Bounded on the north by municipality of Camperdown; on the east by Redfern and Darlington; on the south by Macdonald-
town and St. Peters ; and on the west by Petersham and Marrickville.

Proclaimed a Municipality, 12th December, 1862.

Area-480 acres
Number of assessments-1874
Number of houses-4092
Miles of streets-22

Annual value-£185.545.
Council Chambers-Town Hall, King-street.
Office hours-Daily, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., 2 to 4 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Council meetings-Every alternate Tuesday.

W. Rigg, J.P.

Weeks White, J.P.
William Dolman, J.P.
J. F. Smith
James Swinbourne
Chas. Whately, J.P.
R. T. Bellemey
William Cox
Alfred McCann
John Salmon
H. T. Morgan
Jesse Cowley
Percy E. W. Deacon
John H. Reed
W, E. Cullam and W. G. Hincks
Henry W. Swan
A. C. Newman, Brown street
Horace W. Loadsman

326 Alb NEWTOWN. Alb

Albemarle Street-East side
Bedford street to 60 Australia street
Baltic street-Oxford street
Roberts Charles
Middleton Thomas
Wellington street-Regent street
Howard and Williams, butchers
9 Digweed James
11 Lewis Thomas
13 Macken P. J, carter
17 Middleton James, carpenter
19 Turtle Charles H., fruiterer
21 Simmons Thomas, wheelwright
23 Smith W. L., butcher
Denison street
25 Carrie George, baker
27 Smith Henry, bootmaker
29 Delponte Philip, fruiterer
33 Smith John
35 Fowler Mrs.
37 Tagg George, joiner
39 Tomlinson Thomas
West side
Baltic street
Thompson Miss, private school, “Abbotsford”
Oxford street
Anderson Charles, “Albemarle”
Wellington street
6 Fewkes Henry N. grocer
Pike William, milk vendor
10 Henninges Henry, baker
Regent street
12 Carlisle hotel-Ann Gray
14 Murray John, bootmaker
16 Tonkinson J. W. C., plumber
18-20 Macken P. J., grocer
Denison street
24 Barry Miss M., storekeeper
26 Baldwick James, blacksmith
Baldwick A. T., dentist
28 Elliott Mrs.
30 Hutchins George
Albert Street-North side
Bedford to Trade street

2 Gibson Samuel, carpenter
Gibson Mrs., midwife
3 Carter –
5 Ross W. G.
7 Cook Silas, printer
9 White W.
11 Harper William, clerk
Harper B., draper
13 Ellis G.
15 Kent J. G., chemist
17 Mackenzie K., news agent

South side

2 Boyd Joseph, coal merchant
6 Lawrence James, lime merchant

Alice lane



Ali NEWTOWN. Aus 327

Alice Street—North side King street to Edgeware road The Peacock Jam Coy,—George B. Edwards, proprietor Edwards G. B., ” Clifton cottage” Douglas George, ” Lilborough ” Louisa terrace— Gaddes George W. Foley John, constable Lewis W. J. Alien Charles H. Gore John, hairdresser Trotter William, builder and contractor Eves William Brady Thomas, ‘bus proprietor 1 Revel Mrs., fuel merchant 4 Kerr .Richard, plasterer Cremin Timothy, examiner public works, “Culvie” Crimstone, A. J. Webster William, “Flora villa” Barber Abel, brick manu- facturer. “Glassnook” Smart Mrs. W., ” Perth ” Younghusband S. J.,”Cheshunt” Wisdom William S.,” Steelehurst” Lance Edward, painter Blackburn H. Grundy George, ” Alice villa ” Clare street Burling C., grocer Austin U. Jelly Henry W. Morton Thomas, blacksmith Deaman Thomas, dray proprietor Richards, G. E., photographer Rose Thomas J., enginefitter Crawshaw — Terrett — Wannell Faithful Exeter terrace— 1 Seholl A. 2 Vickery George 3 Towell Benjamin 5 Goodyer J. M., carpenter 6 Blackwin C. J. 7 Waite George, builder 8 Smith Walter, carter Steele James Elliott Joshua, carpenter Lovick Julius James Morton William, stonemason Morton Mrs. Margaret Morton John, stonemason Eastwood Fred. Jelly W. H., fruiterer Prince street South side Newton Joseph, carpenter Fewings R. J., ” The Grove” Goold P., “Avoca” Deacon Edmund, insurance adjuster, Goodsell Henry W. Pearl street Souter G. F., ‘bus proprietor Griffin Peter Chalder A. D., architect Tournay A. A., gas engineer Biggs Arthur Northwood F. J. Douglas Mrs., ” Richmond” Douglas Henry, carpenter Morris Alfred, ” Hartley” White William. ” Tarana” Downes Mrs. Elizabeth, ” Edenia” Islay terrace— 1 Heptonstale Isaac, carpenter 2 Shillig Albert 3 Lotze Mrs. Lottie 4 Bell Thomas, stonemason Hawken street Wynn William Trenmer James Roebuck P., rocking-horse manu- facturer Maitland William Australian Workers” Laundry—Ellen Patterson in charge
Angel Street—East side Erskineville road to King street 4 Henness Cyril, collarmaker 8 Rowbiottom —. 12 Furev Adam 14 Taylor Mrs. D. Newman street 16 Whitham Mrs., grocer 18 Tehan Michael 22 Hallam William 24 Hacking F. 26 McIntyre Charles, carpenter 28 Sylvester Mrs., ladies’ nurse 30 Lloyd J. W. Lily terrace— 1 Burnes Charles 2 Bussey G. 3 Cazneau L. H. 4 Adams George, briekmaker 5 Delahunty Joseph 6 Boylan William 7 Howard H., joiner 8 Murray Samuel, guard 9 Sennett James 10 Druce Walter 11 Ogawa Y. 12 Woodcock W. T. 15 Cummings Arthur, bootfinisher 16 Crotty Mrs. M. A. 17 Chew C. H. 18 Murphy Thomas, carpenter 19 Burton Sydney, blacksmith Bakey James Burgess William, joiner Rockliff Mrs. E. Keckliff F., grocer Harold street 68 Williams D. R., grocer 681.2 Power — Munnie street 80 Grant Mrs., ” Don cottage ” 82 Cameron W., “Dee cottage ” 86 Aird George 88 Hansford Albion, bricklayer 90 Dent William, stonemason 92 Willison J. W., carpenter 94 Brown Frederick, carpenter 9$ King George, taxidermist 98 Armstrong W., farrier Iredale street West side Newman street Chapman Mark, bricklayer Norfolk street Redwin John, builder 57 Campbell John, grocer 59 Hollabone Augustus, tinsmith Industrial Hall 61 Dobson Edward, carpenter 63 Webster Philip St. John’s street
Augustus Street— North side London to Charles street Dansie Richard, com. traveller Thomas Miss, dressmaker Harden John Dowling John, tailor Hermann H. B., carpenter Lecrau Thomas Owen George Wilmot and Morgan, contractors Stirling James Wickham Robert Smith Alfred Gough Robert
Spence John, boilermaker Bailey David Rogers Mrs., “Jubilee House” Mutch — South side Nathan Alfred Bradley James, carpenter Barker F. J., bootmaker Barrett John Bramwell John Thompson Thomas, miner, ” Edwin Cottage”
Australia Street—East side Town Hall, King to Bishopsgate street Bank of Australasia (branch)—John H. Reed, manager Newtown Police Station—W. R. Elliott, sub-inspector Newtown Courthouse—Francis South Fielder, J.P., C.P.S., Registrar Small Debts Court, agent for Curator of Intestate Estates; W.S. Kelk, Deposition clerk ; H. Loadsman, bailiff Newtown Metropolitan Fire Brigade Station—Chas. Brown, officer in charge Mackenzie Alexander, blacksmith Court House hotel—Emma Hayden Lennox street 23 Kell William, carpenter Anstey John, van proprietor Joyce James 25 Gilbert Mrs. E. M. 27 Lee William 29 Butcher Walter J,, printer 31 McNamara Thomas, sen.sergt. police 33 Short George, journalist Dessaix A.S.and T.P.,coachbuilders 37 Crozier G. F., painter 39 Andrews Ernest and Co., under- takers Andrews Thomas and Sons, monu- mental masons 41 McGuire John, cab proprietor 43 Climpsoa George Primitive Methodist Church—Rev. E. Mastermau 47 Barclay Isaac 49 Perry — Harding Abraham 51 Adams Thomas 53 Bizant P. A., mine manager 55 Jordan William J. 59 Givins Charles, news agent Givins John 61 Beves George, plasterer 63 Wood Thomas 65 Harris Edward, ironmoulder 67 Hall Sydney, stonemason 69 Bradford George W.,painter 71 Mingay William, dairykeeper 91 Raymond James, butcher West side Alton lane 2 Parker A., house and land agent Hirt James, bootmaker 6 Newcombe Mrs. 8 Ward Mrs., nurse 10 Alexander Samuel 13 Clinton Joseph, blacksmith Clinton Maurice 14 Gibbons Mrs. 16 Johanson Andreas 18 Fitzgerald J. D.,-solicitor 20 Field Miss, music teacher Field John 24 Best Mrs. Jane 26 Cromwell Henry, solicitor 28 Batty Robert 30 Pinfold W. R., bricklayer 32 Jolly Joseph, painter 34 Mulhall Francis



328 Ayl NEWTOWN. Buc

Australia street continued— 36 Taylor Scolly, painter Taylor Edward 38 Symons W., furniture dealer Holmes Mrs..confectioner Holmes Henry, painter 40 Arnold Henry, greengrocer Watkinson H. B., plumber 46 Phillips Thomas, bootmaker Croker J., grocer Lennox street 48 Turner George, van proprietor Kent lane Public Kindergarten chool—Miss Ranclaud, mistress Campbell’s lane 58 Mayhew George, painter 60 Rossiter E. T., draper Albemarle street 62 Cusack John, ‘bus proprietor 66 Peirce Miss Sarah, ladies’ school 68 Brooks Miss 70 Nottle Thomas 72 Bohrsmann John, draper 74 Wynne W., fuel merchant 76 Gilmour W. H , traveller 80 Simpsoa Henry, fishmonger 82 Wilton Henry, van proprietor 84 Smethurst F., van proprietor 86 Ibbitson Mrs. E. 88 Degenhardt John, baker 90 Cooper Thomas, decorator 82 Hamilton W. 94 Denholm David, carpenter 96 Hopkins Thomas 98 Toohy William 100 Stoops George, greengrocer Lands lane 106 Shaul James, van proprietor
Aylesbury Street Off Missendon road Holly Jonathan, gardener Reed C. G., dentist
Bailey Street -East side Enmore road to Holt street 1 Fuller John 3 Honan John 5 Goodwin Philip 9 Rice Mrs. 11 Simpson — 13 Newtown John 17 Moran John 19 Jones Mrs. M. A. 21 Morgan Mrs. Isabella, laundress 23 Cann George, carpenter 25 Dow Miss Esther, dressmaker 27 Worbois Gillard 29 Cassidy James 31 Hobson W.F., commercial traveller Short street
Baltic Street-North side Bedford to St. Mary’s street 1 Goodhew W. H. E., collector 3 Bullock R. 5 Burkitt H., engineer 7 Hayden Thomas 11 Turtel E. A., clerk Campbell’s lane 15 Very Thomas. builder 17 Riemenschneider Carl F. Albemarle street St. Joseph’s R.C. girls’ school Downie Henry, tram conductor South side 4 Ayling Mrs. G. A. 6 Wakely Mrs. Eliza 8 Miller William, “Harcourt” 10 Healey John 12 Smith William fruiterer 14 Groves George, compositor
16 Jenyns Ebenezer, surgical instru- ment maker 18 Harwood Daniel J.
Bedford Street Town Hall—King to Trade street Town Hall—Jesse Cowley, Council clerk ;John Keating, caretaker Lincoln Thomas, farrier Craine J., news agent Kemp Walter, bootmaker Melville Hector, wheelwright Denison street Ewers William, confectioner Melville Hector McKeuzie M., electric engineer DePiater Michael Jones William 7 Happ Mrs., grocer 8 Dubber William, plasterer 9 Flaus Mrs., dressmaker 10 Mullen Edward. stairbuilder 11 Millwood Henry Regent street 14 Vaile George E. Boyne and Turner, contractors Wellington street St.Joseph’s Chapel(R.C.)—Very Rev. P. Slattery St.Joseph’s school(R.C.)—The Chr- istian Brothers 17 Roach — 18 Paikes John, painter 19 Way Joseph, gardener 21 Beal James, contractor 22 McClellan Alexander Chard lane—Baltic street—Albemarle street—Albert street 29 Tapsell R. 30 Brown Henry, sign writer 31 Sylvester George 32 Murphy Daniel, surveyor 33 May Elizabeth Crimston W. F. Fettes John Ritchie Mrs. Jane 34 Ireland Mrs. Elizabeth Ireland E., signwriter 35 Cousins Enoch 36 Brake William, builder
Belmore street—South side London to Phillip street Stratford George Pond Mrs. M. Clark Frederick, compositor White John S. Hubert William Pike William, contractor, “Belmore house” Paton Thomas, ” Balgray house” Noble W. H. 27 Craig William 29 Munro — 31 Moore John B. North side Simpson Mrs. A., ” Jesmond ” Keating Mrs. L., ” Louisaviile ” Sleeman J , ” Merial” Fraser J. Scott William, engineer Silk Thomas, agent, ” Milwarree ” Frederick E. L., “Ilam villa”
Bishopsgate Street—South side 106 Australia to St. Mary’s street 1 Williams Mrs. 2 Hanshaw John L. Denison street Pickerill A., grocer Regent street— Wellington street Armstrong W. 4 Gordon Arthur
5 Buck Robert R. 6 Rowley Mrs. Susan 7 Smith J. O. (For North side, see Camperdown)
Bligh street -South side 1 King street to Missendon road Mould Mrs. A. E. Hill Peter, contractor Sampson Charles Nelson street Byrnes B., wood and coal merchant, ” Park View ” Farley Fred, grocer, ” Alroy ‘ Withers Edward, warehouse manager, ” Rosebank ” Goodhew Robert, transit officer Robinson Mrs. Oxley Edward,painter, “Bligh cottage” Hewitt James Johnson James. “Antrim house” Hogan P. J.. cab-driver O’Brien Mrs. Philip Yates Thomas, public; school teacher Cox John Fillin James, modeller Melville W. V. Fisk E. R. Nagel Edward, photographer (For North side, see Camperdown)
Brown street—East side 136 King to Wilson street Flatau John M., surgeon Salvation Army barracks Whittle Thomas, architect Scott Robert Barbour William, tile layer Deacon Joseph Street Albert Lamertou Edmund A , bricklayer Wilson street Cunningham Winford, fuel merchant Russell George, carter Bennett G. M., ” Florenceville ” Statham Edwin, civil engineer Walker Christopher P., carriage painter Kerswell H. Garvarn Denis A. West side Williamson John, pawnbroker Salvation Army Home Newman Alfred, ” Bellebro ” Newman Alfred, district registrar Barber Alfred, painter Thomson and Salmon, plumbers Solomon A. M., photographer
Bucknell Street -East side 70 King to Wilson street Yaralla street Newtown Carriage Co.—Sidney Simp- son, manager 6 Triggs Mrs., boardinghouse Geddes — 10 Boreland Mrs. Elizabeth, “Hector- ville”‘ 12 Morton Samuel 14 Grocott M. A., engineer 16 Loyick William 18 Scaplehorn Joseph R., master mariner 20 Drew Herbert W. 22 Buchanan Archibald 20 Stephenson William, paper ruler 22 Berg W. H., com. traveller 22a Buckland James, upholsterer 24 Smith Henry, fuel merchant 26 Bonus William 28 Lewis Mrs. 30 Wiseman Frederick, carpenter 32 Aitken Mrs.



Bur NEWTOWN. Cha 329

34 Morrison James 43 Murray J. 44 Michael Henry A., merchant West side 1 Howes George, brushmaker 3 Fenwick Mrs. 5 Hill Charles, 7 Grose Joseph H., painter 9 Richardson Mrs. Susan 11 Rice Silas carpenter 13 Thwaites Joseph, chemist 17 Payten Andrew Buchanan A. M., com. traveller Henderson Ronald, clerk Reid Alexander 19 Stone Meyer 21 McNamara Mrs. 23 Sheard Mrs. E. 25 Southern George R. 29 Forster George 31 Cassell Alfred, compositor 33 Clarke. J. W. R. 35 Swain Mrs. 37 Charman Charles, bricklayer 43 Soden Mrs. Florence Soden William H. 45 Newton John, enginedriver 47 Johnson Mrs. 49 Willard F. C. 51 Byron Michael Flint Samuel, enginedriver
Burren Street — West side Wilson street to Railway arch Copeland Henry. M. L. A., “Yarraville” East side Connor W., tin and iron worker Weston Arthur, clerk Fernow J., vanman McAnulty John, tram conductor Loaney J. J., bricklayer Macdonaldtown Station—G. S. Hodgkin- son, stationmaster
Cambridge Street — East side Enmore road to Liberty street Painter Mrs. E., ” Glenaire ” South side Quavle Captain Philip, ” Wairoa” Wylie John, ” Brooklyn ” Curnow William, editor SYDNEY MORN- ING Herald, ” Cl;ifton ” Stratton Mrs, Hume Francis. White Richard, ” Roseville ”
Camden Avenue 1 Bolt Frederick 2 Campbell Jacob, painter 4 Collins J. T. Minihan Patrick
Camden Street – North side 41 King street to Edgeware roadStation street — College street Howitt T., ” Eliza Cottage ‘ Stocks F., fruiterer Monteith Andrew, sen. Monteith H-plasterer Monteith R. stonemason Monteith Thomas, plasterer Kean William H., ” Finart House ” Nicol Andrew King Helen Cosgrove Samuel, “Corrie cottage Aldridge George, – Cobar cottage ” Haberley George, butcher
Ferndale street Parkinson Stephen, shunter Keyes William. watch and clock maker Green Horace E. F. Poulton F. L., bricklayer Assender J. J. Shepherd John, storekeeper Simmons street James Thomas C., carpenter Bartholomew Stephen Burke John tailor Steer James Cox Thomas, oilman, ” Bright’s cottage” Bright Philip Alderson Mrs. M. Brown William Short street Johnson Nels, boot maker Neale John T., accountant Edgeware road South side Shannon Thomas 3 Babilinski Joseph Peacock’s Jam factory Camden avenue Booty Philip S. Fletcher William G., engineer Fletcher Mrs., dressmaker Lavinia Cottages— James Philip 3 Gilfillan Ebenezer, wool-classer 4 Bundy Edward J. 5 Ford Henry H. 6 Brown Arthur A. Gemmell William, draughtsman Glendenning James, trainer Alva terrace— 1 Robertson John 2 Dawson William 3 McKenzie Thomas 4 Latham Oliver 5 Pain Otto 6 McLaughlin J Phillips David A., ironmoulder Monteith Andrew Jones J. E., stonemason Ireland Mrs. Dwyer John McAnally James, bootfinisher Orr James, stonemason Doyle Bartholomew Doyle Thomas Burnett’s stables Smith Mrs, A. R. King Miss dressmaker James H., grocer Clare street Byron John, currier Matthews Mrs. Fairless Mrs E Robinson Alexander, watchman Gentz Robert, laundry Dunnett Mary, nurse Rose William Cooney Edward, – Worcester ” Cooney Francis, ” Rose cottage ” Parry C. A., canvasser Legge Samuel Lynn Joseph ” Leamington ” Ward-— Dalby G., enameller Walker John Sutherland Alexander, carpenter Blakely Mrs. Coutie Joseph, coachbuilder Gould Alfred W., carpenter Mehan Michael Dingwall B. C. Mrs. Waugh Elizabeth, fruiterer Princes street Scott Richard, butcher Campbell street — East side 25 O’Connell to Bligh street Susan street to Missenden road 2 Quar James, carpenter 4 Singleton Mrs. Mary Ann 6 Stokes Joseph 8 Carley Stephen, commercial traveller 10 McKay J., plasterer 20 Moorley Harry 24 Smith Samuel 28 Phillips Arthur, woodturner 30 McClymont William, carpenter Elizabeth street 32 Davies David 34 Hopkinson James 36 Heath S. W., builder 38 Hovenden Mrs. 44 Snowden Mrs. 48 Spear R. G., picture framer 50 Halpin Andrew 52 Day Edmund 54 Goodhew Henry, gardener North Newtown Public School—J. Fletcher, head master 66 Needham, Mrs. 68 Hart Thomas 70 Carney Mrs. 76 Jarman Andrew 78 Bogan Bernard 80 Hayden Charles, harnessmaker Thruchly T. S., ” Victoria Lodge ” 94 Woolley J. H., contractor Nelson street 102 Cocksedge Thomas Z. West side Susan street—Missenden road 1 Mader Mrs L. 41 Maloney Thomas, dairykeeper 47 Willis Henry 49 Outlaw William, plumber 67 Boyd Joseph butcher 69 Magill Samuel, fireman 71 Dunton Thomas, painter 73 Henderson Mrs. M. 75 Gibson Samuel 77 Watson William, fitter 79 Spithill M. T, plumber 77 Williams Henry, plumber Nelson street Selig P. B. 93 Morrisy Daniel 96 Garnet”! Walter 97 Martin Mary, dressmaker
Cavendish Street—North side Cambridge to Liberty street Stilsby John, vanman Macaulay George South side Dozens Mrs. Rosenthall Maurice Cosgrove James “Taunton” Cosgrove Miss, private school Barnes Charles, bacon-curer
Chalder Street Hordern to O’Connell street 2 Lawther Francis music teacher 4 Smith Mrs. Elizabeth 6 Webb William, bookkeeper 8 Rudd Miss 10 Curry T. W. 12 Scorer Henry 14 Brasinske B. painter 16 Attneave Christopher 18 Danaher David. engineer 20 Davis John, engraver 22 Parker Carlisle, fuel merchant 24 Parker Mrs. S. R.



330 Cha NEWTOWN. Den

Charles Street—East side London to Phillip street Graham Thomas McCann James O’Sullivan Michael P., engineer Rooney Patrick, H.M.C, ” Elmhurst ” Burrowes W. Fred, ” Calliope * Maher Mrs. Mayo Thomas, jeweller Mayo Mrs., ladies’ school Paton John,” Rialto” Watson’s terrace— 4 Newall William, agent 3 Garthside R. 2 Gatland Emma 1 Croft Miss, dressmaker West side Denham William B., coachpainter Bennett J., ” Ada villa” Clark —., ” Eva villa” Moy Mow Mrs. Saull William, cooper Newton J. A. H., professor of music Nelson George H.. ” Avoca” Perkins William, “Clifton” Haining Thomas, coachbuilder McClean James, jun. Lennon H. Lambourn E. W., grocer Augustus street Church Street—East side King street to Camperdown boundary 1 Crook C., builder 3 Hannigan Miss, school teacher 5 Clark Miss, school teacher 7 Messent R., builder 9 Hawkins Frederick, signwriter 11 Harris Mrs. Emma 11½ Gillespie J. 13 Atkinson Thomas. eoachpainter Mechanic street 15 Harris George 17 Wilson William, plasterer 19 Wyatt H. J., builder 21 Johnston John, constable 23 Tarrant James, upholsterer 25 Jarvis Stephen 27 Madden William 22 Verco Richard, carpenter 31 Taylor Mrs., midwife Victoria street 33 Ball Thomas W., builder 35 Gommeson G. H., undertaker 37 Whalton James, butcher 39 Ventors Miss M. King Brothers, blaeksmiths 49 Walker E. John, signwriter Prospect street 51 Howe H. N., builder 53 Ware Joseph, carpenter 57 Watson Charles, painter 59 Cox George A, cook 63 Benson Joseph 65 Woolley Thomas, carpenter 67 Gray Robert 69 Gough J. 71 Owen John, warehouseman 77 Reed J. H. 79 Relph Joseph, shorthand school 81 Comber P., cab proprietor 83 Haines John, cab proprietor Haines Mrs, midwife 87 Healy Henry missionary (C. of E.) 89 Getttngs John 93 Thompson Mrs. Ann Raper street 93 Venters Mrs., dressmaker 95 Harbridge J. 97 Keain Andrew 99 Cane Mrs. 101 Mclntosh William, stonemaaon 103 Stokes B. P. West side Kingsbury James, surgeon Lennox street Baptist Church -Rev. William Coller St. Stephen’s Church—Rev. Robert Tay- lor, incumbent Newtown Cemetery—Thos.Clarke, sextant
Clare Street—East side Off Alice street Hutton Mrs. Szarka John Dark Solomon, bricklayer Spilstead Arthur, coachpainter Scrivener Joseph H., printer West side Hill Henry Forrest Mrs.
College Street Camden to Holt street Parsonson — Fitzmaurice W. R., civil engineer Shaw William Barraclough J., bricklayer Galway David Kent street Haffner Louis, bricklayer Vance D. Pogson Mrs7 ” Glendiver ” Wilson William, patternmaker Petersen Christian Arnold John, ” Bidura” Carnell Robert Margaret street Henwood Charles, blacksmith, “Wairoa”
Commodore Street—East side Wells to Pearl street Jones John, brickmaker Bubb John, fitter Parry William Chambers Charles, engineer Symington Charles Swain Walter, joiner,” Hilderville ” Biggs Thomas C., fuel merchant Fennell Joseph Oran James, bootfinisher Dingle Richard Dunn Mrs. R. Dunn Miss E., dressmaker Dumas Mrs. Grace Drummond George Strickland William G. Haining Thomas West side Dolph S. H., cabinetmaker Wanless Mrs. Eldridge Claude, dyer, “Newington ” Lemon John H. Smith Mrs. E., midwife Carmichael David Hodge Frederick Evans L. Fitton H. Pratt Mrs. M. Mulquiny James Laura street Mulquiny Mrs Kate, grocer Young Charles, fruiterer Pearce James, boilermaker Stubbs J. R., draughtsman Willis George, tuckpointer Bryant John Bryant William, painter Goodhall H.H.
Crescent Street Enmore road to Phillip street Laurence James, cement merchant Station street—Gladstone street
Newtown Railway Goods Station—A. J. Ousby, goods clerk Wilkinson Mrs. C.
Denison Street—East side Bedford to Bishopsgate street Alton lane 5 Slade Charles 9 Weeks Thomas, fuel merchant 15 Clark — 19 Brookes Alfred, salesman 21 Holden Mrs., draper Augarde Edwin Hudson Clara 23 Price Arthur 25 Burges Richard, carpenter 27 Barton Henry, carpenter 29 Whitbread Joseph, saddler 31 Duncan Thomas E., carpenter 37 Cavillon Joseph Francis lane—Lennox street—Kent lane 39 Benson Edward, clerk 41 Stephenson H. W., enginedriver 43 Leonard Mrs. E. Barnett Mrs., nurse 45 Correy Ernest, clerk 47 Lynden Mrs. M. Campbell lane Albemarle street—Fitzroy lane 49 Martin Walter 51 Vinskin Henry 53 Owen Mrs. M. A. 55 Taplin H. W., boilermaker 57 Cummins John 57½ Kilborn William 59 Cooper Frederick, van proprietor 61 Schofleld Mrs. 67 Ainsworth Mrs. J. 69 Cox Charles W. 71 Burke Paul 73 Hood Mrs. 75 Davis George 77 Snellgrove John G. 79 Mitchell Mrs. M., dressmaker 79½ Smith John, watchman 81 Whitfield G. N., storeman 83 Hattersley H. T., clerk 85 Thompson John, plumber 87 Leonard Patrick 89 Oates William 91 Clark Alfred 93 Curphey Thomas, carter 95 Bolton Walter 97 Gilby — 99 O’Connor Mrs. A., greengrocer 101 Bendall Matthew H. 103 Bradford George, butcher 105 Smith John A., blacksmith 107 Mackie Alexander, constable West side Mackenzie Alexander 2 Craine James, newsagent 3 Byram Mrs. M. Dyer Frank, fireman . 6 Henderson William 8 Barton Mrs. 12 Dummett Alfred, Stonemason 14 Becke Samuel, plasterer 18 Neal James, coachsmith 20 Lannen Joseph, wheelwright 22 Mulqueeney Thomas Howard John 34 Baker Stephen, plasterer 26 Butler Mrs. Mary 28 Butler Edward Francis lane 30 Butler John Lennox street—Kent lane 32 Eveille L., van proprietor 36 McLean William A. 38 Shirley Alfred J. 40 Hickling Robert, hotel manager Campbell’s lane



Dic NEWTOWN. Eli 331

44 Jolly James, stonemason Abigail J. and Son, grocers Albemarle street 48 Barrington Frederick C. 50 Reynolds John 52 Atkinson William Fitzroy lane 54 Grimsley T., painter 56 Smith J. F., butcher 58 Wells W., painter 62 Organ George 65 Andrews T. J., monumental mason 68 Teague H. J., printer 70 Reynolds H. J. Willett John, carpenter Garchia David, cabman 72 Thirgood Mrs. 74 Maddigan Mrs., dray proprietor 78 Morrow Matthew, carpenter 80 Smith Louisa 82 Davidson Samuel 86 Donnelly Bernard 88 Goodwin Mrs., dressmaker Goodwin Joseph, painter 90 Haswell Thomas 92 Newman Gustus, baker 98 Torr L, A., licensed drainer 100 Thompson Charles, carter 102 O’Regan Frederick 104 Pickwell Arthur, grocer
Dickson Street—South side Off King street south 1 Meir Joseph 2 Dalton George 3 Dalton A. J. 4 Lee Frederick 5 Macrow S. A. T. M. 7 Clarke W. J. North side May S. H., conveyancer Borland Robert Horton Arthur Macnamara H. B., asphalter Alderson Oswald Austin George Austin Miss, music teacher
Don Street—East side Station to Reiby street Elston George Phillips W. Adamson Thomas Marshall William Hay James B. Mclntyre Miss Mclntyre Robert West side 1 Burdett L., surveyor 2 Pierce William, commercial traveller 3 Alderson John, warehouseman 4 Johnson Charles H., bricklayer Bourne Charles, “Brighton” Burnham Anthony, cutter
Edgeware Road—East side Enmore road to May street Fay James, billiard saloon Ball and Yare, cabinetmakers Baldick A., timber merchant Houston William, grocer, ” Hinton” Dawson Henry, M.L.A., “Monaro” Grant Mrs., ” Middlemarch ” Crane William, jun, auctioneer and land agent Davis Mrs, “St. Elmo” Schenk Pastor George (Lutheran) Martin Thomas, ” Chandos Williams—, “Vine cottage” Clarkson William, ” Paladin” Reynard J., ” Sutherland ”
McKenzie S. E., tobacconist Nash George, “Stirling” Frederick E., ” Gordon cottage” Rozea Mrs., ” Sherbrooke ” Paul Mrs. A. M., ” Glendruid ” Fowler Fredrick W., ” Maudville” Page Mrs. Cross lane Taylor James “Nellieville” Ellis Mrs., “Stradella” Williams Henry, ” Ellandwood ” A Allworth F. C, ” Alverston” Grater Charles, contractor, “Madoline” Carrington cottages— 1 Jones H. M. 3 McDonald M. B. 4 Ward Constantine 6 Walker John, clerk 7 Robinson D. 8 Britton — Day William Brighton George, “Helvetia” Clifton terrace— 1 Keith Alexander 2 Billingham Albert 3 Lambert Mrs. Chapman Henry, builder Hunt W., architect, ” Rugby ” Sarah street—James street Bruning John Schwoebel George, dray proprietor Duncanson John White William Vause Frederick, plumber Hill Mrs. A. E. Enmore hotel—Patrick Martin Camden street Loveday Thomas, greengrocer Brown W. Woodcock Charles, grocer Alice street 1 Ramsay D. 2 Webster Mrs. 3 Murray Charles 4 Bayley Walter 5 Hodson V. F. 6 Allen J. K. 7 Lonner R. 8 White Charles 9 Hanley — 10 Miles M. 12 Harrison Mrs. 13 Stafford Mrs. H, 14 Cains J. A. 16 Smix Robert 18 Vickery Mrs. 19 Holmes J. L. Laura street—Wells street Wright William F. Williard A. H., contract carter, “Bolwarra” Smith John, carter, “Buckholt” Masseaux — Maria street Walshaw George, grocer Wannell George, plasterer Gagan James, cooper Mead Peter Lord street—Railway crossing West side Gannon L. E, solicitor, “Kilmanach” 1 Ryan J.J., ” Tara ” 2 Harrison Thomas, “Milton” Wall W.C., “Ibrox ” 5 Spencer W., surgeon, ” Oakville” Cunningham — Bowden Alfred, “Kent house” Evans Cuthbert G.. ” Waratah ” Harvey William, ” Marlowe ” Nottingham Mrs., “Alma” Rofe Charles A. Smith H. T., ” Toronto villa ” Bullen James, ” Glenhaughton ” Elliott William, sub-inspector police, ” Egham ” Hobson Thomas, “Ascot” Cranbrook terrace— 3 Hillis John R. 5 Hughes Mrs. A. E. 6 Morris A. 7 Ronand Archibald 8 Strathford William Lynch William, ” Alva ” McLaren Mrs. A., ” Ivan ” Alton terrace— 1 Clissold Samuel 2 Andrews F. J., baker 3 Clemson Thomas C. C. Munday F. G., “Elling” Donovan D. D. Harrow road Morton W., ” Camsea ” Barker R. J., ” Blackbrae ” Donovan Misses, dressmakers Burnes Mrs., dressmaker
Egan Street—East side King to Calder street 3 Condon Thomas Victoria street 11 Scannell Daniel 13 Kilkearey Martin, gardener 15 White Mrs. 17 Hartley Barnet 19 Spilstead Mrs. 21 McLaren John, bricklayer 25 Russell J. 27 Popjoy J. W., carpenter 29 Carleton John Prospect street 33 Parker H., fuel merchant 35 Ross George 37 Dowling G. 39 Fuller Mrs. M. 41 Hall Richard 43 Cowie John, carpenter Walton Mrs. 45 Osborne John 47 Smith William 49 Bevis Henry West side Daggar Maria Brown Ann Dee Henry, plumber 8 Goddard H. G., machinist Slinning P., fuel merchant Wicken J., von proprietor 14 Cohen Daniel, bottle merchant 16 Boyett Alfred Victoria street 18 Tuft William Agnew Mathew, constable McMulIen Daniel, cab proprietor Richards Mrs. 20 Richards E- T., currier 22 Fink Thomas, baker 24 Beach Richard 24a Mitchell James 26 Mason George, draper 28 Hodgkinson Thomas, tinsmith ! 30 Rooty Mrs. Jane 34 Bowers John, dealer 36 O’Sullivan John, engineer Prospect street St Stephen’s C. of E. Parsonage—Rev Robert Taylor
Eliza Street—East side King to Lennox street 3 Beehag Gideon 5 Trindall Dr. R. 7 Cahill John A. B., solicitor Pettit — 13 Mossman Thomas, carter 15 Lee Harry, fireman 17 Kinder George, stonemason Veany M., accountant



332 Eli NEWTOWN. Fer

Eliza street continued- West side Police Station Cook Henry, plasterer
Elizabeth Street King to Richard street Prince off Wales hotel—Compton Walker Longdown street 1 Cocksedge Thomas H. 3 Welsh Mrs, 5 Mahon Mrs. M. Mahon Dan Mahon Edward
Enmore Road-North side King street to Stanmore road Work J. L, chemist Wood Wallace, fuel merchant Loram Mrs. Jane, ladies’ nurse Colney Walter, printer Thomson and Co., plumbers, &c. Cousins Charles, bootmaker Rignell Tom, tailor SUBURBAN INDEPENDENT newspaper- T. Preston, proprietor Ford W. S, and Co., printers Conyngham Paul, tobacconist Jashkie Gustave, modeller Martin Christopher, Venetian blind and picture frame maker Morris Miss E., storekeeper Marsh W. G , hairdresser Carroll Mrs, grocer Redfearn Joseph, piano tuner Grimsley F., jeweller Andrews Mrs., milliner and dressmaker Newtown United Friendly Societies’ Dispensary—A. Stephen, manager Porter Brothers, fuel merchants Station street Randell’s terrace— 1 Coles Charles Wait Miss, music teacher 2 Davis Robert 3 McClean John, professor of dancing McClean Madame, teacher of music and dancing 4 Scurr Miss, dressmaker Mills Mrs. C., nurse Bradney Samuel, carpenter 5 Lockman Mrs. 6 Balmer Mrs. Jane 7 West Eliza Langhorne Georger estate agent 9 Harpham Mrs. E. Savage Samuel, builder Wilford street Foster His Honor William J., Supreme Court Judge, “Thurnby ” Foster T. C. J., hamster Foster K. P, judge’s associate Phillip street Maudson Miss, dressmaker Edwards W. J., bootmaker Carroll James, bootmaker Smyth F. G. wood,coal and produce merchant Cooper A., harnessmaker Goldsworthy John, umbrella maker Johnson F.W., baker and confectioner Johnson Ivy. bootmaker Vassie G., ham and beef shop Smith W. G, hairdresser Davison W., umbrella maker Hannan R. and Co., house and land agents Smith John, bootmaker Moreland W., tobacconist Tait and Craig, grocers Scandinavian laundry—-Mrs Hansen Hansen Carl, dentist
Queen’s hotel—George Full Smith H. and J., butchers Fry W. P., produce merchant Andrews H., ham and beef shop Whitfield Madge, tobacconist and hairdresser Grantham John, tailor London street Harris J, bootmaker Cole Jabez, grocer Alexander Louis, photographer Pariotti J,, oyster saloon Macdonald J. M , watchmaker Jennings —, news agent House Thomas, butcher Cambridge street Enmore hotel—Samuel Davis Boese Harry, tobacconist Ayres R. A., furnishing and general ironmonger Heslop A. J., fruiterer Heslop Frederick HeslopMisses F. and L., milliners Ayres S. H . chemist and druggist Macdonald A. B., surgeon dentist Spencer Percy, draper and clothier Stanmore road South Side Goodfellows’ hall—T. Wright Johnson Peter Chaim Samuel, dentist Roberts G. H., surgeon Law C. H., plumber Stalgis S., furniture dealer Jurd Miss E., dressmaker Bailey street Hallam F., bricklayer Hallam Mrs., bookseller Murdoch J. G. and Co., importers Emond Mrs., teacher of dancing Parlour —, fruiterer Blake Mrs., dressmaker Station street Barrett Charles, fruiterer Mitchell Josiah, siguwriter Rogers G., plumber Baldick George Smith H. Smith David, fruiterer Smith James, bootmaker Watson O. M., tinsmith Jeanes Isaac, general dealer Spencer James, plumber hompson T., painter Von Hagen C., “Olive bank ” Reiby street Pemell James, ‘Stanmore house” Fielder Francis S., J.P., C.P.S., “Fintry cottage” Simmons street Duke of Edinburgh hotel—Frank Smith Lewis C, greengrocer Woodward Mrs. A., dressmaker Cohen M-, draper Russo G., greengrocer Richards George, grocer Miller E. J., butcher Marian street Evans J. and Co., furniture dealers Madeley Thomas, draper Gregg John, photographer Minty C. W.,ironmonger, plumber, and gasfitter Winkler and Klotz, tailors Poole William T., stationer Knust William, confectioner Knust Mrs., registry office Newall C. J, auctioneer Craggs Bros., provision storekeepers Dorn A., butcher Wilson and Co., house and land agents Metropolitan road Australian Joint Stock Bank, Ltd.— C.B. Greville, manager Cunningham W., fruiterer Blake and Co., milk vendors Bellamy William, boot store Lyons B. L., fruiterer Greig James S., fancy repositorv White Weeks, baker and confectioner Hodson F. J., plumber Davis Bros., butchers Jeffrey and Davenport, chemists Madden Albert, bootmaker Drew J., produce dealer Edgeware road—Francis street Baines Mrs. M., dressmaker Roach Richard, van proprietor Hurley Mrs. M. Juliett street
Erskineville Road—East side King street to Union street—Wilson street 2 Hamblin John, grocer 10 William Edwin Watson C. R., surgeon, ” Woodbine ” 12 Wells Frederick W. Parr Mrs. Linthorpe street Allen R. N. Anthony, ” Bay View ” Davidson Mrs. G. F., ” Long View ” Allen Albert, clerk, “Woodfordleigh” Hawkins Thomas, ” Brixton Cottage” West side 1 Jefferis J. Eddington, M.B., surgeon 5 Baldick Mrs. S. Railway Bridge—Angel street 7 Hilliard Charles, fuel merchant Newtown Bowling Club–William Dolman president 9 Fleay Augustus T., ” Gowrie House ” Gowrie street Free Presbyterian Church—J. Davis, minister
Ferndale Street—East side Camden to Margaret street Burnett Carmi, builder and fuel merchant Buzzacolt G. H.. constable Turner William, ” Kent Cottage ” Malcolm Hugh C , engineer, ” Calder- wood” Denton Alfred Otto terrace— 6 Gibson Edward C., painter 5 Parker J. L., letter carrier 4 Donaldson Robert, carpenter 3 Burnett S. 2 Rice George Donaldson Mrs. W. M., dressmaker Schultz William, carpenter,”Rohilla” Langley Alfred, bootmaker Clark William, provision store . Kent street—Margaret street West side 1 Geiker Adolph 2 Thomas Noah 3 Burnet Robert, plumber 4 Trickett James, bricklayer 5 Chard Mrs. 6 Smith Henry 7 Dawes William 8 Linklater Thomas, plumber 9 Cox W., pastrycook 10 Congdon Abel 11 Cromack Thomas, engineer 12 Marsdeu Frederick, cooper Ada terrace— 18 Jones W.W. 17 Anderson James tinsmith 16 Murray Henry, saddler 15 Jordan — 14 Goodyear Richard 13 Barwick James 12 Scott —




11 Smith Samuel, saddler 10 Baird Alfred 9 Allan Thomas, wireworker 8 Miles John, ironmoulder 7 Savage Thomas 5 Shepley Elisha, carpenter 3 Sholl George 2 Lodge M. A., carpenter 1 Grant Alfred
Fitzroy Street—East side King to Wilson street Lanfear — Marlow J. D., cutter Jenkins William, telegraph operator Broad E. J. H.. civil engineer, “Coucro” Edwards J. E., engineer Foster George Bowen J. J. Chudleigh John Cosgrove Patrick, cab proprieter West Side Harris O. J., carrier Howard Mrs. J., ” Irene” Griffiths George, boot packer,”Pembery” Robinson Christopher, builder L’Avenue stables—Goddard T. B. L’Avenue
Forbes Street—West side King to William street Southeron E, bootmaker Fletcher James, “-Mounteagle ” Dwyer John Harding William Ward W. H., blacksmith Downey T., bootmaker Angel Mrs. S. 39 Hargraves Henrv 41 Ferns Mrs. E. 43 Privett William E. 45 Cleeve Mrs. M. J. 47 Bowie Robert W. 49 Jacobs J. J. 51 Starkey Mrs. M. 53 Bowie Miss 55 Verlich C., cabinetmaker 57 King Mrs. E. 53 Earles Michael 61 Lennon Mrs. M. 63 Russell Archibald, patternmaker 65 Miller — 77 Beer James (For East side, see Darlington)
Francis street—West side Enmore road to Harrow road 1 Bramwell H. F. 2 Vincent Charles, moulder 3 Lee Francis, carpenter 4 Grant Edward 5 Sinclair W. 7 Bowie J. 8 Kershaw J. T. 9 Vermeesch A. Smith Mrs. E., ” Pine villa ” Kingsbury Joseph, J. P., surgeon
Fulham Street—Nortb side Simmons to Reiby street Gee Henry, contractor. “Brookside” Biggs Thomas, electrician Warren John ” Violet cottage ” Bradshaw Thomas Glynn Bobert Davis S. 15 Richards T.L. 13 Rutlidge Rupert Hudson William, gas stoker Coe A. J., coachbuilder
Dessaix T. P., coachsmith Hewitt Edward Parr S. H., clerk South side Jarvis Thomas Murphy Mrs., ” Wexford House ” Anderson Mrs. M. T. Cole James, coachman Mulqueeny Sydney, letter carrier Richards J. B., ” St. Elmo” Sullivan Peter, ” Dodbrooke”
George street King street to White Horse street St. George’s Hall St. George’s Club—H. Pryde, hon.sec, 1 Martin Mrs. A., boardinghouse 2 Taylor Peter, produce merchant 3 Combellack Mrs. 4 Brightfield Arthur, clerk 5 Haggie Robert 6 Hynd James, tailor 7 Bain Wallace, painter 8 Hobe William 9 Donald J. 10 Dalwood James 12 Weeks John, clerk 13 Mosman Thomas, bookkeeper
Georgina street—East side Off 36 King street North Keats Mrs. Julia Jeffreys William McDonald William, engineer West side Bullock Mrs. Margaret Devey W. F. Dixon Thomas, builder Dixon Mrs. T., dressmaker Jones C. F., typewriter, “Locksbrook House” Frizell Robert, tailor, “Burlington” Frizelle Mrs., dressmaker 19 CLausen Victor. Stanley Laundry
Gibbes street White Horse to Angel street McBride James, bricklayer Beckett Henry, stevedore Thom A., printer Haydon terrace— 2 Wilson John 3 Fletcher Mrs, K. South side Atkinson Robert, hatter Wright Mrs. Harriett
Gladstone Street—North side Crescent to Liberty—Phillip street Moane Edward Contor Mrs. Cook Mrs. Jane Taylor Mrs Monkley Henry Clagget Charles, dealea Scarlett Mary Malumby John, butcher Gehring Henry, ” Thistle cottage ‘ Austin Edgar, ” Snamrock cottage ” Atkinson James, ” Rose cottage” Morris V., bootmaker Horsley William, carpenter McDowell William, wharfinger, “Dum- barton Cottage ” Teasdale G., painter Acraman Joseph Barrett W., builder Rodgers Jasper Bingham John, ” Frampton ” Cairns William printer
Cotteral terrace— 5 Thompson Frederick 4 Yard Mrs. Elizabeth 3 Yeo James 2 Ryder W. 1 Scanes Mrs. South side Johnson D., grocer Cook Robert, sawyer Hare W. H, commercial traveller Wilson William Johnson Thomas, ” Windsor cottage Fisher Alfred, mariner Chapman W. E., ” Arnprior ” Peak and Co., fuel merchants Brighton terrace— 7 Barrett John, bricklayer 6 Price T.. gardener 5 Post F. J. 4 Dorrian Thomas bricklayer 3 King Edgar, storeman 2 Beer Charles. joiner 1 Corlett Thomas
Goodsell Street—North side King to John street Wainwiight George, ” Lee Mount ” South side Allen Mrs. Howard Jessie, phrenologist Banff cottages— 1 Wilson James 2 Lefever George 3 Anderson A. Steward Henry, ” Stanley cottage ” Railway terrace— 1 Murphy K. 2 Harbour H., blacksmith 3 Harrison Mrs. Emily 4 Wainwright Mrs. W. 5 Hilton Alfred, cleaner 6 Allen Joseph F. 8 Collier Miss, music teacher 9 Lockyer John Husum terrace— 1 Irvine John, joiner 2 Jenning John 3 Anderson Charles Findlay E. C., surgeon 4 Parr J. H., baker 5 Logan Mrs. M. 6 Graham A., stationmaster Williamson John, ” Buckle ‘ Elizabeth terrace— 1 Hawkius George, carter 2 Sams W. D. 3 Cannon Richard, carter 4 Egge Mrs. 5 Boland Mrs. 6 Green Charles John street
Gowrie Street—North side Erskineville road to Harold street 1 Baker G., plasterer 3 Burgess W. G., printer 5 Starkey William 7 Armour William, cabinetmaker 9 Rees David 11 Jarvis Richard, carpenter 13 Goslett Miss Hickey Mrs., butcher Newman street Thelweil Mrs. H., grocer Ross Charles Clare Alfred, plasterer Butter John, bootmaker Sheppard James Laslett Frederick R., carpenter 19 Ryan Mrs. D. L. 21 Newland Mrs. 21a Miller Frank



334 Har NEWTOWN. Hor

Gowrie street continued— 23 Wheeler Mrs. 25 McIlveen Arthur, tailor 27 Peterson Charles 29 Sutherland John 31 Leavy Mrs. Margaret 33 O’Neill MRS. 35 Jones James, saddler 37 Drummond James, engineer 39 Devine J. 41 Falconer Adolphus, plasterer 43 Ryan M. 45 Stockman Frederick Richards Theophilus 49 Lovell Mrs. 51 Marley T. 55 Clark — 57 Pressdee Ernest 65 Anderson James 67 Hanson Neils, master mariner 71 Usher Mrs. 73 Jones Hugh, plasterer South side Newman street Brennan E., greengrocer Bute terrace— 2 Robinson W. H. 3 Fellingham Richard 5 Clampett M. J. 6 Saunders Alfred 8 Dnggan Joseph, stonemason 18 Sweetman Thomas 20 Huxham Arthur 24 Simpson Mrs. Marion 26 Porter Alfred, steward 28 Todd Frederick, carpenter 30 Hines John, com. traveller 32 Jenkins Percy, stationer 34 Lloyd Thomas 38 Ferguson Frederick J. 42 Lucas Nathaniel 44 Wines Alfred, stonemason Robinson R., carpenter 48 Blunt Edward 50 Mazitelli Francis, master mariner 52 Kitchen A., house agent 54 Gelding Richard, ” Kennington ” Gowrie terrace— 1 Alger Frederick J. 2 Gatley William H., engineer 3 Alien Frederick 4 Beech Charles, plasterer 5 Browne Walter, inspector Water and Sewerage Board 6 Coombs J. W., contractor 7 Sleep S. H., bricklayer 8 McGuinness John 9 Clark Percy, canvasser 10 Anderson William
Harold Street-East side Union to Angel street 11 May Thomas 13 Edwards Alfred, storekeeper Gowrie street Willis W. C., carpenter Grant Charles Kennedy Charles Doyle Mrs. Garde Mrs. Eliza Rockliff F. West side 2 Jones Mrs. M. 14 Langridge Edward, plasterer 16 Johnson John Islington street Goddard John, builder 28 Suggett R. C. 30 Cope Henry, van proprietor Angel street
Harrow Road Edgeware road to Juliet street Francis street Davis W. H., pianoforte and organ tuner Thompson Charles, engineer Jones J. H., bricklayer McCrey William A., clerk Rozea Frank, clerk
Hawken Street—East side Alice to Laura street Austin Mrs. M. A. Fernley Samuel, boilermaker Pettit John, builder West side Leach G.W. Pearson Mrs. E. Minister George, grocer Ryan William, van proprietor O’Grady William, van proprietor Thompson Mrs. C. Holmwood street King street to Pearl lane Quarrie W. S. Randall Charles Gawne Walter Whitehouse terrace— 1 Heins Mrs. M. 2 Gibson William, watchman 3 Cook Thomas, bricklayer 4 Neild William 7 Guille C. R. 8 Wedlock W. 9 Williamson J.B. Holmwood terrace— 2 Smith R. D. 3 Gaherity T. 6 Hodkinson Thomas, engineer Holdsworth Street—East side Wilson street to Railway line Creese Alfred Hayes George McMillan A. H., bootmaker Hook Alfred Hemming H. A. Tully Eizabeth Fletcher James Havee Charles Havee Mrs., magnetic healer Kincade T. Sullivan Jeremiah Dennis Joseph G. Johnson Samuel, ” Pine villa ” Craft William Morgan Thomas Reid Robert West side Byrnes William Connor Mrs. M. J, Fisher Arthur, stonemason Maguire B. McIntosh James Samuels William Holt street—King to College street— Bailey street—Station street Pitt terrace— 1 Lloyd David, stevedore 2 O’Connell Mrs.. 3 Morelli Joseph, carpenter 4 Cullinan Michael, bootmaker 5 Moffat Mrs. Hannah 6 Teasdell Thomas, bus-driver
Hordern Street—East side 201 King street to Raper street 1 Connors James, fruit dealer 3 Keen Albert 5 Maiden Emanuel, messenger 7 Downing George, carter
Mechanic street 9 Boulter Henry, com. traveller 13 Dudley Mrs. 1 Bentley John, cabman 13 Hurst Mrs. 15 Hopkins Albert, photographer 17 Hammond Leonard, undertaker 19 Calendar Thomas, stonemason 21 Gaw Mrs., dressmaker 23 Carmichael Donald, blacksmith 25 Collins John, storekeeper Victoria street Strathavon terrace— 27 Elphinstone William, insurance agent 29 Phillps W., fireman 31 Moylan Patrick 4 Levy M., com. traveller Baker Miss, dressmaker Kerr Richard, lather 31 Byrne Joseph C. 33 Broadley J., blacksmith 35 Howe Frederick, harnessmaker 7 Robinson Peter Prospect street 39 Vallender Mrs. Lucy 41 Galvin Mrs. Lucy 43 Freeman Mrs., dressmaker 45 Schuetrumpf Carl, painter 7 Stores Mrs. 49 Brown Sidney, traveller 51 Richards George, letter carrier 53 McGregor William, mariner 55 Warriner Joseph 57 Swainson Charles, painter Chalder street 59 Brennan Charles, blacksmith 59½ Britain W. W., clerk 61 Collie Alexander 61½ McCIoud James 63 Weller William, warehouseman 3½ Fry R., baker 65 Hall William 67 Lucas Charles, painter 69 Green Mrs. 71 Grey R. M., saddler 73 Simpson William 75 Easton Charles W. West side 2 Jones John, plasterer 6 Peirce Edward D. 8 Butler Richard 10 Parsons Charles 12 Pearce Harry, saddler 14 Wilson Charles, carter 16 Carey William, spring maker 18 Whitehead Thomas Mechanic street Gommeson’s stables 14a Martin George 16 Arrowsmith Mrs. Mary 18 Davies Mrs. Elizabeth 20 Foster Francis, dealer 22 Riding John W. 24 Walker Mrs. Sarah Victoria, street 26 Baldock Alfred, coachbuilder 28 Winters R. 30 Smith H. T., stationer 32 Drew George 36 Posner Mrs. 38 Rhodin H., painter 40 Peachey John, guard 42 Fuller Benjamin J. 4 Slater J. and Co., fuel merchants Prospect street 46 Curtis Mrs. E. 48 Brenton William, shipwright 52 Carter Harry, plumber 54 Thompson James, canvasser 56 Ellis William 58 Robertshaw Matthew H. 60 Meale W., grocer 62 McCulloch John, signalman



Ire NEWTOWN. Kin 335

66 Allison James 68 Gaal John 70 Middleton J. 72 Gannon John 74 Matthews Charles 76 Baldock William 78 Kester William 80 Braden Henry 82 Collins Henry, brass moulder 84 Smith C., grocer Raper street
Iredale Street—North side 137 Union to Angel street 1 Daly Joseph 2 Lynch James 5 Morrison George, bootmaker 7 Creese Mrs J. 8 Oxford J. Randwick view terrace 1 Woodruff Harry, bootmaker 3 Austin Frederick 4 Tab Mrs., staymaker 5 Hunt William Pritchard George, joiner South side 2 Boswell Thomas 4 Pellgraine Mrs. Mary Ann, boarding- house 6 Eaton George, wheelwright 8 Eaton T. 10 Eaton John, wheelwright 12 Hammell Denis, bricklayer 14 Penfold Mrs. Elizabeth 18 Stewart Charles, miner 20 Fane William, grocer Islington street 26 Wilson James, grocer 28 Patman— 30 Atkinson Mrs. Annie 32 Moody T. 34 Hammell James 36 Noyes Henry
Islington Street-East side 26 Munni to Iredale street 1 Tracey John, builder 3 Handel Henry J. Handel Miss, dressmaker 5 Hartley William S. 7 Farrow William, bus proprietor 9 Kent J. W., accountant 11 Evans Mrs., nurse 17 Thorburn Hugh 19 Eaton George West side Evans W., van proprietor 8 Holstead Charles, fuel merchant 10 Ryan John 12 Bentley Thomas 16 Jones William J. 18 Marchant J. A., electrician 18½ Murella 22 Foden Peter Boot F., ironmonger Lundy Mrs. E. Murray Daniel R., master mariner Cummins John, bootfinisher Gray A., painter 34 Wrather Mrs. Theresa 34 Wrather Mrs. Theresa 36 Anderson F. 38 Greenhalgh—– 40 Smith Joseph 42 Haber Emanuel A. 44 Poole Alfred
James Street— North side Edgeware road to King’s fence Stevenson James
Woodcock William, dray proprietor Woodcock J., dray proprietor Shubrook Hubert T., van proprietor Nelson James, dealer Turner Frederick, carter South side Armstrong — Patterson Mrs. Lawler Arthur Dyer H. Innis Lawrence Walters John Shorter William Birch Mrs. Murphy B Shorter Matthew Roche T. Wilkinson William Gatley Mrs.
John Street—East side May street to Wells street Denmark terrace- 2 Adamson William 6 Dudgeon Mrs. 7 Matthews P. W. 8 Johnson Mrs. 9 Jeffreys John 10 Hawthorn Charles, potter John street railway crossing—William Roohan, gatekeeper Goodsell street—Maria street— Wells street West side Speare P., brick manufacturer Roohan William, gatekeeper Ottery S., “bus proprietor Kenny Crofton Key John.
Juliet Street Harrow to Emmore road Foldi Mrs., ” Villa Milano ” Goold J. C. Nutt Edwin, compositor Radley Kendrick, bootcloser Foldi Mrs. M. H., ” Alexander villa” Chivers Mrs. Young — Teeson Charles, enginedriver
Keig Street Station street to Reiby street Lane J. J., ” Hobart ” Attewell Samuel, ” Florenceville ” Sewelli H. T. R, ” Helenville ” Nimbow terrace— 1 Minter Alfred, clerk 2 Herd James, salesman 7 Bullock Thomas, mechanic 8 Panckhurst Edward
Kent Street—North side College to Ferndale street Macoustra Mrs. Maggie Millman Mrs. Butler Albert Wills Thomas Schofield E., blacksmith, “Kent house” Slade James, “Elm cottage” Dodd Alfred, carpenter, “May cottage” Davidson Walter Neill William, clicker Edwards Walter, collar maker Cosgrove Michael, “Leitrim cottage” Nesbitt Robert Pisani C., musician, ” Roma cottage ” Skelton Matthew Trott John, enginedriver Lester C., “Erith cottage” Kent cottages— 11 Connor Arthur
10 Wise Mrs. 9 Armour David, pastrycook 8 George J. 6 Stenhouse George, bootpresser 5 Weir Thomas, pastrycook 1 Allison Andrew 3 Cavanough Alexander 2 Macintosh Thomas 1 Dessaix Andrew, coachbuilder South Side Biggs John, “Camdenhurst” Patterson William L. Lee George Groves Frederick, builder Millhouse Mrs. Wood William Burns Miss Burrell Arthur, bricklayer Day John E., brassfinisher Cleveland George W., stonemason
King Street North—North side Bligh street to Railway bridge Bligh street Service John, surgeon, ” Waratah ” Glen Walter, ” Waratah ” 1 McEvoy Joseph, blacksmith 3 Kelly J. D., artist 5 Fetherston M., confectioner 7 Smith. F. G. D. 9 Jones Charles 11 Pacey Charles J., painter 13 Royal hotel—Louisa Bayliss 15 Bates W. H., news agent 17 Cover Samuel butcher 19 White Horse hotel—Edmund Rogers 21 Ranalli Giovanni, ironmonger 23 Rosa S A., bookseller 25 Cansdell W. J., hairdresser 27 Meldrum H., confectioner 29 Blumenthal Mrs., grocer Nelson street 31 Barker William 33 Gilbert W., carpenter 37 Walker Misses, dressmakers 39 Sparkes Mrs. Catherine 39½ Davis James, boot repairer 41 Blamires Thomas, butcher 43 William H. W., grocer 45 Murphy E., greengrocer 47 Fentoa H. 49 Robertson Thomas, greengrocer 51 Brown B. R., provision store 53-55 Williams J. H., furniture dealer, harness maker, etc. 57 Mantel Henry, woodcarver 59 Torr Brothers, woodturners 61 Clegg J. G., insurance agent 63-65 Meier John, wine and spirit merchant 67 Kutnewsky W., ladies’ clothing manufactuerer 69 Howell William 71 Neilsen M., tailor 73 Wallis John, greengrocer 75 Askew and Co., tea merchants 77 Johnson W. H, fruiterer 81 Edmonds William, plumber 87 Hyndman and Craig, brass and zinc founders 91 Dent David. milk vendor 93 Batty W., printer 97 Spear R. G. and Son, picture framers Prince of Wales hotel—Walker Compton Elizabeth street 101 Boothman and Cox, coachbuilders 103 Barnes H. J., tobacconist and hairdresser 105 Barnes W., bootmaker and grindery store 107 Atkin E. and Co., painters 109 McDonald Patrick, dray proprietor 111 Goldsmith James, draper



336 Kin NEWTOWN. Kin

King street continued— 113 Franks M. F., tailor 115 Christie Brothers, confectioners 119 Miller and Stanley, fruiterers and registry office 121 Whinton Mrs., tobacconist 123 Dorer Joseph, dealer 125 Stone Alfred, grocer Missendon road 127 Daniel Lambert hotel—John King 129 Rutherford and Stewart, butchers 131 Maddocks G., hairdresser and tobac- conist 133 Mellshimer Edwin, confectioner 135 Robens Thomas, leather and grindery store Robens A. T., harnessmaker 137 King Mrs., dressmaker 139 Milton hotel—R. J. Elliott Stephen street 141 Clements F. M., chemist and dentist 143 Hoff Joseph, provision dealer 145 Liciardo Antonio, fruiterer 147 Patterson Andrew, stationer 149 Hall Thomas, butcher 151 Scorer and Millard, window Wind makers 153 Harradine James, Hairdresser 155 Trafalgar hotel—Thomas Rorke O’Connell street 157 Millard William, tobacconist and news agent 161 Fairbank L., sewing machine repairer 163 Reed and Co., bootmakers 165 Madden R., bootmaker 167 Bradley C. F., tobacconist 169 Tuft Thomas and Sons, grocers and produce dealers 173 Boness H. and Co., furniture dealers 175 Boutcher A. E., provision dealers 177 Brooks Samuel, umbrella maker Tasker Oliver, butcher Egan street 181 Banks Mrs. M. A., confectioner 183 Wright Brothers, bootmakers 185 Johnson Brothers, provision mer- chants 187 Lane Charles J., oil and colorman 189 Dunn and Co., herbalist 191 Oxtoby Miss A., confectioner 193 Licciardi V., fruiterer 195 Windebank Mark, tailor 197 Barlow W. and Co, confectioners and tea dealers 199 Hillards George, tobacconist 201 Cohen Henry, pawnbroker Hordern street 203 Shakespeare hotel—James P. Kavanagh 205 Hughson M., crockery dealer 207 Hunt E. E., chemist 209 Goldstein S., tailor Prince Henry, provision store 211 Wharton James, butcher 213 Catalona N, fruiterer 215 Pinfold W. R., confectioner 219 Gooch Thomas, general dealer Church street 221 Greenwood and Son, produce and seed merchants 223 Green Brothers, grocers 225 Patterson A. T., bookseller and stationer 227 Rusfeldt E., photographer 225 Quain Mias, milliner 227 Anderson Mrs., milliner 229 Caines Herbert, tailor 231 Abel and Co., dining rooms 233 Davis Austen, butcher 235-237 Price A. G., draper 239 Bowers Thomas, hairdresser 241 Risbey Charles H., grocer 243 Powlson M., stationer Snelling J. E., jeweller 245 Howell R., oyster saloon 247 Elder M. J. and Co., hairdressers 249 Scurr George H., ironmonger 251 Westhoff Mrs. G., wine merchant and confectioner 253 Wiseman John H., fruiterer Gardiner Andrew, news agent Mary street 257 Williams William, chemist and dentist 259 Harris J. E., jeweller 261 Cricketers’ Arms hotel—John Stokes 263 Swinbourne J., boot shop 265a Kingsbury Mrs. John, draper 267 Hobbs and Co., chemists 269 Jones W., oyster saloon 271 Thomas Henry, bootmaker 273 Hartley F. W., undertaker 275 Hoff J., provision dealer 277 Kleeberg Paul, butcher 279 Licciardi Bros., fruiterers 279½ Collins J., collecting agent 281 Halre Mrs. J. N., organic pharmacy 282 Bailey Joseph, ham and beef shop ” 285 Goldsworthy J., crockery and toyshop Brown J. A., billiard rooms 289 Oxford hotel—Margaret Webster Eliza street 291 Commercial Bank (branch) Ltd. — Walter H. Goddard, manager 293 Bank of Australasia—John H. Reed, manager South side Forbes street 6 Rumpf Mrs. A., Mount Eagle tin plate and galvanized iron works 16 Hales James, storekeeper 18 Palmer J., produce merchant Queen street 20 Paton G., glass stainer 24 Ramsden Mrs., milliner and dress- maker George Miss, dressmaker 26 Brewer Thomas, billiard saloon Castle J. and Sous, art metal works 62 Baldick J., coachbuilder Marks L., New York Brewery and bottling works Fitzroy street 36 Engisch George, “Cambridge Hall ” Georgina street Rice H., watchmaker and jeweller Pocock L. S., chimney sweep 50 McGilchrist W. and R, grocers 52 Pike G., butcher 54 Burke Miss, dressmaker 56 Taylor J., bedding manufacturer 58 Hoffman T., hairdresser: 60 Shaw J. B., tailor 62 Ogaard C. L., fruiterer 64 Jones Mrs. C. H., draper 66 Jones W. P., organ and piano timer 68 Erwin T. P., grocer: 70 Brown George, fishmonger 72 Plowright Henry, ham and beef shop 74 Hall H. and Co., dyers and feather dressers Bucknell street 76 Wilson Louis R., pawnbroker Selig Jacob, furniture dealer 78 Smith F. T., bootmaker 80 Gough Arthur E., Japanese fancy goods 80a Sutherland D. and Co., tobacconists 82 Drury P. A., jeweller 84 Sharpe James, tobacconist 86 Spratt Miss A., confectioner 88 Duval E., bootmaker 90 Johnston Brothers, ironmongers 92 Cole William, furniture dealer 94 Buckland E., tobacconist Buckland William J, laddermaker and carpenter 96 Weeks James A., undertaker 98 Goldberg Leon, furniture dealer 100 Riggs T. and Co., confectioners 102 Jeffreys and Son, upholsterers 104 Liddle J., family butcher Watkin street Club hotel—Arnold Kopff 110 Singer Sewing Machine Co. —A. Quig- ley, agent 112 Wood John, grocer 114 Simpson William, draper 116 Land W. J., confectioner 118 Melville N., auction sale rooms 118a Merrickley J., fish and oyster saloon 120 Foster W., watchmaker and jeweller 122 Dunk W. H., tailor 124 Waterston John, draper 126 Phillips W. and Sons, produce mer- chants 128 NEWTOWN CHRONICLE—Macdougall and Prentice, proprietors 130 Berry Samuel 132 Phillips T., auctioneer and house agent Foster G., billiard saloon 132½ Howell Robert, ironworker 134 Conway J. C., china, glass and earthen- ware dealer 136 Radford G., grocer Brown street 138 Yedwoph Emanuel, tailor 140 Murrell Bros, tea merchants 142 Bennett J. T., hatter and mercer 144 Lawson Ebenezer, restaurant 146 Clark Marcus, draper 152 Galton George, draper 156 Taubman Brothers, ham and beef shop 158 Hunter John, boot palace 160 Calman J., tobacconist 162 Meyer Carl, toy shop 164 Thomson W., plumber 166 Pearce W., saddler 168 Gommeson and Co., undertakers Whately street 172 Andrews Ernest and Co., undertakers 174 Scrogins F., provision dealer 176 Newell William, house and land agent 178 Sedgwick William G., surgeon Jenyns E. R., surgical instrument maker 180 Anderson Christie, shooting gallery 182 Tucker John, saddler 184 Baudain Mrs. F., costumiere Crook C., jeweller 186 White E. and Co., tailors 182 Bank of New South Wales (branch)— W. Sparrow, manager 190 Moulang J., jeweller Lane Misses, milliners Mutton Miss, dressmaker Pattinson and Co., chemists 192 Ziems W. J., grocer 194 Mayer J. H., tobacconist 196 Bundy H., watchmaker and jeweller Wesleyan Church—Rev. J. Gardiner, and Rev, A. Parsons Wesleyan School Hall 198 Roberts Joseph, music warehouse 200 Hittman J. E., confectioner: English, Scottish and Australian Bank Ltd. —H. Hewlett, manager Erskineville road Post Office—Joseph E. Lees, post and telegraph master 204 Harrison T., ironmonger 206 Parsons J. H., fancy repository 208 Dempsey and Murphy, house and land agents 210 Hobson T., hatter and hosier 212-216 The British and Oriental Clothing Co. —C. G. Hatte, manager Thorne Edward, tailor Australian Joint Stock Bank, Ltd. — T. Brindley, manager Wilson street



Kin NEWTOWN. L’Av 337

214 Baldick Brothers, timber merchants 214 Vermeesch J. C., tobacconist and hairdresser 218 Ekin and Co., estate agents Davis Brothers, butchers 222 Ross George, confectioner 224 Bank hotel—A. Millar 226 Weeks F., farrier Newton railway station — Alfred Levien, stationmaster Newtown tram fuel depot
King Street South—East side Railway bridge to May street, St. Peters 228 Town Hall hotel—John Hosking 230 Williams M., leather and grindery merchant 228 Swinbourne J. and Co., house and land agents Solomon M. V. and Co., auctioneers 226 Hawes G., brush manufacturer Trouce Mrs. A., confectioner Newman street Public school—D. T. Wiley, head master; Miss Partridge, head mistress George street §t. George’s hall — James Bray, manager Murphy D, licensed surveyor Nangle James, architect Von Hagen C. and Co., Ltd., furnishing warehousemen Sellmer Henry, confectioner Congregational Church—Rev. J. T. Warlow Davies, M. A. Edwards H. and Son, produce mer- chants Petty Jane, confectioner Milne Arthur, confectioner 256 Longdon Thomas, locksmith Emerson T. H., bootmaker 258 Vaiben and White, auction mart 260 Lines E., dealer Smith Louis, coachbuilder 272 Sutherland George, platelayer Smith James, builder Norfolk street 278 Wilson Miss M. K. 280 Grant Thomas, coachpainter Grant Miss, dressmaker 282 Bedford Mrs., registry office 292 Lawler W., asphalter Lindley J., printer 294 Davison C., bootmaker 298 Jurd Miss Sarah, dressmaker Hammond Miss, dressmaker Hammond Joseph, carpenter 300 Abel and Co., pastrycooks and caterers 300-8 Abel C. B., ” Essington ” 334 Aitken James, tobacconist 336 Malhane Michael, bootmaker St. John street 340 Hampton G., butcher 346 Simmons Edward, dealer 350 Mulholland Joseph, grocer and pro- vision merchant 352 Lance Alfred 356 Lance Brothers, painters Angel street 360 Davies J. H., monumental mason 380 Whitby W. C. 400 Armstrong William, farrier 422 Morris James, engineer 424 Moffat James, ironmoulder Union street 410 Eve Thomas, ” Habberley ” 414 Eve J. W. 427 McKechnie James, saddler Schweikert G., horseshoer Rochfort street
West side City Bank of Sydney- (G. H. Westcott, manager Nissen Christian, tobacconist Drummond George, confectioner 303 Givins Brothers, booksellers and stationers 305 Konig F., provision dealer 307 Eldridge William C. and Co., dyers 309 Tipper Mrs., sewing machines and organs depot 311 Cronshaw Alfred, tailor 312 Serbutt James, hairdresser 317 Seymour Ernest G., draper 319 Hutchinson J., china and glass store 321 The Union Bank of Australia, Limited —F. Shaw, manager 323 Sergeant William, boot importer 325 Pekin Tea Company—G. F. Jacobsen, manager 327 Lavington F. H., china and glass store 329 Watson and Co., chemists 331 Hilton, Browne and Co., seedsmen 333 Hagley Mrs., draper 335 Knight R. C., fruiterer 339 Southern J., draper 341 Barker C., bootmaker 343 Edwards H., hairdresser 345 Macready Hugh, stationer Short street 340 Russell R. and J., butchers 353 Chislett G. E., boot importer Sandringham hotel—J. B. Whiteway 357 Adams William, ironmonger 359 Wood J. F., grocer 363 Isaac John, dairy produce merchant 365 Berkman William, pawnbroker 367 Smith Henry, fruiterer 369 Shirley J., hairdresser 371 Miller and Smith, hairdressers and tobacconists Pattison J. J., grocer 373 Smith H. and J., butchers Holt street 375 Stonehill G. H., saddler 379 Gardiner Rev. John (Wesleyan) 381 Slavin Michael, musician 383 Lotze Edward 389 Davis Henry, draper 391 Buck Robert, clothier 395 Balfe Mrs. A. 397 Lanyon C., plumber 407 Robinson M., modeller Montgomery Mrs., milliner and dress- maker Wynter Brothers, grocers Guille W., watchmaker Flower Mrs., haberdasher 429 Martin James, butcher Camden street International hotel—Albert J. Heap 437 McCarthy John, fruiterer Sir William Wallace hotel—Adam B Jones 441 Scotton W. H., greengrocer 443 Schneider L., news agent Mulholland Joseph, fuel merchant 447 Ibbotson Charles H., coachbuilder 451 Baldick Brothers, timber merchants 457 Philpotts Mrs. Sarah M, draper 459 Tasker Henry, greengrocer 461 Coleman E., butcher Alice street 463 Camdenville hotel—William Foy 465 Garner K. A., fruiterer 467 Ellis James, tinsmith 469 Agar Mrs., midwife 471 McCauley Daniel, merchant 473 Waite J., confectioner 475 Johnson G. D., grocer Holmwood street—Dickson street 531-33 Atkin H. J. and Sons, fuel merchants Wells street 539 Brennan Mrs. Brennan F. J., architect 547 Thurlow Joseph H., greengrocer 549 Stalgis S., butcher 551 Botany View hotel—Owen O’Brien Maria street Huber Catherine, basket manufacturer 555 Bendall W., furniture dealer Montgomery Thomas, fishmonger 559 Lonnon John Gearside S. S., coachbuilder Brett J., greengrocer 561 Bellette C., saddler 665 Peate Charles, tobacconist 567 Beaumont Mrs., news agent 569 Innis William, bootmaker Frankfort Park hotel — Matthew Newell Lord street 573 Ismay James E., grocer Power Henry, land and house agent 575 McKechnie Mrs. Illawarra Railway bridge 582 Davidson Alexander 591 Nowack Julius, sculptor 593 Onley Mrs. J. H., tobacconist 595 McGregor H., fruiterer Boots Edgar, greengrocer 597 Short Mrs., midwife Short William wheelwright Burrell Mrs. A., greengrocer Goodsell street 611 Woodley Henry, “Mortdale” 613 Beattie” John J., “Monah” 617 Bullen James, fruiterer 619 Page Robert, oilskin clothing maker 621 Clarke William, furniture dealer May street
Laura Street-North side Commodore street to Edgeware road Pawley Mrs. Medway Mrs. Williams Sydney, patternmaker Howard James D., printer Bedford Arthur C., painter Martin James, bootmaker Fetherston Gerald, builder Hawkens street Wallace Robert, grocer Hancock G. Whiddon John Gilfillan John, engineer Erickson John, carpenter Price John, painter Barbat Felix, builder Barclay Mrs. Sarah Delacour Winter, plasterer Murphy John Walker Mrs. J. Wesleyan Church South side Camdenville Public School—P. O’Reilly, headmaster; Miss Annie Macdonald, headmistress; Miss E. Dalyell, head- mistress infants’ school
L’Avenue Park Off Georgina street 1 Brock G. S. 2 Macdonald Mrs. Emma 4 Thruchly Mrs. Arthur 5 Thruchly William 6 Guy Mrs. M. E. 8 Thruchly Mrs. Georgina Thruchly Nrs. John 9 Hinds Frederick 10 Newton W. M., patent agent 11 Berne Mrs Georgina 13 Henry S. S. 13 Pickering Alfred 14 Gates Mrs. A. 15 Warburton Mrs.



338 Lea NEWTOWN. Lor

L’Avenue Park continued— 16 Clifford E. B. 17 Holland Mrs. 18 Davies Wyndham J. 19 Barnett Neville, musician 20 Smyth A. 21 Ford Mrs. 22 Robertson Throsby 23 Davis Mrs. Ellen 24 Pearson Mrs., ” The Grove ”
Leamington Avenue Holdsworth to Pine street Lee John E. Stokes William Young John Wilson Mrs. E. Spratt James Welch William, “Ivyleigh ” Cain Joseph, ” Clareville ” Gallatgher, Patrick Slee Herman, engineer Plunkett George Broadbent Arthur, stonemason Strein James, carpenter Smith James, “Edina house” Porirua terrace— 1 Murphy M. F. 2 Mackenzie John 3 Davis — 4 Eastman F. 5 Young Mrs. 6 Kennedy Philip, public school teacher 7 Monk George, bricklayer Say Daniel, ” Essex cottage ” Miller Richard, fireman White Alfred, ” Ivy cottage” Reidy M. J., ” May cottage ”
Lennox Street—North side Bedford to Church street 2 Cutter Robert P., accountant Regent street Meeks Mrs, “Roslyn” Meeks J. A., architect, ” Roslyn” Smith Mrs. Marion, ” Skeene ” Rutledge James, ” Ythan ” 26 Fraser John, printer 28 Cobb Mrs. M. A. 30 Bowie J. A. C., com. traveller Denison street Schmidt terrace— 1 Schmidt Conrad John 2 Bayliss George, messenger 3 Matheson A. E. 4 Bailey Miss 5 Post J. H. Croser and Cummings, fuel merchants Australia street—Church street South side Wellington street 1 Levey Solomon, commercial traveller 3 Flaherty Mrs. Margaret Regent street 13 Heaney James 15 Hellmrich Mrs. Marouth sidegaret 1? Green Archibald 19 Hoffman Frederick, sen. 21 Garvan Edmund Denison street Haskins John, bricklayer 31 Royal — 33 Whatmaugh Enoch 35 Griffin M. 37 Munro A. 39 Cruwys John W. Australia street 43 Courthouse hotel—Emma Hayden Eliza street Andrews and Co., undertaker’s stables 10 Dewson Mrs., ladies’ nurse 9 Adams John H.
8 Church — 6 Cook H., compositor 5 Wordsworth Frederick 4 Williams Henry, carpenter 2 Elliott Mrs., dressmaker 1 Chessell George, engineer Mary street 45 Bedford George 47 Reynolds Mrs. 49 Hawkins Peter, com. traveller 51 King Arthur F. 53 Hunt John, carpenter 57 Harrold Richard Hudson James, plasterer 59 Falvey W., traveller Church street
Liberty Street—East side Stanmore road to Trafalgar terrace Barnes Charles Cavendish street Hawley terrace— 1 Glade Henry, indent merchant 2 Russell-Jones W. W. 3 Elles George Oscar, draughtsman 4 Cahill John William Arthur Henry, commercial traveller, ” Fernhill” Allen Thomas, ” Allowrie” Robinson W. G. Cambridge street Parkes Henry Husband Mrs. Margaret London street Koombanah terrace— 5 McGeorge Andrew 4 Paterson William J. 3 Coyle —. 2 Lucas Edward 1 Summers William Gladstone street Haughey John, grocer Morden Joseph, cutter Wareham Mrs. T. Black George, “Hopetoun” Pollard Henry C. P., ” Roslyn” Harrison J. A., surveyor, “Stoneby’ Coyle Miss, school teacher (For West side, see Petersham)
Linthorpe Street—North side Off Erskineville road 1 Lancaster George Dunton Miss, dressmaker 3 Langley John, ” Bridgenorth” 5 Ella Mrs. E., school teacher Killian Frederick, manufacturer Harrison Mrs., ” Marlborough ” Friend Owen, ” Linthorpe ” South side Metzler H. L., ” Kilbourne ” Holdsworth J. B., ” Myola ”
London Street—East side Enmore road to Liberty street Young Edwin, ” Belmont” Harrison S. A., ” Burrianna ” Marlborough Francis, grocer Farrell Mrs., M ” Buriauna ” Belmore street Brown Lindsay, “Madeline cottage” Fitzgerald William Stephen Mrs., ” Martineau ” Teague Mrs., midwife Harvey James Carr L. Kidd Miss Weise Herman, grocer Charles street Mozart terrace— 1 Chiplin C. W. 2 Leseberg Mrs. M. A. 3 Wisehart Alexander, engineer
Maud terrace— Glasheen Miss Green Sydney S. Soper R. W. Deuchar J. A., ” Donnington Griffin Frank Roberts W. Melrose terrace— 1 Clark Mrs. H. C. 3 Bradley Joseph, commercial traveller Augustus street Woof John, commercial traveller Barlow William, ” Te Aro ” Larkin Nicholas, inspector of police West side Bartlett Mrs. J. H. Fraser Misses C. and M., ” Eureka Villa ” Royer Ernest Riley George T., “Madeley ” Flaherty Martin, cab proprietor Pryde Henry J., jam manufacturer Evans Alfred, ” Essexville ” Momsen Andrew M., clothier, “Brompton Villa” Ward Mrs. R. A., ” Montrose ” Walker D., master mariner, “Noumea Villa ” Wallack Henry, ” Unsworth ” Spark Stanley H. Brighton terrace— Glasson Mrs. M. A. Glasson Miss, dressmaker Hill Alfred
Longdown Street—North side O’Connell street to Skating Rink Susan street—Missenden road Moxon Joshua M. 2 Holland George, van proprietor Elizabeth street South side Rose street 3 Smee W., headmaster St. Stephen’s grammar school Stephen street 5 Maish Charles, butcher 7 Mead Walter 9 Murphy George B., farrier 11 O’Malley William Missenden road 17 Hannaford John, bailiff Harper Mrs. Matilda 19 Boothman J., wheelwright Elizabeth street 21 Maloney Thomas dairykeeper Lord Street—North side King street to Edgeware road Doherty Mrs. Alice Williard Mrs., dray proprietress Goodsell Frederick J. Walker Montagu, clerk Goodsell J. A., brick-mould and barrow maker Burling Henry, ‘bus proprietor Humphries H., carpenter Pittaway Mrs. Harriet Badge W., stonemason Short J. Thomas, blacksmith Harris William Keys William, storeman Rees Mrs. Taylor Thomas, bootmaker McLeod Joseph, plasterer Warner Arthur, engineer Hanney Charles, baker Crew and Douglas, bakers John street Hudson — Hoad J., brickmaker Tattersall Joseph, brickmaker Tracey John



Mar NEWTOWN. Mar 339

Gorsuch Albert Moffett William, shunter Naylor Thomas Ball Mrs. Cunningham William Bolt J. Brown Frederick H., painter Holbourn Henry, mariner Cummings P. Button Mrs. Kent Mrs. Clayton George, fuel merchant Whiteman Mrs. White Richard South side Turner Alfred, ” Kelvin ” Cowan Samuel, ” Renfrew ” St. Peter’s railway station—Anthony Graham, stationmaster Railway terrace— 1 Cnnningham Mrs. S. J. 2 Connell Mrs. 3 Selwyn Miss 4 Gearside Samuel, wheelwright 5 Miller Joseph, wheelwright Moffatt James Hardy Mrs. Tandy J. Cooper J. and Co., general store Malley Mrs. Boulton J. Ashbury J. — Evitt Edward
Margaret Street—North side College to Simmons street Elizabeth terrace— Hunt Charles H., builder Mitchell Josiah, signwriter 3 Mulholland Thomas 4 Blair Mrs. E. E. 5 Heagney T. 6 Moore Sidney F., dentist Moore Mrs., midwife Hardy Edward, ” Carlton ” Hatje Augustus, ” Warangesda ” Williamson David, builder Hunter Gideon Cathie Thomas, tinsmith Porter John, ” Seafield ” Craig Milan Reiby street South side Webber George, ” Clifton cottage” White Mrs., dressmaker and costumier White Edmund Dawson G., sergeant of police, “Garfield” Shepherd Albert, plasterer Hynard Thomas J. Walker W., ironmoulder Goldsborough Mrs. Harriet: Blundell Alfred Coady James Noble Thomas, moulder Wildman Charles, ” Roseneath ” Rosethorn Mrs. Walpole John H. Atkinson Mrs. M. Ottalano G., musician Gorman William, plasterer Jarvis J., butcher Constable John, greengrocer Rynn Miss, general store Dircks Christian, painter Palmer William, ” Prahran” Price Philip, engineer Reardon James, bootmaker Dunbar J. R. Ferndale street 6 Oldfield John 5 Price— 3 Insull William H.
2 Insull Henry, carpenter 1 Moore William, solicitor Simmons street
Maria Street—North side King street to Edgeware road Holley William Palmer Mrs., ” Dahlia cottage” Guthrie Thomas, carter Martin Mrs. M., dairykeeper Farr James Farr Mrs. M. A., grocer Johnson — Clarke William, carter Walshaw Alferd G. Sheard Edwin, carter Rowan William Worrill Thomas, bootmaker Thorpe John Clark William Smith John Hodge Onslow, butcher Lancett Samuel, baker John street Seckold Thomas, dray proprietor White William Goodin John Drysdale Henry 2 Benke Carl, cook Hay Robert 8 Robb William 9 Eling Frederick, carter 10 Thorpe Mrs. Gearside John, painter Haywood Samuel T. Nicholson John Choat James Cole Edward, auctioneer Douglas Frederick W. Mills John Hanley John Green Mrs., midwife McDonald Daniel Ward Mrs. South side Holley Mrs. Mary Cummings M., fuel merchant Hansen James Nottle John, brickmaker Ryder Richard, carpenter Kraushaar Alfred Daly James Kelso James, grocer Curtis Albert Hardy John B. Martin Frederick Bamfield Mrs. Smith Charles Goodsell G. S. Haines Charles Rowan Michael Raymond Thomas Thompson Walter Hoffman William Mackay George Townsend Edward, dray proprietor and storekeeper Moon Thomas, builder Whamond Mrs. Clarkson William Lutton John Harrison William Osborne George Ghiggiuo Dominick
Marian Street—East side Enmore road, to Sarah street Cox Charles, carter, ” Cheviot” Norton H. G, mining engineer Stringfellow Thomas Croft Frederick, teacher of music Perry John, ” Castleton ” Smedley Mrs. M. A., ” Mooreville ”
Inglewood terrace— 1 Hounsell F. G., stonemason 2 McKinnon Donald 3 Ryan John 4 Finlay John, salesman Hague Miss, music teacher Allan Mrs. Maxwell, ” Maxwella ” McLean William, ” Gordon ” Cohen Mrs. F., ” Hazeldean ” Wheeler T. W., ” Yelgelbar ” Duff John, ” Lisgar ” Bagley Mrs. Elizabeth, ” Gladstone ” Bird John, ” Garfield ” Greaves John, ” Lidney ” Piggott John, constable, ” Orlando ” Smith John, ” Ada cottage” Lock David Harvey Mrs. A., ” Brooklyn ” Matheson John, builder, “Beechworth” Davidson Thomas, flltermaker Beattie William Lyle Andrew, enginedriver, “Sempstead” Wallis James H., “Nariah cottage ” Hopkins Alfred J., watchmaker, “Oak cottage ” Lawson Albert Carter G. H., ” Bellerma ” Darter Sydney, ” Elsmore ” Henley Joseph, “Stanford” Viglezzi Angelo, ” Cattarolo” Rodney terrace— 6 Russell Thomas, carpenter 5 Butler Ernest 4 Williams Joseph, tinsmith 3 Cummings James, plasterer 2 Lowe Mrs. 1 Goldsworthy — West side Wall Robert, ” Winchelsea ” Pyne William, ” Apsley” Cass Mrs. Kate, ” Cambria ” Clinton Henry, “Mishwaum” Milly cottages— 1 Young Alfred, carter 2 Lee L. H., miner Welsh Daniel, stoker Smith J. W., ” Marian villa ” Macvine Robert, ” Woodburn” Jenner R. B., ” Merrivale ” Peacock William White Mrs. E., “Iona” Farnham terrace— Wilds H. Atkins J. J., carpenter Hill Mrs. H., ” Karong ” Hill Misrs dressmaker Hill John F. Gore John, ” Douglas ” Whoolahan Mrs. Annie, ” La Prix ” Wallach Miss E., ” Sommerfeld ” Bennett T. O., draughtsman Cross lane Smail Alexander, ” Torrington ” Harkis Thomas Heatherington Thomas Jenner C. H., coachbuilder Cannan Mrs., ” Ashbourneville ” Callan Lawrence, ” Bryantstonville ” Walton terrace— Jarman James, carter Bailey Isaac, machinist Bailey Thomas, printer Kennedy John Kell Ernest, commercial traveller Connor William, boot finisher Billson Harry, constable,” Lyall cottage ” Burwood Alfred, engineer, ” Veritas ” Carlisle terrace— 6 Vanheythuysen Richard 5 Joues Robert 4 McWhinnie Samuel, clerk 3 Kendell John 2 Edwards Thomas 1 Kennedy James Carrick W. F., ” Cragie ”



340 Mar NEWTOWN. Mun

Marian street continuedMarian terrace— 9 Stanley John, tanner Stanley Mrs., midwife 7 Best Arthur, ironmoulder 5 Clark Mrs. Jane 3 Warne Francis 1 Hertz M. H.
Mary Street—East side King to Lennox street 1 Mills Mrs. 3 Dall William, carpenter 7 Cole Mrs., laundress Bartle Philip, “Ruby cottage’ 9 Vermeesch John 11 Denning Mrs., dressmaker Sparks W. A. 12 Shaw Mrs. M. A. 15 Gardiner Mrs. 17 La Martinere Henri A. H. Gibson C. H. B. West side Hannah terrace— 20 Wellesley Charles, tailor 18 Petherbridge Thomas 16 Waters Mrs., dressmaker 14 Sherman John 12 Fielding R., builder 10 Rogers Alfred
May Street—North side King street to Edgeware road Barling Charles, grocer i Hodgen James, letter carrier i Webb Mrs. Mary Webb Arthur Sheffield William Rey Alfred Primitive Methodist Church—Rev. W. Sparling Rawlings James, poundkeeper Smith Mrs. J. C., grocer Reynolds Mrs. Brown Mrs. Hogan Thomas Scott W. W., engineer Hawkins Jesse Brett William Guest Joseph Lee Mrs. B. Williamson Henry Loveday Mark, grocer John street Humphry Henry, brickmaker Williard R. Spear’s brickworks 8 Brown Charles 7 Lowdoun David: 6 Bains Joan 6 Martin Joseph 4 Martin George T. 3 Milsom William 2 Keating William 1 Terry Henry, brickmaker (For South side, see St. Peters)
Mechanic Street—North side Church to Egan street 2 Hewitt James 4 Hilderbrandt Mrs. Hordern street South side Whitehead’s parcel delivery stables Hordern street
Metropolitan Road—East side Norton Robert, farrier Enmore road to Sarah street
Enmore public school—boys’ department, R. Grieve, head master; girls’, Miss Cowan, head mistress; inf- ants’,Mrs. T. Crozier, mistress White John, ” Heathcote ” Stevenson Mrs. W. B., ” Marian ” Bent Cornelius Tinnick J., ” Belinda” Tod i Mrs. E., ” Waterton” Dalyell Mrs., ” Nirwana ” Dalyell Miss, school teacher Hannan Robert, insurance agent Price Mrs. Lydia, ” Franklin”‘ Curnow Frederick, ” Carlton ” Cavill Arthur, ” Durlstone ” Wallace Robert, mariner, “Claremont” Dawson Mrs. Jane, ” Elsieville ” Cooke H., accountant, ” Scarcliffe ” Cross lane Baldick Ernest A., timber merchant St. Kilda terrace— 1 Holdsworth P. R., land agent 3 Benson Mrs. 4 Glass Ebenezer 6 Morris Morris Skinner William, ” Rubyville ” Skinner David, ” Cromartyville ” Condran Mrs. Mary Howe Thomas, ” Norma ” Murdock Walter D., ” Ascot cottage ” Bingham Richard H. McDonald M. F., draughtsman Baxter Lanclot, “Doones”‘ Crane A. Jones Frederick, ” Kembla cottage ” Entwistle George Eves Charles A. West side Jolly John Boulton Mrs., music teacher Prince Miss, music teacher, “Nanima” Tabernacle—Charles Watt, evangelist Chapman E. H., “Darwin” Eld George, ” Kimberley ” Harrison William. ” Clarence ” Sindel Robert R., merchant, “Sindelville” Metropolitan terrace— 1 Elliott F. A. Grange George, paperhanger Brooks Thomas Letton George E., engineer, “Morpeth” Child Thomas, printer Cross lane Blencowe Robert, ” Mixbury ” Webster William Nash Richard McGregor Andrew, ” Lilydale ” Howe Mrs. M., ” Craighead” Howe Miss, music teacher Howe Harry G. J., printer Howe Clarence W., printer Kitt G. A, ” Tannochside ” Cameron Alexander, ” Isla ” Young James, engineer, ” Lillesleaf ” Rayson Henry, ” Brunette ” Brooks Ralph, ” Manola ” McCaldon John, engineer, ” Winiata ” Wilson Mrs. A. J., ” Como ” Cox Francis Amos, ” Mayville ” Tillot Job, carpenter Lindsay John M., ” Carlisle ” Haining James L., coachpainter Campbell A. P., ” Highclere ” Strachan James, chemist Fitzgerald Patrick, ” The Glebe ” Hammond E., ” The Oaks ” Davey Richard, baker, ” The Grange ” Archibald John, ” Craigfoot” Weaver Eustace, compositor, ” Oakley ” Waring John N., ” St. Elmo ” Missenden Road—East side King street north to boundary O’Brien V., horseshoer Weeks Robert, fire kindler maker Christenson and Co., engineers and blacksmiths Longdown street 1 Brown Henry J., carpenter Campbell street 5 Ryan Mrs. 7 Brennan C., bootmaker Brennan Mrs., confectioner 9 White David 13 Cooper Robert. undertaker Richard street—Aylesbury street 25 Platt Mrs., midwife 29 Emberson George, painter and paper- hanger 31 Tansley Joseph Hopkins and Crawford, photographers Bligh street West side May Thomas, bandsman King William King Edward Marshall P. W., chemist Longdown street 2 Solomon H. H. 10 Sparks, J. P., boilermaker 14 Blackford David, tailor 16 Peterson Antoine, van proprietor 18 Schyver Mrs. Hannah 20 Prendergast John 22 Minns Robert 24 Finn Edward 26 Harris Mrs. 28 White Mrs. H. 32 Walsh E., van proprietor Walsh Mrs. H., dressmaker 31 Harris William, master mariner Harris Mrs., grocer 35 Rapp Jacob 36 Cohen Henry St. Stephen’s Private Day School- Miss E. Flanagan. mistress 40 White Mrs. M. A., fuel merchant 42 Bourne George, signwriter
Munni Street—North side Union to Angel street 1 Powell T. 3 Reidy Morris 5 Powell John 7 Gurran Frederick 13 Williams Jane 17 Miles C. H. Gowrie street Jones Alfred 25 Young Alfred A., hairdresser 27 Blythe Thomas, enginedriver 29 Rand Asa 31 Crundwell George, asphalter 33 Pilgrim Alfred 35 Becker Joseph, stonemason 37 Robinson Frank, storekeeper South side 2 Houghton J. R., fruiterer 4 Sampson Samuel, joiner 6 Bell John 8 Nickels Alfred, wheelwright 10 Woodrow Mrs. Mary 12 Horton Charles, bootmaker 14 Ryan Robert, stonemason 16 Roberts Mrs. E. 20 Churchwood Charles, spice manufac- turer Gowrie street 24 Bateman Mrs H. 26 Stead G. W., blacksmith 28 Drummond-Davis W., cabinetmaker



Nel NEWTOWN. Pea 341

Nelson Street—East side King to Bligh street 1 Dunn Henry 3 Bonfield Mrs. Sarah 5 Fahey Thomas 13 George J. Campbell street West side 2 Jamieson Mrs. Miriam 10 Hagan Felix, bootmaker 20 Pullen John
Newman Street—North side 236 King street south to Union street Darby Alfred, carpenter Davis David Heath Richard Jones Frederick Outram James, pointsman Cole Benjamin, carpenter Smith Mary White David, coachbuilder Godbehere W. P. Pike Alonzo Olive Alfred T. Gilmour William J., compositor O’Neil William Knight Fred., ” Thornley ” Hollis Robert Webster James Mortley Sydney Cording Charles, carpenter Parkes Edward, night watchman Paroz Frederick, joiner Kaesewurn John, master mariner Bird William C., carpenter Morton John Munro George Angel street 33 Asztalos Mrs. J. 31 Verdaw Mrs. M. Bolin George Thompson Mrs. C., ” Granard house” Spink James, ‘ Hamilton house” 21 Hardman W. 19 Skehan John Gowrie street Pulham James Burns W. 15 Clarkson Henry 13 Eggling Louis 11 Chamberlain Hubert, carpenter 9 Jones E. A., railway porter 5 Nisbet Peter Union street South, side White Horse street Fitterer August, Jun., basketmaker 98 Brasier Edward, basketmaker Baker W. T. Howarth D. B., ” Rotherham” McCann Alfred, builder, “Bankfield house” Stringer S., builder Selwyn Alexander, confectioner 84 Tingate J. G., hatter Sheilds J., constable. “Oldham cottage” Logan Parmenas, patternmaker Hawkins William, engineer, ” Salt burn” Baxter James, “Nowra house” 78 Williams Thomas, carpenter Lane Charles, carpenter 76 Goodrich William 66 Pakes Vincent, boardinghouse Owen William, engineer, ” Redcar” Millington Herbert, engineer, ” Coatham ” Howarth D. B. and Son, steel foundry Hogan Miss, dressmaker, * Mardyke” Flemming John
Schroder F. W. Hereford Robert, ” Hereford” Partridge Thomas, ” Tana” Firth Mrs. J., ” St. Alban” Knight William, ” Peveril” Angel street Whitham Mrs. S. A., grocer 40 Hawkes Frank, woolsorter 34 Adams Albert, tuck pointer 32 Clarke William, carpenter 30 Hough Edwin, plumber Johnson N. and Co., locksmiths 26 Croumbie-Brown S., journalist 28 Mortimer Alfred 36 Yates Henry, rug dyer Thelwell Mrs. H., grocer Gowrie street Brennan Edward, greengrocer 14 Meier Charles, bailiff 12½ Davis Richard 19 Odea K. J., law clerk Baine James, plumber 6 Barry John Union street
Norfolk Street King to Angel street Slater — Brooks Edwin Allison Mrs. E. M. Eggleton William S., brickmaker White Horse street Templeton J. Ventura Mrs. A. Pooley William D. Jackson S., builder Davis William, bricklayer Brown Robert Duncan W.
O’Connell Street—East side King to Raper street 1 Woolley Thomas 5 Bryan John, shunter Victoria street 7 Cohen Lewis, dealer 9 Smith John 11 Cohen David, dealer 13 McGrath P., contractor 15 Whiting Henry 17 Young George. 19 Holland Mrs. M. 21 Loveridge William, stonemason Longdown street 25 Short T, fitter Campbell street 27 Wilson Mrs. C. P. 33 Mooney Miss 37 Reid Michael, enginedriver 41 Hillier John 43 Noble Charles, upholsterer 47 Cashmere M. J. 51 Bell William, butcher 53 Turner William 55 Wright James, bootmaker 57 Lock William, engine cleaner 59 Leakie — 61 Turner William, jun., plumber 63 Nicholson Albert, painter – 65 McKenzie Christopher 67 Booth James, bookbinder 69 Jones John, plasterer 71 Kolster A. T. S. 73 Johnson Ben, draper 75 Deuchrass James 81 Sparks Mrs. E. Daly Mrs. West side 4½ Englefield Mrs. M. 10 Francis Henry 12 Mitchell Thomas Victoria street
16 Cassidy Luke. Yates Ellen 20 Jones Thomas, stonemason 22 Taylor James 24 Taylor John, fitter 26 James George 28 Whittingham Alfred, bricklayer Prospect street Whiteoak Thos. Walsh Mrs. E., grocer Spithill Matthew Evans Mrs. E., ” Cardiff cottage ” Wilson Mrs. E. Chalder street 68 Miller Henry Thomas 70 Fairlie David 72 Cooper John, agent 74 Heavey Andrew Trafford Walter, chemist, ” Craighead ” Dillon John, bricklayer, ” Craigfoot ” Raper street 80 Salisbury Robert, carpenter 82 McIntyre James
Oxford Street—East side Bedford to Bishopsgate street Lennox street—Kent lane 1 D’Arcy Walter, com. traveller 5 O’Connor William, clerk Campbell lane—Albemarle street 7 Coxall George A. Child Sydney, ” Brunswick ” Walker R. R., ” Glandore ” 15 Dyer Mrs. 17 Emanuel Joseph, wood and coal merchant 19 Turtle Charles, sen., grocer 21 Higgins Michael A., carpenter Land’s lane 23 Mitchell Mrs. E. 25 Williams E. J., miner 27 Riley Edward, plasterer Campbell’s lane West side 2 Young Mrs. Annie Edwards J. A., teacher of music 2 Edwards H. L. 3 Esling Mrs. J. 4 Lidbury Charles, builder Albemarle street St. Bede’s Convent and High School Sisters of the Good Samaritan 14 Rabone Stephen G. 16 Lidbury Frederick
Pearl Street-East side Alice to Wells street Ekin John, ” Urilla ” Edwards William, brickmaker Pearl lane Paull S. H., engineer, “Riggsdale Cottage” Quy Fred., ” Essex House ” Pawley James McMahon J. Miller W. H. Holding Mrs. Holdingsby. Sharpe J. Gibson James, blacksmith Kyle James, ” Bloomberry Villa” Parker Mrs. C. Hicks Jonathan, coachpainter Monk J., gardener Carroll Mrs. J. Latimer William, plasterer West side Russell John, painter Croal Mrs. Margaret, ” Eureka Gommeson J. Commodore street Farnsworth Robert, ” Mascotte ‘



342 Phi NEWTOWN. Reg

Pearl street continued— Boyan Joseph Moon Edward, ‘bus-driver Sutton Samuel, plumber and gasfitter Souter’s bus stables Hodgson Edmund, whipmaker Jarman Stephen, stonemason Sinclair James, stonemason Murphy Henry, bus-driver Pollard J. H., telegraph engineer Brownlee Mrs. Young Robert Courtney Thomas Lawrence James Williams John, stonemason Brewer William, grocer
Phillip Street- East side Enmore road to Railway line Gladstone street Milliner W. J., “Bon Accord ” West side Sparnon terrace — 1 Gordon Mrs. 2 Askew Mrs., midwife 3 Woods John, broker 6 Munro Margaret Belmore street Barden Edwin Fairbairn George Frank H., broker Thurnby villas– 1 Crane James 2 Todd Edward Hermann Valentine, ” Cuprina ” Fitzgerald — Forsyth Francis, builder 31 Turner Edward Simpson Mrs. P., “Alma ” Charles street 12 Harris Henry, advertising blind maker Smith John, tinsmith Larkin Mrs. E. M., “Te Aro cottage ” Johnston David, storekeeper Gladstone street Hayes Patrick, builder. ” May villa ” Fowler Percy, law writer Young John, shipwright Heaton D. H., ” Rosemont ”
Pine Street—East side Wilton street to railway Clark Archibald H., “Pinevilla” Heness A. C., bricklayer McLaughlin John, “Zillah” Lenz William, commercial traveller, ” Victor house” Gordon Alexander, enginedriver Robinson William M., ” Como ” Higgs R. D. Shaw J. B., tailor Leamington avenue West side Buckley William, draper Dunn Henry Duffy William A. Sweeney Philip Fox James Cornwell J. W., auctioneer, “Salisbury Blackwood Arthur, ironmonger Wilson H. Sheppard Robert Sheppard Herbert Mason Albert, sawyer Osborne George Lane Nathaniel Pogson John, clicker Williamson Thomas. “Sandhurst House”
Prince Street Camden to Alice street Flynn Joseph Baird Edward
Prospect Street—North side Church to O’Connell street Hordern street 2 Husband George, stonemason 4 Waine Frederick Egan street 10 Kitchener William, dealer 12 Doire P. South side Hordern street—Egan street Reeve Mrs. E., ” Arno Lodge ” 2 Darke James
Queen Street—East side King to Wilson street Fletcher James, ” Mount Eagle ” Queen’s terrace— 1 Gordon B. S. 2 Phillips George H. 3 Feargrieve J., enginedriver Bourne Francis J., taxidermist Langby Charles, clerk Austin Percy, cleaner Say Henry, ” Coombe House ” Hobart terrace— 1 Dares Mrs. Elizabeth 2 Barns Robert, boilermaker 58 Scott William C. 64 White David, carpenter 66 Larson Lars Peter, boot finisher 68 Weston C. J., accountant Wilson street West side 3 Irving John Kable John 7 Spring James, ” Victoria house ” 9 Bellemy R. T., chemist 11 Lawson James, cabinetmaker 15 Madson Hans F., surveyor 17 Clarke William 19 Clapham George 21 Walter Mrs. K., “Matilda cottage” 23 Nicholson Henry, reporter 25 Waring John
Randle Street—East side Wilson street to Railway line Walton Robert C. Marlborough W. Tripp Arthur, fireman Riley W. Stainton Francis Barnes Walter, wood turner West side Sutherland William Scott Archibald, plumber Marshall James, boilermaker Byrnes Patrick McCluskey Mrs. J., ” Drumbran ” Plumber E, J., ” Allaway bank ” Miller T. Hall Francis Leamington avenue
Raper Street—East side Church to O’Connell street Hordern street Ebenezer terrace— 1 Thompson John, dealer 3 Hall Mrs. 5 Patterson John, sawyer 7 Murray Mrs., midwife 1 Hardge Anthony Jones George, ” The Grange ”
West side 2 Warland Arthur 4 Stone Richard, printer 4aCroucher J. W., fitter 6 Prior J., draper 10 Wilson Mrs. 18 Southern Edward, sen. 20 Southern Edward, jun., bootmaker 22 Collins W. G., carter 24 Pope Edgar 26 Downer John 28 Shaw George, engineer 30 Fellingham Richard 33 Tine Edward 34 Hall J. 36 Sainty James, lamplighter 3S Mote George E. 40 Pakes James, plasterer Grono Henry 42 Griffin Thomas
Redwin Street Off Norfolk street 1 Eggbeer John 2 Doherty George 3 Heeps Henry, chaircaner 4 Polks John 5 Donaldson William, engineer 6 McCoy David 7 Waldon — 8 Dunn W. J., cutter 9 Redwin Thomas, bricklayer 10 Chapman Frederick, painter 11 Frost William 18 Prentice Thomas
Regent Street—East side Bedford to Bishopsgate street 1 O’Kelly Joseph, draper 3 Schabell F. J., plumber 5 Amy Frank, stonemason 7 Viereck R., baker 9 Hoffmann Frederick 11 Berry Samuel, blacksmith 13 Murray A., painter 15 White T. J., painter 17 Winstanley Mrs. Mary Lennox street 31 Beech Samuel, patternmaker 33 Palmer Joseph R. 35 Abigail James, ” Melinda House ” Albemrale street Carlisle Castle hotel—Ann Gray 37 Hincks Mark 49 Robertson John 51 Birt Thomas, enginedriver 53 Barncastle John 55 Baillie James, printer 57 Whitehouse John 59 Cody Edward, carpenter 61 Dubber Charles E., butcher 63 Brown Henry, carpenter 65 Hannah Walter 67 Haines Christopher, cab proprietor 69 Moon John, currier 71 Pithers James 73 Hunter John 75 Lloyd Robert 77 Tobin Mrs. Jane 79 Henderson Charles 81 Griffin Maurice, plasterer West side 1 Sainsbury Frank, tile layer 4 Taylor Edgar 6 De Carle A., bricklayer 8 Graham John, slater 10 Eyles William, sawyer 12 Purcell Mrs. Catherine Lennox street 90 Kingston hotel—Daniel Marsden 22 Sly J. W., stonemason 26 Quinton Thomas, plasterer Albemarle street



Rei NEWTOWN. Sta 343

Hennings Henry, baker 28 Blatchford William, painter 30 Sinclair T. 32 Dixon Henry 34 Harris Ernest, upholsterer 34½ Roberts William 36 Waters Edward, traveller 38 Jones William, van proprietor 40 Boothman John, coachbuilder 42 Coles William 44 Willet Chutes 48 Taffe Mrs., ladies’ nurse 50 McElroy Edward 52 Everett Mrs. Eliza 54 Greathead Mrs. 60 Coles James 62-64 Glassworks hotel—Jane Sauerbier 66 Buckley James, carter 66½ Anderson George 68 Whiteley William, wool-classer 70 Dempsey W. J., blacksmith 72 Garrick Joseph, dentist 74 Elstub Robert, carpenter 80 Ward T., van proprietor
Reiby Street—East side Enmore road to Margaret street St. Julian John Riese Louis Dadswell Charles F., boot merchant Peir W. G. Don street Dora terrace— 1 Yates Mrs. 2 Empson Mrs. 3 Smith Septimus 4 Drummond William 5 Fisher E. R. 6 Falconer Andrew, plasterer 7 Reynolds Mrs. E. 8 Ashworth James 9 Peterson Henry Snowden terrace— 1 Buckham John, cabman 2 Stone Mrs. E. 3 Ross Edward A. 4 Dowse Mrs. L. 5 Kennedy Mrs. Mary 6 Carley James 7 Hamilton Henry Worrell Robert, grocer Keig street West side Huxley David, “Primrose” Balfour W. S., ” Helmet house ” Chenoweth William, ” Alma house” Lloyd P. H. Badge James, ” Dalgarvan ” Watt Alfred Beattie George Sloane street Pincham George Medbury John Humphries Mrs. Welsh W. Sims H. A. Fulham street
Richard Street—North side Missenden road to North Newtown school Hillier and Co., cordial factory Elizabeth street 36 Welsh F. W. 40 Neal W. J. 42 Harvey Miss Louisa South side 1 Shattel Mrs. R. 2 Thornton 3 Giddans James, blacksmith 7 McKay Timothy, builder Elizabeth street 9 Osmond A. 29 Davis Mrs. 45 Davis Ernest A.
St. John Street—North side Angel to King street 5 Harding Frederick, guard 7 Harding Alfred 9 McGill Michael South side 4 Brown Joseph 6 Hansford R. A. 12 Mitchell Claud, tea dealer 14 Price W. H., bricklayer
St. Mary’s Street Trade to Bishopsgate street 10 Millens Catherine 20 Lincoln Thomas Lincoln Mrs., midwife 22 Lincoln Charles, cab driver Stanley street 24 Taylor Mrs. M. J., nurse 24½ Newnham John, carpenter (For continuation, see Camperdown)
Sarah Street—South side Edgeware road to Simmons street Marian street Grimham Thomas Walker John, baker Beringer Adam, engineer Hardman Brothers, biscuit factory Hardman Richard Hardman Robert Simmons street North side Isles David, “Carlton”
Short Street Off Camden street Osborne Mrs. Brock Mrs. E. Rogers William Donahue Thomas
Simmons Street—East side Enmore road to Camden street Rea Alexander, professor of music Henry Mrs. S., ” Yarrowa ” Jones John, ” Mayville ” Sander Emil, commercial traveller, “Altona” Sloane street McDougal Alexander Camp Mrs. R. A. Fulham street Duckworth Thomas Trethowan William Margaret street Reeve A. G., family grocer Shields William, fruiterer Ardwick terrace— 1 Jones Mrs. M. 3 Matthewson William 5 Parsons Henry 6 Martin W. 7 Butler Thomas 8 Savage William, stevedore 9 Gould Albert 10 Stacey Mrs. Nottingham terrace— 1 Laney Thomas, bootmaker 2 Garvey Michael 3 Bentley James, bootmaker 4 Kadford James, bricklayer 5 Joy James 6 Kennedy V, J. 7 Greenup William 8 True Cecil, carpenter 9 Foster Mrs. Francis 10 Lydford Samuel 13 Egan William 14 Deal Henry Kenna Patrick
West side Nickless Walter R. Mulquin Thomas White Mrs. E. E. Mackenzie John, clerk, ” Allerton ” Martin Mrs. L. E. Spicer James W., printer, “Berkeley” Szarka John, painter Stephenson Mrs. Sarah, ” Maybury ” Garland George F. Eldridge George, ” Eresmere ” Hackney Alonzo, ” Ivanhoe ” Edwards Arthur G., ” Brushgrove ” Griffiths Mrs. T., private school Griffiths Miss, music teacher Scott John C., clerk, ” Corstorphin ” Gray George, ” Hope cottage ” Holmes Alfred L., “Alpha” MacArthur Mrs. Sarah Riedel A. L., ” Hollingworth ” Carey L. P., ” Glenalvin ” Watts Albert N., ” Wendouree ” Fenton George, ” Byron ” Happ Andrew, wheelwright St. Helen’s terrace— 1 McCulloch J. 2 Thompson R. L., contractor 3 Schofield Albert 4 Wright John T. Northam terrace— 1 Donnelly— 2 Frazer William 3 Year William 4 Morris A. 5 Dalwood Mrs. 6 Kendall W., blacksmith Nangle Thomas, ” Astley ” Liddell A. J., ” Clifton ” Sanford George M., organ builder Keeley George, ” Collingwood ” Cooper Mrs. F. A. Walker Waverley W., ” Tumut” Sarah street Rattigan E. F., bootmaker Barnes Mrs. Everitt George, ironmoulder Crossman Francis D’Aran Philip, postman, ” Gertrude cottage ” Trefusis M., ” Riversdale ” Stevenson William, butcher Stephens William, greengrocer Fetherstone Mrs., midwife Foster J. F. Townsend G., painter Collins Joseph Wright Alfred, ” Mary cottage” White William Holcroft Joseph, stonemason, “Coventry cottage” Hamer John, ” Ramsgate cottage ” Jordan W.
Sloane Street—North side Simmons to Reiby street 1 Brew Robert, mariner 2 Morrissey John 3 Kellerman William 4 Whateley Charles 5 Shearsby Charles, bootmaker 6 Booth Charles B. 7 Barrie William Healy Thomas, salesman Wall William E. Dunn William South side Angus and Son, coach factory
Stanmore Road Enmore road to Liberty street Twickenham terrace— Cozens Richard West Mrs.



344 Sta NEWTOWN. Uni

Stanmore road continued— Matthews Miss Lydia, medical clairvoyant Abigail J. W., solicitor Christ Church— Rev. J. Lintott-Taylor Johnson Frederick W., baker (For continuation, see Marrickville and Petersham)
Station Street -East side Railway Station to Holt street Somerset hotel— William Selff Murray Mrs. Margaret, “Warwick house” Warwick hall Browne L. and Co., fuel merchants Porter Brothers, fuel merchants Enmore road Blake Mrs. Dwyer– Cole Aaron, ” Bonthorn ” Partridge Mrs. Jane, ” Hawthorn ” Merret Miss, P., ” Austinville ” Wildman Daniel, builder, “Mansfield” Brown W. A., painter Ryan John, ” Crookwell ” Porter Edward, plasterer Francis Mrs. Margaret, “Stretton house Dean Edward, ” Ulster house ” Ulster terrace- 1 Walker Watson, coachbuilder 2 Brady Thomas 3 Pryce Robert S. 4 Laing Mrs. 5 Krause W. 6 McKern Frederick 7 Tye Mrs. Mary 8 Stewart Miss, teacher of music 10 Grant James, compositor 11 Hartley John, signalman Hartley Miss, music teacher 12 Humphreys Miss K. 13 Gray Mrs”. R. H. 14 Swan H. W. 15 Dreaper W. Holt street San Jose terrace— 1 Mathews S., constable 2 Ruby Joseph 3 Riley F. J. 6 Brown W. Evans Mrs. L, Evans W. R., contractor Grace Patrick, dairyman Spooner James, ” Rothsay ” Cousins Thomas, ironmonger. “Ade- laide” Dalwood A. E., auctioneer Dumbarton Charles Sargeant John, tuck-pointer Honeyfield H. J., clerk Thompson John, warder Smith L., coachbuilder Walsh James Carroll Miss, dressmaker Chisholm — Fletcher Edmund Hurst William Fogarty Patrick West side Enmore road Walker Watson, coach and buggy builder Bruce Alexander, chief inspector of stock. ” Reiby house ” Levien Alfred Don street Strong William, ” St. Kilda ” Wilson Edward, ” Osmaston ” Keig street—Holt street Toop Nehemiah, ” Fern cottage ” Nicholas Charles Goslett William, warehouseman Brady Michael, clerk
Mahoney Mrs. Elizabeth Mayes John H, surveyor, ” Esther- ville” Morrow Thomas, ” Adland ” Camden villas— 1 Cooper William H., tailor 3 Pickering Frank 4 Williams Frederick G. 5 Holt George 6 Wearne Charles 8 McGilvery H. Ekin James, land agent, “La Mascotte” Robertson Frederick, “Alpine cottage” Dowling Albert E. Mars John Hilder Joseph, compositor Engelbert George Craig John Walker Mrs. Martha Cotswold terrace— 3 Brennan Daniel, draper 2 Steer Robert bookbinder 1 Stickley Miss H.
Stephen Street 141 King to Campbell street St. Stephen’s Grammar School—William Smee, headmaster.
Susan Street—East side Longdown to Camperdown boundary Campbell street 1 Bland Thomas 3 Cummins Patrick 5 Dunn Mrs Elizabeth 7 Wholohan John 9 Klees Thomas West side 6 Montgomery Mrs. Ellen Campbell street 8 McGrath Mrs. Bridget 10 Butterworth James 12 Herbert John, wheelwright 16 Sayers Charles, carrier 18 Newman Charles A. 20 Gifford Mrs. 24 Thompson Harry 28 Griffiths John, saddler 32 Townsend Adolphus Townsend A. W. 46 Russell Mrs., tailoress Wright Mrs. H M. 50 Willoughby George 52 Appleton Edgar, grocer 54 Lamey Henry (For continuation, see Camperdown)
Trade Street—East side Railway line to St. Mary’s street 1 Atkin Enoch, painter 3 Herbert R., fireman 7 Garran John 9 Carter William, potter 11 Burke E. R., painter 13 Weekley William, engineer Weekley Mrs. W., dressmaker 15 Weekley John H, A. 17 Frame John Frame Miss, dressmaker 19 Hay William, currier Albert street 20 Davis William West side Stephenson John B., “May Villa” Kershler Livingstone, “Heathcote” Sedgwick Jasper King Mrs. Sophia McSweeaey Justin, contractor Friedenreich Louis, baker McEwan William, machinist St. Stephen’s Mission House
Trafalgar Street Phillip street to Liberty street Alexander terrace— 1 Fagan John H., currier 2 Burne Edwin insurance agent 3 Farrell Mrs. 5 Lander Mrs. Eliza Lander Arthur J. 6 Power Edward H., accountant 7 Smith Mrs. M. Browne Jacob, contractor Leishman William, stonecutter Chisholm John, engineer, “May cot- tage ” Swan Charles Jennings John Goodier Fred., trainer, ” Bebel ” Behan Henry Diener Aloys, tailor French and Wiesener, boot manufac- turers Bruce Mrs. A.
Trafalgar Terrace (See Petersham)
Union Street—West side Erskineville road to King street south Newman street Humby H. C., grocer Botany View terrace— 5 Smith Ernest, ironmonger 4 Hird Mrs. S. 5 O’Rourke James 6 Holland Walter, carpenter 7 Burton C. A., carpenter 8 McKone William Union lane 1 Simmons Charles, carpenter and joiner 3 Duesburn George, engineer 5 Smith Alfred, ” Fairleigh” 7 Harris Thomas 9 Layt William, tile layer 11 Wright Thomas, tinsmith 13 Sutton George W., engineer 15 Mattingly W. J. 17 Whiteman Albert 21 Saunders William 23 Slater Mrs. 25 Maling Thomas Heckman A., “Suffolk” 27 Johnson John H. 29 Madigan John, coachpainter 31 Ransom Henry F. 33 Cook T. J., carpenter 39 Eggleton Frederick, cab proprietor 41 Stevens William 43 Ashton Ashbury 45 Romey Alfred E. 47 Giles James, carpenter Williams D. B., grocer Harold street 47 Little Mrs., storekeeper 51 Summers Henry 63 Nelson Samuel, baker 55 McLelland John 57 Edwards Walter 59 Payne Andrew, dealer 61 Lee James, carter 63 Brace Charles, painter Munni street Gordon James Kirk John 67 Witohard George, dealer 69 Neilan Mrs. 71 Jeffrey Mrs. A. 75 Smith Samuel, plasterer 77 Hopwood Herbert 79 Fennell Thomas 81 Canham George, bootmaker 83 West John F., builder 87 Dunsmore William, carpenter 89 Lawrence J. B., agent



Vic NEWTOWN. Whi 345

91 McLeod Roderick 93 Cordingley Henry 95 Hutton Joseph, stonemason 101 Bell Frederick, boot finisher 103 Le Froy James 105 Boland — 107 Crosby George 109 Marsh William J., hotel broker 111 Huber M., basket maker 113 Sloper R. 131 Garwell Mrs. Mary 137 Union Inn—Elizabeth Parish Knight street (For East side, see Erskineville)
Victoria Street—North, side Church to Stephen street Hordern street—Egan street Hoad Mrs. H. M. Lyle Mrs. O’Connell street South side Hordern street—Egan street Slinning Peter Corporation Yards Collins John
Watkin Street—East side King street to Railway 4 Stead Luke, bootmaker 6 Lemcke Misses, dressmakers 8 Dickson Magnus 14 Miller John, ironmonger 18 Frazer John W., com. traveller 22 Watson David, inspector of Govern- ment works Bamford Richard H., ” Glenroy ” 30 Hendy Henry W., engineer 32 Clarke Frederick W., surveyor 38 Heggie Robert 40 Winter James, signwriter 42 Bricknell Frederick 46 Richmond Malcolm, builder 48 Miller Frederick Wilson street Horseman Aris R., fuel merchant 54 Boxwell John, blacksmith 58 Palmer William, bootmaker 60 Walker Samuel W. 62 Hunt Henry A. 4 Mighell Daniel W., broker 66 Wedderspoon W., mason 68 Hodgkinson G. S., stationmaster 70 McNamara John, engineer West side 1 Percival Andrew 3 Higgins John 5 Scott William, pawnbroker 7 Mills Henry 9 Baylis Joseph E., clerk 11 Fletcher Thomas 13 Davies F. J., carpenter 15 Jacob George 17 Dowling Michael 23 Smith Mrs. J., midwife 25 Killigrew James, tailor 27 Hawkins Mrs. 29 Cockerton Mrs. Charlotte 31 Sproull James 35 Ikin Robert B., general agent 37 Vening, Mrs., dressmaker 39 Davis Edward J., engineer Chambers Miss, music teacher 39 Davis Edward J., engineer 41 Barton William, jeweller 45 Hannigan Mrs. B., boardinghouse 47 Forsyth Alexander 49 Lowndes Samuel Matheson Walter Wilson street Hennings H., baker Walters T. J.
53 Jeffreys William, furniture dealer 55 Wood George E., ” Glen wood” 57 Crocker Miss L., ” Finchley ” Greville Richard, “Mildura” Lorking Stanley, warehouseman, ” Ka- toomba ” Nettelbeck Otto, “Tauranga” Thomas Richard, mine manager ” Boomerang” 73 Ballhausen L. A. 77 Harrison Paul 79 Rutter Mrs. F. W., music teacher
Wellington Street—East side Bedford to Bishopsgate street 1 Stanley Charles, baker Stanley Mrs. A. M., grocer 3 Gould Mrs. M. E., teacher of dancing 7 Alyward H. J. 9 Malcolm W. 11 Newcombe Frederick, draper 13 Pratt Thomas 15 Gallagher Patrick 17 Rev. T. W. Dunn (Presbyterian) Presbyterian Church Lennox street 21 Cutter Robert P., accountant 23 Wood Wallace 25 Mack Mrs. Ellen 27 Provost John W. 37 Everest George 39 Crane William 41 Hiscox R. W. 43 Prince Thomas, agent Albemarle street—Fitzroy lane 49 Cathcart Mrs. A. M. 51 Thompson James plumber 53 Spindler George, hairdresser 55 Wotton J., fencer 67 Colling Thomas, van proprietor 59 Bolton Mrs. S. A. 61 Grimshaw William 63 Grimshaw Mrs. H., nurse 65 Chantler Christopher, saddler 67 Coveney Mrs S., dressmaker 69 Pickard Henry, builder Cobben Hugh, carpenter Gifford Henry, carpenter 73 Crighton Charles, coach painter 75 Hatton Thomas 77 Thompson William, clerk 81 Ross Robert, plumber 83 Matchett Abraham 85 Burns James 87 King Walter, painter 89 Lange Louis, glassblower West side 10 Lidbury E. A. 12 Whiteway Mrs. Mates James W. 14 Levian Casper, commercial traveller 16 Dixon W. H. 18 Bamford Charles 20 Williams Mrs. Lennox street 22 Slattery, the Very Rev. Dean 24 Stonier William 26 Stonier Miss A., ” Wellesley Cottage” Albemarle street 36 Barrett Thomas, contractor 38 Sullivan John Simpson Alexander Young lane 40 Dyer Francis, postman 42 Thomas Thomas 44 Bryson Robert, slater 48 Andrews James, baker 52 Donnolly John, grocer 54 Reid John, drayman 56 Denham John 58 Taylor W. H. 60 Payne Thomas 62 White Peter
64 Northcote John 66 English Henry 68 Donohue Mrs. 70 Jones George
Wells Street—North side King street to Edgeware road Holmwood terrace— Hamilton A. A., “Manfred” Chater Edward 3 Edwards William 5 Hill John, grocer 6 Smith Mrs. J. 8 Wortley Henry Morris James, engineer Race William Dawes Alfred Duckworth Frederick 1 Lutton William 2 Hardy George 3 Clapp Robert 4 Chapman George Phillips Arthur, baker Martin James Homer Joseph Pearl street May terrace— 1 Munn James 2 Wiltshire Alfred 4 Emery William 5 Dell George, painter Brier Joseph Commodore street O’Reilly Peter J., schoolmaster Ainsworth H., plasterer South side Hardy Alma, ” Hygeia ” Wellman Joseph, ” Daphne ” Holland Harry, tuckpointer, ” Wara- tah ” Whatley Charles, ” Gladstone ” Cox William, ” West Lynne ” Cleary — Morris David Brown Isaac Alderson R. H. Crew Joseph Vranick Joseph, engineer Sieben Peter Livingstone A. J. Eldridge Henry Martin Thomas Wane John Spratt G. W. Jeffreys Peter Dalziel J. F., gasfitter Eldershaw Mrs, ” Bundnoon ” John street Cope Henry Sheridan H. A., “The Priory ‘ Doyle James Hewitt Mrs. Newtown Pound—James Rawlings, pounkeeper Haffner Leonard Walker Macquarie
Whately Street Off 168 King street north Bayview terrace— Webber A, E., wheelwright and tim- ber merchant 1 A. Dobbie John, stonemason 2 Powell George, stonemason 3 Hogg Mrs. Sarah 5 Barrett John 9 Ferielle Frank, baker 10 Foster John, butcher
Whitehorse Street—East side Newman to Norfolk street Weekes Miss C. Weekes Francis, farrier



346 Wil NEWTOWN. Yar

Whitehorse street continued— Newland Alfred, carpenter Turtell William Fawkner T. J,, diver. “Austral House” Rowley William Larsen Peter Williamson Magnus Gittens Henry, tailor Davies Mrs. Sarah Gibbs street Angelinetta F. A., ” Keynsham ” West side George street Marshall R. Stewart William Austin Alfred, plumber
Wilford Street—North side Enmore road to Station street James Mrs. Grace South side Savage Samuel Guille E. C. Phillips J. T. Wilson Street—North side King to Forbes street Erskineville road 2 Morris Richard 4-6 Williams and Bricknell, saddlers 8 Gommeson Joseph, engineer 18 Ash Edward 20 Bhranger Peter 22 Chandler Robert, contractor 24 Flynn John, cordial mater 24½ Jarvis Charles H., constable 26 Snelling James E. 28 Herring William, bookseller Webber’s Timber Yard Tubby William, carpenter 44 Dunn W., groom Greenwood and Sons, produce mer- chants Summerhayes William, builder Mason J., fruiterer Brown street Belmont terrace— 2 Griffiths Walter, clerk 5 Kingsbury Mrs. H. 6 Arbuckle Mrs. M. 70 Bardsley J. 72 McNamara D. 74 Phillips T. 76 Gadsden R., law stationer 78 Dawes G. 80 Gathreal Mrs. A. 82 Millard William Watkin street
90 Thomas W. H. 92 Monk Edward 94 Porter Arthur Bucknell street Rieck Arthur, music teacher Pearson Mrs., ” The Grove” 102 Land William, plasterer 112 Pearson Mark, boardinghouse Fitzroy street 140 Fallick Mrs. S. 142 Pimm John, grocer Castle J. 152 Kayser Mrs. S. 156 Aarons Isaac, ” Louisville” Queen street 158 Deane Mrs. 160 Campbell James 162 Scott August, baker 164 Hamilton James, blacksmith 166 Lappan Michael, bookkeeper South side Baldick Bros., timber yard Erskineville road 1 Waddups Richard 3 Endicott James, cab proprietor 5 Braine N., painter and paperhanger 7 Austin James, carpenter 9 Mackellar Mrs. 11 Heaven James, plumber 13a Tuck John, billiard table proprietor Cooper’s terrace— 15 Daniels Mrs. Mary 17 Boland F., contractor 21 Phillips Mrs., dressmaker 23 Stokes Edward 25 Sutton Mrs. W. H. Sutton Miss, music teacher 25a Wright Thomas 27 Siddway Alfred, lamplighter 33 Nicoll George, printer 35 Cree George, grocer 39 Gosnell and Christian, painters 41 Lamond James, builder Lamond Mrs. Catherine, midwife Oddfellows’ Hall 45 Wheatley H., carpenter 47 Donaldson James 49 Marie Madam 51 Trescott T. and Co., cordial manu- facturers Brown street 55 Molesworth Edmund W., M. L. A., custom house agent, ” Atherstone ” Maxey Villas— 1 Kretchmer Frank 2 Ewing Peter 3 Airey Joseph, draper Watkin street 4 Christie A. C., railway guard 5 Monjou Peter 6 Flanigan Miss Watkin street York Mrs., ” Fairthorn’ Hoskins Julius Baskerville John, railway guard Forbes Mrs. A. Sagar Harry, clerk Corner J. G. Burren street Helsby Thomas Coutts J. A. Juleff H., stove manufacturer Harrison Miss Hedger M., butcher Pine street Clancy William Milne David, “The Pines ” Evans Thomas W., ” Abergavenny ” Boyd Alexander, “Balgay” Parry and Healey, wood benders Jester William, grocer Randle street Binnie Mrs. Davidson Frank, enginedriver Hill David, butcher and fuel merchant Holdsworth street Dennis Samuel, “Hinemona” Mitchell Richard Black John Ross Donald Croal Mrs., ” Kinnaird” Coker William, ” The Grange ” (For continuation, see Redfern. )
Yaralla Street—South side Off Bucknell street Newtown Carriage Co. –Sydney Simpson, manager 3 Barden Tedbar 5 Mood John, fitter 7 Travers William, surveyor 9 Millan George 11 Nichols Charles, engineer 13 Moss- North side Cullen William E Dredge John E. Gawthorpe Frederick, builder Lumsden Alfred, commercial traveller Reynolds — Boss James 1 Hind William, stonemason 2 Coleman Joseph 3 Blake John 4 Aspinall James Burton P. J, joiner