Tuesday 13th December 1892

A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the evening of the above day at half-past seven o’clock.


The Mayor (Mr William Rigg) and Aldermen Bellemey, Salmon, Cox, Swinbourne, Smith, Dolman, Lane, Morgan, McCann, White and Whately.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed anad signed.


From the Marrickville Council covering the copy of a resolution inviting this Council to express an opinion on the desirability of basing future Municipal appointments on the capital value of land only. Received.

From Ashfield Council covering a copy of a resolution asking this Council to co-operate in getting the Metropolitan Transit Commissioners to sanction the cheapening of fares between the Sydney Railway Station and Hunter or Bridge Streets. Received and the request complied with.

From Camperdown Council in reply to a letter from this Council respecting the repairing of the footpath in Newtown Road in front of St Paul’s College stating that the government had been written to on the subject and asking this Council to do the same. Received and the request to be complied with.

From the Burwood Council covering a copy of resolution asking cooperation in getting a Bill passed through the Legislature abrogating the existing Transit Commissioners. Received and the request complied with and the subject to be considered in connection with the local government Bill.

From the Department of Lands in reply to an application from this Council to have certain streets aligned stating that before survey for alignment it will be necessary to forward satisfactory proofs of dedication and plans of subdivision. Also to provide and fix the necessary alignment posts. Received and the information to be sent on and the Department be asked to give an estimate of what the Council would be likely to be asked to pay towards the cost of the work.

From Mr C. T. Peirce, Secretary to a public meeting held in Ivory’s Hotel, Forbes Street Redfern and asking the Council to co-operate in an endeavour to get means of communication from Forbes Street to Henderson Road, Alexandria by means of bridge or subway. Received and the Mayor and Aldermen Whately and Bellemey were appointed to co-operate on behalf of this Council.


Finance committee

reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation since last report amounting to £1240.16.3 and recommending accounts for payment amounting to £70.8.8 on the motion by the Mayor seconded by Alderman Dolman the report was adopted.

The finance committee also reported on the claim of W.S.Eggleton for use of his land in College Street recommending that without prejudice, the sum of £10 be offered. Mayor moved that the report be adopted seconded by Alderman Dolman. Alderman Smith moved as an amendment “that the sum of £10 be struck out and the sum of £18 be inserted in place thereof” seconded by Alderman Cox and carried. The motion as amended was then put and carried.

The Works committee

reported recommending 1st That the best means of repairing Angel Street would be by ballasting that portion between Erskineville Bridge and Newman Street and repairing with blue metal that portion between Newman Street and the southern end: 2nd That in the matter of damage done by the Sewerage Department it had been arranged with the officers of the department to properly restore the surfaces disturbed. 3rd. That the tar paving proposed for the east side of Maria Street be allowed to stand over for a time. That kerbing and guttering in lane at the rear of King and Station Streets be passed and final payment made. Adopted on a motion by the Mayor seconded by Alderman McCann.

The Borough Treasurer

reported having deposited in the bank £647.6.7 that £1240.16.3 had been paid away and the overdraft at date £4497.15.6. Received.

The overseer

reported the progress the various works under his charge were making. Received.

The Inspector of Nuisances

reported the amount of work done in his department during the last fortnight and that the contractors under his supervision were doing the work very well. Received.

The Council Clerk

reported that the cost of sweeping the blocks in King Street from the relinquishment of the contract to date was £69.1.1. Received.

Motions pursuant to notice

Alderman Whately moved
1st “That the following be an order of the day for next meeting of Council namely: – “That the Council do now resolve into a committee of the whole to consider the advisability of changing the present name of this Borough from Newtown to South Sydney.” Seconded by Alderman Lane and carried.

Alderman Bellemey moved
2nd “That a committee of the whole Council be hereby appointed to consider the provisions of the new local government Bill now before Parliament and to report to the Council such amendments as may be deemed necessary at an early date.”

3rd. “That the tar paving on the footpath northern side of Church Street from King Street to boundary be repaired where necessary at an estimated cost of £15.10.0.” Seconded by Alderman Salmon and carried.

4 “That the tar paving on the footpath on the eastern side of Wilson Street from Erskineville Road to Brown Street be repaired where necessary at an estimated cost of £15.” Seconded by Alderman Whately and carried.

Alderman McCann moved
5. “That the footpath on the west side of Gowrie Street from Newman Street to Erskineville Road northwards be tar paved 2nd class material 64 superficial yards at an estimated cost of £5.” Seconded by Alderman Cox and carried.

6. “That the footpath on the east side of Angel Street from Newman Street to Erskineville Road be tar paved 2nd class 197 superficial yards at an estimated cost of £16.” Seconded by Alderman Cox and carried.

Alderman Cox moved
7. ” That 4th class kerbing and guttering be laid in Pearl Street eastern side from the lane at the back of Wells Street to Holmwood Street 34 yards at an estimated cost of £10.” Seconded by Alderman McCann and carried.

8. “That the footpath in Newman Street northern side from King Street to Wire works be tar paved 207 yards superficial at an estimated cost of £16.10.0. Seconded by Alderman McCann and carried.

The business being concluded the Council rose.

Confirmed this 10th day of January 1893

(Signed) W. Rigg



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