Town Hall, Newtown, November 3rd 1874.

Present, the Mayor and Aldermen Smith, Galvin, Henderson, Conley, Goodsell and Bedford.


The minutes of the special meeting of 27th October were read and confirmed.


1. Letter from Mr M. Chapman read, enclosing copies of a draft Bill which he had prepared, as an amendment of the Public Vehicles Regulation Act, and soliciting this Council to urge the passing of the same into law by using it’s influence with the parliamentary representatives.

2. From the Borough of Petersham informing this Council that the metalling of Liberty Street authorised to be done at the joint expense of the two Boroughs had been completed at the total cost of £145/15/7, and requesting this Council to forward half the amount as it’s share as per agreement.

3. From Mr T. West offering to deliver unbroken white metal in Kingston Ward at the rate of seven shillings per ton of 24 cubic feet.

Moved by Alderman Henderson, seconded by Alderman Galvin, “that the consideration of the foregoing correspondence be postponed until a later period of the evening”. Carried.

Finance report:

The Finance Committee brought up a report showing amounts paid under votes of appropriation viz., £44/7/11, and recommending the payment of further accounts amounting to £54/6/3. The report was adopted on the motion of Alderman Henderson and Galvin.

Alderman Smith, as Chairman for Committee of Works, reported on the Reverend J. P. Fitzpatrick’s application to place a stone flag on the footpath near St Joseph’s Church, stating that it was abandoned.

Alderman Smith also reported that a clerical error had occurred in the report from the Committee of Works dated 20th October as also in the minutes of the date in inserting the word “Campbell” instead of “Camden” Street. The Mayor stated that he would have the entries corrected.

Orders of the day:

1. With reference to the Pound keeper’s resignation, the subject of which was brought up from the 6th October, it was moved by Alderman Goodsell and seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the matter be further postponed for one-month”. Carried.

It was resolved on the motion of Aldermen Smith and Henderson, “that the Council Clerk be instructed to write to the Cook’s River Road Trust asking their co-operation in the remuneration of the Pound keeper”.

2. Moved by Alderman Henderson, seconded by Alderman Galvin, “that Messrs I. S. Noake and W. D. Banks be accepted as sureties for the Council Clerk”. Carried.

3. With reference to the supply of white metal for Kingston Ward, the subject of which was postponed from the 20th ultimo, it was unanimously resolved, “that the consideration be further postponed until next meeting”.


The correspondence was now ended upon. Moved by Alderman Smith, seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the further consideration of Mr Chapman’s letter be postponed for one-month”. Carried.

The consideration of the letters from the Petersham Council and Mr Thomas West was postponed until next meeting on the motion of Aldermen Smith and Henderson.

Deputation widening railway bridge.

A deputation from the inhabitants of Newtown was introduced by Mr Tye and addressed the Council at considerable length on the urgent necessity for widening the Newtown railway bridge on its eastern side. It was understood that the inhabitants were about to Memorialise the Hon the Minister for Works in reference to the matter and the Council promised their co-operation.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.



Town Hall, November 17th 1874.

Present the Mayor with Aldermen Smith, Henderson, Galvin, Goodsell, Fallick and Conley.


1. Letter read from the St Peters Council giving notice to this Council to co-operate with the Borough in the metalling of May Street. Moved by Alderman Smith, seconded by Alderman Galvin, “that the letter be received and a reply be made stating that the Council are not in a position to expend money for the purpose at present”. Carried.

2. From Mr J. H. Smith, asking permission to remove a public lamp and affix the same on an awning to be erected where the post now stands; and soliciting the Council to raise the Kerbing opposite his property in Crescent Street, he being willing to make good the footpath. Moved by Alderman Fallick, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that a reply be sent stating that the Council have no objection to the lamp being removed but would advise that permission be also obtained from the Road Trust and the matter of the Kerbing be left in the hands of the Mayor”. Carried.

3. From the Council of McDonald Town, reporting that the Government decline widening the railway bridge in Erskineville Lane, and therefore the deputation appointed by this Council will not be required to attend on the Minister for Works; also presenting an account of the cost of metalling Erskineville Street and requesting payment of one half cost thereof from the Council.. Present moved by Alderman Fallick, seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the account be paid as soon as funds are available for the purpose”. Carried.

4. From Mr Langhorne, with reference to the condition of a lane at the rear of Windsor Terrace, and also as to the non removal of rubbish at the rear of O’Connell Terrace. Resolved that a notice be sent calling attention to the penalties incurred by the offending persons.

5. From Mr Hinchcliff asking the Council to lay Kerbing and guttering in Wellington Street on condition that he pay a moiety of the cost thereof. Resolved on the motion of Alderman Smith and Alderman Fallick, “that the request be complied with”.

Petition, railway bridge.

A petition to the Hon the Minister for Works, signed by 400 inhabitants of Newtown, praying for more accommodation for foot passengers on the eastern side of the Newtown railway bridge, was laid before the Council by Alderman Smith. Moved by Alderman Smith, seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the Mayor with Aldermen Galvin, Goodsell, Conley, Fallick and the mover be appointed a deputation to wait upon the Hon the Minister for Works with the petition”. Carried.

Resolved on the motion of Aldermen Smith and Fallick, “that Mr S. C. Brown Esq. MLA with Messrs Tye, Hamblin, Johnson, Clarkson, Baldick and Whateley be invited to co-operate with the deputation as appointed”.

Orders of the day.

1. White metal for Kingston Ward. Postponed by resolution for one-month.

2. Letter from Petersham Council respecting work done in Liberty Street. Resolved that the consideration of this matter be postponed until the early part of next year.

The Mayor reported that the bond entered into by the Council Clerk and his sureties had been duly executed.

The Council Clerk was instructed to write to Mr West respecting the partition on his balcony, which being against the By-laws would have to be removed.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.


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