Sands Directory


Index to Streets Index to Streets

Albermarle st, from Australia st to Horbury terrace Albert st. from Horbury terrace to Trade st
Alice st, from Cook’s river rd to Edgeware rd Angel st, from Cook’s river rd to Munni st
Australia st, from Newtown rd to Bishopgate street Aylesbury st, from Missenden rd to Elizabeth street
Baltic st, from Horbury terrace to Trade st Bay view cottages, off Newtown rd
Bedford st, from Newtown rd to Horbury terrace Belmore st, from London st to Phillip st
Bishopgate st. from Australia st to Oxford st Bligh st, from Missenden rd to Newtown rd
Brick st, from Camperdown rd to fence Bucknell st, from Newtown rd to Wilson st
Cambridge st. from Enmore rd to Liberty st Camden st, from Cook’s river rd to Edgeware road
Campbell st, from O’Connell st to boundary Camperdown rd, from Newtown rd to boundary
Cavendish st, from Enmore rd to Liberty st Charles st. from Camperdown rd to Eliza st
Charles st, from London st to Phillipe st Commodore st, from Well st to Albert st
Cook’s river rd, from railway bridge to boundary Crescent st, from Enmore rd to Trafalgar terrace
Denison st, from Bedford st to Bishopgate st Edgeware rd, from Harrow rd to May st
Egan st, from Newtown rd to fence Eliza st, from Newtown rd to Charles st
Elizabeth st, from Newtown rd to Bligh st Enmore rd, from Newtown rd to Juliet st
Erskineville lane, from Newtown road to boundary Fitzroy st, from Newtown rd to Wilson st
Forbes st, from tollbar to Wilson st Francis st, from Enmore rd to Harrow rd
Harrow rd, from Juliet st to Edgeware rd Holt st, from Cook’s river rd to Station st
Horbury terrace, from Bedford st to boundary Hordern st, from Newtown rd to fence
Iredale st, from Union st to Angel st Islington st, from Iredale st to Munni st
James st, off Edgeware rd Juliet st, from Enmore rd to Harrow rd
Lennox st, from Australia st to Oxford st Liberty st, from Stanmore rd to Trafalgar terrace
Linthorp st, off Erskineville lane London st, from Enmore rd to Liberty st
Longdown st, from O’Connell st to boundary Lord st, from Cook’s river rd to Edgeware rd
Mechanic st, from Camperdown rd to Egan st Maria st, from Cook’s river rd to Edgeware rd
Mary st, from Newtown rd to Charles st May st, from Cook’s river rd to Edgeware rd
Missenden rd, from Newtown rd to Bligh st Munni st, from Angel st to Union st
Nelson st, from Newtown rd to Bligh st Newtown rd, from tollbar to railway bridge
O’Connell st, from Newtown rd to boundary Oxford st, from Horbury terrace to Bishopgate street
Philip st, from Enmore rd to Trafalgar terrace Prospect st, from Camperdown rd to O’Connell street
Queen st, from Newton rd to Wilson st Regent st, from Bedford st to Bighopgate st
Reiby st, off Enmore rd Richard st, from Missenden rd to Elizabeth st
Rubie st, from Wilson st to boundary Sarah st, from Edgeware rd to Simmons st
Short st, from Cook’s river rd to Union st Simmons st, from Enmore rd to Sarah st
Stanmore rd, from Enmore rd to Liberty st Station st, from Holt st to Lennox st
St. John st, from Cook’s river rd to Angel st St. Mary st, from Trade st to Bishopgate st
Susan st, from Longdown st to boundary Trade st, from St. Mary st to boundary
Trafalgar terrace, from Crescent st to boundary Union st, from Enmore rd to Holt st
Union st. East, from Cook’s river rd to boundary Uralla st, off Bucknell st
Well st, from Cook’s rd to Edgeware rd Wellington st, from Bedford st to Bishopgate street
White Horse st, from Cook’s river rd to Cook’s river Wilson st, from Newtown rd to Forbes st

Residents – Name & Address Residents – Name & Address

ABEL, JOHN, carpenter, Bligh st Abigail, James, grocer, Denison st
Abigail, James, Regent st Adams, J., fruiterer, Missenden rd
Adson, William, painter, Sarah st Agnew, Matthew. O’Connell st
Aird, George, Angel st Albury, Mark, Stanmore rd
Allcock, Christopher, Commodore st Allen, Simon, dairy. Queen st
Allen. William. Nelson st Allum, Frank, Enmore rd
Alston, Thomas, Handle terrace, Enmore rd Anderson, George, O’Connell st
Anderson, James, Denison st Andrew, Joseph, dealer, Newtown rd
Andrews, J. B., monumental mason, Camperdown rd Andrews, L., monumental mason, Australia st
Angus, William T., coach builder. Enmore rd Annesley, David, Australia st
Armlof, Andrew, cabinetmaker, Newtown rd Arnold, Joseph, bootmaker. Cook’s river rd
Arundell. George, carpenter, Camden st Askew, William, Union st. East
Atkinson, Mrs. B., Eliza st Attwood, William M., Cook’s river rd
Austin, Henry, fruiterer. Cook’s river rd Autell, —, painter, Camden st
—————————– ——————————
BACHELL, Thomas W., Wilson st Bade, Mrs. Mary, Hampton Court hotel, Newtown rd
Baker, John, Prospect st Baker, Thomas, Fitzroy st
Bailey, Alfred, Station st Bailey, William, Enmore rd
Baldick, James, wheelwright, Albemarle st Baldick, S., timber merchant, Newtown rd
Baldick, Stephen, Albemarle st Baldick, William, Uralla st
Bamford, Edwin, engineer, May st Bamm, Mrs. Elizabeth, Islington st
Bank of Australasia — Bruun, H. 0. E., manager, Newtown rd Banks, George C., confectioner, Newtown rd
BAPTIST CHURCH—Fenwick, Rev. David, Camperdown rd Barden, Edward, butcher, Enmore rd
Barker. John, Princes st Barncastle, John, Denison st
Barry, Margaret, grocer, Albemarle st Barton, Henry, grocer, Cook’s river rd
Basket, Thomas H., Iredale st Bateman, Simon, carpenter, Munni st
Bearpark, William B.. Horbury terrace Bechtel, William, gardener, Munni st
Bedford, A, painter and glazier, Enmore rd Bedford, David, Missenden rd
Bedford, George, Charles st Beech, Peter, Susan st
Begg, Andrew, Susan st Bell, Edward, Wilson st
Bell, E., London st Belmer, Walter B., Botanyview hotel, Cook’s River rd
Bennett, Albert, painter, Regent st Bennett, J., Enmore rd
Benson, Jonathan S., Randle ter., Enmore rd Bentley, Parcel delivery office, Hordern st
Bergin, Mrs. Mary, grocer, Newtown rd Berry, Alexander, Cook’s River rd
Berry, Mrs., Camden st Bibb, John, London st
Bignell, William, tailor, Newtown rd Bird, Mrs. Sarah, O’Connell st
Bishop, Jos. Hy., bootmaker. Cook’s River rd Biss, Mrs. H., Enmore rd
Blackford, David, tailor, Missenden rd Blackman, Mrs. Sarah, Wilson st
Blackstone, Joseph, Denison st Bland, Thomas, butcher, Susan st
Blanch, Henry M., boot upper manufacturer, Wellington st Bloomfield, Alfred J., mariner, Newtown rd
Blunsun, Edward, Horbury terrace Boardman, Mrs. B., Wellington st
Bolger, L.— District registrar for St. George, Australia st Booth, Charles, Station st
Boots, Charles, Egan st Boots, Charles, builder, Prospect st,
Boots, John, Lord st Boston, Edmund, jeweler, Newtown rd
Bowden, Thomas, W., Newtown rd Bowers, John, Egan st
Bowley, Mrs. A., Wellington terrace, Wellington street Boyd, T., accountant, Camden terrace, Cook’s river rd
Bradley, Mrs. Catherine, Union st Braham, E. A., Liberty st
Bramwell, John, Sarah st Bray. William, carpenter, Campbell st
Breese, Henry, carpenter, Newtown rd Brickwood, Mrs. H., Wellington st
Bridger, James, painter, Campbell st Briggs, Frederick, dairy, St. Mary st
Briggs, Frederick, Bishopgate st Broad, Robert, Albemarle st
Broadley, Joseph, blacksmith, Horden st Broadley, Joshua, Horden st
Brock, Robert, Bligh st Brooks, John, Australia st
Brown, Frederick, Munni st Brown, George, bootmaker, Oxford st
Brown, Hilton, seedsman, Cook’s river rd Brown, Joshua John, shoemaker, Sarah st
Brown, Mrs., Edgeware rd Brown, Mrs. Margaret, Australia st
Brown, S. 0., M. L. A., solicitor, Newtown rd Brown, William, bootmaker, Oxford st
Brown, W., fish & oyster depot, Newtown rd Bruce, Alexander, Station st
Buck, Robert, draper, Camden terrace, Cook’s river road Bucknell, Mrs. C. W., Arundel cottage, Wellington st
Buist, R. T., pianoforte tuner, London st Bull, Mrs. E., ladies’ seminary, Stanmore rd
Bunbury, Mrs., Albemarle st Burgess, Edmund, Charles st
Burgess, William G., printer, Charles st Burgis, J. R., Campbell st
Burgis, Theodore, engineer, Regent st Burke,—, St. Mary st
Burke, Thomas, Egan st Burling, Charles, Lord st
Burling, John, Maria st Burn, E, painter and glazier, Cook’s river rd
Burnett, Richard, Station st Burns, Mrs. Ellen, Regent st
Burrows, Samuel, London st Burton, John, Kingston hotel, Regent st
Burton, Frederick Henry, joiner, Hordern st Burton, B., Camperdown rd
Burton, Mrs. S., Wellington st Butcher, John, bootfinisher, Cook’s river rd
Butchers, Mrs., Elizabeth, Cook’s river rd Butler, C., shingler. Well st
Butler, Henry, wheelwright, Denison st Butler, Mrs. Teresa, Susan st
Buswell, Thomas, Iredale st Byatt, Thomas, painter, Islington st
Byrne, Charles, Horden st Byrne, John, Camden st
Byrnes, Henry, painter, Regent st
—————————– ——————————
Callaghan, John, Albemarle st Calbert, Thomas, Union st
Caldwell, Edward, Denison st Cambrell, William, Egan st
CAMDEN, COLLEGE, Cook’s river rd Camp, William, engineer, Denison st
Campbell, David, Albemarle st Campbell, John, plasterer, Bligh st
CAMPERDOWN CEMETERY, Clarke, Thomas, sexton, Camperdown rd Cannan, Charles, Denison st
Cannan, Jeremiah, cabinetmaker, Newtown rd Carlton, Robert, Egan st
Carney, John, Campbell st Carr, Mrs. Ann, Newtown rd
Carroll, Mrs. M. 0., Enmore rd Carter, C. H., Newtown rd
Carter, John, London st Carter, Patrick W., Camden st
Carter, William J., Denison st Casey, Charles Henry, Knight’s terrace, Wellington st
Cathcart, Angustus, Albemarle st Chandler, Mrs. Esther, Longdown st
Chantler, C. A., harnessmaker, Wellington st Chapman, J., bootmaker, Lennox st
Chard, John, Baltic st Chase, Henry, bricklayer, Uralla st
Cheers, Mrs. Jane, school, Newtown rd Chesham, Mrs. Martha, Wellington st
Chevill, William, Australia st Chisholm, Edward, Forbes st
Chiver, Frank, carpenter, Juliet st Chivers, Alfred, Cook’s river rd
Choat, James, Maria st Chowne, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lennox st
Christmas, Robert, woodturner, Newtown rd Clark, John IL, Oxford st
Clark, Mrs. Ellen. Wilson st Clarke, George, Australia st
Clark, Mrs. Ellen, Wilson st Clarke, George, Australia st
Clarkson, William, bootmaker, Munni st Cleeve, Mrs, Mary, Newtown rd
Clinton, A. B., artist, Australia st Clinton, M., farrier, Australia st
Clune, Michael J., joiner, Denison st Coates, John, Camden st
Cocksedge. Thomas, bootmaker, Campbell st Cole, Jabez, grocer, Enmore rd
Coles, James William, draper, Newtown rd Coles, James William, Hordern st
Colley, Joseph, James st Collier, Mrs. Ann, Cowra house, Newtown rd
Conden, Mrs. Rose, Egan st CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH—Dowie, Rev. H., Cook’s river rd
Conley, James, Eliza st Connolly, Matthew, pawnbroker, Newtown rd
Connolly, William J., Newtown rd Conyngham, Mrs. M. A., Enmore rd
Coogan, F., Knight’s terrace, Wellington st Cook, Henry, bootmaker, Oxford st
Cook, Henry, plasterer, Eliza st Cooper, Frederick, Denison st-
Cooper, W., plumber and gasfitter, Wilson st Costerton, Mrs., Camden st
Cotter, Mrs. Caroline, Missenden rd Cottis, Mrs. Catherine, Missenden rd
Coveney, Richard, Wellington st Cover, William, butcher, Newtown rd
Cozens, Richard, Liberty st Cozens, William, fruiterer, Newtown rd
Craig, Jasper, Newtown rd Craig, Mrs., Cambridge st
Craigson, —, Regent st Crane, William, Missenden rd
Crease, Charles, O’Connell st Crocker, Miss L,, Baltic st
Croft, Eliza, dressmaker, Newtown rd Croft, Matthew, engineer, White Horse st
Croft, William, O’Connell st Crook, Miss Mary, London st
Cross, Richard, Albemarle st Cummings, John Henry, Newtown rd
Cupitt, Charles, tanner, Camden st Curren, Charles, Egan st
Curtis, Albert, Lord st Curtis, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hordern st
Curtis, William, Lord st
—————————– ——————————
DADSWELL, THOMAS, boot manufacturer, Wellington st Dale, George, carpenter, Susan st
Daly, John, Susan st Daly, John, wood and coal yard, Newtown rd
D’Ardier, H., Bucknell st Davies, Evan, coachbuilder, Oxford st
Davis, E. H., ironmonger, Newtown rd Davis, 0. A., Newtown road
Davis, Joseph, butcher, Newtown rd Davis, Mrs. Hannah, Prospect st
Davis, Mrs. Mary, Camden st Davis, Robert, painter, Campbell st
Dawson, William, Randle terrace, Enmore rd Day, Thomas John, Oxford st
Dean, Edward, Union st Dean, A., Bay view cottages, off Newtown rd
De Fries, Samuel, gas engineer, Hordern st Delisel, Mitchell, Trafalgar hotel, Newtown rd
Demock, Thomas, baker, Campbell st Despointes, J. B., architect, Wellington terrace, Wellington st
Dencher, Mrs. Eliza, Seafield house. Queen st Devonporch, Joseph, bootmaker, James st
Digby, Thomas, Denison st Direks, John F., Islington st
Dolan, Dominick, Egan st Dolman, William, Noumea villa, London st
Donohoe, John Henry, Newtown rd Donohoe, Thomas, tanner, Princes st
Donaldson, Miss Hannah, Erskineville lane Donnithorne, Miss, Camperdown lodge, Newtown rd
Douglas, Orr, Australia st Douglas, John, Denison st
Douse, William, Egan st Dowie, Rev. J. A. (Congregational), Cook’s river rd
Doyle, Daniel, Camden st Drake, Thomas, H., fancy goods warehouse, Cook’s river rd
Dransfield, Richard, Cook’s river rd Dubber, Charles E., butcher. Regent st
Duff, John, Newtown rd Duffy, John, Newtown rd
Du. Four, Nicholas, Newtown rd Dunk, William, Camperdown rd
Dunlop, Mrs. Harriet, Wilson st Dunn, James, cutler, Newtown rd
Dunnett, William, 0., off Union st Dunnett, Mrs. Mary, Camden st
Dunton, Mrs. Anne, Wilson st Dwyer, John, Camden st
Dyer, E., Oxford st Dyer, George, Egan st
—————————– ——————————
EARLS, M., fish & oyster saloon, Newtown rd Eaton, George, Islington st
Ebenezer PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHURCH, Australia st – Ashmeed, Rev. Ebthorp, Hugh, Regent st
Edwards, Alfred, engineer, Newtown rd Edwards, George R., hairdresser, Newtown. road
Edwards, Joseph, fruiterer, Newtown rd Eggleton, William, Sandringham hotel. Cook’s river rd
Eglin, Robert, Susan st Eldershaw, Thomas, Well st
EIdridge, Mrs. J. E., Randle terrace, Enmore road Elliott, George, Camden st
Elliott, John, bootfinisher, Regent st Ellis, Hy., barrister, Camden terrace. Cook’s river rd
Elstub, James, blacksmith, Hordern st Elstub, R., van proprietor. Regent st
Emery, Mrs., Deniston st Emmerton, John, O’Connell st
Emms, Robert P., Denison st Erickson, William, bootmaker, James st
Erwood, William, carpenter, Lennox st Evans, Alfred, London st
Evans, Henry, carpenter, Australia st Evans, James, Camperdown rd
Evans, John (Evansville), Fitzroy st Everett, James, Well st
Everitt, George, produce store, Cook’s’ river rd Ewen, Isabella, Missenden rd
—————————– ——————————
FAGG, THOMAS, engineer, Newtown rd. Fairless, Mrs., Camden st
Falconer, Me Vie, Trafalgar terrace Fallack, Frederick, Australia st
Fallick, Alfred, Baltic st Fallick, W. C., Enmore rd .
Farnsworth, Andrew, Elizabeth st Farnsworth, Henry, Campbell st
Farr Edward, Denison st Farrow, David, Edgeware rd
Fathers, George, Regent st Fathoms, Thomas, Australia st
Favell, Mrs. Mary, Erskineville lane Felton, Mrs. L., Campbell st
Fenn, William, Lord st Fenton, Mrs. Eliza, Newtown rd
Fenwood, —, St. John st Fisher, Frederick, Nelson st
Fisher, Frederick, Wellington st Fitzgerald, Wm., boot finisher, Cambridge st
Fitzgibbons, Mrs., O’Connell st Fitzpatrick, Rev. John P. (R.C.), Wellington st
Fleming, Samuel, butcher, Cook’s river rd Fletcher, James D., Wellington st
Fletcher, Peter, London st Foldi, Narcissus, Juliet st
Foley, John, Albemarle st Foster, John, baker, Regent st
Foster, W. J,, Thumby, Enmore rd Foules, William, London st
Fowler, James Robert, Elizabeth st Fowler, William, Camden st
Fox, Mrs., school, Australia st Frampton, James, dentist, Reiby st
Frame, Mrs., Nelson st Francis, Alfred, surveyor, Knight’s terrace, Wellington st
Francis, Henry, Albemarle st Francis, Mrs. Mary, Newtown rd
Frederick, Edward, draper, Cook’s river rd Free, John. Australia st
Freeman, Stephen, Cook’s river rd Frost, James, Regent st
—————————– ——————————
GALVIN, THOMAS, builder, Sarah st Galvin, Thomas, Hordern st
Galway, David, James st Gard, John, Camdenville hotel, Cook’s river rd
Garratty, Mrs., Wellington st Garton, James, bootmaker, Lord st
Garwell, William, Union st, East Gannon, James, saddler, Newtown rd
Gannon, Mrs. Agnes, Mary st Gates, Mrs. Catherine, Susan st
Gatley, Richard, James st Gaw, William, carpenter, O’Connell st
Gawthorpe, Fred., bricklayer, O’Connell st Geary, Mrs. Lydia, Mary st
Gee, Mrs. Eliza, Newtown rd Gentle, Josiah, Maria st
Gibbes, Mrs. W., Station st Gibblin, R. W., Linthorp house, Linthorp st
Gibbons, Abel, Australia st. Giblin, Vincent W., Wilson st
Gilbert, George, Reiby st Gilroy, William, baking powder manufactory, Newtown rd
Gimmins, John, Denison st Giraud, .Leonard, confectionery manufactory, Newtown rd
Givins, John, Australia st Glover, Mrs. Mary Ann, O’Connell st
Gogerly, G.M.M.S., underclothing manufactory, Enmore rd Goodin, Philip, carpenter, Bedford st
Goodin, Thomas, builder. Liberty st Goodman, Mrs.. Sarah, O’Connell st
Goodsell, Alfred, Cook’s river rd Goodsell, Frederick, May st
Goodsell, P., brick kilns, May st Goodsell, F. J, Cook’s river rd
Goodsell, Henry, Cook’s river rd Goodsell, Mrs. John, Cook’s river rd
Gorman, Charles, Newtown rd Gould, David, Knight’s terrace, Wellington st
Gould, E., Gould’s Tollbar hotel, Newtown rd Grant, Thomas, Susan st
Grant, Thomas, Jan., coachpainter, Susan st Grant, William H., Longdown st
Gray, John, grocer, Newtown rd Gray, Richard, saddler, Prospect st
Green,—, Bayview terrace, Wilson st Green, Fdk., Knight’s terrace, Wellington st
Green, George, Newtown rd Green, George, baker, Newtown rd
Green, Thomas, carpenter, Newtown rd Gregg, Henry, blacksmith, Campbell st
Griffin, Charles, Terminus inn, Enmore rd Griffiths, T. H., draper, Fern villa, Erskineville lane
Griffiths, T. H., millinery and drapery store, Newtown rd Griffiths, Mrs. Elizabeth, Baltic st
Grigs, Mrs. Anne, Lord st Grimshaw, Mrs., Wellington st
Grinham, Thomas, currier, Sarah st Grogan, Mrs. Ellen, .Newtown rd
Grono, H., boot and shoe maker, Newtown rd Growner, Edwin, carpenter, Munni st
Guy, James, wheelwright, Richard st Guy, Mrs. Ellen, Newtown rd
—————————– ——————————
HADDOCK, JOHN, butcher, Lord st Hadsley, Mrs. Francis, school, Newtown rd
Hagley, Mrs. Elizabeth, draper, Cook’s river rd Haigh, Louis, Cook’s river rd
Halcrow, Mrs. Mary Anne, Cook’s river rd Haley, Michael, James st
Haliday, William, James, Albemarle st Hall, Edward, James st
Hall, George, tailor, O’Connell st Halliday, John, ‘Australia st
Hamblin & Co., coal and wood yard, Erskinville lane Hamblin, John, boot warehouse, Newtown rd
Hammell, Mrs. Anne, Iredale st Hamilton, William, Susan st
Hammond, Thomas, Newtown rd Handel, Henry James, Islington st
Handlen, Mrs. Hannah, Egan st Hanna, Edward, farrier, Cook’s river rd
Happ, Charles, grocer, Bedford st Hare, William, coachbuilder, Newtown rd
Harding, Abraham, Australia st Hartley, W., painter, Mary st
Harris, Edwin, C., Wilson st Harris, Henry, Maria st
Harris, Joseph, Newtown rd Harris, John, gardener, James st
Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth, |Bayview cottages, off Newtown rd Harris, R. J., watchmaker, Newtown rd
Harris, William, Cook’s river rd Harrison, James, tailor, Newton rd
Harrison, Mat,, ironmonger, Cook’s river rd Harrison, James, tailor, Newtown rd
Harold, Mrs. Lavina, school, Enmore rd Hart, Mrs., Enmore rd
Hartwell, Mrs. Mary Jane, stationer, Newtown rd Harvey, William, Regent st
Hansford, William, O’Connell st Hawkins, Jessie, May st
Hawkins, Thomas, painter, Brixton cottage, Erskineville lane Hayes, James, joiner, Camden fit
Hayes, Patrick, van proprietor. Cook’s river rd Heaton. J. H., journalist (Rosebank), Wilson st
Helmers, Fredk., cabinetmaker, Newtown rd Henry,. Daniel, Enmore rd
Hentington, Henry, William, Wellington st Hennesey, John, Enmore rd
Herve, Josiah, confectioner, Newtown rd Hewitt, G. A., Station st
Hewitt, James, fencer, Bligh st Hews, George, bricklayer, James st
Hibble, William, G., painter and decorator, Newtown road Hibbitson, Mrs., Campbell st
Hill, Charles, bootmaker, Newtown rd Hill, Henry, butcher, Horden st
Hill, Henry, poulterer, Newtown rd Hill, Mrs. John, Queen st
Hill, Ann Elizabeth, Enmore hotel, Edgeware road Hill, Mrs., Edgeware rd
Hill, William H., Maryville, Wilson st Hilliard, William, Station st
Hinchcliff, Andrew, woolbroker, Albermarle house, Albermarle st Hincks, Mark, bootmaker, Regent st
Hinton, Mrs. Sarah, Hordern st Hoad, William, Lord st
Hoffman, Frederick, Regent st Hogan, Patrick Joseph, Islington st
Hogg, Mrs., .Bay view cottages, off Newtown road Holden, George, farrier, Egan st
Holmen, G., boot & shoemaker, O’Connell st Holland, J., Camperdown rd
Holland, F. W., architect, Francis st Holley, Jonathan, gardener, Aylesbury st
Holley, Mrs., Maria st Holloway, Arthur, confectioner, Newtown rd
Holloway, W. E., signwriter, Campbell st Holmes, Henry, Albermarle st
Holroyd, M., Station st Holstien, Frank, Tannery hotel, Edgeware rd.
Hope, Hon. Louis, Holmwood house, Cook’s river rd Hopkins, Thomas, Egan st
Hordern John, Albermarle st Horgan, John, Newtown rd
Howard, Jesse, brickmaker, May st Howard, John, May st
Howarth, Charles, Champion of the Thames hotel, Newtown rd Howe, Henry N., bricklayer, Camperdown rd
Howe, R. B., bricklayer, Susan st Hovenden, Henry, bootmaker, Bayview cottages, off Newtown rd
Hudson, Joseph, plasterer, Charles st Hudson, Samuel George, Camperdown rd
Hudson, Henry, butcher, Missenden rd Humphrey, John C., Denison st
Humphries, Christopher, Reiby st Humphries, Mrs. Catherine, Reiby st
Humphries, Mrs, Rose, Longdown st Humphries, Thomas, chemist and druggist, Newtown rd
Hurst, Mrs. Sarah, Mary st Hutton, Thomas, stonemason. Union st, East
Hyland, H. E. H., Randle terrace, Enmore rd Hynard and Arnold, tobacconists, Newtown rd
Hynard, Robert, Bucknell st
—————————– ——————————
Ibbotson, George, Union st Ikin, Henry, Denison st
Isler, Mrs. J., Royston villas, Erskineville lane Isles, James, Nelson st
Ivanhoe, William, Wellington st
—————————– ——————————
JACKSON, CHAS. J., organ builder, Newtown rd Jackson, John Thos, carpenter, Newtown rd
Jackson, Mrs., Regent st Jackson, William, mariner. Regent st
Jarvis, Thomas, carpenter, Wellington st Jarvis, Robert, carpenter, Crescent st
Jamieson, Mrs., Cook’s river rd Joass, John, Mechanic st
Johnson, Nelson, bootmaker, James st Johnson, Samuel, saddler, Newtown rd
Jolly and Lane, painters, Newtown rd Jolly, Mrs. Jane, Camden st
Jolly, William, Cook’s river road Jones, Andrew W., bootmaker, Camden st
Jones, Charles, carpenter, Islington st Jones, C. J., solicitor, Wellington terrace, Wellington st
Jones, James, Lord st Jones, James John, carpenter, Denison st
Jones, John, plasterer, Hordern st Jones, John F., draper, Newtown rd
Jordan, W. J., Australia st Josephson, J. F, (Judge D.C.), Enmore house, Enmore rd
Judd, John, Camden st
—————————– ——————————
KELLY, EDWARD, Australia st Kelly, James, Longdown st
Kelly, R., bread & biscuit baker, Newtown rd Kemp, A. G., Munni st
Kemp, Beilby, Simmons st Kemp, W., boot and shoemaker, Regent st
Kennedy, Hugh, Laurel villa, Erskineville lane Kennedy, T., railway surveyor, Wellington terrace, Wellington st
Kent, George, Lord st Kerr, Archibald, painter, Australia st
Kerswell, William, engine driver, Rubie st Kettle, John, J.P., Wilson st
Keys, William, Lord st Kilborn, William, Denison st
Kimbiley, John, Charles st King, George, taxidermist, Angel st
King, John, King’s Arms hotel, Newtown rd King, John, Horbury terrace
King, Mrs. Harriet, Campbell st King, W. A., Albemarle terrace, Wellington st
Kingcott, James, grocer, Wellington st Kingsbury, John, draper, Newtown rd
Kingsbury, Joseph, M.D., Francis st Know, John. Egan st
Kraft, Leonard, Uralla st Kurdz, John, Wellington st
—————————– ——————————
LANGHORNE, G., estate agent, Windsor terrace, Enmore rd Land, William, plasterer, Wilson st
Lane, Charles J., painter, Wilson st Lane, John, blacksmith, Campbell st
Lane, John, Oxford st Langley, J., Royston villas, Erskineville lane
Larkin, James, bootmaker, Newtown rd Lavender, G., Knight’s terrace, Wellington st
Lawson, James, Queen st Lawson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Egan st
Layte, F. W., carpenter & builder, Islington street Lee, James, O’Connell st
Lee, Samuel, gardener. Prospect st Leedon, Mrs. Mary, Wilson st
Lefroy, James Charles, tanner, Missenden rd Leix, J. A. L., Bricklayers’ Arms hotel, Newtown rd
Lennon, John, bootfinisher, Denison st Lennon, Mrs. Catherine, Newtown rd
Levinge, Frederick C., .Horbury terrace Lewis, Samuel coachbuilder, Richard st
Lincoln, Thomas, St. Mary st Lincoln, Thomas, horseshoer, Bedford st
Lincoln, Thomas, Denison st Lindley, Mrs. Ellen, Lennox st
Lindley, William, Horde[r]n st Little, John (The Grange), Wilson st
Lomas, William, bootmaker, Camden st Loncon, George, Wellington st
Lotze, Edward, Cook’s river rd Lovegrove, Richard, plumber, Newtown rd
Lynch, J. J., van proprietor, Egan st
—————————– ——————————
MACHAN, JOSEPH, Cook’s river rd Macken, P. J., Albemarle st
Macintosh, J., Wellington terrace, Wellington street Macnamara, Thomas, Australia st
Macnamara, T., boot & shoemaker, Australia st Maddigan, Thomas, Denison st
Maitland, Charles, Queen st Martin, Rev. G. (Wesleyan), Cook’s river rd
Martin, Thomas, Well st Massingham, William, grocer, London st
Mason, Ralph, farrier, Newtown rd Mason, Ralph, fruiterer, Cook’s river rd
Matchett, Abraham, Wellington st May, Henry, van proprietor, Horbury terrace
May, Mrs., Albemarle st Mayo, Alfred, grocer, Australia st
Meek, W. Cricketers’ Arms hotel, Newtown rd Melville, Hector, wheelwright, Newtown rd
Melville, Hector, wheelwright, Denison st Melville, Ninian, cabinetmaker, Australia st
Melville, Ninian, jun., cabinetmaker, Regent st Melville & Son, cabinetmakers and undertakers, Australia st
Meish, John, Well st Mengay, William, dairy, Australia st
Menzies, Mrs., Cook’s river rd Merrett, George, Station st
Metcalf, Mrs. L., Queen’s st Middlemore, —. Islington st
Middleton, Mrs. Ann, Albemarle st Midgley, William, coachbuilder, Edgeware rd
Milgate, S. J., produce store, Newtown rd Millard, William, tinsmith, Newtown rd
Miller, —, Regent st Milligan, I., tailor, Bay view terrace, Wilson st
Mills, George, bootmaker. Cook’s river rd Mills, Mrs. Ellen, chemist and druggist, Cook’s river road
Mills, William, currier, James st Minister, G., van proprietor, Camperdown rd
Minister, Q. T., plumber, Newtown rd Mitchell, Henry C., Wellington terrace, Wellington st
Mitchell, J., coal and wood yard, Newtown rd Mitchell, John, builder, Wilson st
Mitchell, John, Albemarle st Mitchell, Mrs. Margaret, fancy bazaar, Newtown road
Mitchell, Robert, Campbell st Mitchell, William, carpenter, Longdown st
Moffet, John, Eliza st Molony, Thomas, Campbell st
Momsen, A. M., London st Monaghan, Matthew, Cavendish st
Montgomery, J., general smith, Newtown rd Montgomery, James, blacksmith, Egan st
Montgomery, George, Regent st Moon, Joseph, bricklayer. Bay view cottages, off Newton rd
Mooney, Mrs. Mary, O’Connell st Moore, Frank, Newtown rd
Moore, George, gardener. Regent st Moore, George, Thomas, bootmaker. Nelson st
Moreau, Henry, barber, Newtown rd Morgan, —, Oxford st
Morgan, Frederick, Alex., Regent st Morgan, Mrs, Anne, Albemarle st
Moroney, Patrick, Lennox st Morris, Mrs., midwife, Enmore rd
Morris, Richard, Wilson st Morris, Thomas, Union st
Mortel, James, bootmaker, O’Connell st Moss, Robert, Willow lodge, Wilson st
Mowle, A., Liberty st Mullane, Michael, bootmaker, Cook’s river rd
Mullholland, Joseph, hay and corn dealer, Cook’s river rd Mulqueeny, Thomas, Denison st
Munan, Thomas, Regent st Munro, Mrs. Isabella, Wellington st
Munro, Thomas, Campbell st Murphy, James, Cavendish st
Murphy, George B., farrier, Longdown st Murray, James, baker, Fitzroy st
McDermott, Edward, Maria st McCulloch, Thomas, Pine villa, Wilson st
McCann, Mrs. Emily, Lennox st McCauley, Samuel, Lennox st
McClintock, Walter, Cook’s river rd McDonald, Alexander, Alice st
McDonald, Mrs., Maria st McGrath, Thomas, boot and shoemaker Newtown rd
McGrory, Mrs. Margaret, Campbell st Mclnerney, James, bootmaker, Regent st
McKay, John, Australia st McKechnie, Andrew, Cook’s river rd
McKern, Frederick, Richard st McKern, James, Richard st
McKern, William, Australia st McKew, Thomas, stonemason, Susan st
McMurtrie, George, Eliza st McPhillamy, Mrs. Mary, Wilson st
Nash, Charles, Charles st Neal, James, coach painter, Denison st
Neale, John, Camden st Nelson, George, carpenter, Simmons st
Newell, —, Mechanic st Newell, Joseph B., butcher, Newtown rd
Newell, R. W., Camperdown rd Newell, Robert William, grocer and baker, Newtown rd
Newman, Charles, A., District registrar office, Susan st Newton, Edward, toymaker, Newtown rd
Newtown and Camperdown Volunteer Fire Brigade Station, Newtown rd Newtown Pound – Rawlings, James, keeper, Wells st
Newtown Railway bridge tollbar — Goodin, John, keeper, Newtown rd Nicholl George, Wilson st
Nicholson, Alexander J., Wilson st Nixon, Frederick, Wellington st
Norton, A. W., cabinetmaker, Munni st Norton, James, Camden st
—————————– ——————————
OATES, WALTER, Campbell st Odd Fellows’ Hall, Enmore rd.
Odd Fellows’ Hall (Manchester Unity), Cook’s river rd. Osgood, James, Egan st
Owen, Mrs. Mary Anne, Denison st O’Connor, J. D., Australia st
O’Connor, Mrs., Denison st O’Dwyer, Edmund, Belmore st
O’Neil, —, Cook’s river rd O’Neil, Frederick, boot and shoemaker. Newtown rd
O’Reilly, Peter, teacher, Cook’s river rd
—————————– ——————————
Palmer, J. S., taxidermist, Maria st
Palmer, Mrs. Eliza, Australia st Palmer, Mrs. Hannah, James st
Parker, Caleb, White horse st Parker, Mrs. Catherine, Bucknell st
Parkinson, Edwin, Hordern st Partridge, Thomas, Elizabeth st
Pattison, Joseph, Cook’s river rd. Pattison, Joseph Jas., grocer. Cook’s river rd
Paul, W. S., chemist, Newtown rd Pearce, William, coachpainter, Hordern st.
Pearce, William, saddler and harness maker, Newtown rd Peare, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer. Cook’s river rd
Pedrick, Richard. O’Connell st Pegg, Richard, Campbell st
Penfold, William, bricklayer, Iredale st Perry, Francis R, blacksmith. Prospect st
Perry, Mrs. Emma, Newtown rd Phillips, Henry, Charles st
Phillips, John, O’Connell st Pierce, Charles, .Regent st
Pierce, Miss Sarah, Australia st Pierce, Samuel H., van proprietor, Egan st
Pike, William, bricklayer. Regent st Piles, William, Italian st
Pimcott, Mrs., Wellington st Pithers, James, Regent st
Pitt, Charles, stonemason, Camden st Pluck, Charles, coachbuilder, Egan st
Plummer, Mrs. Jemima, Princes st Police STATION – Roden, Richard, lockup keeper, Cook’s river rd
Poison, H., Handle terrace, Enmore rd Porter, E., chemist and druggist, Newtown rd
Porter, Francis, shoemaker, James st Postle, Davey, civil engineer, Maria st
POST Office & Government Savings BANK – West, George, Newton rd Powell, James, Regent st
Powell, Burton, Denison street Pratt, Mrs. W. H., Cook’s river rd
Pratt, William, painter, Wilson st Presbyterian Church, Wellington st
Primitive Methodist CHURCH – Penman, Rev. J., May st Prince, —, Wilson st
Prince, Thomas, Wellington st Proberts, Charles T., Eliza st
Public SCHOOL, Cook’s river rd Purdue, Alfred, accountant, Bayview terrace, Wilson st
Purss, Benjamin, Campbell st Pym, R., Camden terrace. Cook’s river rd
Pyne, William, carpenter, O’Connell st
—————————– ——————————
Quinn, Patrick, Cook’s river rd
—————————– ——————————
Railway Station, Station st — Falconer, McVie, station master Ranken, Mrs., Albemarle st
Rapp, Jacob, Missenden rd Rapson, George, bootmaker, Newtown rd
Ratcliff, Joseph, bootmaker, James st Rawlings, James, poundkeeper, May st
Rea, Alex., professor of music, Charles st Read, George, carpenter, Lennox st
Read, John, St. John’s st Reade, Charles Wm., Cavendish st
Reeve, Mrs., Arno lodge, Prospect st Redmond, Lawrence, tailor. Angel st
Relph, George, Randle terrace, Enmore rd Renolds, George, bricklayer, Australia st
Renolds, Mrs. Eliza, O’Connor[ell] st Renwick, Edward, Denison st
Reynolds, George R., builder, Cook’s river rd Richards, James, Newtown rd
Richards, Mrs. Mary Ann, Egan st Richardson, H.A., solicitor, Albemarle terrace, Wellington st
Riddle, Mrs., Denison st Ridge, William, Campbell st
Rienits, D. G., tobacconist, Cook’s river rd Risbey, Mrs. Sarah, grocer, Newtown rd
Robarts, James William, Wilson st Roberts, Mrs. Mary, Newtown rd
Robins, Thomas, bootmaker, Hordern st Rodd, James, Mechanic st
Roe, Mrs. H., Albemarle st Roels, P. J., Camden st
Rogers, Edmond, Somerset hotel, Station st Rogers, E., Mary st
Roirdon, James, shoemaker, Newtown rd Rose, William, Camden st
Ross, James, carpenter, Uralla st Rowley, Mrs. E., Albemarle terrace, Wellington st
Rozea, Mrs. Emily, Campbell st Rubie, Edward, Station st
Rudd, William, bricklayer, Susan st Ruthkin, Patrick, bootmaker, Hordern st
Ryan, Mrs., Albemarle st
—————————– ——————————
SALMON, B., boot finisher, Windsor terrace, Enmore rd Sampson, Mrs., school, Bligh st
Sands, Mrs., Missenden rd Sargent, W., boot and shoemaker, Cook’s river road
Scaplehorn, Joseph R., Bucknell st Schwoebel, George, Edgeware rd
Scott, George, Nelson st Scott, Mrs. Sarah, Horde[r]n st
Sedgwick, William G., surgeon, Newtown rd Selbey, Mrs. Martha, Sarah st
Sellars, Frederick, carpenter, Missenden rd Sellars, Thomas, Missenden rd
Selwin, John, Alice st Shadgett, George, Camden st
Shann, Mrs. P., Campbell st Shanahan, Edward, Egan st
Shannon, Thomas, Cook’s river rd Sharp, Henry, Lord st
Shelton, Henry R., painter, Denison st Shepherd, David, Wilson st
Shepherd, Henry, Angel st Sherbin, John James, Alice st
Sheridan, Edward, bootmaker, Rubie st Shoeman, Frederick, wheelwright, Wilson st
Short, Robert, Mechanic st Short, William, wheelwright, Hordern st
Silvester, George, Regent st Sim, Alexander, Longdown st
Simpson, Ben., timber merchant, Station st Slocombe, James, biscuit baker, Cook’s river rd
Slocombe, Samuel, Munni st Smith, A., Munni st
Smith, Alfred, Linthorp st Smith, Benjamin, Denison st
Smith, George, O’Connell st Smith, H. R., Bligh st
Smith, Henry James, painter, Newtown rd Smith, James, Maria st
Smith, James, timber merchant, Oxford st Smith, James P., butcher, Albemarle st
Smith, James W., engineer and fitter, Albemarle st Smith, John, Susan st
Smith, John, Station st Smith, John H., produce store, Cook’s river rd
Smith, Joseph, cooper, Campbell st Smith, Joseph, Islington st
Smith, Mrs. H., Brick st Smith, Mrs. Mary E., Cook’s river rd
Smith, William, joiner, O’Connell st Smith, William, Fitzroy st
Smith’s sawmills, Station st Smithson, John G., van proprietor, Denison st
Snelgrove. John Gorton, Oxford st Spencer, John, Newton rd
Spilsted, Stephen, Longdown st Spilsted, John, shoemaker, Australia st
Sorrell, William, butcher, Camden st Stack, Francis, bootmaker, Camden st
Standen, James, Handle terrace, Enmore rd Staples, Alfred, draper, Cook’s river rd
Stewart, Frederick, Stanmore rd Stew-art, G., Regent st
St. JOSEPH’S CHURCH AND SCHOOL (R. C.) – Fitzpatrick, Rev. John P., Horbury terrace Stokes, Frederick, M., Oxford st
Stokes, Joseph, Campbell st Stonehill, George, saddler, O’Connell st
Stoney, T., boot & shoemaker, Newtown rd Stonier, William, Wellington st
Stores, Mrs. Mary Ann, Horde[r]n st Stott, T., van proprietor, Camperdown rd
ST. STEPHEN’S CHURCH (C. E.), Taylor, Rev. Robert, Camperdown rd St. Stephen’s (C. E.), School, Wyatt W., headmaster, Brick st
St. Stephen’s (C. E.), Infant School, Roberts, Miss, mistress, Missenden rd Sullivan, J. H., blacksmith, Missenden rd
Swain, George, baker, Regent st Swan H. W., coachbuilder, Campbell st
Swanson, Alexander, Erskineville lane Swift, William, Shakespeare hotel, Newtown rd
Sydney United Omnibus Company’s Waiting room, Cook’s river rd
—————————– ——————————
Taaffe, Thomas B. Newtown rd Talbert, Henry, stonemason, Camperdown rd
Taylor, Edward, Baltic st Taylor, George, painter, Regent st
Taylor, James, O’Connell st Taylor, Joseph, Enmore rd
Taylor, Thomas, bootmaker, Newtown rd Taylor, William, veterinary, surgeon, Nelson street
Taylor, William Henry, painter. Union st Teeson, Mrs. Juliet st
Telegraph Office and Money Order Office, Newtown rd Temperance Hall, Newtown rd
Templeton, Henry, bootfinisher, Denison st Theak, Thomas, painter, Bay view cottages, off Newtown rd
Thiel, Ferdinand, Handle terrace, Enmore rd Thomas, Miss Jane, St. John st
Thompson, Mrs. Albemarle st Thompson, T.. cabinetmaker, Newtown rd
Thomson, William, gasfitter, Newtown rd Tickle, William J., tailor. Cook’s river rd
Tindall, Edwin, Campbell st Tomasi, George, stonemason, Mary st
Town HALL, Bedford st Tree, —, Lennox st
Tree, James, Regent st Trevennen, Charles P., Albemarle st
Trickett, Mrs. Mary, Alice st Trivett, F. T., Windsor terrace, Enmore rd
Trollop, Mrs. Martha, Well st Tubby, John, carpenter, Campbell st
Tubby, Robert, O’Connell st Tuft, Thomas, grocer, Newtown rd
Tully, Mrs. Elizabeth, Egan st Tummins, William, Bayview cottages, off Newtown rd
Turner, Alfred, Egan st Turner, George, parcel delivery, Australia st
Turner, Henry, May st Turner, James, Cook’s river rd
Turner, James, bootmaker. Nelson st Turtle, Charles, Oxford st
Turtle, Charles Henry, grocer, Albemarle st Tye, Horace, brickmaker. Lord st
Tye, William, butcher, Newtown rd Tyler, Mrs. Martha, Cook’s river rd
—————————– ——————————
Upton, M., Cook’s river rd
—————————– ——————————
Vandervord, —, Susan st Vermeesch, John, Trade st
Vincent, —, Francis st Vivian, Charles, Oxford st
Vogel, —, Australia st Vaile, G. E., Bedford st
—————————– ——————————
Waddup, Richard, Wilson st Wainwright, George, brickmaker, Maria st
Wainwright, Miss E., Well st Walker, M., Well st
Walker, Montague, St. John st Walker, Mrs. Martha, Newtown rd
Walsh, Edward, van proprietor, Missenden rd Walton, Thomas, coach painter, Rubie st
Ward, David, Longdown st Ware, Joseph, carpenter, Camperdown rd
Warren, Alfred, Juliet st Warren, Samuel, Newtown rd
Warrinn, Mrs., Juliet street Watson, C. R., surgeon, Camden terrace, Cook’s river rd
Watson, David, basketmaker, Newtown rd Watson, Thomas, Mary st
Watson, William, Lennox st Watton, James, gardener, Wellington st
Webb, James, Regent st Webb, William, Bayview terrace, Wilson st
Webber, —, Wellington st Webster, Rev. William John, Liberty st
Webster, William, Oxford hotel, Newtown rd Webster, William. Camden st
Wedderburn, —, Camden st Weeden, Fancis, tanner, Camden st
Wegener, Albert, blacksmith, Missenden rd Wenburn, William, Denison st
Wesleyan Church, Newtown rd – Martin, Rev. George Wesleyan School, Newtown rd
West, R. news agent, Newtown rd West, William, Longdown st
Westhoff, Frederick, hairdresser, Newtown rd Westman, Richard, Australia st
Whale, William, Newtown rd Whateley, Charles, coachbuilder, Newtown rd
Whately, —, Wellington st Wheeler, Charles, Regent st
Wherritt, Frederick, Albemarle st White, David, Cook’s river rd
White, David, brickmaker. Cook’s river rd White, Frederick, Cavendish st
White, John, ironmonger, Cook’s river rd White, Richard, Cambridge st
Whitehead, Thomas, Hordern st Whiting, John, van proprietor, Newtown rd
Whiting, Mrs. Ellen, Wellington st Whiting, Roland, bootmaker, Bayview cottages, off Newtown rd
Whiting, Walter T., butcher, Australia st Whitmore, Thomas, Edgeware rd
Whittingham, John, St. Mary st Wight, Borthwick, Glenmuir house, Munni st
Wild, Mrs. Elizabeth, Albemarle st Wildman, D., Enmore rd
Wildman, Robert, Iredale st Wiles, Mrs., Juliet st
Wilks, James, Wellington st Willard, A., May st
Willard, Robert, Lord st Williams, Gerald, shoemaker, Bedford st
Williams, J., picture framemaker, Bedford st Williams, Mrs., Brick st
Williams, William, carpel bagmaker, Wellington st Williams, W. H., saddler, Newtown rd
Willings, John, butcher, Newtown rd Wilson, E. K., Oxford st
Wilson, John, Prospect st Wilson, John Charles, Bligh st
Wilson, Mrs,, O’Connell st Wilson, William, dentist, Australia st
Wilson, William, plasterer, O’Connell st Wilson, W. G., Randle terrace, Enmore rd
Wisdom, William, Union st Wiseman, J. H., fruiterer, Newtown rd
Wittingham, Mrs. Mary, Hordern st Woodley, W., boot & shoemaker, O’Connell st
Wormersley, R, bootmaker, Camden st Worrill, Joseph, bootmaker, Newtown rd
Wortley, Joseph, bootmaker, Newtown rd Wren, George, Egan st
Wright, George, Wilson st Wright, Thomas, Wilson st
Wright, William, carpenter, Susan st Wyatt, William, schoolmaster, Hordern st
Wylie, F., coachbuilder, Cook’s river rd
—————————– ——————————
Yarnton, G. S., solicitor, Baltic st Yates, Mrs. Eliza, Newtown rd
Young, George, currier, Edgeware rd Young, George, hairdresser, Newtown rd
—————————– ——————————
Zeity, Carl, draper, Newtown rd
—————————– ——————————