Yaralla Street (sometimes spelt as ‘Uralla’) in O’Connell was given to Council in 1872. Thomas Walker 1804-1886 was President of the Bank of NSW, a philanthropist and owner from 1848 of the enormous waterfront estate called Yaralla which covers what is now Concord and Rhodes. He also owned some land around here between Bucknell Street, the railway and Kettle’s estate from before the mid-60s. He and daughter Dame Eadith Walker (1861-1937) contributed over £1 million in gifts to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and scholarships to the University’s Women’s College nearby in Carillon Avenue. (See subdivision map no N6/246 of 17th March 1871 at Mitchell Library).


Young Lane in Kingston is mentioned in 1882 but does not appear on the 1939 Lands Department map; perhaps it is now Turtle Lane?


York Lane referred to the shops called York Terrace on the main road just south of Brown Street. It was suggested in December 1879 that the land here between S. C. Brown’s house, King and Wilson Streets be made a public park, however this name no longer appears.