Tuesday, February 6th 1894


A public meeting of the Ratepayers of the Borough was held in the Town Hall at 12 o’clock noon on the above day of the purpose of nominating and electing four Aldermen one each for Camden, Enmore, Kingston and O’Connell wards – and two Auditors in room of those retiring by rotation.

The following were nominated:
Camden Ward – Harold Thomas Morgan, Solicitor – Unopposed.
Enmore Ward – Charles Henry Ibbotson, Coachbuilder and William Dolman, Merchant (retiring Alderman).
Kingston Ward – Robert Elstub, Builder and Louis Friedenrich, Baker.
O’Connell Ward – Malcolm Richmond, Builder and Henry Howe, Bricklayer.

Walter Henry Goddard, Banker.
Robert Pigon Calter, Accountant.
Walter George Hincks, Accountant.
Paul Fedor Jentsch, Accountant.
Edward Henry Power, Accountant.

The Mayor and returning officer (Mr. William Rigg) declared that as there was only one candidate nominated for Camden Ward, Harold Thomas Morgan duly elected Alderman for Camden Ward for three years and that in all other cases a poll would be taken on Saturday next 10th instant.
Mayor and Returning Officer.


Tuesday, February 13th 1894


Election of Mayor

A Special Meeting of Council was held on the evening of the above day at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of electing a Mayor of the current year.

the Mayor (Mr. William Rigg) in the chair and Aldermen Howe, Salmon, Cox, Parker, Smith, Ibbotson, Morgan, Elstub, McCann and Whately

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed and signed.

Alderman Smith moved
“that the election of the Mayor on this occasion be by open voting and with open doors.” Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.

Alderman Parker moved
“that Alderman William Rigg be re elected to the position of Mayor for the current municipal year.” Seconded by Alderman Elstub and carried unanimously.

The Mayor returned thanks for the honour conferred upon him and electing him for the third time and the business closed.

Before departing it was resolved that a letter of sympathy be sent to the Widow and family of the late Mayor of Burwood who had come to an untimely end under most calamitous circumstances.
The declaration of the newly elected Alderman were laid upon the table duly subscribed.
Signed William Rigg,
Mayor and Returning Officer 20 February 1894.


Tuesday 20th of February 1894


A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the evening of the above day at half past seven o’clock.

The Mayor and Aldermen Howe, Salmon, Parker, Smith, Ibbotson, Morgan, McCann, White, and Whately.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed and signed.


From the Railway commissioners stating that they have decided not to change the name of the Mcdonaldtown Station. Received.

A petition was received from ratepayers in Gowrie Street complaining of a overflow of stormwater from Gowrie Lane and asking that it might be remedied. Received and referred to the Works Committee for report.


Reported the progress that had been made in the works under his supervision during the last two weeks. Received.

Inspector of Nuisances
Reported the amount of work done in his department and that the contractors under his supervision were doing their work in a satisfactory manner. Received.

The Mayor reported generally upon the expenditure and receipts for the year showing that although there had been expended during the year a sum of £ 12,382.12.5 in improvements the indebtedness to the bank had been reduced by £1299.12.9. He also referred to works generally that had been performed throughout the Borough and some that were much needed. He also desired the Aldermen to consider the advisability of adopting Brick pavement in place of Tar pavement as bricks were now very cheap. The report was received.

Motions Pursuant to Notice

Alderman Smith moved
1 “That the Council do now proceed to appoint the Standing Committees for the current Municipal year viz Finance, Works, Lighting, N P Act [Nuisances Prevention], By Laws and Library, and Specification.” Seconded by Alderman White and carried.

Nos 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 dealing with sundry works in Kingston Ward and standing in the name of Alderman Parker were withdrawn by consent.

Alderman Elstub moved
7 “That a statement be prepared and laid on the table at the next meeting of Council showing the names and amounts due by the various ratepayers for rates due to this council to the 12th of February 1894.” Seconded by Alderman Salmon and carried.

Nos 8 and 9 Standing in the name on Alderman Ibbotson and dealing with repairs in Enmore Ward were withdrawn by consent.

The following were the committees appointed:
Finance – The Mayor and Aldermen Smith, Morgan and Salmon.
Works – The Mayor and Aldermen Salmon, McCann, and Elstub.
Lighting Committee – Aldermen Ibbotson, Howe, Parker and Cox.
N. P. Act – The Mayor and Aldermen Salmon, McCann and Elstub.
By Laws and Library – The Mayor and Aldermen Smith, Morgan and Whately.
Specifications – Aldermen White, Smith, McCann and Whately.

Alderman Smith moved
10 “That the Specifications Committee be duly authorised to prepare specifications for annual contracts and report same the next meeting. Seconded by Alderman White and carried.

11 “That the finance committee be hereby authorised to prepare and report at next council meeting on estimate of the probable amount that will be required for the current Municipal year to carry out the necessary corporate works throughout the Borough. Seconded by Alderman Morgan and carried.


In reply to Alderman Parker the Mayor said the works of repairs to Mary and the Lennox streets would be proceeded with as passed by the Council on the 8th August, last when funds are available: and that the names of the streets would be put on the street lamps as soon as the Lighting Committee had reported on it.
In reply to Alderman Salmon the Mayor said he was soon to arrange for a deputation to wait on the Minister for Works upon the subject of repairing the wood-blocks between Bligh Street and the Railway Bridge.
It was resolved on the motion by Aldermen Morgan and McCann that a letter of sympathy be sent to the widow and family of the late Alderman J. S. Baker of St Peter’s.

The business being concluded Council rose.
Confirmed this 6th day of March 1894.
Signed William Rigg,

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