Minutes of meeting of the Council (duly convened), held at the Council Chambers, Newtown, on Tuesday 10 December 1918, at 7:30 p.m.

His Worship the Mayor (Alderman H. T. Morgan) and Aldermen Ryan, Pritchard, Szarka, Bloom, Dibble, Turtle, Keats, Campbell, Cuthbertson, Smith and Buzacott.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read, and were confirmed and signed on a motion by Alderman Smith, seconded by Alderman Ryan.


Letter from the Petersham Council expressing thanks at the prompt action of the Council in repairing Liberty Street.

Letter from the Secretary, Federated Municipal and Shire Councils Employees Union, asking that an increase be granted to all this Council’s employees, pending the hearing of the Union’s claim.
Alderman Turtle moved that the letter be received and an increase of five shillings per week granted. Seconded by Alderman Keats.
The amendment moved by Alderman Dibble that the letter be received and the matter referred to the Finance Committeee for investigation and report.
Seconded by Alderman Bloom.
Upon being submitted the amendment was declared carried. A division was demanded, and resulted as follows:-

For the amendment. Alderman Dibble, Bloom, Pritchard, Ryan, Campbell and Buzacott.
Against the amendment. Alderman Turtle, Keats, Szarka, Cuthbertson and Smith.
The voting on division being in favour of the amendment, it was then submitted as a substantive motion and declared carried.

Letter from the Local Government Department, covering amendments in Ordinances 34 and 78.

Letter from the Board of Fire Commissioners of New South Wales, showing the estimated expenditure for the year 1919 and the apportionment of contributions, Newtown share being set down at £831:19:4, a reduction on last year of £27: 5:1.

Letter from the Under Secretary covering copy of Government Gazette containing regulations under the provisions of the Fire Brigades Act 1909, for the election of members to serve on the Board of Fire Commissioners of New South Wales.
Alderman Campbell moved that the letter be received, and its consideration made an order of the day for the next meeting.
Seconded by Alderman Cuthbertson and carried.

Letter from the Secretary of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, asking that additional water troughs be erected within this area for horses and dogs,
Alderman Turtle moved that the letter be received and referred to this Council’s Works Committeee for report.
Seconded by Alderman Ryan and carried.

Letter from Mrs W. Roach making application for permission to sell Christmas Bush in Newtown on Christmas Eve.
Alderman Szarka moved that the application be received and granted.
Seconded by Alderman Keats and carried.

Letter from the Secretary to the Governor General acknowledging Council’s resolution of loyalty and intimating that the same had been forwarded to the Right Honourable the Secretary of State for Colonies.

Letter from the Superintendent of Traffic, intimating that the Sydney Steel Company’s vehicles would in future use streets allocated by the Newtown Council for heavy traffic as contained in Council’s letter of the 12/7/18.

Letter from H. Ridbaldh asking to be allowed to give a demonstration of the “Todd Protectograph Cheque Writer” to this Council’s Finance Committeee.
It was resolved that letter be received and request granted.

Letter from the Secretary, Department of Public Health, covering 20 samples of milk.

Letter from N. Keegan, making application to sell articles on the footpath in King Street, Newtown.
It was resolved that the application be received and refused.

Letter from M. Hemsworth, asking for permission to display sign in connection with an entertainment to be given at Newtown on the 20th instant.
It was resolved that the application be received and the request granted, provided the sign is removed from the Town Hall on the day following the event.

Letter from the Manufacturers Mutual Accident and Assurance Association asking that this Council’s business under the Workmen’s Compensation Act be done through the Association.
It was resolved that the letter be received and referred to the Finance Committeee for consideration and report.


His Worship the Mayor (Alderman Morgan) submitted a report re the appointment of a typiste in lieu of Miss Q. Peter resigned, and recommended the appointment in conformity with specification and duties of Miss M. Russell of “Hinton”, Edgware Road, Newtown, as typiste and stenographer to the Council at the remuneration of £78 per annum, subject to the termination of the appointment at any time, by one month’s notice on either side.
Alderman Ryan moved that His Worship the Mayor’s report be received and adopted and the recommendation contained therein be carried into effect.
Seconded by Alderman Szarka and carried.

The Finance Committeee submitted its report as contained on Folio 150 of the Finance Committeee’s report book, which recommended:-

Confirmation of accounts paid under votes of appropriation, amounting to £320: 5:5

And payment of accounts, amounting to £507: 2:1

Total payments from general fund since last meeting £ 827: 7:6

The monthly financial statement was submitted and disclosed a credit balance to date of £ 1455:8:2

It was further recommended that the Town Clerk’s estimates of receipts and expenditure for the year 1919, the estimated expenditure £21,950, estimated receipts of £21,950 and providing for a rate of 3-1/4d in the £ on the unimproved capital value (£1,472,410) of all rateable land in the Municipality of Newtown, be adopted and duly advertised as provided by section 142 of the Local Government Act.
Alderman Pritchard moved that the Finance Committeee’s report be received, the accounts confirmed and paid, and all recommendations contained therein be carried into effect.
Seconded by Alderman Smith and carried.

The Overseer of Works submitted his report of works completed or in progress during the past fortnight, which was received.

The Sanitary Inspector submitted his report as contained on Folios 250/253 of the Sanitary Inspector’s report book.
Alderman Turtle moved the Sanitary Inspector’s report be received, the applications mentioned in paragraph 3 granted, and the congratulations of the Council be extended to the Chief Inspector (J. Kirkpatrick) and Assistant Inspector (F. Hoffman) for the excellent services resulting in 23 cases only of infectious disease being reported during the past half-year, a reduction of 75% on the average number of notices received during a corresponding period for the past five years.
Seconded by Alderman Pritchard and carried.


Alderman Turtle moved:-

“That no sign or signs be allowed to be painted on or affixed to premises within this area of greater dimensions than 6 feet in length and 1’6″ in depth, unless with a special permission granted by this Council, further that advertisements be inserted in the press drawing attention to this proviso.”
Alderman Ryan seconded this motion pro forma, which on being submitted was declared lost.


Under this heading, Alderman Pritchard drew attention to the contemplated removal from this district of Police Inspector T. McDonald, who was being promoted to Goulburn, and moved that a letter under the Corporate Seal of the Council be forwarded to Inspector MacDonald, expressing this Council’s appreciation of the able, impartial, yet tactful manner in which he has carried out his official duties, and for the public spirit displayed by him in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Municipality of Newtown, including all patriotic efforts, and expressing a wish for his continued health, happiness and prosperity.
Seconded by Alderman Dibble and carried.

Alderman Turtle mentioned that H. D. Faunce Esq of the local branch of the Union Bank of Australia was being promoted to one of the city branches, and moved that a letter under the Corporate Seal of the Council to Mr Faunce expressing this Council’s pleasure at his well-deserved promotion, and regretting his removal from the district, where he had won the esteem of all by his many sterling qualities.
Seconded by Alderman Campbell and carried

Alderman Turtle drew attention to the top end of Campbell Street, and moved that the matter be referred to the Works Committeee.
His Worship the Mayor asked that a motion be submitted on the business paper in the usual way.

Alderman Ryan drew attention for the necessity of raising certain crossings in Pearl Street which would improve the footpath.
His Worship the Mayor said he would call for a report on the matter from this Council’s engineer.

His Worship then intimated that as the next Ordinary Meeting of Council would fall on Christmas Eve, when the members of the Council would be too busy to attend, the next meeting of the Council would be held on Tuesday 7 January 1919. He wished one and all the seasons greetings, and was happy to do so under peaceful conditions, and trusted that now the war had practically ceased, the coming year would be to all one of increasing happiness and prosperity.
The members of the Council having reciprocated the Mayor’s good wishes the meeting terminated.
Confirmed at an Ordinary meaning of the Council, held at the Town Hall, Newtown, on Tuesday 7 January 1919.



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