Ailsbury-street, from Missenden-road to Eli-
zabeth -street
Albemarle-street, from Australia-street to
Albert-st, from Horbury-terrace to Trade-st.
Australia-st., from Newtown-road to Tutin-st.

Baltic-st., from Horbury-terrace to Trade-st
Bedford-street, from Newtown-road to Rail-
way Station
Bishopgate-st., from Australia-st to Oxford-st.
Bligh-st, from Missenden-rd. to Newtown-rd.
Brick-street, from Camperdown-road to Bed-
Bucknell-st., from Newtown-rd. to Wilson-st.

Camden (late Campbell) street, from Newtown-
road to Edgeware-road
Campbell-st., from O’Connell-st. to Boundary
Camperdown-rd., from Newtown-rd. to Tutin-st.
Cavendish-street, from Enmore-road South to
Charles-street, from Camperdown-road to

Denison-st, from Bedford-st, to Bishopgate-st.

Edgeware-road, from Harrow-road to May-st.
Egan-st., from Newtown-road to Raper’s Fence
Eliza-st., from Newtown-road to Charles-street

Elizabeth-street, from Newtown-road West to
Enmore-road, from Railway Bridge to Stan-.
Enmore-road, from Newtown-road to Juliet-st.
Erskine Villa-lane, from Newtown-road to
Fitzroy-st, from Newtown-road to Wilson-st.
Forbes-street, from Toll-bar to Wilson-street
Francis-st., from Newtown-road to Harrow-rd.

Holt-street, from Newtown-road to Station-st.
Horbury-terrace, from Bedford-st. to Boundary
Hordern-st, from Newtown-road to Bligh-st,

James-street, from Harrow-road to Fence
Juliet-st, from Newtown-road to Harrow-road

Lennox-street, from Australia-st. to Oxford-st.
Longdowne-st., from O’Connell-st. to Boundary
Lord-street, from Newtown-road to Edgeware-

Maria-st., from Newtown-road to Edgeware-rd.
Mary-st., from Newtown-road to Charles-street
May-st., from Newtown-road to Edgeware-road

Mechanic-st., from Camperdown-rd. to Egan-st.
Missenden-road, from Newtown-road West
to intersection of Bligh-street
Nelson-st., from Newtown-rd. West to Bligh-st.
Newtown-rd. E. from Toll-bar to Newtown Inn
Newtown-road, W. from Toll-bar to May-st.
Newtown-st., from Newtown-rd. to Union-st.

O’Connell-st., from Newtown-rd, to Boundary
Oxford-street, from Horbury-terrace to Bishopgate-

Prospect-street, from Camperdown-road to

Regent-st., from Bedford-st, to Bishopgate-st.
Richard-street, from Missenden-road to Eliza-
Rockford-st, from Newtown-rd, to Boundary

Sarah-st, from Harrow-road to Simmonds-st.
Short-street, from Newtown-road to Union-st.
Stanmore-rd., from Newtown-rd. to Liberty-st.
Station-st., from Newtown-rd to Camden-Col.
St. Mary-st., from Trade-st. to Bishopgate-st.
Susan-st., from Longdowne-street to Boundary

Union-street, from Enmore-road to Holt-street

Wellington-street, from Bedford-street to
Well-st., from Newtown-road to Edgeware-rd.
Wilson-st, from Newtown-road East to Forbes-

Page 163


ADAMS, EDGAR, tailor, Newtown-road
Adams, Edward, Australia-street
Adams, E. R., Newtown-road
Adams, John, O’Connell-street
Adams, Thomas, Australia-street
Adams, William, Camperdown-road
Adams & Webber, coachmakers, Hordern-st
Addison, William, O’Connell-street
Allen, James, Denison-street
Allan, Thomas, O’Connell-street
Albon, Richard, Denison-street
Aldace, William, Newtown-road
Anderson, James, clerk, Missenden-road
Anderson, James, Terminus Inn, Enmore-road
Andrews, Edward, Hordern-street
Andrews, James, Newtown-road
Andrews, John and Sons, monumental masons
Andrews, Thomas, Denison-street
Andrews, Geo., Camden (late Campbell) street
Angus, W. T., Cavendish-street
Ashdown, Edward, Newtown-road
Ashton, Mrs., Maria-street
Ashmead, Thomas, Longdown-street
Arnold, Claude Grant, O’Connell-street
Arnold, Edmund, O’Connell-street
Arundel, George, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Aspinall, Jno., Frederick Terrace, Elizabeth-st.
Atkins, Robert, Egan-street
Austin, Henry, Newtown-road

BAILEY, WILLIAM, Enmore-road
Baker, John, O’Connell-street
Baker, Wm., cabinet maker, Eliza-street
Baldick, James, Albemarle-street
Baldick, Stephen, Albemarle-street
Baldick, Stephen, timber yard, Newtown-road
Baldrick, William, sexton, Camperdown-road
Balmer, G. W., Crown and Anchor Inn, New-
Barden, Edward, butcher, Newtown-road
Barker, Jno., grocer, Camden (late Campbell) st,
Barker, Mrs., Maria-street
Barker, Dr., Windsor Terrace, Enmore road
Barker, George, Albemarle-street
Barratt, Mrs., Newtown-road
Barrenn, Robert, Newtown-road
Barton, Edward, Randle’s T’race, Enmore-rd.
Basket Thomas, Newtown-road

Bastable, Arthur, Denison-street
Bateman, George, Camperdown-road
Bayliss. Edward, St. Mary-street
Beach, Peter, sawyer, Missenden-road
Bedford, David, baker & grocer, Newtown-rd.
Bedford, George, joiner, Charles-street
Beehag, William, grocer, Newtown-road
Beiler, Wm., grocer, Newtown-road
Bennett, J., Rose Bank, Wilson-street
Bindeman, Charles, Regent-street
Blackstone, Jos., Masonic Hotel, Newtown-rd.
Blake, Henry, Daniel Lambert Inn, Missenden
and Newtown-roads
Boniface, Mrs. Elizabeth, Albemarle-street
Boniface, Mrs., Newtown-road
Boston, William, Newtown road
Boston, Thomas, watchmaker, Newtown-road
Bowers, John, Egan-street
Boswell, Thomas, O’Connell-street
Boyd, Thomas, Longdowne street
Bradley, J. O., Randle’s Terrace, Enmore road
Bragan, Mrs. Station-street
Bramber, John, Bedford-street
Breary, James, stonemason, Longdowne-street
Breillat, T. C., J. P., Enmore-road
Brennan, Thomas, Denison-street
Bridger & Gostelow, painters, Newtown-road
Briggs, Henry, bootmaker, Newtown-road
Brittain, John Clarke, Newtown-road
Broad, Robert, Albemarle-street
Broadley, James, blacksmith, Newtown-road
Broadley, Joshua, Hordern-street
Brooks, J. Wescott, Australia-street
Brown, Miss E., draper, Newtown-road
Brown, George, Oxford-street
Brown. George, Bishopgate-street
Brown, Henry, Longdowne street
Brown, John, O’Connell-street
Brown, Mrs., Missenden-road
Brown, William, Newtown-road
Brown, William, Albemarle-street
Brun, Mrs., Regent-street
Bryant, Eliza, Wellington-street
Bucknell, Mrs., Wilson-street
Budd, James, Wellington-street
Bullen, James, O’Connell-street
Bullock, Mrs. Ann, Missenden road
Bunbury, Mrs,, Newtown-road

Page 164


Burgess, Edmund, baker
Burgiss, Theodore, Regent-street
Burling. Henry, Lord-street
Burnett, Richard, Station-street
Burton, William, Albemarle-street
Bush, Christian, Denison-street
Busher, Thomas, butcher, Denison-street
Butcher, Alfred, Wellington-street
Butler, Charles, Egan-street
Butler, Henry, Denison-street
Butler, Joseph, Charles-street

CANDRAN, MRS. ROSE, Egan-street
Cannon, Charles, day school, Oxford-street
Camon, Jeremiah, Newtown-road
Carlton, Robert, Egan-street
Camay, John, Nelson-street
Carr, Mrs. Ann, Newtown-road
Carten, Mrs. Regent-street
Cashman, Jno., Burleigh House, Albemarle-st
Chapple, Isaac, Farriers’ Arms, Newtown-road
Chapple, Mrs., May-street
Chard, John, Horbury Terrace
Charlton, Mrs. Wellington-street
Cheeseman, Mrs., Maria-street
Chislett, Stephen, grocer, Newtown-road
Chivell, William, Regent-street
Christmas, R., wood turner, Newtown-road
Clapstone, Samuel, Mary Villa, Mary-street
Clarke, George, Regent-street
Clarke, J., Australia-street
Clarke, William, Prospect-street
Cole, Jabez, Enmore-road
Collier, Mrs. Ann, Newtown-road
Collins, John, Denison-street
Colman, Mrs. Rachael, Longdowne-street
Colwell, Thomas, Denison-street
COMMERCIAL BANK, Newtown Branch, Newtown-
Condran, Thomas, O’Connell-street
Conley, James, Kingston Lodge Inn, Charles-st.
Conley. James, Australia-street
Constable, Edward, Eliza-street
Cook, Daniel, Australia-street
Cook, Mrs., Oxford-street
Cook, William, Oxford-street
Coombes, William, Horbury Terrace
Cooper, Alfred, Regent-street
Cooper, Thomas, Newtown-road
Cottis, William, Missenden-road
Coveny, Richard, Kent Cottage, Wellington-st
Cowan, Richard, dealer, Missenden-road
Cox, Christopher, Regent-street
Crain, William, Missenden-road
Cranstoun, James, Denison-street
Crowdacc, Mrs. Charlotte, milliner, Newtown-
Crowley, Michael, Wellington-street
Curtis, William, builder, Hordern-street

DADSWELL, THOMAS, Wellington-street
Daly, James, Regent-street

Darby, Robert, mariner, Hordern-street
Davies, Alfred, Camperdown-road
Davies, Charles, Oxford-street
Davies, Edward, mariner, Newtown-road
Davies, George, butcher, Newtown-road
Davies, James, butcher, Newtown-road
Davis, George, James-street
Dawkins, John, O’Connell-street
Daws, George, May-street
Day, George, Albemarle-street
Day, Isaac, Wellington-street
Day, William, Netley House, Horbury-Terrace
Deane, Edward, Denison-street
Dent, George, Union-street
Denman, George, Regent-street
Digby, Thomas, Denison-street
Dingwall, William, Hordern-street
Donaghoe, Mrs., Newtown-road
Donnithorn, Miss, Newtown-road
Doran, Charles, Egan-street
Douglass, Robert, Juliet-street
Dowlin, Thomas, Egan-street
Dowling, Francis, Hordern-street
Doyle, Daniel, dairyman, Camden (late Camp-
bell) street
Doyle, Michael, Susan-street
Drummond, Lindley, Albemarle-street
Drynen, Mrs. Mary, Longdowne-street
Duncan, Matthew, Susan street
Dunlop, Robert, schoolmaster, Wilson-street
Dunnett, Charles, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Dunne, II. D., Bedford-street
Dunton, Mrs. Ann, Frederick Terrace, Eliza-

EAMES, ROBERT, Denison-street
Earl, George, Horden-street
Ebthorpe, Hugh, Regent-street
Edmunds, William, Longdowne-street
Edmunds, William, Missenden-road
Edwards, Cornelius, Wilson-street
Eldridge, Mrs. Susannah, Egan-street
Elliott, Captain, The Grange, Wilson-street
Elliot, John F., Longdowne-street
Elstub, James, Hordern-street
Elstub, Robert. Regent-street
Elstub, Thomas, blacksmith, Longdowne-street
Elvey, Mrs., Sarah-street
Emery, Richard, Denison-street
Ennis, Daniel, Denison-street
Erskine, Mrs. Lydia, Wilson-street
Evans, Maurice, Baltic street
Evers, Lawrence, grocer, Camden (Late Camp-
bell) street
Ewens, John, Albemarle-street

FALLICK, W. C., ironmonger, Newtown-road
Farrell, Michael, Emerald Cottage, Susan-st.
Farraway, Mrs. Charlotte, Prospect-street
Fellick, Alfred, Albert-street
Felton, Miss Louisa, Longdowne-street
Fitzkirrin, Patrick, O’Connell-street
Fleming, William, Oxford-street
Fogg, Samuel, Longdowne-street
Ford, William, Newtown-road

Page 165


Fuller, Charles, Albemarle-street
Furlonger, J. H., undertaker, Newtown-road

GALVIN THOMAS, Hordern-street
Garratt, Miss, ladies’ school, Wilson-street
Garwell, William, Newtown Inn, Newtown-rd.
Gately, Richard, James-street
Gates, Mrs., Mary-street
Gates, Samuel, Union Inn, Newtown-road
Gibbens, Martin, Australia-street
Gilbert, Miss Catherine, Station-street
Gilbert, Edward, Eliza-street
Givins, John, Australia-street
Gold, Richard, Denison-street
Goodin, George, Denison-street
Goodin, William, Newtown-road
Goodman, William, O’Connell-street
Goodsell, Henry, May-street
Gordon, Thomas, O’Connell-street
Gould, Mrs., Wilson-street
Graham, Samuel, Bishopgate-street
Grant, Alexander, Regent-street
Grant, Thomas, Susan-street
Gray, John, bootmaker, Mechanic-street
Gray, John, bootmaker, Egan-street
Gray, J. S., gingerbeer-manufactory, New-
Green, James, clerk, Wilson-street
Griffiths’, Mrs., ladies’ school, Newtown-road
Griffin, William, Union-street
Grimshaw, James, Wellington-street
Grimshaw, Thomas, Sarah-street
Guy, Mrs. Ellen, Newtown-road
Guy, James, Richard-street

HAGAN, MICHAEL, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Haggan, Felix, bootmaker, Egan-street
Hall, Mrs. Dennis, Lennox-street
Hall, Edward, James-street
Hall, Richard, Oxford-street
Hammett, George, Nelson-street
Hamilton, John, Regent-street
Hamlin, John, grocer, Newtown-road
Hammond, Henry, Longdowne-street
Hammond, Thomas, Newtown-road
Hanks, J. G., Newtown-road
Hansell, William, Longdowne-street
Hansford, William, O’Connell-street
Hardaker, Benjamin, Wellington-street
Hardy, George, Denison-street
Hare, James, Camden (late Campbell) street
Harper, Henry, Enmore-road
Harrington, A., bootmaker, Newtown-road
Harris, Mrs. Jane, Hordern-street
Harris, James, Windsor-terrace, Enmore-road
Harris, John, James-street
Harris, John, Camden (late Campbell) street
Harris, W. G., Egan-street
Harrison, James, greengrocer, Newtown-road
Harrison, Matthew, ironmonger, Newtown-rd
Hasty, John, Camden (late Campbell) street
Hawkins, Thomas, painter, O’Connell-street
Hawley, Richard, Enmore-road
Hayes, James, carpenter, Camden (late Camp-
bell) street

Hayes, Mrs., Windsor-terrace, Enmore-road
Hellmers, Frederick, Denison-street
Henshaw, Thomas, Longdown-street
Hill, Rowland, Enmore Hotel, Camden-street
Hills, R, Australia-street
Hincks, Mark, Regent-street
Hirst, James, omnibus proprietor, Mary-street
Hode, William, Lord-street
Hogg, Launcelot, Nelson-street
Hoggar, Mrs., greengrocer. Newtown-road
Holland, F. W., Francis-street
Holloway, Thomas, glazier, Newtown-road
Holmes, Henry, Regent-street
Hordern, John, Albemarle-street
Horgan, John, Newtown-road
Howard, Michael, Denison-street
Howe, R. B., Susan-street
Hudson, Henry, butcher, Newtown-road
Hudson, Joseph, Egan-street
Hughes, W. D., Newtown-road
Humfries, Thomas, chemist, Newtown-road
Humphries, Mrs. Rose, O’Connell-street
Hunt, Josiah, Randle’s-terrace, Enmore-road
Hunt, Vere, Richard-street
Hutchinson, David, Camperdown-road

IKEN, HENRY, Camden (late Campbell) street
Islip, Thomas, Camden (late Campbell) street

JACOBS, WILLIAM, Union-street
Jackson, William, Wellington-street
Jarman, Andrew, Frederick-ter., Elizabeth-st.
Jarman, Henry, Wellington-street
Jarvis, Robert, Windsor-terrace, Enmore-road
Jenkins, William, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Longdowne-street
Johnson, Samuel, saddler, Newtown-road
Jolly, William, J. P., Newtown-road
Jones, James J., Charles-street
Jones, J. B., Newtown-road
Jones, John, Nelson-street
Jones, John, plasterer, Hordern-street
Jones, Mrs., milliner, Newtown-road
Josephson, J. F., M. L. A., Enmore-road
Joy, Edward, J. P., Newtown-road
Judd, John, Camden (late Campbell) street

KEAN, FREDERICK, Randle’s-terrace, Enmore-
Kean, Michael, Longdowne-street
Kelly, James, Longdowne-street
Kelly, Patrick, Regent-street
Kemp, Rev. Charles Campbell, Bligh-street
Kemp, W. L., Regent-street
Kent, George, Lord-street
Kent, Mrs., Susan-street        
Kent, Rev. J. C., Camden College, Newtown-rd.
Kippy, Charles, Newtown-road
Kidd & Kelly, bakers, Newtown-road
Kilpatrick, Bernard, bootmaker, York-terrace,
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Esther, Longdowne-street
Kimmins, John, bootmaker, Australia-street
King, George, St. Mary-street
King, John, Longdowne-street




King, Mrs. Thos., Camden (late Campbell) st.
Kingsborough, Joseph, Francis-street
Kingstone, Alexander Weeks, Regent-street
Kirchner, Edward, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Knight, James, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Knowe, John, Egan-street
Kopsch, Gustavus, Wellington-street
Krause, Henry, Newtown-road

Lake, John, Walton Lodge, Horbury-terrace
Lakin, Robert, Regent-street
Lamb, John, Randle’s-terrace, Enmore-road
Lambert, William, mariner, Mary-street
Lane, Edward, Station-street
Lane, John, carpenter, Longdowne-street
Lane, John, Horbury-terrace
Langford, Rev. Jabez, Denison-street
Langley, John, grocer, Newtown-road
Langridge, John, Regent-street
Lapworth, Joseph, Longdowne-street
Larkins, James, Newtown-road
Laughton, George, land and estate agent,
Laura, Miss Sarah, Albemarle-street
Lawson, Mrs. Eliz., Rosebud Cottage, Egan-st.
Leader, William, bricklayer, Charles-street
Lee, James, O’Connell-street
Leedon, Mrs. Mary, Australia-street
Lendon, Mrs. Sarah, Torbay, Cottage, Egan-st.
Lennan, Matthew, Newtown-road
Lincoln, Thomas, St. Mary-street
Littley, Mrs, Catherine, St. Mary-street
Locke, Henry, Albemarle-street
Locke, James, Regent-street
Losee, John A., painter and ironmonger, New-
Lovegrove, Richard, brazier, Newtown-road

McDERMOTT, MRS., Australia-street
McDermott, Archibald, Newtown-road
McDonald, J., Windsor Terrace, Enmore-road
McGregor, Alex., York Terrace, Newtown-rd.
McGroggin, Mrs. Eliza, O’Connell-street
McKay, W., James-street
McKay, W. H., clerk of Council and surveyor
McLeod, George, Prospect-street
McMahon, Peter, Australia-street
McNaughton, Edward, shoemaker, Nelson-st.
Mackean, William, Richard-street
Macken, P., grocer, Albemarle-street
Macvay, Falconer, station master. Newtown
Maddock, William, Station-street
Marshfield, John, carver and gilder, Missen-
Martin, Charles, Albemarle-street
Mash, John, Susan-street
Mason, Ralph, blacksmith, Newtown-road
Mason, Richard, Australia-street
Masters, William, gardener, Wilson-street
Mawley, Mrs. Ann, Egan-street
Meak, William, tollbar, Newtown-road
Melvin, Hector, Regent-street
Melville, Ninian, Australia-street
Menzies, Mrs., Newtown-roadtown-road

Merrett, George, Station-street
Miller, Joseph, Oxford-street
Miller, William, tinsmith, Newtown
Millgate, S. S., hay and corn merchant, New-
Millgate, Thomas, Camperdown-road
Mills, William, chemist, Newtown-road
Milne, Captain Robert, Susan-street
Mitchell, W. H., undertaker, Newtown-road
Molesworth, Mrs. Caroline, Oxford-street
Moon, Thomas, Susan-street
Mooney, Mrs., Mary, O’Connell-street
Morgan, Samuel, Denison-street
Morkill, Arthur, Newtown-road
Morley, Mrs., Newtown-road
Muirson, Kenneth, Denison-street
Mulqueeny, T., omnibus proprietor, Denison-
Munro, Henry, Wellington-street
Murphy, George, Regent-street
Murphy, James, Mechanic-street
Murray, Hugh, Longdowne-street
Murray, Mrs., Longdowne-street
Murray, Robert, Wellington-street

NEAL, JAMES, Denison-street
Neil, William, Prospect-street
Nelson, Samuel, bootmaker, Egan-street
Newell, R. W., grocer, Newtown-road
Newell, William, Mechanic-street
Newey, Richard, cabinetmaker, Camden (late
Campbell) street
Newman, C., District Registrar, Egan-street
Newman, J. F., watchmaker, Newtown-road
Nichol, R., mariner, Longdowne-street
Nicholl, Charles, Longdowne-street
Nichols, Mrs., Newtown-road
Nightingale, George, O’Connell-street
Nixon, J. H., Ashelworth Cottage, Lennox-
Nobbs, John, Hordern-street
Noel, Mrs., O’Connell-street
Norton, G. F,, Australia-street

O’BRIEN PATRICK, Nelson-street
O’Brien, Michael, Juliet-street
ODDFELLOWS’ HALL, Newtown-road
Oddie, Ann, Albemarle-street
Oram, Rev. J., Newtown-road
O’Riley, Joseph, Bligh-street
Osborne, Mrs., Vcllington-street
Osborne, Thomas, painter, Newtown-road
Owen, George, Denison-street

PADDLE, SAMUEL, Regent-street
Paling, J., York Terrace, Newtown-road
Palmer, William, Maria-street
Palmer, William, James-street
Panton, A. G., Enmore-road
Parker, John, coroner, Camden (late Camp-
bell) street
Parker, William, Lord-street
Patterson, Joseph S., grocer, Newtown-road




Patterson, Joseph, James-street
Payne, Edward, Bligh-street
Peden, David, Egan-street
Peden, David, Newtown-road
Pemell, James, M. L. A., Enmore-road
Perry, Francis, Wellington-street
Perry, John, grocer, Albemarle-street
Phillips, Henry, Enmore-road
Phillips, W., upholsterer, Newtown-road
Philpot, Charles, Australia-street
Pierce, Francis, Missenden-road
Pierce, Mrs. Mary, Australia-street
Pile, George, Newtown-road
Piper, George, Francis-street
Pitts, C., Camden (late Campbell) street
Playford, R., Camden (late Campbell) street
Pluck, Charles, Denison-street
Polack, Edward, broker, Newtown-road
Pratt, William, tailor, Newtown-road
Price, Mrs. Anne, Susan-street
Price, William, Newtown-road
Prior, William, saddler, Newtown-road
Purdie, Jacob, O’Connell-street
Purdie, Mrs., Egan-street
Purdie, William, plasterer, Egan-street
Pyne, Charles, Longdowne-street

QUAYLE, Phillip, Albemarle-street

RAY, ALEXANDER, musician, Newtown-road
Redford, J., bootmaker, Newtown-road
Reynolds, James, Longdowne-street
Reynolds, Mrs., Susan-street
Richards, James, coachman, Nelson-street
Richardson, Mrs. J., White Horse Hotel, Newtown-
Richardson, John, White Horse Hotel, Hor-
Richardson, J,, Bedford-street
Rickard, J., carpenter, Nelson-street
Rickard, Martin, tailor, Nelson-street
Risby, J., grocer and Empire agent, Newtown-
Roberts, Mrs., teacher, Windsor Terrace, En-
more road
Roberts, W., Randle’s Terrace, Enmore-road
Robertson,John, Hordern-street
Robins, Mrs., May-street
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, Egan-street
Robinson, Thomas, Longdowne-street
Rodgers, Robert, clerk, Mary-street
Roe, William, Albemarle-street
Ross, Mrs. George, milliner, Newtown-road
Rolleston, Christipher, Wilson-street
Rudd, Thomas,confectioner,Longdowne-street
Ruddle, William, Nelson-street
Russell, Mrs. Eliza, Horbury Terrace
Russell, James, Denison-street

SADLEIR, T, S., draper, Newtown-road
Salisbury, Frederick, Oxford-street
Salmon, J., Frederick Terrace, Elizabeth-st.
Sampson, C., schoolmaster, Longdowne-street
Samuels, R., Willow Lodge, Wilson-street
Saunders,Edward, Australia-street

Saunders, Mrs., Newtown-road
Saxby, George, Australia-street
Scanlan, Edmund, St. Mary’s-street
SCHOOL of ARTS, New town, Bedford-street
Schriver, John A., surgeon, York Terrace,
Schwenck, William, St. Mary’s-street
Scope, Henry, Juliet-street
Sedgewick, W. G., surgeon, Newtown-road
Selwynn, Samuel, shoemaker, Nelson-street
Shannon, Thomas, Susan-street
Short, Mrs., York Terrace, Newtown-road
Short, Mrs. Maria, greengrocer, Newtown-rd
Short, R., grocer, Newtown-road
Sivyer, James, Wellington-street
Smith, Edward, Wilson-street
Smith, George, O’Connell-street
Smith, John, Newtown-road
Smith, James, Oxford-street
Smith, Mrs., Wellington-street
Smith, Robert, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Smith, T., Bricklayer’s Arm Newtown-road
Snowden, Edward, Denison-street
Spencer, William, Regent-street
Spilstead, J., bootmaker, Newtown-road
Spilstead, Stephen, Longdowne-street
Standen, J., Newtown-road
Standen, James, Bedford-street
Stapleton, Mrs. Mary Ann, Hordern-street
Stevens, Henry, Antrim Cottage, Mary-street
St. Julian, Charles, Juliet-street
Stockton, William, butcher, Camden, (late
Campbell) street
Stockley, Thomas, grocer, Newtown-road
Stokes, Mrs., Longdowne-street
Stone, George, Regent-street
Stoney, Thomas, Albemarle-street
Stonier, William, Enmore-road
ST. STEPHEN’S CHURCH, Longdowne-street
Stott, Thomas, Missenden-road
Styles, Thomas, bootmaker, Newtown-road
Swift, William, Star Inn, Newtown-road

Tabby, John, Hordern-street
Talbot, Henry, Camperdown-road
Talbot, John, Camperdown-road
Taylor, James, Prospect-street
Taylor, Thomas, Albemarle-street
Taylor, William, mariner, Longdowne-street
Teeson, Charles, Juliet-street
Thomson, Mrs. Eliza, Regent-street
Thompson, John, Maria-street
Thrum, George, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Topham, Thomas, Longdowne-street.
Tryford, George, Newtown-road
Tuck, David, Lord-street
Turnbull, Mrs., Longdowne-street
Turnbull, Mrs., Regent-street
Turner, Alfred, grocer, Newtown-road
Turner, Mrs. Eliza, Egan-street
Turner, George, Hordern-street
Turtle, Charles, Oxford-street
Turtle, Charles, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Tye, William, butcher, Newtown-road
Tyrrell, Henry, Susan-street




VANCE, JAMES, Australia-street
Vermish, John, St. Mary-street
Vial, William, Cavendish-street
Vincent, Frederick W., Australia-street
Vine, Mrs. Harriett, Denison-street
Vinsen, Mrs., May-street
Voller, Jas., Monmouth Villa, Albemarle-st

Walker, George, Hordern-street
Walker, Macquarie, Newtown-road
Walker, William, Longdowne-street
Walker, William, Lord-street
Walters, James, Lennox-street
Wann, James, Longdowne-street
Wann, Robert, Richard-street
Ware, Joseph, carpenter, Egan-street
Ware, Jonathan, Prospect-street
Warren, Richard, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Webb, Richard, Burrington House
Weber, George, Denison-street
Weedon, T. E., Newtown-road
West, George, stationer and post office, Newtown-
West, Simon, Missenden-road

Whateley, Charles, coach builder, Newtown-rd
Wheatley, William, Regent-street
Wheeler, Caleb, Juliet-street
White, J. A. M., Australia-street
White, Mrs., Longdowne-street
Whitwill, John, Newtown-road
Wildman, Daniel, Hordern-street
Wildman, Robert, Albemarle-street
Williams, Joseph, gilder, Newtown-road
Willard, Robert, Lord-street
Williamson, Robert, Longdowne-street
Willmot, R. C., Cavendish-street
Wilson, Caleb, Wilson-street
Wilson, Francis, Union-street
Wilson, George, O’Connell-street
Wilson, John, Wellington-street
Wilson, William, Eliza-street
Woodhouse, David, Susan-street
Woodley, George, shoemaker, Longdowne-st.
Woodward, James, Newtown-road
Woodward, Jas., Daniel Webster Hotel, Eliza-st.
Wright, Sarah, Wellington-street
Wyatt, George, Newtown-road

YARWOOD, BRIDGE, Camden (late Campbell) st.
Yeo, J, C., Station-street
Young, George, Hordern-street