Tuesday 13th December 1904 

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm. 


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Howe, Abigail, Elstub, Edwards, Hitchcock, King, Archibald, Edwards, Ibbotson, Morgan and Smith. 


The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed. 


From J R Woodruff Gardam Electrical Engineer with reference to the proposal to erect Electric Lighting and Garbage Destruction plant offering to draw up a complete report on the whole question for the sum of fifty guineas.  Received.

From Herbert Bingham notifying that he is prepared to advise re-Electrical matters generally.  Received.

From William Phillips asking that tarpaving be laid in front of the store and a number affixed to his premises and the name of Fitzroy Street placed in a more conspicuous position. Received and left in the hands of the Mayor.

From the Board of Water Supply and Sewerage asking to be informed whether this Council is using water from the Board’s mains for Street watering and stating that it has been decided to in future enforce the rule that no water shall be allowed to be drawn from the mains for wood block washing or Street watering except through a meter standpipe. Received and information to be supplied.

From N D Evans in reference to the Inspectors later of 23rd instant directing certain alterations and repairs to premises number 167 King Street stating that it would be most inconvenient to have the work carried out before Christmas and asking postponement till the 1st week in January. Received and request granted.

From William Best drawing attention to Bligh Street which is in want of repair.  Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From C W King with reference to the alignment of Bligh Campbell and Nelson Streets asking directions as to how the building lines of the streets are to be correctly located. Received and the writer to be informed that the alignment be provided on payment of the usual fee.

From P C Douglas thanking the Council on the behalf of the St Stephen’s Parochial Council for the expeditious and efficient manner in which the work of kerbing and guttering path in front of church was carried out.  Received.

From J G Griffin asking to be furnished with a copy of the formal dedication to the Council as that portion of Union Street between Iredale Street and Cooks River Road which was furnished some years ago by the then owner Mr Eaves since deceased.Received and search to be made for the information desired.

From Thomas Woolley asking if the Council would forego a portion of the rates (£11.8.9) owing in respect of the piece of vacant land in Susan Street owned by Mrs Kirby. Received and the writer to be informed that no reduction can be made.

From Charles Roberts asking the free use of the Hall for a benefit concert in aid of the widow and family of the late Robert White late of Camperdown who are in very destitute circumstances. Received and request granted.

From the Council Clerk Erskineville asking the cooperation of this Council in a Deputation to the Minister for Works to advocate the construction of the Abercrombie Street Tramway. Received and cooperation granted. 


The Works Committee submitted their report dated 5 December relative to several matters referred to them from the Council. The Mayor moved that the Committees report be and the same is here by adopted.Seconded by Alderman Archibald and carried. 

The Overseer of Works reported various works carried out under his supervision during the past fortnight and works in progress.  Received. 

The Inspector of Nuisances reported that watering the streets before sweeping was partially successful in keeping the dust down and would be improved upon and amongst other things reported Re: the insanitary condition of an old W B Cottage between Alice and Holmwood Street and which is not connected with the sewer and asking authority to serve the necessary Public Health Act notices and if not complied with at the expiration of the time given a closing order to be obtained. Received adopted and the necessary authority granted. 

MAYORS MINUTE Deferred till later period. 


Alderman Abigail moved:1 “That a Special Committee be appointed to devise some scheme whereby a more plentiful supply of water than ordinarily available may be obtained for Street watering purposes within the Borough during the summer months and report to this Council.” Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.Alderman Abigail had been obtained commission moved that the Committee consist of the following Aldermen: Aldermen Archibald, Edwards, King and the mover.  Carried. 

The Mayor moved: 2 “That the Specification Committee be and are good to prepare a specification for making the Annual Valuation of all rateable property with in this Borough for the Municipal Year 1905 – 1906.”Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

3 “That applications be invited from two persons conjointly to make the annual valuation of all rateable property for the Municipal Year 1905 – 1906.” Seconded by Alderman Morgan.A discussion took place regarding the advisableness of fixing the price and Alderman Archibald moved that the motion be amended by adding the words for the sum of £65.” Seconded by Alderman Hitchcock and negatived.

Alderman Abigail moved to insert the words that the sum of £80. Seconded by Alderman King and negative. The motion was then put and carried. 


Consideration of Alderman W Taylor’s communication advising that a conference of Representatives of Suburban Councils held on 10th November by a large majority rejected Mr Superintendent Webb’s proposal that the Fire Brigades  organisation should be controlled and maintained by the State and carried the following resolution: “That provision should be made for maintaining Fire Brigades under a comprehensive Local Government Bill with compulsory insurance”; and asking if the Council is in accord with this resolution. After a lengthy discussion: “Resolved that the writer to be informed that in view of the indefinite proposal it is impossible to come to conclusion on the subject.”Resolved that a Special Meeting of the Council be held Wednesday 21st instant to consider tenders for making the Annual Valuation. Mayor’s Minute Resolved: “That the Council go into Committee of the Whole with closed doors to consider minute by the Mayor. In Committee the Minute was considered and on resuming the Mayor reported as follows.”Your Committee having considered the Mayors Minute now recommend that an Assistant Inspector of Nuisances be appointed and that the Specification Committee be and is hereby authorised to prepare specification of duties and the Finance Committee instructed to consider and report the salary to be offered.”Alderman Howe moved: “That the Committees report be and is hereby adopted.” Seconded by Alderman Elstub and carried. 

Signed JM Salmon, Mayor.

21st December 1904. ‘



Wednesday 21st December 1904 

Minutes of Special Meeting of the Council held in the Town Hall on the above date at 7.30pm. 


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Ibbotson, Elstub, Abigail, Howe, Morgan, Archibald, Hitchcock, Edwards, Smith, and King. 


The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed. 


The Specification Committee reported having in accordance with the resolution passed by the Council prepared specifications from making the Annual Valuation of all rateable property in the Borough which they submitted and recommended to the Council for adoption. The specification having been read Alderman Morgan moved: “that the Specification Committees report and specification be and the same are hereby adopted.” Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried. 


To open and consider Tenders for making the Annual Valuation of all rateable property for the Municipal Year 1905 – 1906. Messrs Palmer Brothers and Hoffman and Trahair with the only tenderers for the sum of £120 and £80 respectively that as the Palmers tender was not accompanied by the required deposit it was declared informal.  On the motion of Alderman Morgan seconded by Alderman Smith the tender of Messrs Hoffman and Trahair that the sum of eighty pounds was accepted and on being put to the meeting the motion was duly carried.

This was the business and the Council rose. 

Confirmed this 10 day of January 1905.

Signed J M Salmon, Mayor. 



Tuesday 27th December 1904 

As arranged at the last Ordinary Meeting of the Council held on 14 December the meeting which should have been held on the above date lapsed. 




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