Wednesday 27th January 1904 

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown held on the above date at 7.30pm. 


The Mayor (Alderman Salmon) and Aldermen Smith, Elstub, King, Jones, Fallick, Archibald, Rigg, Abigail, Ibbotson and Howe. 


The minutes of the previous meeting were read confirmed and signed. 


From Louis D Cohen applying for registration as a Rag picker and bottle dealer and forwarding 2/6 registration fee.  Received and to be considered in conjunction with the Inspectors report.

From A W Green Chairman Relief Boards Office offering to supply hand broken metal equal to or slightly lower rates than are often paid for machine broken metal.  Received and referred to the Works Committee.

From Duncan Salmon intimating that his connection with the business hitherto carried on under the style of the South Coast Quarries has ceased except as to compliance with current contracts and that his business will henceforth be carried on under the style of the Kiama Road Metal Company Limited.  Received.

From the Secretary Fire Brigades Board forwarding Statement of the estimated expenditure of the Board for the current year together with a memo of the sum now due by this Council viz: £115.9.2.  Received. 


The Finance Committee – reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since 29th of December 1903 amounting to £746.10.1 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £794.17.3.  Moved by the Mayor seconded by Alderman Smith and carried: “That the Finance Committee’s report as now read be and the same is here by adopted.” 

The Lighting Committee – submitted their report dated 21st of January with recommendations respecting various proposals for the erection of new lamps and removal of others.  Acting Chairman (Alderman Howe) moved: “That the Committee’s report as now read be and the same is hereby adopted.”  Seconded by Alderman Ibbotson and carried. 

The Borough Treasurer – submitted the usual statement of accounts since last report of the 29th December 1903 as follows:

Bank Balance Dr at 29th December –       £259.16.1

Cheques issued –                                     746.10.1

Deposits –                                               498.3.11

Bank Balance Dr –                                    508.2.3           



The Overseer of Works – reported a number of works completed under his supervision during the past fortnight and works now in hand.  Received.

The Inspector of Nuisances -amongst other matters reported: (1) that it had been found necessary for absence from and neglect of duty to dismiss one of the blocks boys; (2) with reference to premises number 9 O’Connell Street which the occupant desire the Council to register as a Rag picker and bottle dealers depot recommend that as the place is unsuitable and situated in a densely populated centre the application be not granted; and (3) that premises number 13 Prospect Street being in an insanitary condition recommend that the owner be served with the sanitary notice and failing compliance steps taken to obtain a closing order under the Public Health Act. 

Received and the portions of the report referring to the Rag picker and number 13 O’Connell Street referred to the Sanitary Committee. 

Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Jones moved: (1) “That the kerb and gutter in Dickson Lane both sides be completed 200 yards at an estimated cost of £77.10.0 and that the carriageway be formed and ballasted at an estimated cost of £65 and referred to the Works Committee for report.”  Seconded by Alderman Archibald and carried.     

The Mayor moved: (2) “that the Mayor be and is hereby authorised to affix the Corporate Seal to the By laws adopted by the Council on the 8th  December 1903.”  Seconded by Alderman Howe and carried. 

This concluded the business and the Council rose. 

Confirmed this 16 day of February 1904.Signed J M Salmon, Mayor. 


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