Tuesday 9th May 1888

A meeting of the borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the above day at 7:30 PM.

Present the Mayor (Mr R. T. Bellemey) and Aldermen Jolly, O’Connell, Nelson, Smith, Dolman, Lane, Eggleton, Medway, Whateley.

Apologies were tendered on behalf of Aldermen Neale and Peirce who were unavoidabley absent.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


From Mr G.R. Board asking the Council to kerb and gutter opposite his land in Francis Street, he offered to pay one-third of the cost of same. Received and the work to be done on payment of the money.

From Mr C.McIntyre Angel Street asking the Council to tar pave the foot path in front of his property received and the work to be done on payment of the usual contribution.

From the Borough of Petersham asking this Council to substitute an open crossing for the pipe drain at the junction of Stanmore Road and Liberty Street. Received and referred to the Works committee for report.

From Mr Easdale asking Council to construct a pipe drain so as to enable him drain six two storey houses being built in Wilson Street. Received and Mr Easdale (to) be informed that on payment of half the cost the work will be proceeding with.

From Mr F. Ives asking the Council to put in a pipe crossing in lieu of the open crossing in front of his land in Alice Street. Received and referred to the Works committee for report.

From Mr E.Boggis complaining of a bad smell arising from the drain in front of his house in King Street. Received and referred to the Inspector of nuisances and the Works committee.

From the Secretary of St Georges Hall Company asking the Council to asphalt the footpaths in front of St Georges Hall in King Street and George Street on the usual terms. Received and to be complied with on payment of one-third of the cost.

From the Council Clerk St Leonard asking this Council’s cooperation in limiting of power of the government in alienating the foreshores of Sydney Harbour received.

From the Water Supply and Sewage Board desiring to be informed of the number of fixed stand pipes & fire plugs the Council required. Received and the clerk was instructed to reply that the Fire Brigades Board are the proper authorities to apply to in reference to fire plugs and the stand pipes are clearly a charge belonging to the board itself.

Moved by Alderman Smith seconded by Alderman O’Connell that this meeting now adjourn. Carried.


(signed) R. T. Bellemey Mayor

May 22nd 1888

Tuesday 22nd May 1888.

A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the above day at 7:30 PM.

Present the Mayor (Mr R. T. Bellemey) and Aldermen Peirce, Jolly, O’Connell, Nelson, Smith, Dolman, Lane, Eggleton, Medway and Whately.

An apology was received for the absence of Alderman Neale who was prevented from attending through a domestic affliction.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


From Mr H. Copeland complaining of the bad state of Burren Street. Received and the Mayor stated that a letter had been sent in reply.

From Department of Public Works stating than £75 had been placed to the credit of the Council as contribution towards the expense of watering King Street. Received.

From Kogarah Council asking cooperation in getting the railway extended to Circular Quay Sydney. Received and the writer to be informed that this Council will lend assistance by petition and deputation.

From Camperdown Council stating in reply to a letter from this Council that it could not consider the matter of the lane at the back of Trade Street until the boundary line between the two boroughs had been definitely settled. Received and referred to the Aldermen of the Kingston Ward to deal with.

From the Alexandria Council asking the cooperation of this Council to induce the government to extend Forbes Street from Wilson Street to Henderson Road. Received and the Aldermen of the O’Connell Ward were deputed to meet the Alexandria Council in conference on the subject.

From the Mayor of Redfern stating that at a largely attended meeting held at the Town Hall Redfern comprised of the Mayor and Aldermen of the surrounding boroughs it was resolved “that in the opinion of this meeting it is desirable that the Councils should collect the water and sewage rates of their respective boroughs and receive from the Water Supply and Sewage Board a certain percentage of same to cover the cost of collection.” And it was decided to submit this to each Council and if approved of to appoint delegates to the board to meet on Tuesday 22nd May 1888. Received. The letter arrived too late for the Council to deal with it.

From Marrickville Council stating that is had voted a sum of £100 towards the expense of repairing Edgeward Road and asking this Council to vote a like sum. Received and referred to the Works committee for report.

From Marrickville Council asking for a contribution of £12.15.0 towards the expense of cleaning out a watercourse adjacent to Edeware Road. Received and referred to the Works committee for report.

From the Fire Brigades Board stating that the Volunteer Fire Company had been registered and a sum of £175 had been granted them for the current year.

From the Tramway Department stating in reply to two letters from the Council that the subject of watering the Motors in King Street opposite the Oxford Hotel was under consideration.

From Mr S. Chaim asking the Council to asphalt the footpath in front of his house in Enmore Road and offering to contribute 1/3 of the expense. Received and to be complied with.

From the secretary to Presbyterian Church asking the Council to re-asphalt the foot path in front of the church in Wellington Street and offering to contribute the usual amount. It was resolved that the work be done as requested at the expense of the Council only.

From Messrs Goodsell Bros offering to pave with tiles or double pressed bricks and maintain in thorough order for a period of ten years all foot paths within the borough for the sum of four shillings and sixpence per cubic yard kerbing excepted and to enter into any bond the Council may require. Received and referred to the Works committee for report.

From H. Dixon complaining of the state of the drains in water table inside the railway gates between the St Peter’s Railway Station and John Street. Received and a copy of the letter to be sent to the Railway Department.

From the Secretary to the Gas Company stating that attention had been given to the lamps complaining of and their Inspector had informed that all the burners to be in good order received.



A report was presented from the finance committee showing accounts paid under votes of appropriation amounting to £470.12.5 and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £484.4.0 adopted on the nation by the Mayor and seconded by Alderman Peirce.


A report was brought up from the Works Committee containing the following recommendations viz-

1st that the Petersham Council be informed that an open crossing is not necessary at junction of Liberty Street and Stanmore Road and that a few loads of metal will remedy all present defects.

2nd That Mr Ives be informed that a pipe drain crossing be laid instead of the open crossing at his gateway in Alice Street would be unsuitable and advise him to put a wooden bridge over it. The Council will replace the kerb if necessary.

3rd that in the matter of Mr Boggis’ complaint a pit be made in the gutter in King at the junction of Short Street and a pipe drain (6 in) be carried along that street and join the underground pipe drain in Bailey Street.

4th That in the matter complained of by Mr M. Richmond a few loads of ballast be broken in alongside the stone crossing at the junction of Ferndale Street and Margaret Street.

5 That the asphalting in front of St Georges Hall be passed and final payment made. Adopted on the motion of Alderman Medway seconded by Alderman Jolly.

Lighting committee

A report was brought up from the lighting committee recommending the erection of additional lamps and removals as follows.-

Enmore Road Ward

  1. 1 lamp in the centre of John Street
  2. 1 lamp in Phillip Street near Belmore Street
  3. 1 lamp in Metropolitan Road just below The Tabernacle
  4. 1 lamp in Edgeware Road lower end south side
  5. Remove lamp corner of London Street and Enmore Road from Baradine (?) corner to the opposite side.

Camden Ward

  • 1 lamp in Laura Street west side
  • 1 in Harold Street corner of Goddards property
  • 1 Corner of Cooks River Road and Dickson Street
  • 1 Cooks River Road midway between Angel and Gowrie Streets

O’Connell Ward

  • 1 at the bottom of Pine Street
  • 1 in the centre of Randle Street
  • 1 in Holdsworth Street.
  • 1 in Wilson Street opp. Burren Street
  • Remove lamp which now stands beyond Burren Street and place it opposite Pine Street.

Kingston Ward

  • 1 Lamp in Wellington Street near the cottage of Mr Hinchcliffe.

Moved by Alderman Nelson “that the record of the lighting committee be now adopted.” Seconded by Alderman Eggleton

Alderman Smith moved an amendment that as the committee had not recommended the lamp for the Kingston Ward for the place in which he had first moved it, that it be struck out of the report” seconded by Alderman Whately and carried. Alderman Nelson then asked leave to withdraw the report which was granted and the report was withdrawn accordingly.

A report was brought up from Special Committee appointed to consider the offer of Mr Surveyor Murphy respecting the purchase of a plan of the borough of Newtown recommending

1st that is necessary the Council should possess a plan of the Borough

2nd That the plan now before the meeting together with the Lithographics be purchased for the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds sterling ( £150) on the following conditions viz

that Mr Surveyor Murphy chart up to date all subdivisions and all that may be subsequently made during his tenure of office as surveyor to this Council. Also in like manner and during the same period all underground pipe drains public lamps and alignment and will undertake to secure to the Council all his right title and interest in his copyright.

3 That the lithographs be sold to the general public at the rate of two shillings and sixpence each. Moved by Alderman Nelson, Dolman seconded “that the report be now adopted” carried.

The Treasurer reported that he had received and paid into the Bank since last report £1907.11.7 that cheques had been issued during the same period amounting to £495.19.4 and the balance due to the bank at date £2231.6.5 received.

The Inspector of Nuisances reported the amount of work done in his department during the last fortnight in reference to a summons issued against a man for a breach of the by-laws in the matter of driving on the wrong side of the road instruction were given to withdraw. Report received.

Moved by Alderman Nelson and seconded by Alderman Smith “that this Council does now adjourn”. Carried

The Council adjourned accordingly.

Confirmed this 5th day of June 1888

(signed) R. T. Bellamy Mayor


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