Tuesday 3rd January 1888

A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the above day at 7:30 PM. Present: The Mayor (Mr R.T. Bellemey), and Aldermen Peirce, Jolly, O’Connell, Nelson, Smith, Tabrett, Lane, Eggleton, Medway and Whately.

The minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.


1st. From Redfern Council stating that a man had been prosecuted for depositing nightsoil in Forbes Street and asking this Council to pay one moiety of the cost. Received and it was resolved to contribute the sum of £ 2.2.0. be sent.

2nd. From St Peter’s Council asking the Works Committee to meet representatives from St Peter’s in May Street concerning the work done there recently. Received and referred to Works committee.

3rd. From Mr Hardman asking the Council to lower some kerbing and guttering in front of his factory in Sarah Street received and referred to the overseer for report.


Inspector of Nuisances reported on the amount of work done in his department during the past fortnight. Received.

Overseer reported upon the repairing of the asphalt footpaths also recommending attention to guttering in Camden Street and at the crossing at Ferndale at a cost of £ 7.14.0 and £ 11 –. Received.

Motions pursuant to notices

Moved by the Mayor “That the Council do now proceed to appoint an Alderman and Returning officer for the annual elections to be held in February next” seconded by Alderman Tabrett and carried.

Alderman Tabrett then moved that Alderman Smith be appointed returning officer for the annual elections to be held in February next. Seconded by Alderman Medway and carried


Moved by Alderman Nelsen “That reference be made to the Works Committee to report on the best means of draining and making Wilford Street ” seconded by Alderman Tabrett.

It was resolved to refer this matter to the Surveyor to make search and report to the Council with a plan showing what streets exist, their possession [position?] and alignment and the best course to adopt for the proper changes of the locality.

The business being concluded the Council rose

Confirmed this 17 day of Jany 1888

(Signed) R.T. Bellemey

Tuesday 17th January 1888.

A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the above day at 7:30 PM.

Present, The Mayor (Mr R. T. Bellemey) and Aldermen Peirce, Jolly, Nelson, O’Connell, Smith, Tabrett, Lane, Eggleton, Medway and Whately.

The minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.

An apology was received from Aldermen Neale whose absence was caused by illness.


1st. Mrs Johnston complaining of drain being cut against her fence in Commodore Street. Received and referred to the overseer to deal with.

2nd. From Mr W. J. Thurgood asking the Council to asphalt in front of his property in Enmore Road. Received and request complied with. Mr Thurgood to pay one third the cost.

3rd. From Mr Martin asking the Council to endorse his application for permission to run a ‘Bus from Alice Street to Wynyard Square. Received and complied with.

4th. From the manager St George’s Hall Company asking the Council to lay Bluestone kerbing and asphalt the footpaths in front of St Georges Hall. Received and the request to be complied with. As regards the kerbing and guttering, the company to pay one third the cost of the asphalting.

5th. From Messrs Thompson and Salmon asking the Council to urge upon the Post Master General to proceed with the telephone. Received and a copy of the letter to be sent to the Department also a letter asking them to go on with the work.



Finance Committee reported having paid accounts under votes of appropriation amounting to £ 1862.9.10 and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £118.18.3. Adopted on the motion of Alderman Peirce seconded by Alderman Smith.

Works committee

Reported having passed asphalting and kerbing and guttering which had been completed and measured to date. Also that they meet representatives from St Peter’s Council in May Street who after explanation expressed themselves well satisfied with the work and promised to send cheque for the amount of their promised contribution and recommending some kerbing and guttering in Angel Street.

Borough Treasurer reported;

That £ 1572.11.8 had been received since last report that £ 1544.7.6 had been paid to Council’s credit in the bank that the overdraft at date amounted to £ 1984.2.5 cheques had been issued amounting to £ 1862.19.10. Received.

The Inspector of Nuisances reported that the scavenging was being well done in Enmore and King streets and not so well in the other two. He had cautioned the contractor as to their neglect. The report was received. Instructions were to be given to the Inspector to caution persons in Enmore Road against sweeping the dust and waste paper into the street gutters.

The surveyor reported that the best means of draining Wilford and Chaplin Streets was to carry a 12 inch pipe drain through Mr W. J. Foster’s land to Gladstone Street and that a portion of Chapman Street 86 links had been purchased by Mr Foster and he held a deed for it.” Received

The surveyor also reported that it would be better to lower the kerbing and guttering in Sarah Street in front of Messrs Hardman Bros at a cost of £ 4. The Mayor was authorised to get the work done.

Special enquiry committee appointed 6 December 1887 to enquire into and report the names of all persons supplying or having supplied the Council either directly or indirectly with cement, alignment posts, drainpipes, wooden bridges, spring carts, ashes and letting or leasing land to the Council. The employment of Council’s men, horses, carts etc by any Alderman and if the Council has received payment for same. The chairman (Alderman Peirce) brought up and read report summarising the evidence which had [been] given by a number of persons before the committee and moved its adoption seconded by Alderman Lane. After considerable discussion the motion for the adoption of the report was carried on division which resulted as follows:-

Ayes: Aldermen Bellemey (Mayor), Whately, O’Connell and Medway.

Noes: Aldermen Jolly, Smith, Tabrett, Eggleton, Peirce, Lane, Peirce and Nelson.

Alderman Tabrett moved that the report and evidence be printed seconded by Alderman Eggleton. Before the motion was put several Aldermen rose from the table and the meeting lapsed for want of a quorum.

Omitted from the above report.

The report of the Special Committee contained also the following recommendations.

1st. That in all cases where a contract is entered to on behalf of the Council the same be made in writing in the Council clerk’s office and a record of such contract be kept by him.

2nd. That the practice of sending out cheques via Council’s employees should be at once discontinued and paid only in the Council’s office except in cases where it is necessary to post same to persons in firms out of the Borough and in all cases cheques to be crossed unless those drawn for wages.

3rd. That the present system of Council supplying and fixing wooden bridges be at once discontinued leaving ratepayers to get and fix same at their own cost and subject to the approval of the Council.

The above report was read approved and recommended to the Council for adoption.

Confirmed this 24th January 1888.

Signed R. T. Bellemey Mayor

January 24th 1888.

Tuesday 24th January 1888

A special [meeting] of the Borough Council of Newtown was held on the above day pusuant to notice at 7:30 PM.

Present, The Mayor (Mr R. T. Bellemey) and Aldermen Jolly Smith Lane Eggleton and Medway.

The business was the revising of the Municipal Lists for the ensuring Municipal year.

The Council clerk laid the lists on the table and stated that there were neither claims nor objections to be considered.

The list for each Ward was separately adopted and each page of such list was signed by The Mayor in open court and returned to the Council clerk and the court closed.

The minutes of the previous meeting were then read and confirmed.

Moved by Aldermen Medway “That a sum of £ 20 be now voted to lay Blue stone kerbing in front of St Georges Hall and £ 10 for laying the footpath with tar paving on receipt of one third of the cost of the latter. Seconded by Alderman Eggleton and carried.

Moved by Alderman Eggleton “That a 3 course gutter be laid through the four feet reserved from Angel Street to Gowrie lane 100 feet to take overflow from the gully shaft in case of flood at a cost of £17.” It was unanimously agreed to substitute either a concrete tarpaving or cement concrete as may be best for the said gutter. Seconded by the Mayor and carried.

The motions nos. 4 & 5 standing in Aldermen Neale’s name were postponed and made an order of the day for next meeting.

6. Moved by Alderman Smith “that the overseer report at next ordinary Council meeting upon the best means of draining Holdsworth Street and cost of same”. Seconded by Alderman Jolly and carried.

7. moved by Alderman Smith “that the Council do now resolve into a committee of the whole for the purpose of considering and determining matters in connection with the making of the annual valuation of the rateable property for the ensuing municipal year.” Seconded by Alderman Eggleton and carried.

In committee the subject was considered, a specification agreed to, and on the Council resuming reported recommending that the Council clerk be appointed as one of the valuers and applications stating price be advertised to be received on Tuesday next, at the ordinary meeting of Council and the specification now presented be adopted and signed by the Mayor.

The report and the specification were adopted on the motion of Alderman Smith seconded by Alderman Jolly.

The business being concluded the Council rose.

Confirmed this 6 day of January [February?] 1888

signed R. T. Bellemey Mayor


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