Council Chambers September 1st 1874.

Present the Mayor with Aldermen Conley, Bedford, Henderson, Fallick, Smith and Goodsell.


1. Letter from Mr W. H. Taylor, Secretary of the Star Company of Vocalists, Newtown, soliciting the patronage of the Mayor and Aldermen, to a concert to be given at the Odd Fellows Hall, on Saturday fifth instant.

Resolved on the motion of Aldermen Fallick and Henderson, “that the letter be received and that the Council Clerk write to Mr Taylor informing him that the Council accedes to his request”.

2. From Mr I. Kingsbury having reference to watering the Newtown Road. The letter was laid on the table for the present.

3. From Mr T. W. Bowden, asking permission to remove soil from a place near the Toll Bar. The Council Clerk was instructed to reply, refusing to entertain the application.

4. From the Secretary of the General Post Office, respecting the complaint that letters have not been delivered in the whole of this Borough, and suggesting that a plan thereof be forwarded to him.

Resolved upon the motion of Aldermen Fallick and Bedford, “that the Council Clerk forward a tracing of the boundaries of the Borough, as suggested”.


The Finance Committee brought up a report showing amounts paid under votes of appropriation, amounting to £64/0/2, and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £46/8/0. Moved by Alderman Henderson and seconded by Alderman Fallick, “that the report be received and adopted”. Carried.

Alderman Smith, as Chairman of the Works Committee, reported upon the various work which had been done since last meeting.

Order of the day.

The matter of the resignation of Mr Rawlings, the Pound keeper, was postponed until next meeting for further consideration.

Railway bridge, Erskineville Lane.

With reference to the matter of widening the railway bridge in Erskineville Lane, two Aldermen from McDonald Town were present to discuss the matter; and after due consideration it was resolved, “that the Mayor with Aldermen Fallick and Henderson be appointed a deputation from this Council to co-operate with the McDonald town council”.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.



Council Chambers, September 22nd 1874.

Present the Mayor with Aldermen Goodsell, Galvin and Smith.

There being no quorum present, at quarter past eight o’clock, the meeting lapsed.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.


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