Council Chambers August 18th 1874.

Present the Mayor and Aldermen Conley, Bedford, Fallick, Henderson, Smith and Goodsell.


The minutes of the previous meeting read, and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Conley and Bedford.


1. Letter from the Australian Gas Light Company dated 8th instant, informing this Council that the charge for supplying the public lights in this Borough, will be reduced 10 shillings each light from the 1st October next. Resolved on motion of Aldermen Henderson and Fallick, “that the letter be laid on the table”.

2. From the Superintendent of Electric Telegraph’s dated 4th instant, informing the Council that the Telegraph post at Erskineville Lane will be removed at the earliest opportunity. Letter received and laid on the table.

3. From James Rawlings, Pound keeper of the Newtown Pound, desiring to resign his appointment of that office.

The bond entered into by Mr Rawlings sureties, was produced and read by the Mayor.

Moved by Alderman Fallick and seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the letter be made an order of the day at the next meeting”. Carried unanimously.

4. From Mr I. H. Heaton under date of 18th instant, calling the Council’s attention to the state of the water courses in Queen Street. The matter was left on the hands of the Chairman of the Works Committee.

Balance sheet:

The balance sheet for the last half-year was read, duly audited, and on the motion of Aldermen Conley and Fallick, unanimously adopted.


The report from the Committee of Works was brought up and read by the Chairman thereof. Moved by Alderman Conley and seconded by Alderman Bedford, “that the report be adopted”. Motion put and carried.

Order of the day.

Letter read from the Council Clerk of McDonald Town, soliciting the co-operation of the Newtown Council to urge upon the Government the necessity of widening the railway bridge in Erskineville Lane. Resolved that the Council Clerk be instructed to reply, inviting the Aldermen of McDonald Town to confer with the Newtown Council on the subject, at this Hall, on Tuesday 1st Sept at half past eight o’clock PM.


In reply to a question by Alderman Bedford, the Mayor stated that no one had given permission to Mr Kettle to move soil off Bligh Street. Resolved that the Council Clerk give Mr Kettle notice not to remove any soil.

Alderman Goodsell drew the attention of the Council to the fact that the promise of the Postmaster General to deliver letters etc. in all parts of the Borough has not been fulfilled. The Mayor stated that he would instruct the Council Clerk to bring the matter under the notice of the Secretary of the Post Office.

The Council then resolved itself into a Committee of the whole, to consider tenders for Kerbing and guttering portions of Oxford and Bedford streets.

On the Council resuming, the Mayor reported that the Committee recommend that the tender of Mr Selby be accepted, at the rate of seven shillings per yard.

The report was adopted on the motion of Aldermen Bedford and Conley.

Alderman Fallick drew the attention of the Mayor, that the drain near Mr Chard’s was in a dangerous state, being too open. The Mayor promised to attend to it.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.


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