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Abl  – NEWTOWN – Bri


ABLE, JOHN, Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Abrahams, Louis Grant, clerk, Stanmore rd.
Adams, Alex., Redfern-st., Chippendalo
Adams, Ed. R., Prospect-street, Newtown
Adams, John, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River road
Adams, Wm. Charles, Camperdown road
Addey, William, Harrington-st., Stanmore
Alben, Jos. R., St. Peter’s, Cook’s River road
Allen, Joseph, Redfern street, Chippendale
Allen, Thomas, Canterbury road, Petersham
Allpass, James W., teacher, Stanmore road
Amner, William, Emily-street, Enmore
Anderson, Henry, George-street, Petersham
Anderson, James, Terminus Inn, Enmore rd.
Anderson, James, Cooper-street. Enmore
Anderson, Robert, Denison-street, Kingston
Andreas, Philip, Petersham, Parramatta rd
Andrews, George, Campbell-street, Enmore
Andrews, John R., Camperdown road
Angus, Wm. Thos., Stanmore road
Annan, John, Burton-street, Camperdown
Ansell, William, Campbell-st., Camperdown
Armstrong, Henry, Chippendalo
Arundell, George, Campbell-street, Enmore
Ashdown, George, Wells-street, Chippendale
Ashdown, Henry, Bullock road, Petersham
Ashmeade, Thomas, Campbell-street
Attwood, Geo., Cook’s River rd., Newtown
Austen, Henry, Newton road

BAILEY, William, Enmore road
Baker, John, Susan-street, Camperdown
Baker, William, Denison-street, Kingston
Baldick, Stephen, Newtown road
Baldick, William, Union-street, Newtown
Baldock, William, sexton, Camperdown road
Balmer, George W., Hero of Waterloo, St.
Peter’s, Cook’s River
Barden, Frederick, Cook’s River road
Barden, James John, Cook’s River road
Barden, Spencer, Victoria Inn, Cook’s Road
Barker, George, Thomas-street, Camperdown
Barker, Wm. Geo., jun., Missenden road
Barlow, John, brickmaker, Marrickville
Barnes, William, Westbourne-st., Petersham
Barnett, Edward, Newtown road
Barnett, Simon J., Campbell-st., Enmore
Barnett, Wm., Randle terrace, Enmore road
Barrell, Robert, Parramatta road, Petersham
Barrett, Mrs. Hannah, Newtown road
Barrett, John, Addison road, Stanmore
Barton, John G., Sydney Hotel, Cook’s R. rd.
Bartley, Samuel, Parramatta road
Bateman, George, Camperdown road

Bayliss, Edw. Edget, St. Mary-st., Kingston
Beames, Walter, Balmain-street, Petersham
Beattie, Isaac, Botany road, Chippendalo
Beckett, James, Horbury terrace, Kingston
Bedford, David, Newtown road
Bedford, George, Charles-street, Newtown
Bedford, Joseph, O’Connell-st., Newtown rd.
Beehag, William, grocer, Newtown road
Beer, Jn., farmer, Illawarra road, Marrickville
Bell, James, grocer, Parramatta-road
Bellow, Ralph, O’Connell-street, Camperdown
Bennett, James, wheelwright, Parramatta rd.
Bennett, John, drill-sergeant, Newtown road
Bennett, Joseph, Marian street, Chippendale
Bennett, Michael, ironmonger, Newtown rd.
Bennett, Samuel, Wilson-street, Newtown
Bernon, Charles, clerk, Petersham
Berry, Walter, Balmain road, Petersham
Bieler, William, grocer, Newtown road
Biggs, John, bootmaker, Newtown road
Binnie, Richard, Parramatta rd., Petersham,
Birkett, Richard, Fi[?]-street, Chippendale
Bishop, James, We[?] street, Chippendale
Black, Andrew, Parramatta road, Petersham
Black, Elizabeth, Parramatta rd., Petersham
Black, H. L., clerk, Preston cottage, Petersh.
Blackford, David, Balmain road, Petersham
Blackstone, J., Mason. Hall Hotel, Newton rd
Blanchard, Mark, Stanmore road, Stanmore
Bland, Thos., Missenden road, Camperdown
Booth, James, Grose-street, Camperdown
Booth, William, Thomas-street, Camperdown
Boston, Thomas, watchmaker, Newtown rd.
Bowen, George, Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Bowen, John, Egan-street, O’Connell town
Bown, T. J., St. Peter’s, Cook’s river road
Boyce, Francis, St. Mary-street, Kingston
Boylson, M., Parramatta road, Petersham
Boylson, Patrick, Parramatta rd., Petersham
Bradley, G., Cleveland-street, Chippendale
Bradley, J. 0., Randle’s terrace, Enmore rd.
Bradley, John, Canterbury road, Petersham
Bramma, William, Union-street
Bramwell, John, Regent-street. Kingston
Breillat, T. C. (Thornby House), Enmore rd.
Brenchley, G., Shearers’ Arms, Botany road,
Brennan, Ann, Denison-street, Kingston
Brennan, J. O’Neil, Geraldine cottage, Garry-
Brennan, John Ryan, Garryowen
Brennan, Thomas, Cook’s river road
Brett, William, Cook’s river road
Bridger, J., painter, Regent-street, Kingston

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Brien, John, Barton-street, Camperdown
Brien, Susannah, Australia-street, Kingston
Brierly, John, Campbell-street
Briese, John, Newtown road
Brings, Henry, St. Mary-street, Kingston
Brigstock, John, teacher, Petersham
Briston, H., Upper Balmain road, Petersham
Brithgrant, A., Wellington-street, Kingston
Brittain, John, Newtown road
Brixley, Thomas, Camperdown road
Broad, Robert, Newtown road
Broadley, J., Hordern-street, O’Connell town
Brooks, J. W., Australia-street, Kingston
Broughton, G., Redfern-street, Chippendale
Brown, H. G., Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Brown, Mrs. M., Oxford-street, Kingston
Brown, S. C., Missenden road, Camperdown
Brown, T., Canterbury road, Petersham
Brown, W., St. Peter’s, Cook’s river
Browne, C., Marian-street, Chippendale
Bryant, Elizabeth, Wellington-st., Kingston
Bubb, Robert, Denison-street, Kingston
Buckman, G., Chippendale
Bucknell, Daniel, Grose-street, Camperdown
Bucknell, Mrs., Wilson-street, Newtown
Budd, George. Newtown road
Budd, J., Wellington-street, Kingston
Bull, George, Cooper-street, Enmore
Bulley, H., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Bullock, W., Egan-street, O’Connell town
Bunbury, Susan, Newtown road
Burdett, Daniel, Camperdown road
Burgess, Edward, Charles-street, Newtown
Burgis, Sophia, Oxford-street, Kingston
Burn, W., Redfern-street, Chippendale
Burnett, R., Station-street, Newtown
Burns, Michael, Darling-st., Camperdown
Burrows, Thos., Missenden rd., Camperdown
Burton, Edwin, Randle’s terrace, Enmore
Busher, Thos., Denison-street, Kingston
Butcher, Alexander, Charles-st., Newtown
Butcher, John, Cook’s River road
Butler, Charles, Charles-street, Newtown
Butler, Henry, Denison-street, Kingston
Buttel, William, Bullock road, Petersham
Butterfield, Barnett, Elizabeth-st., Camperd.

CAMPBELL, DUNCAN, Broughton Park,
Campbell, Duncan, St. Peter’s, Cook’s R. rd.
Campbell., James, Norwood, Petersham
Cannan, Jeremiah, Newtown road
Cansdell, E., Parramatta road, Petersham
Carr, Mrs. Ann, Newtown road
Carney, John, Nelson-street
Carroll, M., toll-bar keeper, Parramatta-road
Carter, Thomas, Denison-street, Kingston
Carter, William, Burton-street, Camperdown
Cartwright, Chas., mariner, Denison-street,
Cashman, John, Newtown road, Newtown
Cates, Cornelius, Wells-street, Chippendale
Chalder, Thomas, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River rd,
Chambers, John B., Emily-street, Enmore
Chamberlain, Wm., Darling-st., Camperdown

Chapman Thos., O’Connell-street Camperd.
Chappelow, John, Cook’s River road
Chapple, Isaac, Farrier’s Arms, Newtown rd.
Chard, John, Albemarle-street, Kingston
Charlton, Mrs. H., Wellington-st., Kingston
Chevell, William, Regent-street, Kingston
Chisholm, Caroline, Tempe, Cook’s River rd.
Chisholm, Geo., Stanmore House, Enmore rd.
Chisholm. James, Cook’s River road
Chislett, Stephen, Newtown road
Christenson, Andres H., Regent-st., Kingston
Christmas, Robert, Newtown road
Church, Mrs. Sophia, Regent-st., Kingston
Church, John, Cook’s River road
Clarke, J. J., Missenden road, Camperdown
Clarke, Jamas, Pleasant-street, Chippendale
Clarke, James, Petersham village
Clarke, Joseph, Australian-street, Kingston
Clarke, Richard, Marian-street, Chippendale
Clarke, Thos, sexton, St. Stephen’s church,
O’Connell town
Clarkson, Jas., University-st., Camperdown
Clarkson, Wm., Egan-st., Cook’s River road
Clayton, Jas., Australia-st., Kingston
Close, Wm., Albemarle-street, Kingston
Collier, Mrs. Ann, Newtown road
Colling, John, Denison-street, Kingston
Collins, James, Rose Hill-street, Chippendale
Collins, J. J., Grose Farm Inn, Missenden rd.
Collins, Robert, Cook’s River road
Collins, Wm,, Camperdown road
Conlan, Sarah, Cleveland-street, Chippendale
Conlan, Wm., Grose-street, Camperdown
Conley, Jas., Kingston Lodge Hotel, Kingston
Cook, Daniel, Albemarle-street, Kingston
Cook, Samuel, Station-street, Newtown
Corkhill, R. B., Missenden road, Camperdown
Cottam, Seth, printer, Grose-st., Camper.
Cotter, J. G., Grose-street, Camperdown
Cottis, Wm., O’Connell-street, Newtown
Cotton, Wm., Painter-street, Petersham
Coveney, Rich., Wellington-st., Kingston
Cowan and Israel, Johnson’s bay
Cowan, Richard, general merchant, Oxford-st
Cox, Kenneth, Julia-street, Enmore
Cox, Robert, Grose-street, Camperdown
Cracknell, E. C., Camden Terrace, Newtown
Craig, James, Wilson-street, Camperdown
Craig, James O.D., Lonsdale-street, Newtown
Crane, Daniel, Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Crane, Wm., Missenden road, Camperdown
Cranston, James, Denison-street, Kingston
Croft, Frederick, Burton-street, Camperdown
Croft, Wm., O’Connell-street, Camperdown
Cruikshank, Alexander, Parramatta road
Cuff, Mary Ann, Egan-street, Newtown
Cull, Thomas, Brown-street, Camperdown
Cunningham, W., St. Peter’s, Cook’s River rd
Cunninghame, Emma, seminary, Enmore rd.,
Curling, George, Charles-street, Newtown
Curtis, Wm., Hordern-street, O’Connell town
Cuzzens, Rich., Eugene cottage, Enmore rd.

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DADSWELL. T., Wellington-street, Kingston
Dagger, James, Camperdown road
Daley, Dennis, Brown-street, Camperdown
Daley, James, Regent-street, Kingston
Darley, R., Mechanic-st., O’Connell town
Davenport, H. S., Francis-street, Newtown
Davidson, Walker, Rennie, Cook’s River rd.
Davies, D., painter, Cleveland-st,, Chippendale
Davies, Sarah, Egan-street, O’Connell town
Davis, A., carcase butcher, Camperdown rd.
Davis, C., Missenden road, Camperdown
Davis, George, butcher, Newtown road
Davis, Joseph, butcher, Newtown road
Davis, Joshua, carrier, Petersham village
Davis, W., store, Harrington-st., Newtown
Davison, Joseph, Denison-street, Kingston
Dawes, G., brickmaker, May-st, St. Peter’s
Dawes, P., builder, Harrington-st., Stanmore
Dawkins, John, O’Connell-st., Camperdown
Day, I., collector, Wellington-st., Kingston
Day, T. J., Wellington-st., Kingston
Dean, Adam, Illawarra road, Marrickville
Dean, Edward, Denison-street, Kingston
Deegan, Patrick, Cook’s River road
Deely, Henry, greengrocer, Parramatta rd.
Dempsey, James, Enmore road
Denison, J., plasterer, Darling-st, Petersham
Denning, W., Stanmore Hotel, Canterbury
road, Stanmore
Derrett, J., Campbell-st, Enmore
Devine, Mrs. Mary, Erskinville-lane, Newtn.
Digby, T., dealer, Denison-st, Kingston
Dingwell, William, mason, Campbell-street
Dirke, E , carpenter, Botany rd., Chippendale
Dolan, Dominic, Egan-street, Newtown
Done, Mary Ann, Campbell-st., Camperdown
Douglas, J., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Douglas, Robert, tailor, Julia-street, Enmore
Down, George, Eliza-street, Newtown
Downes, William, Cook’s River road
Doyle, James, Grose-street, Camperdown
Doyle, John, Elizabeth-street, Camperdown
Duff, James B., Cook’s River road
Duguid, Lesslie, Campbell-st, Newtown rd.
Dunk, William, Botany road, Chippendale
Dunlop, Robt., teacher, Wilson-st., Newtown
Dunn, Henry J., Bedford-street, Kingston
Dunnett, Charles, Campbell-street, Enmore
Dunnicliff, Alfred, Stanmore
Durrell, Thomas, Parramatta rd., Petersham

EAGAR, MRS. J., Denison-st, Kingston
Earls, Michael, Newtown road
Eastwood, C. W., Camden ter., Newtown rd.
Ebinstein, W., chiropodist, Oxford-st, Kings
Edmonds, W., Missenden rd., Camperdown
Edmonds, W., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Edwards, J., University-street, Camperdown
Egan, J., University-street, Camperdown
Eggleton, William, Prince of Wales Hotel,
Cook’s river road
Eldershaw, T. B., Campbell-st., Camperdown
Elliott, J., Campbell-street, Camperdown
Elliott, J., Burton-street, Camperdown

Elstub, J., Hordern-street, Newtown
Emery, Richard, O’Connell-street, Newtown
Emery, Simeon, University-st., Camperdown
Emmens, R. F., Denison-street, Kingston
English, Mrs. Mary, Regent-st., Kingston
Evans, G., Darling-street, Camperdown
Evans, M., Baltic-street, Kingston
Evans, W., Botany road, Chippendale
Everett, J., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Evers, L., Campbell-street, Enmore
Ewen, R. R., Grose-street, Camperdown
Ewen, R. L., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Ewens, E. F., Cook’s river road
Ewens, John, Wellington-street, Kingston

FALLICK, A. W., Eliza-street, Newtown
Fallick, C., O’Connell-street, Newtown
Fallick, W. C., Newtown road
Farr, C., University-street, Camperdown
Ferguson, Mrs. L, Enmore rd., Marrickville
Ferrall, Mary Ann, Francis-street, Kingston
Fish, S., St. Peter’s, Cook’s liver road
Fisher, A., Cleveland-street, Chippendale
Flanagan, J., Missenden road, Camperdown
Flenady, J., Red Lion, Parramatta road.
Flower, A., Randle’s terrace, Enmore road
Fogg, Samuel, Denison-street, Kingston,
Follen, John, Newtown road
Ford, Joseph, Botany road, Chippendale
Forsyth, William, Botany road, Chippendale
Fowler, Enoch, Parramatta rd., Camperdown
French, Edmund, Egan-street, Newtown rd
Funnell, Joseph, Marian st, Chippendale
Furlonger, John Hill, Newtown-road

GALE, William Botany road, Chippendale
Galvin, Thos., Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Gannon, Michael, Parramatta rd., Petersham
Gannon, Michael, Cook’s River road
Gannon, Robert, Cook’s River road
Gannon, William, Petersham village
Garrett, Miss J., Wilson-st., Newtown
Garwell, Wm, Newtown Inn, Cook’s R. road
Gates, John J., Australia-street, Kingston
Geering, Henry, Emily-street, Enmore
Gibbens, Martin, Australia-st., Kingston
Gibbes, Frederick, Newtown road
Giblett, James, Darling-street, Camperdown
Gilbert, Henry, Australia-street, Kingston
Gilbert, John L., St. ,Peters, Cook’s R. road
Gilbert, Miss C., Station-st., Newtown
Girvins, John, Australia-street, Kingston
Goater, Charles, Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Goodin, Geo., Missenden rd., Camperdown
Goodin, John, tollbar, Newtown road
Goodin, Thomas, Horbury terrace, Kingston
Goodin, William Newtown road, Newtown
Goodman, Wm., O’Connell street, Newtown
Goodsell, Alfred, Cook’s River road
Goodsell, Fredk. John, Cook’s River road
Goold, Mrs, Maria Albemarle-st., Kingston
Gough, Richard, Burton-street, Camperdown
Gould, Clement C., Denison-street, Kingston
Gould, David, grocer Newtown-road
Gould, Maria, Albemarle-street, Chippendale

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Graham, George W., Bucknell-st., Newtown
Grant, Elizabeth, Enmore cottage, Enmore
Grant, James, Botany road, Chippendale
Gray, Allan, St. Peter’s, Cook’s river
Gray, John, Newtown road
Gray, J., Mechanic-street, O’Connell town
Gray, John, dealer, Kingston-street
Greatrix, Jonas, Parramatta, road, Petersham
Greive, A., Ross-st., Kingston, Camperdown
Griffin, William, Newtown road
Grimshaw, James, O’Connell-st., Newtown
Gurnett, George, Marrickville
Guy, Andrew, baker, Newtown road
Guy, James, wheelwright, Richmond-street

HALL, JOHN, Enmore road, Enmore
Halligan, G., Geraldine cottage, Marrickville
Halloran, Herbert Charles, Enmore road
Hamblin, John, Grose-street, Camperdown
Hamilton, John, Regent-street, Kingston
Handley, Jabez, Addison-street, Marrickville
Hankin, William, Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Hansford, William, O’Connell-st., Newtown
Hanslow, Peter, Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Hapnell, Thomas, Wellington-st., Kingston
Harber, Abel, St Peter’s, Cooks river road
Hardaker, Benjamin, Australia-st., Kingston
Hardaker Brothers, builders, Kingston
Hardaker, George, Denison-street, Kingston
Hardaker, William, carpenter, Campbell-st.
Harper, John Robinson, Camperdown-road
Harrington, Alfred, Newtown road
Harris, George, Missenden rd., Camperdown
Harris, James, clerk, Enmore road
Harris, John, gardener, Stanmore
Harris, Joseph, carpenter, Missenden road
Harrison, Jane, greengrocer, Newtown road
Harrison, Matthew, ironmonger, Newtown rd
Harwood, J, Canterbury road, Petersham
Haslam, J. Fk., Parramatta-st., Petersham
Hawkins, Henry, Regent-street, Kingston
Hawkins Thomas, painter, Newtown-road
Hawley, Dr. R., Buxton cottage, Enmore rd
Hearn, C., Bald Faced Stag, Parramatta road,
Hemmins, Francis, John-st., Petersham
Heness, G., Marian-street, Chippendale
Henry, John, University-street, Camperdown
Herring, Mrs. J., Canterbury rd., Petersham
Hetherington, R., Balmain-road, Petersham
Hettrick, John, Canterbury road, Petersham
Hewitt, James, Campbell-street,
Higgins, J., horse dealer, Petersham village
Hilder, A., Redfern-st., Chippendale
Hill, John, John-street, Newtown
Hill, J., brickmaker, Australia-st., Kingston
Hill, Rowland, Enmore Hotel, Enmore road
Hill, W., builder, Marian-st., Chippendale
Hills, R., Australia-st., Kingston
Hinchliff, A., Albemarle-street, Kingston
Hincks, M., shoemaker, Regent-st., Kingston
Hinder, Captain E., Balmain road, Petersham
Hinton, W., general dealer, Parramatta road
Hobbs, C. D., St. Mary-st., Kingston
Hobbs, W., surgeon, Wellington-st., Kingston

Hodge, F., Rosehill-st., Chippendale
Hodges, Henry, Stanmore Villa, Stanmore
Hodgson, J., Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Holloway, T., painter & glazier, Newtown rd.
Holmes, H., Regent-st., Kingston
Holroyd, A. T., Hon., M.L.A., Erskineville,
Holroyd, Michael, draper, Newtown road
Holt, T., M.L.A,, Camden Villa, Newtown rd.
Hopping, C. T., Newtown road
Hordern, John, Newtown road
Horeden, Henry, Egan-street, Newtown
Horgan, Mary Anna, Alma Inn, Missenden
road, Camperdown
Hornby, John, Camperdown road
Hourne, Christopher, Union-street
Howarth, Abraham, Butcher’s Arms, Cook’s
River road
Howe, Frederick, Missenden road, Camperd.
Howe, Robt. B., Missenden road, Camperd.
Howell, Vincent, Camperdown road
Hubbards. Aaron, Missenden road, Camperd.
Hudson, Thomas, Balmain road, Petersham
Hudson, W. H. and Sons, Chippendale
Huffer, John, St. James’ school, Stanmore
Hughes, Charles, Parramatta rd., Petersham
Hughes, Hy., Petersham Inn, Parramatta rd.
Hughes, Jno., Rathbone House, Stanmore rd.
Hughes, William Dyer, Newtown road
Hugley, James John, Campbell-st., Camperd.
Hunt, Josiah, Randle’s terrace, Enmore road
Hurst, James David, Charles-st, Newtown
Hutchinson, David Bunce, Camperdown rd.
Hutchinson, Joshua, Cook’s River road
Hutchinson, Steph., O’Connell-st,, Newtown

IRONSIDE, Rev. S., Wesleyan Parsonage,
Newtown road
Islip, Thomas, Campbell-street, Enmore
Ives, Frederick, Newtown road

JACKSON, SAMUEL, Yarnold-st., Chippen.
Jager, Joseph, Camperdown road
Jarvis, Robert, Burton-street. Camperdown
Jarvis, Robert, Enmore road
Jenkins, W. Smith, Susan-st., Camperdown
Jerrard, John E., University-street
Johnson, Capt. Robt., R.N., Annandale, Par-
ramatta road
Johnson, Samuel, Newtown road
Johnson, Wm. J., Erskineville lane
Johnston, Elliott, Missenden road, Camperd.
Johnston, Robert, Wells-street, Chippendale
Johnston, Saml. D., Ebenezar cot., Petersham
Jolly, William, Newtown road
Jones, Arthur, Grose-street, Camperdown
Jones, Henry, Campbell-street, Camperdown
Jones, John, Hordern-street, O’Connell town
Jones, John, post-office, Norwood, Petersham
Jones, John, Wheelwright’s Arms, Parra-
matta road, Petersham
Jones, John Jas., Missenden road, Camperd.
Jones, John Russell, Norwood, Petersham
Jones, William, Balmain-street, Petersham
Jones, William, Richmond House, Petersham

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Josephson, Joshua F., Enmore House, En-
more road
Joy, Edw., J.P., Camden ter., Newtown road
Judd, James, Balmain-street, Petersham

KANE, M., Parramatta road, Petersham
Kebblewhite, A., Balmain-street, Petersham
Kebby, Charles, Newtown road
Keene, F., Randle’s terrace, Enmore road
Kelley, Patrick, Regent-street, Kingston
Kelly, Denis, Parramatta road
Kelly, Robert, Newtown road
Kemp, Rev. C., St. Stephen’s, Newtown rd.
Kendall, H., Wellington-street, Kingston
Kent, G., Canterbury road, Petersham
Keough, John, Cleveland, Chippendale
Kidd, Thomas, Newtown road
Kilfoyle, John, Cottage of Content, Cook’s
River road
Kilminster, George, Stanmore
Kilpatrick, Sarah, Egan-street, Newtown
Kimmins, John, Newtown road
King, John, Egan-street, O’Connell town
King, John, Campbell-street
King, Rev. G., St. Peter’s, Cook’s River road
King, Robert, Darling-street, Camperdown
Kingcott, A., Balmain-street, Petersham
Kittson, G., Botany road, Chippendale
Knight, James, Cook’s River road
Knipe, John, Denison-street, Kingston
Know, John, Egan-street, O’Connell town
Kopsch, G., Wellington-street, Kingston

LABETT, J., Yarnold-street, Chippendale
Lainson, A., Newtown, Kingston
Lainson, Alfred, Newtown road
Lamb, J., Randle’s terrace, Enmore road
Lambert, T., Marian-street, Chippendale
Lamburn, Anthony, gardener, Newtown road
Lance, T. E., St. Peters, Cook’s river road
Land, Wm., Regent-street, Kingston
Lane, Edward, Station-street, Newtown
Langford, Rev. Jabez, Denison-st., Kingston
Langhorne, George, agent, Horbury terrace,
Langley, John, grocer, Newtown road.
Larkins. Jas., grocer, Parramatta road, Camp.
Laurie, Sarah Sophia, schoolmistress, Albe-
marle-street, Kingston
Lavender, George, Wellington-st., Kingston.
Lawes, R,, Bullock road, Petersham
Lawson, Elizabeth, Egan-st, O’Connell town
Leedon, Mary, Wilson-street, Newtown
Lendon, James, Egan-st., Newtown road
Leonard, Mrs. Ann, Newtown road
Lever, Anthony, Newtown road
Lever, Francis, Redfern-street, Chippendale
Lewis, David, Parramatta road, Petersham
Lewis, Thomas, Balmain road, Petersham
Ley, John Wm., Denison-street, Kingston
Lincoln, Thomas, St. Mary-street, Kingston
Lincoln, T., Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Lipscombe, Wm., Yarnold-st., Chippendale
Lishman, Robert, Denison-street, Kingston
Littley, Catherine, St. Mary-st., Kingston

Lloyd, Thomas, Stanmore
Lofts, Stephen, Addison road, Stanmore
Loosee, John, Newtown road
Lorking, Alfred, Parramatta rd., Petersham
Lovegrove, Richard, Newtown road
Lovell, Charles, Missenden rd., Camperdown
Luland, John, Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Lussenhoff, Frederick Wm., Chippendale

McCALL, JNO,, watchmaker, Chippendale
McCarthy, Eugene, Darling-st., Camperdown
McCarthy, Michael, Botany rd., Chippendale
McCarthy, Thos., Australian-st., Kingston
McCauley, C., Antrim Arms Hotel, St. Peter’s,
Cook’s River
McClelland, Robt., Egan-st., O’Connell town
McCormack, J., Westbourne-st., Petersham
McCulloch, James, Redfern-st., Chippendale
McDermott, Catherine, Randle’s terrace,
Enmore road
McEvoy, Catherine, Burton-st., Camperdown
McGrath, Michael, butcher, Parramatta rd.
McKay, Alex., Redfern-st., Chippendale
McKechnie, Andrew, Cook’s river road
McKenzie, J. D., St. Peter’s, Cook’s river rd.
McLeod, Geo., Grose-st., Camperdown
McMahon, Peter, Australia-st,, Kingston
McShane, James, Swamp road, Petersham
Macarthur, Gilbert, Parramatta road
Macdonald, James, Newtown road
Machan, Joseph. O’Connell-street
Mackay, Wm. H., Newtown
Macken, P., Albemarle-street,, Kingston
Mahn, Bridget, Australia-street, Newtown
Malcolm, Jane, Erskineville, Newtown
Marshfield, John, Campbell-st., Camperdown
Martin, Mrs. M., Rosehill-st,, Chippendale
Mash, John, Susan-street, Camperdown
Mason, Ralph, Australia-street, Kingston
Masters, G., Upper Balmain-rd., Petersham
Masters, William, Wilson-street, Newtown
Matchett, Abraham, Wellington-st., Kingston
Mawbey, Ann Egan-street, Newtown
Mayhew, James, Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Mayhew, Robert, teacher, Newtown road
Mayne, Robert, hay and corn store, Newtown
Melville, Hector, Regent-st., Kingston
Melville, Ninian, Australia-st,, Kingston
Mercallo, James, Marrickville
Merrett, George, Station-street, Newtown
Merrifield, George, Darling-st., Camperdown
Merryweather, T., Denison-st., Newtown
Mertello, Ferdinand, Newtown road,
Metcalfe, Michael, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River
Meyer, Henry, Parramatta road, Petersham
Mihill, Alex Wm., Botany-st., Chippendale
Milgate, S. S., hay & corn store, Newtown rd
Millard, Wm., Newtown road
Miller, Joseph, Oxford-street, Kingston
Mills, Joseph, Norwood, Petersham
Mills, William, chemist, Newtown road
Milne, Capt. R., Susan-street, Camperdown
Mitchell, A., Waterloo Villa, Marrickville
Mitchell, G. W., St. Peter’s, Cooks River rd
Mitchell, J., Rosehill-street, Chippendale

Page 148



Mitchell, W. H., Susan-street, Camperdown
Moore, J., St. Peter’s, Cook’s River road
Moore, R., Cleveland-street, Chippendale
Moreau, H., Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Morey, James, Stanmore Villa, Stanmore rd.
Morgan, H. B., Norwood, Petersham
Morkill, Arthur, Newtown road
Morley, Delphey, Newtown road
Morris, Elizabeth, Bedford-street, Kingston
Morris, Capt. J., O’Connell-street, Newtown
Morrison, Robert, Wells-street, Chippendale
Mortimer, J., Australia-street, Camperdown
Morton, James, Rosehill-st., Chippendale
Mosely, W., Brickhill road, Newtown
Moses, F., Marian-street, Chippendale
Moss, J., Balmain road, Petersham
Muirson, Kenneth, Denison-st., Kingston
Mullen, George, Parma Villa, Petersham
Mullen, T. and Son, Newtown road
Mullqueeney, T., Charles-street, Newtown
Newtown road
perdown road
Munro, H., Wellington-street, Kingston
Munro, T., Campbell-street, Camperdown
Murphy, John, Parramatta-road, Petersham
Murray, R. C., Station-street, Newtown
Murry, Charles, Denison-street, Kingston

NAUGHTON, Edward, O’Connell-street
Nealds, C. J., Upper Balmain rd., Petersham
Neil, James, Bedford-street, Kingston
Neill, Henry, Brown-street, Camperdown
Nelson, Samuel, bootmaker, Newtown-road
Neville, John, Petersham
Newcombe, J. C., Australia-st., Kingston
Newell, Wm., Mechanic st., O’Connell town
Newham, Hy., Botany road, Chippendale
Newman, C. A., Egan-street, O’Connell town
Newman, John Farish, Newtown road
Newstead, Wm., Station-street, Newtown
Nicholson, David, Denison-street, Kingston
Nicolle, Eugene, civil engineer, Petersham
Nicols, Mrs. Eliza, Newtown road
Nightingale, C., Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Nobbs, Mary, 6 Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Nolan, James, George-street, Petersham
Norman, John, St. Peter’s, Cook’s river
Norris, George, Australia-street, Kingston
Norton, C. Fk., Australia-street, Kingston
Norton, James H., Denison-st., Kingston
Noyes, Ellen, dealer, Newtown road
Nugent, Patrick, Balmain-street, Petersham
Nunn, Joseph, Burton-street, Camperdown

OAG, PETER, Addison road, Stanmore
O’Brien, George, Marian-street, Chippendale
O’Brien, John J., Regent-street, Kingston
O’Brien, Thomas, John-street, Petersham
O’Brien, Wm., Harp of Erin, Parramatta-rd
O’Connor, Patrick, Botany road, Chippendale
ODD FELLOWS’ HALL, Newtown road

Oddie, Miss A. M., Denison-street, Kingston
Oliver, James, Balmain road, Petersham
Oliver, R., Woolpack Inn, Par. rd., Petersham
O’Neil, Charles, Missenden-rd., Camperdown
O’Neil, Malachi, Bullock road, Petersham
O’Regan, Michael, Denison-street, Kingston
O’Reilly, J., classical prof., Campbell-street
O’Reilly, Walter, chemist, Chippendale
Ormiston, Robert, Long cove, Petersham
Orr, James, mason, Denison-st., Kingston
Osborne, Thomas, Wellington-st., Kingston
Osborne, Thomas, Newtown road
Owen, Geo. W., Grose-street, Camperdown
Owlten, George, Redfern-street, Chippendale
Oxley, George, Rosehill-street, Chippendale

Page, Capt. H., Campbell-street, Enmore
Parker, Ann, Parramatta road, Petersham
Parker, Caleb, John-street, Newtown,
Parker, J. S., coroner, Cook’s R. rd., Newtown
Parkinson, T., Susan-st., Camperdown
Parsons, F., Darling-st., Petersham
Partridge, T., Rosehill-st., Chippendale
Patterson, J., dealer, Newtown road
Payten, S., Illawarra road, Marrickville
Pearce, Francis, Missenden road, Camperdn.
Peck, Sophia, Australia-street, Kingston
Peden, David, Egan-street, Newtown road
Peirce, Sarah Ann, Australia-st., Kingston
Pelham, W. J., Campbell-street, Enmore
Penberthy, J., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Pettitt, J., Marian-street, Chippendale
Perry, J. H., Albemarle-st., Kingston
Perry, Stephen, Julia-street, Enmore
Phelan, J., Balmain road, Petersham
Phillip, J. V., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Phillips, Henry, Ashley, Enmore
Philpott, C., Australia-street, Kingston
Philpott, H. J., Redfern-street, Chippendale
Pike, T., Darling-street, Camperdown
Pike, W. J., Storm King, Botany-st., Chippen.
Piper, J., Newtown road
Playford, W., St. Peter’s, Cook’s River rd.
Plowman, John, Erskineville lane
Pluck, C., Denison-street, Kingston
Polack, Abraham, Newtown road, Newtown
Pollack, D., Botany road, Chippendale
Powdler, H. J. S., Enmore road
Powell, Joseph, Campell-street, Enmore
Pratt, Wm., Newton road
Preston, Wm., Egan-st., O’Connell town
Price, Henry, pastry cook, Newtown road
Price, William, Eton cottage, Stanmore road
Pritchard, Edward, Enmore road
Pritchard, Saml., Enmore road
Pugh, John, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River road
Purdy, Jacob, O’Connell-street

RAMSAY, DAVID, Broughton park, Peter.
Raper, Edward, J.P., M.L.A., Prospect-st.,
Rapson, S.S., engineer, Stanmore
Ravenscroft, A. G., teacher, Albemarle-st,

Page 149


Rea, A., musician, Camden terrace, Newtown
Readett, Wood, Harrington-st., Stanmore
Reardon, Michael, Albemarle-st., Kingston
Reeve, Henry, Prospect-st., Newtown
Reilly, Richard, Cook’s River road
Rens, Josephine, Charles-street, Newtown
Renwick, Edward, clerk, Newtown road
Reynolds, Eliza, O’Connell-st., Newtown
Reynolds, Thomas, Wells-st., Chippendale
Richards, Wm. Henry, clerk, Rosehill-street,
Richardson, James, Eliza-st, Newtown road
Richardson, John, White Horse Inn, Newtown
Richardson, R. P., Newtown road
Ridley, James, Yarnold-st., Chippendale
Risbey, James, Newtown road
Robberds, Robt. Wm., Enmore road
Roberts, Henry, Yarnold-st., Chippendale
Roberts, James, Newtown road
Roberts, Mrs. Jas., ladies’ seminary, Newtown
Rodwell, John, Harrington-st., Stanmore
Rogan, T., Nag’s Head Hotel, Newtown road
Rogers, Robert, Charles-street
Rolleston, C., Wilson-street, Newtown
Rooke, G. H., Albemarle-street, Kingston
Rose, George, Pulteney Hotel, Cook’s R. road
Ross, George, Newtown road
Ross, Mrs. George, Newtown road
Rossiter, George, Camperdown road
Rowland, William, Crown and Anchor, New-
town road
Ruddell, W., Albmarle-street, Kingston
Russell, G. N., Horbury terrace, Kingston
Russell, J., Darling-street, Petersham
Russell, J., Hordern-street, O’Connell town
Russell, W., Redfern-street, Chippendale
Rutledge, Mary, Newtown road

SACRE, EDWARD, Regent-st., Kingston
Sadler, James S., Newtown road
Salisbury, Elizabeth, Oxford-st., Kingston
Samson, Charles, Campbell-street
Samuel, Louis, Wilson-street, Newtown
Samuel, Saul, Wilson-street, Newtown
Sanbrook, Jno., Ross-st., Kingston, Camper.
Sanders, Edward, parcel delivery company,
Newtown road
Sanderson, H., Station-street, Newtown
Savigny, Wm. Hy., Rev., St. Paul’s College,
Newtown road
Saxby, George, Australia-street, Kingston
Scanlan, Edmund, St. Mary-street, Kingston
Schwenck, Wm., St. Mary-street, Kingston
Scope, Henry, Julia-street, Enmore
Scott, William, University-st., Camperdown
Scott, Rev. William, Cook’s River road
Scrase, Saml., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Scryver. John Henry, Newtown, road
Scutts, John, Parramatta road, Petersham
Sedgwick, William Gillett, Newtown road.
Selby, Messach, Stanmore
Seller, Thos., Missenden road, Camperdown
Shannon, Thomas, Susan-st., Camperdown
Shaw, Thomas, Parramatta road, Petersham
Sheehan, Margaret, Burton-street, Camperd.

Shettle, Chas. Hy., Pelican Hotel, Newtown
Shirbin, Mrs. Margaret, Parramatta road
Short, Maria, Newtown road
Short, Robt. Arnel, Cottage of Content, New-
town road
Shuttleworth, Wm., Wellington-st., Kingston
Silk, William, Newtown road
Silvester, George, Charles-street, Newtown
Sims, Mrs. M., Cooper-street, Enmore
Skelton, George, Rosehill-st., Chippendale
Slaughter, Wm., Fitzroy-street, Chippendale
Sly, John, South Kingston
Smidmore, Mrs. T., Unwin Bridge road
Smith, Eliza, Parramatta road
Smith, James, Oxford-street, Kingston
Smith, James, Camperdown road
Smith, John, Petersham
Smith, John, Chippendale
Smith, John, Stanmore road
Smith, John Henry, Denison-st., Kingston
Smith, Joseph, Parramatta road, Petersham
Smith, Lewis, H., Petersham
Smith, Robert, Albemarle-street, Kingston
Smith, R, Campbell-street, Enmore
Smith, Mrs. Sophia, Balmain rd., Petersham
Smith, Samuel, Illawarra road, Marrickville
Smith, Thos. W., Campbell-street, Enmore
Smith, T., Bricklayers Arms, Newtown road
Smith, Wm., Redfern-street, Chippendale
Smith, William, Burton-st., Camperdown
Snelgrove, Mrs. S., Wellington-st, Kingston
Snowden, Edward, Denison-st., Kingston
South, Saml., Wells-street, Chippendale
Spalding, G., The Gardener’s Arms, Bullock
road, Petersham,
Spencer, John, Egan-st., Newtown road
Spilsted, John, Newtown road
ST. PAUL’S COLLEGE, Newtown road
ST. PETER’S CHURCH, Cook’s River road
ST. STEPHEN’S CHURCH, Brick-st., Newtown rd
Staas, Henry, Star Inn, Newtown road
Standen, James, draper, Newtown road
Stevens, C. J., Erskineville lane, Newtown
Stewart, Seymour Chas., Baltic-st., Kingston
Stewart, Wm., Mary-street, Newtown
Stiles, Thomas, Newtown road
Stockley, Thomas, Newtown road
Stokes, Joseph, Campbell-st., Camperdown
Stone, Mary, Regent-street, Kingston
Stott, Thos., Missenden road, Camperdown
Stuart, James, Emu Inn, Newtown road
Sullivan, T., auctioneer, Norwood, Petersham
Surtees, Wm., University-st., Camperdown
Sutton, Paul, University-st., Camperdown
Sutton, Wm. H., station master, Petersham
Swinfield, John, Wells-street, Chippendale
Symons, Sylvester M., Mary-st,. Newtown

TALBOT, ELI, Egan-st., Newtown road
Talbot, George, Cook’s River road
Talbot, John, Albemarle-st., Kingston
Talbotts, Henry, Camperdown road
Taylor, Thomas, Albemarle-st, Kingston

Page 150


Tempest, Thomas, Stanmore road
Templeton, Wm. R., Wilson-street, Newtown
Tester, Wm., Susan-street, Camperdown
Tighe, Robt. H., council clerk municipality
of Cook, Camperdown road
Tipper, Henry, Redfern-st., Chippendale
Thompson, J. B., Erskineville lane
Thompson James, St. Mary-st., Kingston
Thompson, John, Union-street, Newtown
Thompson, R., Illawarra road, Marrickville
Thompson, Robt., Denison-street, Kingston
Thomson, Buchan, Kegworth, Parramatta rd.
Thornthwaite, J. G., die sinker, Enmore
Thrum, G. A., Campbell-street, Enmore
Tisdale, J. E., Redfern-st., Chippendale
Tomison, C. D., Horbury terrace, Kingston
Tomlinson, Francis, Regent-st., Kingston
Trengrouse, N., Brunswick villa, Stanmore
Trenter, George, Petersham
Truman, H. J., grocer, Petersham
Tubbey, Robt., Hordern-st., O’Connell town
Tubby, John, Egan-st., Newtown-road
Tucker, Rev. Joseph K., Newtown
Tucker, Mrs. Rose, Ophir Cottage, Enmore
Turnbull, James A., Regent-street, Kingston
Turnbull, Archibald, Regent-st., Kingston
Turner, Alfred, Newtown road
Turner, Eliza, Egan-street, Newtown road
Turner, George, Newtown road
Turner, J., St. Peter’s, Cook’s River road
Turner, Thomas, Grose-street, Camperdown
Turner, William John, Stanmore
Turtle, Charles, Oxford-street, Kingston
Tye, William, Newtown road
Tytherleigh, James, Marian-st., Chippendale

VANCE, JAMES, Australia-st., Kingston
Vanstone, S., Devonshire cottage, Stanmore
Vay, James, Wells-street, Chippendale
Vincent, F. Wm., Australia-st., Kingston
Voller, Rev. James, Albemarle-st., Kingston

WALKER, HANNAH, St. Peter’s, Cook’s R.
Walker, James, Stanmore road, Stanmore
Walker, Joseph, Newtown road
Walker, William, Campbell-st., Camperdown
Walker, William, Darling-st., Camperdown
Walker, William, Union Inn, Newtown road
Wall, Thomas, Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Wallack, James, Rose cottage, Newtown
Walters, James, Lennox-street, Kingston
Walters, James, Regent-street, Kingston
Walton, Joseph, Westbourne-st, Petersham
Warburton, Geo., Cleveland-st., Chippendale
Ward, Edwin, Newtown road
Watson, W. R., Elizabeth-st., Camperdown
Watson, William, Newtown road
Watts, Mrs. Isabella, Newtown road
Way, Edward F., Albemarle-st., Kingston
Way, Richard H., Cook’s River road
Weaver, Wm., Laurel Villa, Newtown

Webb, Richard W., Randle’s terrace, Enmore
Webster, John, Eliza-street, Newtown
Weedon, Thomas, Parramatta-rd., Petersham
Weeks, Alexander, Kingston Hotel, Regent-
street, Kingston
Wenman, Mary A., Redfern-st., Chippendale
WESLEYAN SCHOOL, Newtown road, Newtown
West, Alexr., blacksmith, Camperdown road
West, James, University-street, Camperdown
West, Simon, Campbell-street, Enmore
West, Thomas, Hordern-st., O’Connell town
West, William, Newtown
Westcott, J., Rosehill-street, Chippendale
Westley, Cyrus John, Enmore road, Enmore
Westman, A., Elizabeth-street, Camperdown
Weyman, R. M., Grose-street, Camperdown
Whately, Charles, Newtown road, Newtown
Wheeler, C., Julia-street, Enmore
White, David, Burton-street, Camperdown
White, David, Parramatta road
White, J., Campbell-street, Newtown
White, J., Denison-street, Kingston
White, Mrs. W., Regent-street, Kingston
White, W., Parramatta road, Petersham
Whiting, Ellen, Campbell-street, Newtown
Whitwell, John, Newtown road
Williams, D., Missenden road, Camperdown
Williams, D., Egan-street, Newtown
Williams, H., post office, Parramatta-rd.,
Williams, John, Oxford-street, Kingston
Williams, J. H., carpenter, Newtown road
Williams, Peter, Missenden rd., Camperdown
Williams, R., chemist, Newtown road
Williams, William, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River
Williams, W. B., Camperdown road
Williamson, William, Belfast Hotel, Chip-
Wilson, Charles, Albemarle-st., Kingston
Wilson, Charles H., Egan-street, Newtown
Wilson, Elizabeth, Susan-street, Camperdown
Wilson, Felix, Wilson-street, Newtown
Wilson, Francis, Albemarle-st., Kingston
Wilson, George, plasterer, O’Connell-street
Wilson, William, Missenden rd., Camperdown
Winters, John, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River rd.
Wood, George, Redfern-street, Chippendale
Woodford, James, Hampshire Hotel, Parra-
matta road, Camperdown
Woodley, Charles, Cook’s River road
Woodward, James, Daniel Webster Hotel,
Newtown road
Woolley, Rev. J., D.O.L., University, Sydney
Woolley, W., Missenden road, Camperdown
Wright, Thomas, Darling-st., Camperdown
Wyke, Elidge, Botany road, Chippendale
Wyman, Daniel, St. Peter’s, Cook’s River rd.

YARNTON, GEORGE, clerk, Petersham
Yates, Catherine, Australia-street, Kingston
Yates, John, O’Connell-street, Newtown
Yorke. John Richard. Oxford-st.. Kingston