Tuesday 8th of April 1902

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held in the Town Hall on the above date at 7.30 o’clock p.m.


The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Dolman, Smith, Ibbotson, Salmon, Elstub, Howe, King, Archibald and Rigg.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


William Taylor Municipal Representative on the Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board tendering his sincere thanks to the Mayors and Aldermen of the various Councils for re-electing him unopposed as the representative of Suburban Municipalities on the Board.  Received.
From Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage and JG Griffin Municipal Representative on the Board in reply to a letter from the Council forwarding a list of premises and Stables not yet connected to the sewer stating that the Board have approved of the work being carried out under the Compulsory clauses of the Act.  Received.
From the Borough Council of Leichhardt embodying copy of a resolution passed to the effect: “That the Minister for Justice be (approached) and written to asking him to arrange for holding an Appeal Court in connection with the Municipal Assessments in each Borough in the Metropolitan area such court to be held at night” and asking this Councils consideration and co-operation.  Received and request complied with.
From the Secretary Commissioners for Railways in answer to Council’s letter dated the 13th of March relative to the condition of the culvert between St Peter’s Station and the Goods siding stating that the culvert in question has been attended to.  Received.
From the Electrical Engineers Government Tramways in reply to the letter from the Mayor complaining of the unsatisfactory method adopted by the Contractors for the cable trenching in Newman Lane stating that the sewer was broken into entirely with out his consent but he had issued instructions to have the cable troughing carried underneath the sewer.  Received.


The Overseer of Works
reported various works (reported) completed during the past fortnight and works put in hand and in progress of completion.  Received.
The Inspector of Nuisances
reported that the Borough is in a good sanitary condition and the Contractors doing their work in a satisfactory manner and also that under instructions from the Mayor he had made a special inspection of the Hotels and Butchers shops in the Borough with the result detailed in the report.  Received.

Alderman Archibald moved:
1 “That Union Lane be tarmetalled at an estimated cost of £96.10.0 and same referred to the Works Committee.”  Seconded by Alderman Elstub and carried.
2 “That Angel Lane be tarmetalled at an estimated cost of £94.10.0 and referred to the Works Committee.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried.
3 “That Gowrie Lane be tarmetalled at an estimated cost of £78.15.0 and referred to the Works Committee.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried.
4 That 40 yards of kerb and gutter be laid in Edgeware Road from Wells Street northerly at an estimated cost of £16 and referred to the Works Committee.  Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried.


To consider letter from the Treasury Department of New South Wales relating to the Liquor Laws of this State.
The Council Clerk having read the communication the Mayor read a statement which he had prepared showing the result of the vote taken under the local option clauses at different times which went to show that its operations have not been of a representative character.  After a lengthy discussion Alderman Salmon moved: “That in the opinion of this Council the local option vote to be of a representative character should be taken at the time of the general Parliamentary election.”  Seconded by Alderman Dolman and carried.

Miscellaneous Street Watering
Alderman Smith moved: “That as no tender was received at the last meeting of the Council for watering the streets of the Borough the work be carried out by Thomas Weeks the former Contractor at the same rate of pay.”  Seconded by Alderman Elstub.
After some discussion it was suggested to amend the motion by adding the words “if Mr Weekes applies in writing.”  The mover and seconder being agreeable the motion as amended was put and carried.

Alderman Salmon called attention to the effect the fumigation of the Sydney sewers might have in driving the plague rats to suburbs and urge examination of old storm water drains put down in certain parts of this Borough years ago and no longer in use which may now be a refuge rats.  The Mayor said that the matter would have attention.

This was the business and the Council rose.

Confirmed this 22nd day of April 1902.
Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor.

Tuesday 22nd April 1902

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held at the Town Hall on the above date at 7.30 o’clock P. M.


The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Smith, King, Ibbotson, Salmon, Elstub, Archibald, Jones and Rigg. An apology for inability to attend was received from Alderman Dolman.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


Letter from Francis Crago and asking for a refund on amount of rates paid in respect of Assessment of Mill for the past year in consequence of building having been destroyed by fire in July of last year.  Received and Mr Crago to be informed that the Council has no power under the Act to deal with the question.
From John P. McGowan asking the patronage of the Mayor and Aldermen to an entertainment to be given in the Oddfellows Hall Wilson Street on Thursday May 22 in aid of the Glebe Children’s Hospital.  Received and request acceded to.
From the Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water supply and Sewerage forwarding a copy of a report by the Engineer in Chief which was presented to the Board in regard to the insanitary Sewerage fittings in the Borough of Alexandria.  Received and report laid upon the table.
From J. D. Fitzgerald inviting attendance at a meeting of Citizens of the Metropolitan area favourable to a proposal to submit the Greater Sydney question to a Drafting Convention (on the lines of Sir John Tuck’s Federal Scheme) to be held on Wednesday 23rd instant at the Hotel Australia at 4 p.m.  Received and as many of the Council as can to attend.
From C. B. Rigney intimating that he is starting to build 8 cottages in Hopetoun Street and asking that the Street may be formed and kerbed and guttered in order that he may get his levels.  Received and referred to the Works Committee for report.
From Thomas Weeks in reply to a letter from the Council Clerk stating that he did not refuse to carry out the work of watering the streets according to specifications but that he wanted the watering of the streets being ballasted and metalled also.  The Mayor explained that Mr Weeks had called upon him at the Town Hall when he declined to proceed unless he was allowed to water the streets which are being remetalled.  The Overseer having reported that this can be more conveniently carried out with the other cart by the day labour contractor the Works Committee considered the matter and decided to inform Mr Weeks that if he so desired he would be released from his contract.  Resolved that the letter be received and the writer informed that he can proceed with watering of ordinary streets.

The Valuers (Messrs Hoffman and Nugent) submitted their final report dealing with the valuation of rateable property and the result of Appeal as heard at the Newtown Court on 14th April.  This report was supplemented by the Council Clerk.
Alderman Smith moved that the two reports be received and recorded on the minutes of the Council.  Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried. 

To His Worship     Town Hall Newtown
The Mayor and Aldermen   April 16 1902
Borough of Newtown

Sir and Gentlemen
We have the honour to submit our final report in reference to the Assessment of properties in the Borough.  An appeal Court was heard on Monday the 14th instant in the Newtown Police Court before Mr C. M. Patterson S. M. the purpose of hearing appeals against how assessment of properties within the Borough.  There were 15 appearance and 35 appeals against our Assessment.  The whole were reconsidered by us and owing to our agreeing to a reduction in rents through having been misinformed at the time of our calling deemed it advisable to compromise matters in 28 cases the remaining 7 we could not come to terms therefore they were submitted to the Magistrate who confirmed six and in the other case a slight reduction was made of one pound. The total amount of valuation amounted to £7.4.9 but owing to our having made extra assessments through the rise of rents the reduction amounted to the small sum of 12/3.
We desire again to respectfully point out the urgent necessity in view of the number of houses which have been erected within recent years in the Borough of having the houses renumbered.  The residents are complaining all round and it is becoming a matter of difficulty for the letter carriers to find the addresses of letters.
We have now handed over the Rate book complete.
We remain Gentlemen
Your Obedient Servants.
Frederick Hoffman and John Nugent Valuators.
22nd April 1902.
Supplementing the Valuers report just read I beg to point out that the net increase in the general rate over last year is £455.1.0 while the Lighting rate exceeds that of last year by £114.10.3 accounted for by the addition of (£) 125 new houses and a steady rise of rents.
Of the following is a statement of the general and lighting rates brought forward from last year together with the rate is levied for the current year and now due viz:
Outstanding General rate on the third of February 1902
Brought forward £614.12.5
outstanding Lighting rate brought forward £152.11.5
rates for current year  8072.9.0  2018.2.3
     8687.1.5  2170.13.8
Together       10,857.15.1
To which add Outstanding NPA charges         87.1.10


The Finance Committee
reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since 25th March amounting to £1,519.11.6 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £223.4.2.
Moved by the Mayor: “That the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

The Works Committee
submitted their report dated the 17th April having reference to various matters remitted to them.  The Mayor moved: “that the Works Committee’s report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Archibald and carried.

The Borough Treasurer
submitted the usual statement of accounts since 25th March last as follows.
Balance per last statement £824.17.5 Cheques issued £1519.11.6
Cheques outstanding 25th March £455.15.0 Deposits £1366.1.4
cheques outstanding £28.  Balance Dr £1406.2.7.  Received.

Overseer of Works
reported various works carried out during the past fortnight and works in hand.  Received.
The Overseer also presented a special report with reference to the proposal to fumigate the old disused sewers throughout the Borough and as the result of a visit to Ultimo where similar work is carried out by the Water and Sewerage Department giving a detailed account of how the blowers are worked the cost of the machines and etc. Alderman salmon moved: “That the report be adopted and left in the hands of the Mayor.”  Seconded by Alderman Archibald and carried.

The Inspector of Nuisances reported
that the sanitary condition of the Borough is fairly good and that contractors are doing their work satisfactory manner.  The Contractor for the Enmore Ward however had neglected to cleanout paved stormwater Channel between Gladstone Street and Trafalgar Street for which a penalty of 10/- was recommended.  Further reported having summoned and obtained a verdict against one of Abel and Company’s men for emptying filthy liquid on his premises and allowing same to flow into the Street gutters or which he was fined 40/- and costs.  Received and adopted.

This being the business the Council.
Confirmed this 6th day of May 1902.
Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor.

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