Nomination Day

2nd February 1904 

Punctually at 12 o’clock the Returning Officer (the Mayor) Alderman Salmon attended at the Town Hall and in the presence of a large number of ratepayers assembled publicly read the Advertisement calling the meeting and also the nomination of Aldermen and Auditors as follows: – 


Enmore Ward – Walter Gledhill Estate agent 32 Newman Street Newtown. Nominated by Henry Task Freeholder 31 Dickson Street Newtown William Henry Edwards Produce Merchant 98 Chapel Street Marrickville and others. James Herbert Hitchcock Estate agent 47 John Street Marrickville; Nominated by Francis Brown Palfrey Master Butcher 6 Marian Street Newtown Henry William O’Keefe Civil Servant 6 Ferndale Street Newtown and others. George Edmund Moate Builder 135 Maria Street Newtown;Nominated by Harold T Morgan Solicitor Segenhoe Street Arncliffe Gilbert Miller Blacksmith Simmons Street and others. 

Camden Ward – Frederick Jones Leather Merchant 13 Newman Street Newtown; Nominated by Thomas Williams Marrickville; Richard Heath Builder Newman Street Newtown and others.  

O’Connell Ward – John Rossell King Carriage to Missenden Road  Newtown; Nominated by Thomas Williamson Boilermaker Pine Street; James Spring Freeholder 5 Queen Street Newtown and others. Charles Ernest Willey Hairdresser Georgina Street Newtown; Nominated by John William Hansen Rumpf Traveller 8 King Street Newtown; William Greenwood Produce Merchant 241 King Street Newtown and others. 

Kingston Ward – James Francis Smith M L A Land Agent 68 Denison Street Newtown; Nominated by J E watchmaker 283 King Street Newtown; capital W Williams Chemist 281 King Street Newtown and others – unopposed – and declared duly elected. 


William Henry Cadogan Accountant 20 Linthorpe Street Newtown; Nominated by Richard Heath Builder 24 Newman Street Newtown; Hugh Macready Bookseller 379 King Street Newtown and others. William Marshall Accountant Scouller Street Marrickville nominated by Charles G Heatte Merchant King Street Newtown; A G Horton Merchant King Street Newtown and others. Henry Horatio Ralph Civil Servant 14 Ferndale Street Newtown; Nominated by George Hewish Freeholder Trade Street Newtown; Valentine Hermann Freeholder Myrtle Street North Sydney and others. 

The Returning Officer intimated that as there were more candidates than the number of Aldermen required for the Enmore Camden and O’Connell Wards and also for the office of Auditors a Poll will be taken on Saturday 6th instant commencing at 8:00 am and closing at 5 pm. 


Enmore Ward New Dispensary Hall Enmore Road.

Camden Ward St Georges Hall King Street (George Street Entrance).

Kingston Ward Town Hall Bedford Street (for Auditors).

O’Connell Ward Methodist School Hall King Street.

The Official declaration of the Poll will be made at the Town Hall on Monday 8th at 10:00 am.

The usual vote of thanks to the Returning Officer terminated the proceedings.

Signed JM Salmon, Mayor and Returning Officer16/2/04 

POLLING DAY – On Saturday 6 February 1904 a Poll was taken of the election of three Aldermen to represent the Enmore Camden and O’Connell Ward and two Auditors with the following results. 


James Herbert Hitchcock                    266

George Moate                                    240

Walter Gledhill                                   142

Informal                                              16

Majority for Hitchcock                           26 


William Edwards                                 341

Frederick Jones                                  173

Informal                                              10

Majority for Edwards                          168 


John Rossell King                               217

Charles Ernest Wiley                          184

Informal                                                7

Majority for King                                  33


William Henry Cadogan                       930

Henry Horatio Ralph                           907

William Marshall                                 895

Informal                                              71

Majority for Cadigan                            35

Majority for Ralph                                12 

At 10 o’clock on Monday morning 8th of February at the Town Hall Messrs James Herber Hitchcock William Edwards and John Rossell King were duly declared elected Aldermen to represent the Enmore Camden and O’Connell Wards respectively in the Borough Council of Newtown for the next ensuing three years; and Messrs W H Cadogan and H H Ralph Auditors for the Municipal Year 1904 – 1905. 

Signed J M Salmon, Mayor and Returning Officer.




Thursday 11 February 1904

Minutes of Special Meeting held on Thursday 11th of February 1904 


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen King, Abigail, Hitchcock, Archibald, Elstub, Rigg, Smith, Edwards, Morgan, Ibbotson and Howe.

The Mayor read the declarations of acceptance of office of Aldermen Hitchcock, Edwards, Smith and King the newly elected Aldermen and said that the business for which they were assembled was the Election of Mayor for the Municipal Year 1904 – 1905 before proceeding with the business asked the indulgence of the Council while the following minute was read by the Clerk. 

Gentleman before vacating the Mayoral Chair I desire to take the opportunity with your permission of submitting a brief statement of the financial operations and work done during the Municipal Year ended first February 1904.


General Rate –                £8475.12.8

Lighting Rate –                £2119.1.5

Government Grant –        £1003.17.3

Miscellaneous Receipts –     £425.17.8

Bank Balance Dr –               £804.14.3

Cheque Outstanding –             £10.0.0  



debit balance due to Bank of Australasia 2nd February 1903 –  £10.19.9

General Improvements –                                                      £6792.2.5

Lighting Account –                                                               £1837.3.11

Salaries and Office Expenses –                                               £657.8.4

Interest on the Loan –                                                          £1265.8.6

Scavenging and cleaning streets etc –                                    £1709.18.0

Fire Brigades Board –                                                             £489.12.9

Miscellaneous Expenses –       £76.12.4                                                                                            


The General Rate levied for the year just closed amounted to £8548.14.0 and the Lighting Rate £2137.3.6 together £10685.17.6 which with arrears (General £663.18.9 and Lighting £166.01) brought forward from the previous year totalled £11415.13.4.  The total receipts from all sources amount to £12839.3.0 including £1003.17.2 being special Government Grant of 2/6 in the £ on General Rates collected for the 12 months ended 2nd February 1903.  The General and Lighting Rates collected during the year amounted to £10594.13.11 which is only £91.3.7 short of the total rates levied for the year and it is satisfactory to observe that this has been accomplished without recourse to any other unpleasant proceedings.  The Rates outstanding on the 1st instant are General £740.7.1 Lighting £184.19.2 total £925.6.3.  Vacant land the owners of which are unknown or whose addresses are unobtainable is accountable for the more than one half this amount. 

The expenditure in connection with the formation of new Streets repairing and renewing worn out streets and footpaths amount to £6792.2.5 which covers the cost of Blue Metal Ballast Tar Ashes and Wages.  The item “scavenging and Street Sweeping” exhibits an increase in expenditure of £410 it includes the cost of installing the Street Orderly Bins along King Street and Enmore Road and services in connection therewith.  The adoption of this up to date system of Street cleaning has given the utmost satisfaction and is greatly appreciated by shopkeepers and the general public doing business in these two main thoroughfares.  As compared with last year the contribution to the Fire Brigades Board shows an increase of £164.10.4 extra lamps erected during the year for lighting the streets are accountable for an increase of £48 total cost of which is now £1837.3.11.  These amounts together with £1260 interest on Loan of £36000 are mainly accountable for the absorption of all the funds plus £814.14.3 Bank Overdraft.  I consider the foregoing discloses a very satisfactory state of the financial affairs of the Borough and in view of the continued demand for property a further increase in the revenue for the year 1904 – 1905 is already assured. 

During the year the Works Committee met 11 times and recommended works estimated at a cost of £2300.  The Lighting Committee met three times and recommended the erection of the eleven new lamps and removal of two lamps all of which have been installed.  The sanitary condition of the Borough has had a fair share of attention.  The Committee met several times and recommended alterations to a number of premises which were considered insanitary.  In every case these alterations were carried out to the very letter.  Nine dwellings unfit for habitation were demolished in terms of the Public Health Act.  Although there has been an increase of infectious diseases principally Scarlett fever which can not be traced to filthy conditions as the general health of the Borough has been very good and I have great pleasure in congratulating the Council on the highly satisfactory position of the Borough. 

Signed John Salmon, Mayor.

Alderman Morgan in moving that the Minute be received and recorded congratulated the Mayor on his successful year of office and the very satisfactory financial state of the Borough.  Alderman Archibald seconded the motion and complimented the Mayor on his management of affairs during the past year.  Alderman Rigg and supporting the most in said that he thought the ratepayers ought to be thoroughly satisfied and heartily joined his fellow Aldermen in congratulating the Mayor.  Motion carried. 

Alderman Morgan moved: “That the election of Mayor be conducted with open doors and by open voting and on the principle of emotions and amendments.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

Alderman Smith moved: “that Alderman Elstub be the Mayor for the ensuing year.”Seconded by Alderman Archibald. 

Alderman Edward Smith moved as an amendment: “That Alderman Morgan be the Mayor.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe.

On a vote being taken it was found that the candidates had secured six votes each.  A discussion arose as to how this difficulty was to be overcome and eventually it was decided by the 7 votes to 5 that lots be drawn as to whether the amendment or motion would be carried so that other amendments might be proposed.  The result was in favour of the amendment.  As a further amendment Alderman King moved: “That Alderman Salmon be the Mayor.”  Seconded by Alderman Abigail.  On being put to the vote Alderman Salmon obtained 7 votes to 5 in favour of Alderman Morgan.  Alderman Salmon was therefore duly re-elected Mayor for the year 1904 – 1905 and having returned thanks for the honour the proceedings terminated.

Signed J M Salmon, Mayor.16/2/1904  

Tuesday 16th February 1904 

Minutes of Special Meeting of the Council held in the Town Hall on the above date at 7.30pm. 


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Howe, Ibbotson, Smith, Rigg, Elstub, Archibald, King, Abigail, Edwards and Hitchcock.The Declaration of the Mayor was laid on the table. 


The Minutes of the previous meeting Nomination and Election proceedings and also Election of Mayor were read confirmed and signed. 


Letter from the Council Clerk Petersham advising that the Railway Commissioners have arranged to receive the deputation of Aldermen of Western Suburban Municipalities and Parliamentary Representatives (Re the matter of the more frequent train service to such localities) at the Commissioners offices on Thursday 25th February at 12 o’clock noon.  Received and the whole Council to attend. 

From the Council Clerk Petersham inviting the Mayor to attend Conference of Mayors on the subject of a deputation to Railway Commissioners to select speakers and arrange basis of the argument to be introduced re more frequent train service.  Received and Mayor to attend. 

From Superintendent of Traffic of the Police Department stating that he had received a letter from Mr Robert Hollis M P asking for the removal of the cab stand in Metropolitan Road Enmore and asking for an expression of opinion as to the desirableness of altering stand and whether the street alongside Fay’s Hostel is the most suitable in the vicinity.  Received and Superintendent of Traffic to be informed that the Council objects to its removal.

From Federal Timber Company offering to sell second-class wood blocks and stating different prices.Proposed by Alderman Archibald and seconded by Alderman Abigail that the letter be received.  An amendment was moved by Alderman Ibbotson and seconded by Alderman Elstub that the letter be referred to the Works Committee and on being put before the Council the Amendment was carried.From J G Griffin one of the Suburban Representative on the Board of Water Supply and Sewerage and stating that the Board had decided to extend the water main in Federation Road.  Received.

From the Council Clerk Willoughby asking if this Council is willing to assist in a movement to service the payment of the State Land Tax on land within Municipalities to the Councils of such innocent Palestinians.  Received.

From Sydney Town Clerk asking the cooperation of this Council re “Greater Sydney Scheme” and forwarding resolutions.  Received.

From R Millard and others thanking Council for refund of rent of the Hall for benefit Concert in aid of Mrs Croke.  Received.

From the Secretary to the Railway Commissioners stating that they are adverse to Mr H H Ralph taking the position of Auditor to the Council but to avoid inconvenience and expense will allow him to take up his position in an honorary capacity but to receive no remuneration either directly or indirectly.  Received. 


The Overseer of Worksreported a number of works carried out since last meeting and works now in hand.  Received. 

The Inspector of Nuisancesreported that the Ward cleansing Contractors were carrying on their work satisfactory also that the person in charge of the Street Sweeping Machine had not done the Block sweeping to his satisfaction and had therefore placed another driver in his place.  The block boys had also given trouble and he had to part with the services of two of them for persistent neglect of duty.  A number of Milk License applications had been received and Sanitary matters had been attended to as promptly as possible.  Received. 

Motions Pursuant to NoticeThe Mayor moved:1 “That the Council do now proceed to appoint the Standing Committees for the current Municipal Year viz: Finance Work Specification Lighting Sanitary and By-laws. Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried. 

Resolve –

That the Finance Committee consist of the Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Smith Rigg and Archibald. 

Works Committee – The Mayor and Aldermen Abigail Hitchcock and Archibald. 

Specification Committee – The Mayor Aldermen Smith Archibald and Hitchcock.

Lighting Committee – Aldermen Howe Ibbotson Elstub and Edwards.

Sanitary Committee – The Mayor Aldermen Abigail Archibald and Hitchcock.

By laws Committee – The Mayor Aldermen Smith Rigg and Archibald. 

The Mayor moved: 2 “That the Finance Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare and submit to this Council an estimate of the probable expenditure for the current Municipal Year.”   3 “That the Specification Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare Specifications for the Annual Contracts and submit the same at the meeting of the Council to be held on 8th Proximo.  “Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried. 

Aldermen Archibald Elstub and Smith called the attention of the Mayor to a few minor matters and this terminated the proceedings and the Council then rose. 

Confirmed this 23 day of February 1904. Signed J M Salmon, Mayor.

Tuesday 23rd of February 1904 

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm. 


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Howe, Ibbotson, Morgan, Edwards, Smith, Elstub, Hitchcock and Abigail. 


The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed.Alderman Morgan apologised for his unavoidable absence from the last meeting of the Council. 


From the Town Clerk Paddington covering copy of a resolution passed by that Council in fighting the cooperation of this Council in a deputation to the Premier to ask for an endowment of 5/- in the £.Received and cooperation granted. 

From William Taylor intimating that his seat as suburban Municipal Representative on the Fire Brigades Board will become vacant by effluxion of time in March next and his intention to offer himself for re-election.  Received.

From William Marshall calling attention to the condition of the gutter in Roberts Street.  Received and referred to the Inspector for report. 


Finance Committee reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation amounting to £627.2.2 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £246.2.7.  The Mayor moved: “that the Finance Committee’s report as now read be and the same is here by adopted”.  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried. The Finance Committee reported the probable expenditure for the Municipal Year 1904 – 1905 at £10750.  Received and adopted. 

The Valuers Reported the total valuation of all rateable property to the £197683.  Received. 

Borough Treasurer submitted the usual statement of accounts since last report of 27th of January 1904 as follows:

To Balance Dr per last statement –   £508.2.3

Cheques issued –                            £627.2.2          

By Deposits                                     £234.6.4

Bank of Australasia Balance Dr         £900.18.1    



The Overseer of works – A number of Works carried out and completed during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received. 

The Inspector of Nuisances reported that the various contractors under his supervision as well as the block boys are carrying out their work satisfactory.  Received. 

MOTIONS PURSUANT TO NOTICE – Alderman Ibbotson moved:1 That the wood blocked area under the control of the Council in King Street and Enmore Road within the Enmore (Road) be top dressed with tar and sand at an estimated cost of £60 and referred to the Works Committee.  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried. 2 Alderman Edwards moved: That the carriageway in John Street from Wells Street to Lord Street be reformed ballasted and tarpaved at an estimated cost of £172 and referred to the Works Committee.  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.  3 That the carriageway in Pearl Lane from Dickson Lane to Wells Street be reformed and tarpaved and the cube crossing at the intersection of Wells Street lifted and relaid at an estimated cost of £21 and referred to the Works Committee.  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried. 

ANNUAL ASSESSMENT – The Mayor moved: “That the Council do now proceed to consider the Valuers Returns and the Finance Committee’s Estimate of the Probable Expenditure for the Municipal Year 1904-1905.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

VALUERS REPORT – The Valuers report disclosed the result of the valuation to be as follows:

Capital value of vacant land      £50180

As against                               £59040 last year

showing a decrease of             £8860 chiefly accounted for by the land utilised for building purposes.

Annual Rental Value                £197683

as against                              £188277 last year

exhibiting an increase of         £9406 namely as the result of 158 new premises erected during the past year. 


2 The Finance Committee in accordance with a resolution passed by the Council submitted the following estimate of the amount (that is to say £10750) which will be required for the now current Municipal Year in addition to any tolls rates or dues levied or authorised to be levied within this Municipality and to any probable income from fines voluntary contributions endowments or any other source of revenue to carry on the fencing making and repairing of any roads Bridges punts wharves piers or other public works within this Municipality and any other expenses necessary for carrying into effect the provisions of the Municipalities At of 1897. 

Resolved that the Finance Committees estimate (£10750) as the estimated probable expenditure for the current year be and is hereby adopted.

The Valuers returns being before the Council.  The Mayor moved3 “That the Council do now resolve into Committee of the Whole for the purposes of making an Assessment upon all rateable property within this Borough for the current year.”  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.

In Committee the Valuers report and returns were considered and an assessment made thereon.

On resuming the Mayor reported as follows 4″Your Committee of the Whole Council having considered the valuers report and returns of the valuation of rateable property in the Borough and made an assessment thereon now recommend the Council to adopt the same as the valuation and Assessment for the now current Municipal Year.”  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried. 5 The Mayor moved “that the report of the Committee of the Whole Council as now read be and the same is here by adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.  6  The Mayor moved: “That a rate of one shilling (1/-) in the £ be now levied for the current Municipal Year on the assessed value of rateable property in this Borough under the provisions and for the purposes of the Municipalities Act of 1897. “Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried. 7 Alderman Smith moved:”that a rate of three pence in the pound been now levied for the current Municipal year on the assessed value of all rateable property for the purposes of lighting the streets of this Borough with gas under the provisions of the Municipalities Act of 1897.”  Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried. 8 The Mayor moved:”That the Assessment now made and the rates of  1/- (one shilling) in the (£) pounds and 3 pence (three) pence in the (£) pound be fairly transcribed into the Rate book and the Mayor be and is hereby authorised to affix the Corporate Seal thereto.” 9 The Mayor moved: “That the amounts in respect of such rates of  1/- in the £ and 3 pence in the £ already imposed shall be payable at the office of the Council Clerk within the space of 30 days after service of the rate notice and after the second day of August in accordance with the By laws.”  Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.  10 The Mayor moved: that Wednesday the 23rd day of March be and the same is here by appointed that day on which appeals may be heard at the Newtown Police Court against the Assessment of rateable property in this Borough for the current Municipal Year. Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.  

This concluded the business and the Council rose.

Confirmed this 8th day of March 1904. Signed J F Smith, Mayor.


Month: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12