Tuesday 12th December 1905

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm.



The Mayor (Alderman Edwards) and Aldermen Abigail, Ibbotson, Howe, King, Elstub, Smith, Salmon, Hitchcock, and Howe and Cox.

Alderman Howe apologised for the unavoidable absence of Alderman Morgan.



The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.



From the Secretary to the Railway Commissioners notifying that the dedication of Rowland Street was completed by notification in the Government Cassette number 586 dated 11th November 1905.  Received.

From Raine and Horne asking if the Council could not see its way clear to accept a contribution of £150 towards the cost of forming and etc the streets and footpaths in the Linthorpe Estate.

Received and the writers to be informed that the Council still adheres to its original demand for £250.

From the Assistant Medical Officer of Health reporting on the insanitary condition of premises numbers 56 58 and 60 Enmore Road and recommending the prescribed notice be served on the Owner under the Section 65 of the Act requiring home to render the premises fit for habitation.

Received and referred to the Sanitary Committee.

From the Secretary Board of Health in reply to Councils letter of 29th of November advising that the Premier has approved of the withdrawal of this letter of 30th October last which was intimated that the half fines received by this Council in respect of successful prosecutions under the Public Health Act were to be deducted from the moiety of the salary paid to the Sanitary Inspector.  Received.

From W Starkey and Jas Pulham occupiers of premises in Erskineville Lane complaining of the delay in having the letters delivered to them owing to the want of a nameplate at the corner of Gowrie Street or Erskineville Road.

Received and left in the hands of the Mayor.

From John Archibald asking that the kerb (formally a cart entrance) in front of his new buildings in Wells Street be reset and the footpath made good at the same time.

Received and left in the hands of the Mayor.



Works Committee

with reference to the strip of land placed under offer by the North Kingston Mission Church for widening Trade Street to 66 feet recommending purchase at £4 per foot equal to a total of £132 the estimated cost of forming the carriageway kerbing and guttering and asphalting the footpath is being £25 additional.

The Mayor moved that the Committees report as now read be and is hereby adopted.

Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried.


The Specification Committee

reported having prepared specifications for making the Annual Valuation of all property in the Borough for the Municipal Year is 1906 – 1907 in submitting the same.

Alderman Smith moved: “That the Specification Committees report as now read be received together with the Specification itself and adopted.”  And tenders invited and ordinary meeting.

Seconded by Alderman Howe.

As an amendment Alderman Hitchcock moved: “That the Council now fix the price and applications invited from two (2) persons competent to do the work.”

Seconded by Alderman Abigail.

On being put the amendment was put and lost and the motion declared carried.


The Overseer of Works

reported various works carried out and completed during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received.


The Assistant Inspector of Nuisances

reported that the cleansing of the Borough has been satisfactorily carried out during the past fortnight by the contractors and the Block boys and a considerable amount of attention paid to premises found to be in an insanitary state.



Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Abigail moved:

1 “That the Lane at the rear of the Kindergarten School Australia Street be repaired at an estimated cost of £5.10.0.”

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

2 “That the Lane off Denison Street and North side of Albemarle Street be repaired at an estimated cost of £7.

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

3 “That Fitzroy Lane between Denison and Regent Streets be repaired at an estimated cost of £6.10.0.

Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.


This being the business the Council rose.


Confirmed this 9th day of January 1906.

Signed William Edwards, Mayor.

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