14th January 1902

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held at the Town Hall on Tuesday the 14th January 1902 at 7:30 p.m.


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Dolman, Smith, Howe, Ibbotson, Elstub, Cox, King, Jones, Rigg and Crozier.


The Minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


From the Municipal Council of St Peters submitting a proposal for the consideration of this Council to effect repairs to May Street at a cost of £150 the half to be borne by each and the work to be carried out by the St Peters Council.  Received and referred to the Works Committee for consideration and report.
From John Archibald drawing attention to the state of the carriageway in front of his house in Edgeware Road.  Received and referred to the Works Committee.
From Borough Council of Randwick asking the cooperation of this Council in an endeavour to have the powers of the Fire Brigade Board Limited by Act of Parliament to prevent any additional company without the consent of the City Council and the majority of Suburban Councils.  Received and co-operation granted.
From the Union Bank of Australasia Limited with reference to overdue rates on lots 7/8 Trafalgar Street amounting to £7.10.0 and offering the Council £2.5.0 equal to six years rates from 1896.  Received.
Alderman W. Taylor Municipal Representative on the Fire Brigades Board detailing the preceding at a recent conference of the Municipal Representatives on the Fire Brigades Act wherein it is stated that they must of necessity be a considerable increase in the contribution levied for the maintenance of the Fire System in the future and the object of the conference was to get an expression of opinion as to whether the Municipalities were content to go on paying their share of the contribution in the proportion at present existing: The resolution proposed and carried being as follows: “That this conference does not recommend any alteration in the existing method of raising revenue for the maintenance of the Fire Brigades System.”  This Council is asked to say if it is in accord with the decision of the conference.  Alderman Rigg moved: “That as an expression of opinion from this Council the Municipalities be relieved from contributing.”  Seconded by Alderman King and carried.
From the Board of Health intimating that a communication has been received in the Department from Mr N. Hansen 83 Gowrie Street (and 50 others) complaining of a nuisance in Angel Street and Lane at the back of Gowrie Street caused by drainage from Abels factory.  Received and the Inspector to report.
From the Borough Council of Leichhardt embodying copy of a resolution adopted by that Council viz:
“That a Conference of Aldermen be convened to consider and suggest Amendments to the proposed Amended Municipalities Act with a view to securing a Bill more in keeping with present requirements.”  Received.
From the Electrical Engineer NSW Government Railways and Tramways with reference to the necessity of laying underground cables along Forbes and Wilson Streets forwarding detailed plans and stating that the Contractors trenching will be commencing work in a few weeks.  Received and a letter to be sent protesting against the route and suggesting that the cable be taken by way of Railway Property from Forbes Street.
From George O’Young making application for a strip of kerb and gutter to be laid in front of two new houses in Raper Street (Josiah Perry of Sydney) Owner.  Received and request granted.


Finance Committee
reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since the 3rd of December 1901 amounting to £1041.9.1 and recommending accounts passed by the Committee of payment amounting to £339.11.10.  The Mayor moved: “that the Finance Committee’s report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.  Seconded by Alderman Dolman and carried.

The Works Committee
submitted the report dated 9th of January dealing among other things with the application from the Borough Council of Redfern for permission to erect poles along Wilson Street and Erskineville Road and the Marrickville Councils expenditure on the Edgeware Road amounting to £299.17.7.
Moved by the Mayor: “That the Works Committee’s report as read together with the amendment to recommendations respecting the erection of the electric poles be and the same is hereby adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried.

The Specification Committee
reported as follows: “Your Committee in compliance with the resolution passed at the last meeting of the Council considered and prepared the specification herewith present for making the annual valuation of all rateable property within the Borough for the Municipal Year 1902 – 1903 and now recommend the same for adoption.  Further recommend that the sum of £75 (say seventy five pounds sterling) be paid for making the said valuation and applications invited from two competent persons conjointly such applications to be opened and considered at next Ordinary meeting of the Council.”
Moved by the Mayor: “That the Committee’s report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried.

The Acting Borough Treasurer
submitted the usual statement of Accounts since last report of 3rd December 1901 as follows:
Balance her last statement: Cr £823.17.10
Deposits   £373.0.5
Cheques issued   1041.9.1
Balance at Credit 14th January 155.9.2
At this stage the Mayor stated that he had another engagement and asked to be excused whereupon Alderman Smith occupied the chair for the remainder of the sitting.

The Overseer of Works
reported a number various works carried out (by him) under his supervision during the past four weeks.  Received.

The Inspector of Nuisances
in his report stated that a closing order had been obtained and a copy served upon the owner and occupier of 171 Lord Street.  Alderman Jones complained of the manner in which the Contractor was doing his work in the lower end of Camden Ward.  Received and the Inspector to see that the sweeping of the gutters is better attended to.


Alderman Crozier moved:
1 “That 22 yards of kerbing and 140 yards of tarpaving be laid in Australia Street East side from present kerbing to the Camperdown boundary at an estimated cost of £24.10.0 and same referred to the Works Committee.” Seconded by Alderman Elstub and carried.
2 “That 77 yards of tarpaving in front of numbers 2 to 12 Australia Street be renewed at an estimated cost of £7.10.0.”

Alderman Howe moved:
3 “That 45 yards of gutterstones between numbers 37 and 47 Horden St be renewed at an estimated cost of £9.”

Alderman Ibbotson moved:
4 That 60 yards of trachyte kerb and 317 yards of tarpaving be laid in Crescent Street at an estimated cost of £59.  Seconded by Alderman Dolman and carried.


Alderman Howe called attention to the useless fountain which is only an obstruction on the footpath in front of Mr Cole’s premises Wilson Street and moved “that it be removed to the right-hand corner of Burren Street at its intersection with Wilson Street and repaired as recommended by the Works Committee on 3 April 1901.” Seconded by Alderman King and carried.

Alderman Cox’s Retirement
Alderman Cox intimated that it was not his intention to seek re-election to the Council and took the opportunity of thanking his brother Aldermen for the kindness with which they had always treated him.  He might in the course of 12 months again seek the sufferages of the ratepayers.  Alderman Rigg moved: “that a cordial vote of thanks be accorded to Alderman Cox for his long and valuable services and same conveyed to him by letter under seal.  Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson supported by all the Aldermen present and unanimously carried.

This was the business and the Council rose.
Confirmed this 28 day of January 1902.
Signed J. M. Salmon, Mayor.


Tuesday 21st January 1902


In accordance with the provisions of the Municipalities Act of 1897 and Open Court for the purpose of revising the Municipal Lists of persons supposed to be entitled to be enrolled on the Municipal Role for the ensuing municipal year was held at the Town Hall on the above date at 7:30 p.m.


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon Presiding) and Aldermen Morgan, Howe, Elstub, Jones, King, Dolman, Ibbotson, Smith also the Council Clerk and the Valuers Messrs Hoffman and Nugent.  The Mayor apologised for the absence of Aldermen Crozier and Rigg.
The Mayor declared the court open for the revision of the Municipal Lists and the Council at Clerk produced and laid upon the table Lists for the Enmore Camden Kingston and O’Connell also Lists of claims to have names inserted on the Camden and Kingston Wards as follows:

Kingston Ward
Williams Henry Owner 4 Houses Regent Street £65 2 Votes
Rigney A.B. Owner Lots 55 to 66 Robert Street £30 2 Votes
Abigail A.C. Owner House 62 Denison Street £16 1 Votes
Abigail E.R. Owner House Baltic Street £47 2 Votes
Abigail E.R. Owner Land Baltic Street £8 2 Votes

Camden Ward
Archibald John Owner Lots 8/10 Wells Street £15 1 Votes
Archibald John Owner Lot 31 Wells Street £7 1 Vote
Chesney Chas Alfred Owner House 320 Edgeware Rd £45 2 Votes
Messrs Page Williams and E. R. Abigail when called upon answered to their names and having been duly sworn and examined satisfy the Court that they were entitled to be enrolled and their names were accordingly inserted in alphabetical order on the Kingston Ward list.
Mr Rigney not answering to his name when called upon his claim lapsed.
A.C. Abigail on being called upon answered but as he could not establish his qualification as either Occupier lessee or Owner  the Court rejected his claim.
Messrs John Archibald and Charles Alfred Chesney having been called and put on oath satisfied the Court after examination that they were entitled to be enrolled ordered their names to be inserted in alphabetical order on the Camden Ward list.
Names inserted accordingly.
Resolved on the motions of Aldermen Smith, Morgan, King and Ibbotson: “That the Kingston Camden O’Connell and Enmore Wards Lists respectively as now revised be the Electoral Roles for the said Wards for the Municipal Year 1902-1903.”
The Mayor then in Open Court wrote his initials against the names inserted signed his name to every page and also signed the Certificate at the end of each List in accordance with Section 64 of the Municipalities Act of 1897.

This terminated the proceedings and the Court rose.
Confirmed this 28th day of January 1902.
Signed J. M. Salmon, Mayor.


Tuesday 28th January 1902

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held at the Town Hall on the above date at 7:30 p.m.


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Dolman, Morgan, Howe, King, Jones, Elstub, Rigg, Crozier, Ibbotson and Smith.


The Minutes of the previous meeting and Revision Court were read confirmed and signed.


Letter from the Postmaster General in reply to Council’s letter dated the 20th of November last respecting the illumination at night of the turret clock at the Newtown Post and Telegraph office stating that the Postmaster General has decided that it is not the function of the Post Office to provide public clocks or to light those that have been provided unless such clocks were so lighted at the expense of the Department prior to its transfer to the Commonwealth.  Received and to urge for better light.
From the Electoral Engineer NSW Government Railways and Tramways in reply to a letter from the Council suggesting that the cables now being laid by the Commissioners be taken from Forbes Street direct onto the Railway property along to the Tram Shed stating that in view of the opinion now expressed further enquiry shall be made with the view of following the route favoured by the Council if possible.  Received.
From the Borough Councils of Erskineville Camperdown and City of Sydney in answer to this Council’s communication asking cooperation to urge the Minister for Lands to erect a Rotunda in Victoria Park the two first named Councils agreeing to co-operate.  Received.
From M. J. McGuinn Solicitor Sydney stating that he has been consulted by a Mr L. A. Smith of Newtown and Mrs Ada Smith his wife with reference to certain injuries of a serious nature sustained by Mrs Smith in King Street Newtown on the footway immediately in front of number 318 on 21st of December last and asking if the Council is willing to consult with reference to terms of compensation or otherwise the name of a solicitor who will accept service.  Received.
From the Under – Secretary Department of Lands forwarding a return showing what streets in the Borough of Newtown have been aligned and the dates of proclamation of such alignment.  Received and laid upon the table. 
From the Marrickville Borough Council with reference to repairs to Edgeware Road stating that it was understood that the work at present carried out would be all that would be necessary at present but if this Council requires further improvements to be made clear Works Committee would be pleased to hold a conference with reference thereto.  Received and referred to the works Committee.
From J. Heydon Cardew Alderman Burwood intimating that he is a candidate for the position of Municipal Representative on the Board of Water Supply and Sewerage.  Received.
From the Account Branch Department of Public Works advising that a voucher for £32.19.9 for tarpaving that portion of Australia Street has been forwarded to the Treasury for payment.  Received.
From the Secretary Department of Public Health advising that the convenience of residence of the Eastern and Western Suburbs depots for receiving rats will be established at Woollahra Quarry Point Piper Road Paddington and the Council Chambers Ashfield.  Received.
From the Fire Brigades Board forwarding Statement of the estimated Expenditure of the Board for the current year and of the pro rata apportionment of the Contributions of the Municipalities contributing under the provisions of the Fire Brigades Act of 1884 together with a memo of the sum now due by this Council amounting to £81.5.8.  Received.
From the Honourable Secretary Newtown Workman’s Institute asking the free use of the Town Hall for a benefit Concert in aid of the Institute’s Liberian who has had the misfortune to lose his right arm.  Received and request granted.


The Overseer of Works
reported a number of various classes of work completed and put in hand during the past fortnight.  Received.

The Inspector of Nuisances
reported that the Contractors under his supervision were carrying out their work in a satisfactory manner.  And that with regard to the closing order made and served upon the Owner of dwelling house number 171 Lord Street the terms of the said order have not yet been obeyed.  Resolved (1) “That the Inspectors report be received and concerning that portion of it dealing with number 171 Lord Street that as the necessary steps have not been taken to render the premises fit for human habitation this Council as the Local Authority deems it expedient to order the demolition of the house in accordance with Section 39 Sub section (1) of the Public Health Act of 1896.” (II) “That a copy of the foregoing be served upon the owner of the house in question in accordance with Sub section II of Section 39 specifying Tuesday the 25th day of February proximo in the Town Hall Newtown at 8:00 p.m. as the time and place for further consideration of the resolution when such owner may attend and state his objection to the demolition.”


To open and consider applications for the position of Valuers.  The applications having been opened and the names of the applicants were read out Alderman Smith moved: “that the Council do now resolve into Committee of the Whole to consider the applications.”  Seconded by Alderman King and carried.
In Committee the qualifications and testimonials of the applicants were considered and on resuming the Mayor brought up the following report.  “Your Committee having considered the applications for the position of Valuers will recommend that Messrs Frederick Hoffman and John Nugent be appointed.”
Alderman Smith moved: That the report of the committee of the Whole now read be and the same is hereby adopted.  Seconded by Alderman King and carried.

This being the business the Mayor invited the Alderman and Officers to partake of some refreshments downstairs.

Confirmed this 18th day of February 1902.
Signed Harold T. Morgan, Mayor. 


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