Tuesday 8th March 1904 

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm. 


Alderman Smith (in the Chair) and Aldermen Edwards, Howe, Ibbotson, Rigg, Hitchcock, Elstub, Abigail, King and Archibald.The Council Clerk apologised for the absence of the Mayor and Aldermen Smith on the motion of Alderman Elstub seconded by Alderman Edwards was voted to the chair. 


The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.


From G H Cooper stating that with reference to the requirements of Kingston Ward he has written a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald which appeared in the issue of Saturday 20th of February urging in view of the large increase of population in the district the necessity for a platform at the subway between Stanmore and Newtown and expressing the hope that the Aldermen representing the Ward will take the matter up.  Received.

From W T Harrison Mitchell and Road Alexandria stating that as the result of the manner in which the metal was heaped in London Street on 23 February his sulky was overturned and the horse and harness injured and damaged and estimating the cost of making good at £2.10.0.  Received.


From the Auditors Messrs W H Cadogan and William Marshall stating that they have completed the Audit of the books of the Council for the half year ended 1st February 1904 and found the same correct as per accompanying balance sheet.  Received. 

THE SPECIFICATION COMMITTEE reported having in accordance with the resolution passed on 16 February considered and prepared specifications for the Annual Contracts viz: (1) Scavenging (2) Kerb and guttering (3) Tarpaving Footpaths (4) Tarpaving carriageways (5) Blue Metal and Metal Screening (6) Ballast (7) Sand and Cartage (8) Tar and Cartage (9) General Cartage (10) Stationery and Printing (11) Removal of Manure from Street Orderly Bins and now recommend the same for adoption by the Council.

After some discussion Alderman Rigg moved and Alderman Ibbotson seconded: “That the clause be (eliminated) amended by eliminating the word “and without appeal”.  Carried.  The specifications for the several wards were then adopted and specifications 2 to 11 were all adopted without an amendment.Alderman Archibald moved: “that the Specification Committee’s report as submitted be and the same is here by adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe.Alderman Rigg: “That tenders be invited for sweeping the wood blocked pavements in King Street and Enmore Road.  The motion was then put and carried. 


The Overseer of works reported a number of minor works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight.  Received.

THE INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES – reported that with reference to a letter received and read at last meeting of the Council from Mr W Marshall Northwood Estate drawing attention to an outbreak of fever in the neighbourhood and also the state of the gutters which are never swept he had inspected the locality and found it to be with in the jurisdiction of another Borough.  Received


Alderman Hitchcock moved:3 “That the whole of the carriageway in Marian Street between Enmore Road and Sarah Street be broken up and remetalled at an estimated cost of £180 and referred to the Works Committee.”  Seconded by Alderman Rigg and carried.4  “That the Works Committee report on the advisability or otherwise and cost of rearranging the stormwater pipes at the junction of Harrow Road and Edgeware Road more particularly giving attention to the open crossing at end of Francis Street so as to obviate any further damage to the road surface and make same safe and convenient to the traffic.”  Seconded by Alderman Rigg and carried.

Alderman Ibbotson moved:5 “that the Auditors (Messrs W H Cadogan and William Marshall) be paid a sum of £10 each for the last audit to the 1st February 1904.  Seconded by Alderman Abigail and carried.

Confirmed this 22 day of March 1904.Signed J M Salmon, Mayor.


Tuesday 22nd March 1904 

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm. 





The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Smith, Archibald, Ibbotson, Morgan, Edwards, Smith, Elstub, Abigail, King and Hitchcock.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed. 


From C G Lance Administrator in the Estate of the late Charlotte Jane Lance asking for an extension of time for three months to enable him to make permanent improvements to premises numbers 528 and 530 King Street which will be more effectual than the alterations which the Inspector desires to be carried out at once. Received and request complied with.

From George Shaul asking that the footpath abutting his property corner of Federation Road and Australia Street may be done at once.  Received.

From Credman and Company inviting the Mayor and Aldermen to their studio with the object of taking a photograph of each member and making a group picture of the whole.  Received.

From the Secretary Board of Health on the subject of the infection of Plague detected in Rats and mice on premises on the eastern side of Darling Harbour and calling attention to the special necessity there is for keeping all large stables particularly as well as all produce stores under strict observation and to the By laws for better prevention of Spread of Plague. Received and the Inspector to be instructed to give the matter his careful attention.

From the Town Clerk Paddington referring to previous communications on the subject of the embarrassed position of Municipal Institutions and the necessity for amending the Municipalities Act in certain directions; stating that the Acting  Premier has arranged to receive a deputation on the subject on Thursday 24th instant at 4.15pm.  Received.

From (the) D T Morrow Architect asking to be furnished with the correct alignment of Forbes Street in front of Mrs Delfendahl’s property adjoining Mount Street St Marys.  Received and referred to the Overseer.

From E Labalestier 214 Enmore Road stating that he would like a gas lamp put at the corner of his premises where it is very dark.  Received and referred to the Lighting Committee.

From Messrs Steadman Brothers representing the Colonial Mutual Fire Insurance Company Limited submitting a proposal to take over legal liability against the Council in regard to any action that may be taken against it through any accident or damage to property that may happen within the boundary lines of the Borough and quoting the rates fixed by the underwriters of N.S.W. for this class of risk. Received and referred to the Finance Committee.

Communications of a similar tenor from the Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited represented locally by Messrs Ekin and Company also received and referred to the Finance Committee.

From William Aldons Honourable Secretary St George and a number of other residents in King Street South complaining of the nuisance caused by the horse Street sweeper at night before the hours of closing the shops and expressing the hope that the Council will see its way to abate the nuisance. Received and referred to the Works Committee and meantime no sweeping to be done before 11 o’clock.

From W T Harrison asking what the Council intend doing with regard to the upsetting of his sulky in London Street on 23rd ultimo when it is alleged the vehicle was damaged.  Received.

From the Under Secretary Chief Secretaries Office returning By laws submitted made by this Council under the provisions of the Municipalities Act of 1897 together with a copy of an opinion that has been obtained from the Honourable the Attorney General thereon.Received and referred to the By laws Committee.


The Finance Committee – reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since last meeting amounting to £796.13.5 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £314.18.0.Moved by the Mayor that the Finance Committees report as now read be and the same is here by adopted. Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

The Finance Committee – reported having considered the proposal referred from the Council re-providing an annual sum of not less than £500 for renewing and maintaining the wood blocks in King Street and Enmore Road asked leave to sit again to further consider the matter. Received and leave granted. 

To the Works Committee – submitted their report dated 21st March with recommendations respecting a large number of matters referred to them for consideration and report.  The Mayor moved: “that the Works Committee’s report as now submitted be and the same is here by adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Hitchcock and carried.

The Sanitary Committee – reported respecting the insanitary conditions of “Arno Lodge” 13 prospect Street and the overhanging wall abutting in the Lane at side recommending: “that the Inspector give the necessary notice to the owner and that the wall be straightened.”And in connection withL D Cohen’s application for registration as a rag picker and bottle dealer at number 19 O’Connell Street recommend: “That the application be not granted.”The Mayor moved: “That the Sanitary Committees report as now read be and the same is here by adopted.” Seconded by Alderman Archibald and carried.

The Borough Treasurer – submitted the usual statement of accounts since last report of 23rd February as follows.

To Bank balance Dr –   £900.18.1

Cheques issued –         £796.13.5

By Deposits –               £1077.12.11

Cheque Outstanding –  £10.0.0

Balance Dr –                £609.18.7                                                 

                                 £1697.11.6  Received.

The Overseer of Works – reported a number of works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received. 

The Inspector of Nuisances – reported that the scavengers of the various Wards and the Block boys are carrying out the work in a satisfactory manner.  Received. 

Motions Pursuant to Notice – Alderman Ibbotson moved:1 “That the carriageway in Edgeware Road from Sarah Street to Alice Street be re-formed ballasted and metalled at an estimated cost of £320 provided the Marrickville Borough Council agrees to pay their proportion viz: £160.”Seconded by Alderman

Hitchcock and carried.


To open and consider tenders for the Annual Contracts.

Alderman Smith Moved: tenders be opened and read in Council.  Seconded by Alderman King and carried. 

The tenders having been opened and read the Council resolved into committee of the Whole to consider the same.  On resuming the Mayor brought up the following report: 

Your Committee having considered tenders for the Annual Contract recommend the acceptance of the following:

Scavenging and removal of refuse

Enmore Ward James Stevenson at £26 per month

Camden Ward William Eaton at £20 per month

Kingston Ward P J Macken at £15 per month

O’Connell Ward Josh Howarth at £25.10.0 per month

Kerb and Guttering

Joseph Duggan                          1st Class            2nd Class           3rd Class

Kerbing only                              10/9                  8/9                    7/7

Kerbing only                              3/7                    3/7                    3/6

Kerb 3″ splay                            3/10                  3/9                    3/9

Guttering only                            7/-                    5/-                    4/-

Bluestone Kerb                          9/-                    8/9

Bluestone Kerb with3″ splay       9/4                    9/2

Bluestone gutter12x8                            8/9                   

Bluestone gutter18x8                          10/9

Tarpaving Footpaths

W H Lawler                      1st class            2nd class

                                      1/10½               1/7 per yard 

Tarpaving Carriageways

W H Lawler 3/2 per yard

Supply of Blue Metal and Metal Screenings

Justin McSweeney Blue Metal 2nd gauge 7/6 per cubic yard

Screenings 7/6 per cubic yard

Supply of Ballast

William Woodcock at 3/6 per yard

Supply and Cartage of Sand

C Woodcock at 2/6 per yard

Cartage of Tar and Tarred Ashes – W H Lawler

From Kent Street  tar        2/6 per 100 Gallons

Tarred Ashes                                3/- per yard

From and to Sydney          tar        5/- per 100 Gallons

Tarred Ashes                                5/- per yard

From Mortlake                  Tar        5/- per 100 gallons

Tarred Ashes                                5/- per yard

General Cartage

Joseph E Clayton at 9/- per day

Stationery and Printing

George Watson

1 Electoral Roles              50 for each Ward           5/3 per page

2 Rate Notices in duplicate in blocks 250 each        7/9 per 1000

3 Receipt Books Forms     250 each Book              10/- per 1000

4 Business Papers            40 each time                 1/9 per page

5 Notice Papers to ratepayers books of 250 each    7/6 per 1000

6 One Rate Book                                                  £1.18.6

7 Four Valuers Return Books                                 6/- each

8 Yearly Balance Sheet                                         2.5.0

Removal of Manure from Street Orderly Bins – no tender accepted.

Alderman Smith moved: “That the report of the Committee of the Hall Council upon the tenders for the Annual Contracts be and the same is here by adopted.”Seconded by Alderman King and carried. This was the business and the Council rose.

Confirmed this 7th day of April 1904.

Signed JM Salmon, Mayor.

Month: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12