Nomination Day
Tuesday 4th February 1902

Punctually at 12 o’clock noon the Returning Officer (Alderman Dolman JP) attended at the Town Hall and in the presence of a large number of Ratepayers assembled publicly read the Advertisement calling the meeting and also the nominations of Alderman and auditors as follows:

Enmore Ward
William Rigg Accountant of Warrane 7 Trafalgar Terrace Petersham nominated by S.H. Ayers Chemist Enmore and J. H  Thompson Estate Agent 16 L’ Avenue and others.
Camden Ward
John Archibald 320 Edgeware Rd Newtown Nominated by Harold T. Morgan Solicitor Segenhoe Street Arncliffe and
C.B. Abel Pastry Cook Newtown and others.
William Carnegie Clegg Solicitor 67 King Street Newtown Nominated by William Gawne Builder 6 Holmwood Street Newtown and John H. Eve Land Owner 13 Dickson Street Newtown and others.
Walter Gledhill Estate Agent 2 Enmore Road and 32 Newman Street Newtown Nominated by Peter Charles Cover Freeholder 87 Maria Street Newtown and R. Heath Blacksmith 24 Newman Street Newtown and others.

Kingston Ward
George Forester Crozier Contractor of 47 Australia Street Newtown Nominated by W. L. Smith Butcher Albermarle Street Newtown and Frank Willey Wood merchant 23 Bishopgate Street Newtown and others.
James Abigail senior of 45 Regent Street Newtown Nominated by William Marshall Estate Agent 12 Scouller Street Marrickville and Henry Williams Butcher 34 Albermarle Street Newtown and others.

O’Connell Ward
John Salmon Master Plumber of 238 King St Newtown nominated by John Hampden Gentleman of Erskineville Road Newtown and Malcolm Hughson Importer King Street Newtown and others.
John William Hanson Rumpf Manager Mount Eagle Works Nominated by Charles Turtle Fruitier 12 King Street Newtown and J. G. Clegg Estate Agent 67 King Street Newtown and others.
William Henry Cadogan Accountant of 8 Linthorpe Street Newtown Nominated by W. Bakewell Land owner Scone and C.B. Bakewell Property owner L’ Avenue Newtown and others.
Alfred Henry Lockman Accountant 4 Reiby Street Enmore Nominated by John H. Thompson Estate Agent 16 L’Avenue Newtown and Joseph Bailey Provisions Merchant of 313 King Street Newtown and others.
William Marshall Accountant 12 Scouller Street Enmore
 Marrickville Nominated by James Milne Contractor Crescent Street Newtown and others.  Alexander Melville Coachbuilder 19 Bedford Street Newtown.
There being only one candidate for the Enmore Ward the Returning Officer declared William Rigg duly elected Alderman for the next three years.  There being more candidates than the number of Aldermen to be elected for the Camden Kingston and O’Connell wards and also for the Offices of Auditor and Returning Officer announced that a Poll will be taken on Saturday 8th February instant commencing at 8 o’clock a.m. and closing at 5 p.m. at the foregoing places viz:
Enmore Ward (for Auditors) Odd fellows Hall Enmore Road.
Camden Ward (for Alderman and Auditors) St Georges Hall George and King Streets.
Kingston Ward (for Alderman and Auditors) Town Hall Bedford Street.
O’Connell Ward (for Alderman and Auditors) Wesleyan School Hall King Street.
This being the formal business the various Candidates (except Alderman Rigg who was absent through illness and for whom the Returning Officer apologised) addressed the meeting and the proceedings terminated with a vote of thanks to the Returning Officer.


On Saturday eighth of February 8 Poll was taken for the election of one Alderman for each (Camden Kingston and O’Connell) Ward and two Auditors in room of those returning but eligible for re election:
Camden Ward
John Archibald     255 Votes
William Carnegie Clegg   152 Votes
Walter Gledhill      56 Votes
Informal        6 Votes
Majority for Archibald   102 Votes
O’Connell Ward
John Salmon     352 Votes
John William Hanson Rumpf  174 Votes
Informal         8 Votes
Majority for Salmon    178 Votes
Kingston Ward
George Forster Crozier   155 Votes
James Abigail senior    154 Votes
Informal        1 Votes
Majority for Crozier      1 Votes

William Henry Cadogan   890 Votes
William Marshall    733 Votes
Alfred Henry Lockman   700 Votes
Informal        84 Votes
The Returning Officer publicly announced the state of the Poll after which the various candidates addressed the ratepayers assembled and a cordial vote of thanks to the Returning Officer terminated the proceedings.  On Monday the 10th of February 1902 at 10:00 a.m. the Returning Officer attended at the Town Hall and having read the figures announced by him on Saturday declared John Archibald and John Salmon duly elected Aldermen to represent the Camden and O’Connell wards respectively in the Borough Council of Newtown for the next three years and Messrs William Henry Hadogan and William Marshall both declared duly elected Auditors for the Municipal Year 1902 to 1903.  With respect to the Poll for the election of one Alderman to represent the Kingston Ward the Returning Officer intimated that he had just received a letter from Mr James Abigail Senior one of the candidates protesting against Mr Crozier being declared elected and (protesting) demanding a recount of the votes.  Alderman Dolman said that he would consider the objection immediately and if he found that he could grant the request a recount might take place on Wednesday next at 8 p.m. due notice would be given by the Council Clerk to the parties concerned.
Mr George Wallace having been consulted his advice was promptly acted upon and the candidates notified that the Returning Officer would make the Official declaration at 4 o’clock p.m. at which hour Alderman Dolman was present and after waiting some time for Mr Abigail he in the presence of Mr Crozier and several ratepayers declared George Forster Crozier duly elected Alderman for the Kingston Ward for the next three years.  Received.
Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor.

18 February 1902

Minutes of Special Meeting held at the Town Hall on Friday 14th February 1902.
The election of Mayor for the year 1902 to 1903.

The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Howe, Ibbotson, Morgan, Smith, Rigg, Elstub, Archibald, Jones, Dolman and King.
The Declarations of Aldermen Rigg Archibald Crozier and Salmon together those of Messrs Cadogan and Marshall the newly elected Auditors were laid upon the table.
The Mayor having cordially welcomed the newly returned Alderman requested the Council Clerk to read a statement which he had prepared of the financial operations of the year ended the 3rd February 1902 as follows:

Balance of cash on hand February 1901  £   67.14.6
General Rate        8033.16.1
Lighting Rate        2009.11.11
Nuisance Prevention Charges         64.2.5
Government Special subsidy 2/6 in the £    940.12.2
Government Contribution Department of Justice     32.19.9
Railway Commissioners        116.11.10
Department of Public Works Refund      237.3.6
Private Contributions        167.11.0
Contractors Deposits         60.0.0
Miscellaneous Receipts       139.13.0
Balance due to Bank of Australasia     186.3.6

Debit Balance due to Bank of Australasia February 4 1901
         £ 679.8.0
General Improvements       5360.3.11
Lighting Street Lamps        1791.13.0
Forward        £7831.4.11
Brought forward       £7831.4.11
Bank of Australasia Balance of Debenture A/C    116.0.0
Salaries and Office Expenses      542.8.0
Interest on Loan and Overdraft     1280.1.8
Scavenging and Sweeping Blocks    1341.10.0
Fire Brigades Board        297.12.5
Nuisance Prevention Charges       55.10.6
Miscellaneous Expenses       591.12.1

The General Rates levied at the beginning of the year amounted to £7614.8.0 and the Lighting Rate £1903.12.0 at that date the outstanding Rates were as follows:
General £1058.11.2  Lighting £264.14.2
The receipts from all sources that the 12 months ended third February instant amount to £11809.16.2 including government Subsidiary of £940.12.2 and the expenditure for the same period has been £12055.19.7.  The total General Rates collected to date £8033.16.1 and Lighting Rate £2009.11.11.
The present rates outstanding £614.12.2 General and £152.11.5 Lighting – Of these amounts £362.9.0 and £62.0.10 respectively represent old rates from previous years.
The total amount of arrears collected during the year is £556.1.6.
The Expenditure on Works has been very large amounting to £5360.3.11 which cover the cost of Blue Metal Ballast Kerb and Gutter Tar Ashes and Wages.
For Scavenging services the item of £1341.10.0 shows an increase of £83.3.0 over last year.
These amounts together with £1791.13.0 for Lighting the streets and £1260 interest on loan of £36000 have absorbed all the available funds necessitating a small overdraft of £186.3.5.
I consider the foregoing discloses a very sound state of affairs financially and that the prospects of the increased revenue owing to the continued demand on the house property and the consequent advance in rents the current year is one which the Council may look forward to hopefully.  I desire also to place on record my hearty appreciation of the efficient and thorough manner in which our Council Clerk Mr Mackintosh has at all times performed his duties having by his careful attention to all the various requirements of the office proved a most valuable and capable officer and thus very materially assisted me in the discharge of my Mayoral duties.
Signed J. M. Salmon, Mayor.

The Mayor was highly compliment on the very satisfactory state of the finances as disclosed by the statement just read and on the motion of Alderman Smith seconded by Alderman Rigg the Minute was ordered to be recorded on the Minutes of the Council.
The Mayor then stated that the business before the Council was the Election of Mayor for the year 1902 to 1903 and that he was now prepared to receive nominations for the office whereupon Alderman Howe nominated Alderman Morgan for the position which was seconded by Alderman Jones and as no further nominations were forthcoming Alderman Morgan was declared duly elected for the Municipal Year 1902 to 1903.
Returning Mayor then vacated the chair and invited Alderman Morgan to take his place.  The Mayor elect having done so thanked his brother Aldermen for the honour conferred on him and at the same time took the opportunity of moving a vote of thanks to his predecessor for the impartial and absolutely capable manner in which he had conducted the business of the Council and discharged his duties of Mayor during the past two years.  Alderman Rigg cordially seconded the motion and in doing so declared Alderman Salmon’s character unimpeachable.  Alderman Ibbotson and Smith express their appreciation of the Ex-Mayor’s abilities and qualifications and re-echoed all that had been so well said of him by the mover and seconder at.  The Mayor having conveyed the resolution in the usual form Alderman Salmon returned thanks to the Aldermen and Officers of the cordial support accorded to him during his term of office as Mayor.

This concluded the business and His Worship invited the Aldermen and friends to his room where refreshments were served and a very pleasant hour or two spent.

Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor.

18 February 1902

Minutes of Postponed Ordinary Meeting of the Council held at the Town Hall on Tuesday 18th of February 1902 at 7:30 p.m.


The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Alderman Ibbotson, Dolman, Rigg, King, Elstub, Jones, Smith, Howe and Archibald.
The Mayor apologised for the unavoidable absence of Alderman Salmon.

The Minutes of previous Ordinary Meeting Nominations Election proceedings and Election of Mayor were read confirmed and signed.

From John Stanley Rancland (Manager of the Bank of Australasia) accepting the position of Honorary Treasurer to the Borough.  Received and ordered to be noted on the minutes as follows:
“Bank of Australasia
Newtown 29th of January 1902

To The Council Clerk
Borough of Newtown

Dear Sir
In reply to your letter of the 27th instant advising me that I have been appointed Honorary Treasurer to the Borough.  I have much pleasure in accepting the position and will be happy to carry out any duties in connection therewith that had been performed by my predecessor in the Office named.”

Laws faithfully
John S.  Rancland.”

From the Secretary The Mc Arthur Destructor Company Limited offering to erect and work for a few months on approval a sample Ritchie Patent Liquid Fuel Garbage Destructor for the first Council willing to supply free of charge the necessary site on the understanding that when the Destructor has proved a success it will be taken over by the Council at a price arranged.  Received and laid upon the table.
From the Superintent Technical College intimating that the Minister for Public Construction has authorised the establishment of a Technical Carpentry Class to be conducted in a building to be placed on the grounds of the Newtown Public School and stating that it will be considered a favour if the Council would be good enough to make the proposal known and have the accompanying form signed by intending students and returned not later than the 15th instant.  Received and left in the hands of the Council Clerk.
From William Taylor intimating that his seat on the Fire Brigades Board will become vacant by a effluxion of time in March next that he intends to offer himself for re-election and asking the support of the Mayor and Aldermen of this Council.  Received.
The Borough Council of Darlington expressing willingness to co-operate with this Council in any movement to be taken for the erection of a Rotunda for the Newtown Brass Band in Victoria Park.  Received.
From the Board of Health forwarding copy of a proclamation published in the Government Gazette of 31st of January 1902 declaring the Borough of Newtown a Sanitary Area within the meaning and for the purposes of section 48 (1) of the Public Health Act of 1896.  Received and referred to the By Laws Committee.
From E.R. Abigail referring to this letter of the 5th of December last stating that he has been instructed to institute proceedings against the Council (alleged injuries sustained by Mrs Margaret Graham of Church Street Camperdown in Church Street) and asking to be furnished with the name of a Solicitor who will accept service of process on the Council’s behalf.  Received.
From Assistant Medical officer of Health stating that he has made an inspection of premises 16 to 34 Gibbes Street Newtown all of which are in a bad condition structurally and propose to make a further inspection later in the year and submit a full report to the Council.  Received.

From W. H. Cadogan and A. H. Lockman reporting having completed the Audit of the Councils books for the Half Year ended 3rd February instant and found the same in order and correct.  Received and a letter ordered to be sent to Mr Lockman tendering him the Council’s best thanks for valuable services rendered as Auditor during the past three years.

Alderman Jones handed to the Mayor a requisition signed by Property Owners Ratepayers and residents of Whitehorse Street calling attention to the state of the said street and suggesting that the same be tarpaved.  Received and referred to the Works Committee.

The Overseer of Works
reported a number of works carried out under his supervision and works put in hand since last report and in connection with the work being carried out in Lord Street suggested that the pipe crossing leading into the railway premises (at St Peters Station) be removed and an open crossing substituted.  Report received and the Overseer’s suggestion adopted.

The Inspector of Nuisances
reported – (1) That the Contractors under his charge were doing their work in a satisfactory manner.  (2) That he had issued a summons against the Owner of premises numbers 16 and 22 Gibbes having defective pans in the WC of the said premises of which he was fined 10 shillings in each case at the Newtown Council.  Received.

The following motion in name of Alderman Howe was redrawn by consent.  “That 260 yards gutter be removed in Susan Street at an estimated cost of £48.”

This was the business and the Council rose.

Confirmed this 25th day of February 1902.
Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor


Tuesday 25 February 1902

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held at the town Hall on Tuesday the 25th day of February 1902 at 7:30 p.m.


The Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Ibbotson, Howe, Smith, Dolman, Elstub, Archibald and King.  The Mayor stated that he had before him letters of apology from Aldermen Salmon and Jones apologising for their inability to be present and Alderman Dolman apologised for Alderman Rigg’s absence.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


Letter from the Electoral Engineer NSW Government Railways and Tramways intimating that the Council’s suggestion that the underground cables be laid by the Department should be carried through the Eveleigh Railway Yards instead of via Wilson and Burren Streets has been adopted.  Received.
From the Civil Ambulance and Transport Brigade St Peter’s Branch asking the patronage of the Mayor and Alderman of the Borough to grand Concert to be held in the Town Hall Newtown on Wednesday evening March 12th in aid of the funds of the Brigade.  Received and patronage granted.
From JG Baikie asking what steps if any have been taken to abate the nuisance arising from a drain from Abels factory.  The Mayor said that a letter had been addressed to Mr Able on the matter.  Letter received and referred to the Sanitary Committee for report.
From the Secretary Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage requesting in view of the present abnormal dry season that the Council issue instructions to employees engaged in the operations of the Street watering and gutter flushing to exercise the utmost economy in the use of water until after rainfall.  Received and request to be complied with.


Report from Finance Committee
ordered to stand over till later period of the evening.

The Borough Treasurer
submitted the usual statement of accounts since last report of 14 January 1902 as follows:
Balance per last statement   Credit  £155.9.2
Deposits          372.15.6
Cheques issued    £825.17.9
Balance due to Bank       299.13.1
      £825.17.9   825.17.9 

The Overseer of Works
reports works in progress and sundry works carried out since last report seven days ago.  Received.

The Inspector of Nuisances
report of the past seven days was received.

The Mayor moved:
1 That the Council do now proceed to appoint the Standing Committees for the current Municipal Year viz: Finance, Works, Specification, Lighting, Sanitary and By Laws Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried.
Resolved – That the Finance Committee consist of the Mayor (Alderman Morgan) and Aldermen Dolman, Smith and King. 
Works Committee
The Mayor and Alderman Salmon, Elstub and Archibald.
Specification Committee
The Mayor and Alderman Salmon, Elstub and Archibald.
Lighting Committee
Alderman Howe, Smith, Ibbotson and Archibald.
Sanitary Committee
The Mayor and Alderman Salmon, Elstub and Archibald.
By laws Committee
The Mayor and Alderman Dolman, Smith and King.

The Mayor moved:
2 “That the Specification Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare specifications for the Annual Contracts and submit the same to the next meeting of the Council.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.
3 “That the Finance Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare and submit to this Council an estimate of the probable expenditure for the current Municipal Year.”
4 “That the Council do now adjourn for a quarter of an hour to enable the Finance Committee to prepare the monthly statement and report to the Council thereon.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.
The Council adjourned accordingly
On resuming the Finance Committee brought up the following report:
Accounts paid under votes of appropriation since 14th of January amounting to £825.17.9 Accounts examined by the Committee and now recommend the payment amounting to £705.5.7.  Moved by the Mayor that the Finance Committee’s report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.  Seconded by Alderman Dolman and carried.

Alderman Dolman moved:
5 “That it be referred to the Works Committee to consider the best means of dealing with that portion of Liberty Street at its intersection with the Railway line where the dust accumulates in large quantities.”  Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried. 

In connection with the resolution passed on 28th of January ultimo to the effect that it was expedient that premises 171 Lord Street reported unfit for human habitation and against which a closing order has been obtained should be demolished the Sanitary Inspector reported that the Owner had done nothing by way of carrying out the works required.
The Mayor stated that in obedience to a communication sent to him the Owner was now present and on being invited to come forward (Mr Kent) was asked to state his objection is to the demolition.  Mr Kent said that he was in bad health that the place was his all and if demolished he had nowhere to go to live in.  The Council not regarding this as a reasonable objection Ordered the Demolition of the place within a week failing which the Council would do so.  Mr Kent said he would have the Building removed by the following Wednesday.

The Council then rose.
Confirmed this 11th day of March 1902.
Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor. 

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