Town Hall, Newtown, May 9th 1876.

Present, the Mayor with Aldermen Cozens, Henderson, Abbott, Smith, Neale and Fallick.


The minutes of the Council meeting held on 25th April were read, and on the motion of Aldermen Neale and Henderson they were confirmed.


1. From the Australian gas light company, in reply to a letter from this Council, intimating that the 15 lights contacted for by this Council will continue to be charged as per agreement until the 3rd December in any year after receiving three months of notice. Received.

2. From the principal Undersecretary covering an authority under the hand of his Excellency the Governor, for this Council to borrow the sum of 3000 pounds in addition to loan is already authorised. Received.

3. From Mr William Wyatt, asking the Council to continue the Guttering in the lane at the rear of his house in Hordern Street, to Brick Street. Moved by Aldermen Henderson and Abbott, “that the letter be referred to the Works Committee for their report”. Carried.

Motion pursuant to notice:

Moved by Alderman Abbott, “that a sum not exceeding 15 pounds devoted for reforming and repairing Nelson Street”. Seconded by Alderman Henderson. Carried.

Union Street, Enmore.

The Mayor informed the Council that a verbal message had been received from a Mr Binstead, Government surveyor, to the effect that a proposition had been made to close the continuation of that portion of Union Street from Cook’s River Road, which goes through Mr B. Eve’s property, and requesting to be informed whether or not this Council would approve of such closing.

Resolved, “that the Council refuse to deal with this matter, until it is brought before them in a formal way”.

London Street levels.

The Mayor laid before the Council a plan showing the levels of London Street, in accordance with resolution of 25th April. Moved by Alderman Abbott and Cozens, “that the matter be referred to the Works Committee for their report at the next meeting”. Carried.

Miscellaneous business.

Alderman Cozens brought under notice of the Mayor that the roadway in Francis Street was in need of some repairs.

Alderman Fallick complained of the state of Bedford Street, near the railway crossing.

Alderman Abbott also desired to point out that the footway in the Newtown Road, near the Toll Bar wanted looking to.

The Mayor promised to look after these matters.

Appeals against assessment.

Council then proceeded to consider the appeals of nine ratepayers against the assessment; the appellants being in attendance by invitation from this Council. The result was as follows: —

Enmore Ward: —

No 12. John L. Hordern, referred to appeals court.

No 324. I. I. Shirbin, reduced from 36 shillings to 30 shillings per annum.

No 499 1/2. J. Bramwell, not present, referred to appeals court.

Kingston Ward: —

No 90. W. Mingay, reduced from 45 shillings to 36 shillings.

No 121/123. M. McMahon, reduced from 20 shillings to 18 shillings each.

No 333. F. Hoffman, reduced from 30 shillings to 28 shillings.

In O’Connell Ward: —

No 36. H. Kennedy, reduced from 46 shillings to 36 shillings.

No 37. H. Kennedy, reduced from 58 shillings to 40 shillings.

No 124/129, I. Garritty, reduced from 16 shillings to 15 shillings each.

No 178, I. I. Kettle,, referred to appeals court.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.


Town Hall, Newtown, May 23rd 1876.

Present, the Mayor, with Aldermen Cozens, Henderson, Neale and Smith.


Minutes of the Council meeting held on 9th May were read, and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Henderson and Cozens.


1. From Mr Rawlins, the pound keeper, giving quantities of timber etc. required for erecting a shed at the pound. Received.

2. From the Council Clerk of Macdonald Town, enclosing check for one half cost of constructing a culvert in Union Street, as agreed; and returning an account for 18 shillings and nine pence sent from this Council for cost of receiving the night soil on Mr Slade’s ground from Macdonald Town, refusing to pay the same on the grounds of knowing nothing about the transaction. Received.

3. From Mr M. Walker, applying to the Council to have Wells Street formed through to Edgeware Road. Moved by Aldermen Smith, and seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the application be referred to the Works Committee for their report”. Carried.

4. From Mr I. I. Pattison, complaining of the state of the footpath opposite his shop. The Mayor informed the Council that this matter had been attended to. Letter received.

5. From the Undersecretary for Finance and trade, in reply to a letter from this Council, stating that the Government had decided to confine the concession of loans of public money to Municipal bodies, to matters of urgent water regulation, or supply. Received.

6. From St Peter’s Council, conveying copy of a resolution passed by that Council with reference to the action of the Government in taking the Cook’s River Road out of the hands of the trustees.. Moved by Aldermen Smith, and seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the letter be received and a reply sent to the effect that this Council has, at present, no definite plan of action before it regarding Roads lately taken out of the supervision of the trustees, but as soon as one is arrived at, St Peters shall be informed of its nature”. Carried.

7. On Mr J.. Kingsbury, asking the Council to cause Francis Street to be repaired. Moved by Alderman Henderson, and seconded by Alderman Neale, “that the letter be received and the matter be left with the Mayor to be dealt with”. Carried.

8. From Mrs Read, with reference to a notice sent to her from this Council, to discontinue the dancing class at this Town Hall. Resolved, “that the action of the Mayor in prohibiting in future the letting of the Hall for the purposes of dancing, be approved of “.

Finance report:

The Mayor brought up a report from the Finance Committee, showing payments under authority of such Committee, amounting to £85/19/7, and recommending payment of other accounts amounting to £12/9/0. Moved by Alderman Henderson, and seconded by Alderman Neale, “that the report be received and adopted”. Carried.

Motion as per matters.

Pursuant to notice, Aldermen Smith moved, “that a further leave of absence of three months be granted to Alderman Conley”. The motion having been seconded by Alderman Neale, was put and carried.

Appeals against assessment.

The Mayor informed the Council the result of the proceedings at the appeal court held in Sydney, as follows: —

Jno. L. Hordern, assessment reduced from 90 shillings to 18 shillings.
I. Bramwell, assessment sustained.
I. I. Kettle, reduced from 130 shillings to 90 shillings per annum.

The magistrates certificate of the above was laid on the table.

Letter Receiver in Kingston Ward.

The Mayor also informed the Council that an iron Letter Receiver had been placed by the Postal Department in Albermarle Street, Kingston Ward.

The meeting enclosed.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.

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