James Street in Enmore can be seen on an 1841 subdivision map and was presumably named for James Simmons; it was extended on 23rd October 82; see Simmons Street.


John Street in Camden is first mentioned in 1867, and was presumably named for brickmaker John Goodsell, or his son Frederick John Goodsell, alderman for twenty years. A level crossing was used after it was cut by the railway line in 1884; it may have been extended on 7th July 1885.


Johnston’s Lane near Australia Street in Kingston is mentioned after 1883 and presumably named for the family who owned the bordering Annandale estate.


Juliett Street can be seen on an 1841 subdivision map of Enmore and is assumed to be named after Isaac Josephson’s wife Juliet née Hanson (her brother was Romeo Hanson). Randolph Bedford’s memoirs of the 1870s describe it as a ‘highly respectable street of churchgoers’; it is spelled as Juliet in the 1939 Lands Department map and Juliett by the present Marrickville Council.


Jury Lane off Fitzroy Street in O’Connell can be seen on the 1880s Higginbotham map.