Iredale Street in Camden is first mentioned in 1877 as part of the Islington Estate. The Iredale family owned this part of Nicholas Devine’s 1830s land grant. Lancelot Iredale was a Wesleyan philanthropist and a Sydney City Councillor in 1844-47, one of the family wrote to Newtown Council in 1867 asking for a Certificate of Indefeasible Title under the Real Property Act. Frank Iredale was a cricketer representing N. S. W. and Australia.


Isabella Street in O’Connell appears on an 1845 map surrounding the first St Stephen’s Church. The name no longer appears there.


Islington Street in Camden was formed in 1872 when the Islington Estate was sold by J & A Fairfax. Islington is a municipality in south-east London. The north end of Islington Street connected with Gowrie Street and the Islington section was renamed Gowrie (see 10th July 1883, 8th July 1884, 3rd Mar 1886). Subdivision map no N6/220 at the Mitchell Library shows the land that is essentially the St George’s Hall site, one lot being the Congregational Church.


Ivery Lane is situated in O’Connell east of Holdsworth Street and the Darlington municipal border.