox of 31 Wells Street Newtown nominated by Josiah Gentle Thomas Williams and others.

Kingston Ward

James Abigail of 45 Regent Street Newtown nominated by John Wallace J E Harris and others.

O’Connell Ward

John Salmon of 238 King Street Newtown nominated by John Hamblin T McEnery and others.

All unopposed and declared duly elected.


As Auditors

William Henry Cadogan of Hamilton Court George Street Marrickville Accountant nominated by W Bakewell Grazier  Scone and W Devey Stationer Georgina Street Newtown and others.

William Marshall of Scoullar Street Marrickville Accountant nominated by W Williams Chemist King Street J E Harris Jeweller King Street Newtown and others.

William Nugent Ball of 164 King Street Undertaker nominated by Joseph Daily 313 King Street G A Lilya Hotel Keeper King Street Newtown and others.

The Returning Officer intimated that as there were more candidates than the number of Auditors be elected a Poll will be taken on Saturday the 11th instant commencing at 8:00 am and closing at 5 pm.

Polling Places

Enmore Ward     Dispensary Hall Enmore Road

Camden Ward    St Georges Hall King Street

Kingston Ward   Town Hall Bedford Street

O’Connell Ward Methodist Hall King Street

The Official Declaration of the Poll will be made on Monday at the Town Hall at 10:00 am.

The usual vote of thanks to the Returning Officer terminated the proceedings.


The results of the Poll for Auditors was as follows:

William Nugent Ball             433 Votes

William Marshall                  437 Votes

William Henry Cadogan       424 Votes

Informal votes                           8 Votes


At 10 o’clock on Monday morning the Returning Officer at the Town Hall officially declared William Marshall and William Henry Ball duly elected Auditors for the Municipal Year 1905 – 1906.


Signed William Edward, Mayor.


Minutes of Special Meeting held on Friday 10th of February 1905



The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen King, Abigail, Hitchcock, Cox, Elstub, Rigg, Smith, Edwards, Morgan, Ibbotson and Howe.

The Mayor read the declarations of (office) acceptances of office of Aldermen Rigg, Cox, Abigail and Salmon the newly elected Aldermen and said that the business for which they were assembled was the

Election of Mayor for the Municipal Year 1905 – 1906

but before proceeding asked the indulgence of the Council while the Clerk read the following minute.



In accordance with what may now be regarded as established precedents I desire before vacating the Mayoral Chair with your permission to submit a statement of the cab Borough finances and work done during the Municipal Year ended 6th instant.



General Rate                                    £9000.0.04

Lighting Rate                                     2249.15.11

Miscellaneous Receipts                      714.19.1

Bank Balance Dr                                 679.2.5

Cheque Outstanding                       4.3.3




General Improvements                   £6698.19.7

Lighting Account                              1884.4.11

Salaries and Office Expenses             575.1.6

Interest on Loan account                  1279.0.2

Scavenging Street Cleaning             1651.0.10

Fire Brigades Board                            497.16.5

Miscellaneous Expenses                61.17.5



The General and Lighting Rates levied for the year just closed amounted to £8926.14.0 and £2231.13.6 respectively while the arrears from the previous year (General £727.13.9 Lighting £181.14.8) brought the total rates up to £12067.15.11.


The total receipts from all sources amount to £1194.15.4 of which £4249.16.3 represents rates which is £91.8.9 in excess of the total rates levied for the year and this has been accomplished so far by persistent application and without my friction.


The outstanding rates when the book were closed on the sixth instant amounted to £805.13.11 (General £644.4.2 Lighting £161.2.9) S against £925.6.3 outstanding this time last year £391.17.11 represents rates that last year remaining unpaid of which payments amounting to about £200 are expected before the end of March.  The balance £413.16.0 is mainly on account of the vacant land the owners of which are still unknown.  There is a very noticeable reduction in these old rates at the close of each year and as the land is taken up and built on they should be all recovered very shortly.


The expenditure under the head of General Improvements £6698.19.7 include Wages cost of Blue Metal Ballast Kerb and guttering Tar Ashes and tools etc.


With the exception of Hopetown Street Kingston Ward and Dixon Street Camden Ward all the kerb and Guttering within the Borough is now completed so that there will be no necessity of calling tenders for this class of work as an experienced man is now permanently employed who can carry out all that is to be done under the supervision of the Overseer.


Generally the metalled streets and asphalted footpaths are in a good state of repair.  Boundary streets are the exception as we have been unable to get some of our neighbours to join in effecting the necessary repairs.


The method of tarring and screening the metalled Streets as carried out in Kent White horse Wilson Owen Pine Randall Holdsworth Leamington Avenue and Angels Streets having proved a decided success warrant its adoption as the use of tar in the absence of water prevents the streets from breaking during dry weather.

Some 9000 rotten wood block have been taken up and replaced with sound blocks in the portion of King Street between the Newtown Railway Bridge and the St Peters Railway Station and if the Railway Commissioners would cause the longitudinal blocks which bulge up in Enmore Road to be taken up and re-set these wood covered roads might be regarded as in good order.

The item £1651.0.10 under the head of Scavenging covers the cost of cleansing the gutters removing the garbage also the sweeping of the wood blocked pavements with the machine brooms at night and by the block boys during the day.

These amounts together with £1260 for interest on loan of £36000 are chiefly accountable for the absorption of the revenue less £130.18.9 which reduces the overdraft to £685.5.6 which is more than covered by the outstanding rates.

During the year the Works Committee met 11 times and recommended works estimated to cost £1686.15.0.

The sanitary condition of the Borough has had careful consideration and attention four dwellings found unfit for human habitation were condemned and after due notice had been served upon the owner demolished.

231 notices to abate nuisances injuries to health were served on the owners or occupiers of premises concerned 147 of which were complied with in their entirety.

Out of 49 samples of milk purchased at various times from vendors with the Borough 20 were proved to have been adulterated with water the result being that 16 offenders appeared at the Newtown Police Court and were fined in various sums aggregating £84 one half of which goes to the Consolidated Revenue and the other half to the Council.

Recognising the growing importance of this department the magnitude of the work and the responsibility cast upon the Council as the Local Authority charged with the administration of the Public Health Act I recently tabled a minute recommending the appointment of and Assistant Inspector and was much gratified when the Council adopted my recommendation.  The Officer entered upon his duties a fortnight ago.

I consider the financial affairs and the general condition of the Borough generally is highly satisfactory and in conclusion decided to tender my hearty thanks to the members of the Finance Works and Sanitary Committees for their co-operation and valuable assistance and to the Council generally for the uniform courtesy shown to me during the term of two years I have had the pleasure of presiding here and further I particularly decide to place on record my hearty appreciation of the valuable services rendered by  Mr Macintosh as Council Clerk for his tact and energy is attributable the fact of so large a revenue being collected and the ratepayers are to be congratulated on having so efficient and painstaking an officer.  I also wish to express my thanks to all the Officers of the Council for the interest which they have at all times manifested in the performance of the duties entrusted to them their evident chief desire being to conserve the interest of the Ratepayers and to so faithfully carry out all instructions as to make my position as the Councils Administrator one of pleasure in being at the head of so capable a staff of offices.

Signed John Salmon


Alderman Smith moved: That the Mayor’s highly satisfactory minute he received and recorded in the Minutes of the Council.  Seconded by Alderman Morgan.

Alderman Rigg supported the motion and complimented the Mayor on the success which had attended his efforts during his lengthy term of office and his generous recognition of the loyalty of the Aldermen and Officers and congratulated the ratepayers on the sound financial position of the Borough and its prosperous condition.

Alderman Abigail also supported the motion which was put and carried.


Mode of Election of the Mayor

Alderman Smith moved: “That the election of Mayor be conducted with open doors and by open voting and nominations and by exhaustive ballot.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


Alderman Abigail moved: “That Alderman Edwards be the Mayor for the ensuing year.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan.

There being no further nominations the retiring Mayor declared Alderman William Edwards duly elected Mayor for the year 1905 – 1906 whereupon the newly elected Mayor took the chair and return of thanks for the honour conferred upon him.


Alderman Smith moved: “That a hearty vote of thanks be now given and recorded to the retiring Mayor (Alderman Salmon) for the marked ability displayed by him during the last two years.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and supported at some length by Alderman Rigg who thought the Ratepayers ought to feel gratified that the work done by Alderman Salmon in the Council and Committee work.

Alderman Salmon returned thanks.

Alderman Abigail moved: That the thanks of this Council be conveyed by letter to ex-Alderman Archibald that the services rendered by him during the past three years.

Seconded by Alderman Hitchcock and carried.


This concluded the business.

Confirmed this 14th day of February 1905.

Signed William Edwards, Mayor.



Tuesday, 14 February 1905

Minutes of Special Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Edwards) and Aldermen Abigail, Cox, Elstub, Smith, Howe, Ibbotson, Morgan and King.

Apologies were received from Aldermen Salmon and Rigg both of whom if nominated are willing to accept office on Committee work.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


The declarations of acceptance of office by the Mayor was laid upon the table.



from the Superintendent of Traffic Police Department forwarding copy of an application from Thomas Sellwood Huntley for permission to ply a line of motor omnibuses between Millers Point and Newtown and asking for an expression of opinion as to the desirableness of granting such application.

Received and writer to be informed that this Council has no objections.

From Walter Campbell asking permission to place a sign on the balcony of the Town Hall announcing that a Concert takes place in the St Georges Hall on the 7th March for the Hellyman Allen Concert Company.

Received and permission refused.

From the Town Clerk Sydney with reference to tenders that have been invited by the State Government for the construction of the Cataract Dam in connection with the Sydney Water Supply and asking the cooperation of this Council in a Conference of the Municipalities interested to be held at 2.30pm on Friday 17th instant at the Town Hall Sydney with a view to protesting against the proposal of the Government to construct the dam to a height of 145 feet instead of 150 feet as described by the Act authorising the work.

Received and as many as can to attend.

From the Registrar General forwarding Plan of survey by Mr J G Griffin referring to the portion of Union Street between Iredale Street and King Street stating that application has been made to amend Certificate of title volume 116/137 and volume 236/54 in favour of B Eve and that if the Council has any objection to advance to the proposed amendment will be necessary to lodge the same before the 18th instant.

After careful consideration and comparison with the map the letter was received and no objection to the proposal.

From the Council Clerk Erskineville advising that the Minister for Public Works will receive the Deputation from the Councils interested in the above work at his office at 11am on Thursday 23rd of February.  Received.

From W Wilson directing attention to the dusty and dirty state of Station Street from Don Street to Keig Street.

Received and referred to the works Committee.

From E Murphy of 26 Station Street also complaining of the state of that thoroughfare.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From Thomas Morton asking if the Council will be good enough to apply to the Railway Commissioners to change the name of the St Peters Railway station to that of Camdenville or other name the Council may consider more suitable.

Received and to be considered.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

The Mayor moved: “that the Council do now proceed to appoint the standing Committees for the current municipal year viz: Finance Works Specification Lighting Sanitary and By-laws.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


That the Finance Committee consist of the Mayor (Alderman Edwards) and Aldermen Rigg Smith and Salmon.

Works Committee

The Mayor and Aldermen Elstub Ibbotson and Howe.

Specification Committee

The Mayor and Aldermen Morgan Smith and King.

Lighting Committee

Aldermen King Cox Elstub and Morgan.

Sanitary Committee

The Mayor and Aldermen Ibbotson Elstub and Howe.

By laws

The Mayor and Aldermen Rigg Smith and Salmon.


The Mayor moved:

2  “That the Finance Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare and submit to this Council an estimate of the probable expenditure for the current Municipal Year.”

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

3  “That the Specification Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare specifications for the Annual Contracts and submit the same at the ordinary meeting of the Council to be held on 7 Proximo.”

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.


This completed the business and the Council rose.


Confirmed this 21st day of February 1905.

Signed William Edwards, Mayor.



Tuesday 21st February 1905

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Edwards) and Aldermen Smith, Rigg, Abigail, King, Hitchcock, Cox, Elstub, Morgan, Ibbotson and Howe.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


Alderman Hitchcock apologised for the unavoidable absence of Alderman Salmon.

The declaration of acceptance of the Office of Auditors Messrs Marshall and Ball were laid upon the table.



The Mayor asked and obtained the councils permission to allow Mr Thomas Henley Suburban Representative on the Board of Water and Supply and Sewerage to address the Council on the subject of the dispute between the Board and the Public Works Department relative to the proposal of the latter to reduce the height of the storage capacity of the Cataract Dam from the original 150 feet level to 145 feet.

After Mr Henley by means of diagrams showed the dam as passed by Parliament and as altered by the Department of Public Works Alderman Ibbotson moved:

1  “that in the opinion of this Council the Cataract Dam should be read did to its original height 150 feet top water level and that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Minister for public works  Mr C A Lee.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.

2  “that a copy of the foregoing be sent to the Premier through the member for the District.”  Carried.

From Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage in reply to Councils application for an extension of the water main along Yaralla Street a distance of about 99 yards stating that the board have approved of the work in question being carried out.  Received.

From John Taylor stating that his property in Edgeware Road was again flooded on Tuesday evening the 14th instant with the result that he is again losing three good tenants all on account of the flood waters from Camden Street.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From John Wallace John Givins Junior and A Clothier all of Hopetoun Street Northwood Estate and asking that the Northern side of that street be kerbed and guttered before the winter comes on.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From CG Hatte Limited asking permission to place an ornamental triangular fixture on the middle post opposite the entrance to the Arcade giving the names and trades of the tenants occupying the arcade.

Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From John Treble Henry Street Five Dock asking the use of the Town Hall to hold a public meeting for the purpose of forming a prospecting Association.

Received and to be informed that the Hall is available on payment of the usual charge.



The Finance Committee

reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since 10th January amounting to £889.12.11 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £753.4.3.

Moved by the Mayor: “that the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is here by adopted.”

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.


The Finance Committee

submitted a special report.  Estimate of the probable Expenditure for the municipal Year 1905 – 1906 as follows:

In accordance with a resolution passed by the Council on 14th February instant your Committee be to submit the following estimate of the probable amount (that is to say £13500) which will be required for the new current year in addition to any tolls rates or dues levied or authorised to be levied within this Municipality and to any probable income from fines voluntary contributions endowments or any other source of revenue to carry on the fencing making and repairing of any roads bridges punts wharves piers or other public works within this Municipality and any other expenses necessary in carrying into offset the provisions of the Municipalities Act of 1897.

Resolved that the Finance Committees estimate (£13500) as the probable expenditure for the current year be and the same is here by adopted.


Annual valuation

The Valuers report disclosed the result of the Valuation to be as follows:

Capital Value of Vacant land         £41540

as against                                           50180 last year

showing a decrease of                         8640 principally

accounted for by the land used for building purposes.


Annual Rental Value                      202713

as against                                         197683 last year

exhibiting an increase of                    5030 namely as the result of 118 new premises erected during the past year.

Received and adopted.


The Borough Treasurer submitted the usual statement of accounts since last report of 10th January as follows:

To Balance per last statement Dr   £609.12.8

Cheques issued                               889.12.11

Outstanding Cheque                            5.0.0

By Deposits                                                                  758.19.3

By Balance                                      745.6.4

£1504.57            1504.5.7



The Overseer of Works

reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in course of completion and also that the heavy rain on Tuesday evening the 14th instant had done very little damage to these thoroughfares.  Received.


The Inspector of Nuisances

amongst other matters reported that there are a number of milk vendors in the Borough who have not registered or even made application for registration this year and as this is not only a technical infringement of the Act but also prevents adequate supervision over the sanitary storage and handling of such food asking authority to prosecute any who are so offending.

Received and the authority asked granted.


Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Howe moved:

1 “That in accordance with the recommendation of the Works Committee a WC with a pedestal pan be placed in the Councils yard in Sarah Square at an estimated cost of £15.”

Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried.


2 The Mayor moved:

(1) “That the Council do now proceed to consider the valuers returns and (2) the Finance Committees estimate of the probable expenditure for the Municipal Year 1905 – 1906 and if adopted make the Assessment and the levy General and Lighting Rates under the provisions and for the purpose of the Municipalities Act of 1897.”

The Finance Committees estimate and Valuers report having been already adopted.

Resolved that the Kingston Camden Enmore and O’Connell Ward returns containing the valuation of all rateable property be and the same are hereby adopted and said valuation assessed at 9/10 of the fair average annual rentals and at the rate of 5% upon the Capital Value of the fee simple of unimproved property.

The Mayor moved:

“That a rate of 1/- in the £ (One Shilling in the Pound) be now levied for the current Municipal Year on the assessed value of all rateable property in this Borough under the provisions and for the purposes of the Municipalities Act of 1897.”

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.


Alderman Smith moved:

” That a rate of 3 pence in the £ (three pence in the pound) be now levied for the current Municipal Year on the assessed value of all rateable property for the purpose of lighting the streets of this Borough with gas under the provisions of the Municipalities Act of 1897.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


The Mayor moved:

“That the assessment now made and the rates of One shilling in the pound (1/- in the £) and three pence in the pound (3 pence in the £) be fairly transcribed into the Rate Book and the Mayor be and is hereby authorised to affix the Corporate Seal thereto.”

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.


The Mayor moved:

“That the amounts in respect of such rates of 1/- in the £ and 3 pence in the £ already imposed shall be payable at the office of the Council Clerk within the space of 30 days after service of the rate notice and terms of the by law made and provided.”

Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


The Mayor moved:

“That Wednesday the 22nd day of March be and the same is here by appointed that day on which appeals may be heard at the Newtown Police Court against the assessment of rateable property in this Borough for the current Municipal Year.”  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


This concluded the business and the Council rose.



Confirmed this 7th day of March 1905.

Signed William Edwards, Mayor.



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