Nelson Street in O’Connell was formed between Campbell Street and Newtown Road prior to 1863, and renamed as Little Queen Street in 1896. Bruce Baskerville suggests it was part of what was once University Street and that the terraces on its west side are from 1858-62 and its eastern ones from 1889.


Newman Street was formed in Camden in 1880 and named for Charles Alfred Newman who operated a school in Church Street, lived in Susan Street then Brown Street, was a Council auditor in the 1860s and local Registrar for births deaths and marriages.


Newtown Road was an informal description of the Newtown section of the Cooks River Road up until its naming as King Street in October 1877.


Norfolk Street in Camden was formed in 1879 but the reason for the name is not known. The area around it was resumed for the school in 1912.


Northwood Street in Kingston Ward was formed in 1900. Estate agents Raine and Horne offered the Northwood Estate, between Federation, Australia and Church Streets, for sale in December 1900 and March 1901.


Norton Street in Kingston is thought to be mentioned in 1884