Tuesday 10 September 1889

A meeting of the borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the evening of the above day at 7.30.

Present: The Mayor (Mr Joseph Jolly) and Aldermen Bellemey, Tye, Smith, Lane, Eggleton, Medway and Whately.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


From James Taylor complaining of the state of Cross Lane Enmore. Received and referred to the Mayor to be dealt with.
From the Borough of Marrickville in reply to a letter from this Council proposing that a conference of the Works committees be held in Edgeware Road respecting the forming and metalling of that Road.
From Hilton Browne asking the Council to asphalt in front of his property in White horse Street and Bailey Street on the usual terms. Received and to be complied with.
From St Peter’s Municipality asking the Aldermen to attend a deputation to the Colonial Secretary’s office on Thursday next. Received and the Mayor and Alderman Whately were appointed to represent this Council.
From the Commissioners of Railways stating in reply to a letter from this Council that they could not consent to extend the Penny section from Cleveland Street to the junction of the Newtown Road and George Street west. Received and the Mayor and Aldermen Lane, Medway, Smith and the Council clerk were appointed to wait upon the Commissioners for Railways.
From the Water Supply and Sewerage Board intimating that the intention to open various streets in the borough for the purpose of laying on water. Received and the Board to be informed that the Council had no objection on condition that they place the streets in the same way as they found them.
From Mr Alfred Shaw with an account of costs in case Lee v the Borough. Received and referred to the finance committee.
Two letters from solicitors stating that they intend entering into an action for damages against the Council. Received and to be dealt with at a later period of the evening.


The Inspector of Nuisances reported the amount of work done in his department for the past two weeks that the scavenging in the various wards had been well attended to, also that he had refused two people licenses for registration as milk vendors until they complied with the Act. Adopted and that the petition referring to milk licenses be referred to the N.P.A. Committee for their report.

Motions Pursuant to notice:

Alderman Tye moved:

1. That in the opinion of this Council, A Post and Telegraph and Money Order Office is urgently needed on the Enmore Road for the use of the large number of business people and residents of that neighbourhood and that a deputation be appointed from this Council to wait upon the Hon the Post Master General for the purpose of inducing him to provide the necessary accommodation. The deputation to consist of the Mayor and Aldermen Smith, White, Medway and the mover seconded by Alderman Medway and carried.

Alderman Medway moved:

2. That a sum of £25 be now voted to lay 80 yards of 3rd class kerbing and guttering in Angel Street from Norfolk Street to Newman Lane. Seconded by Alderman Eggleton and carried.

Alderman Eggleton to move:

3 That tenders be invited for next meeting of Council for tar-painting and sanding at [?] per yard all the footpaths in the borough where required seconded via Alderman Tye. Amendment moved by Alderman Bellemey that it be referred to the Works committee was seconded by Alderman Whately and carried.

Alderman Smith moved:

4 That the footpaths in Mary Street both sides from King Street to Lennox Street be patched and topdressed 270 yards at a cost of £13.10.0 seconded by Alderman Tye and carried.

The Mayor moved:

5 That a sum of £8.8.0 be now voted to the auditors for their services for the past year seconded via Alderman Whately and carried.

The Council went into a committee of the whole to consider a letter from Mr George Wallace solicitor asking for compensation for his client Saunders for negligence of the Council in Railway lane. It was moved that the Mayor and Alderman Smith together with the Council clerk ago and see Mr Saunders to see if they can come to any satisfactory arrangement. The report was adopted on a motion by Alderman Smith seconded by Alderman Tye and carried.

Miscellaneous business:

It was unanimously resolved that a letter of condolence be sent to the widow and family of the Late Alderman J. M. O’Connell deceased and expressing sympathy with the bereaved family.

The business being concluded the Council rose.

Confirmed this 8th day of October 1889

(Signed) J. F. Smith, Mayor pro tem

Tuesday 24th September 1889

A meeting of the borough Council of Newtown was summoned in the usual way for half past seven o’clock. There not being a quorum present at 8 o’clock the Mayor adjourned the meeting to Tuesday 8th October 1889.


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